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Beer. Enrollment Management. Data. In that order. Join Thom Golden, Ph.D. and Brad Weiner, Ph.D. from the Data Science Team at Capture Higher Ed as they discuss the innovative edge of tech, data, and enrollment management.

Beer. Enrollment Management. Data. In that order. Join Thom Golden, Ph.D. and Brad Weiner, Ph.D. from the Data Science Team at Capture Higher Ed as they discuss the innovative edge of tech, data, and enrollment management.
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Beer. Enrollment Management. Data. In that order. Join Thom Golden, Ph.D. and Brad Weiner, Ph.D. from the Data Science Team at Capture Higher Ed as they discuss the innovative edge of tech, data, and enrollment management.








Episode 25 - How to Weightlist

The higher education enrollment management nerd-o-sphere needs more people in the conversation. Specifically, it needs you. If you have ever thought about organizing and publishing a podcast, then this episode is for you. Brad and Thom celebrate The Weightlist's 25th "silver anniversary" episode by walking step-by-step through how they make and distribute The Weightlist Podcast so hopefully, you can create your own show and add your voice to the enrollment management conversation. We want...


Episode 24 - Enrollment Leadership in the Petabyte Age with Jennielle Strother

What does it mean to be "current" in the field of enrollment management on issues of data and technology? How does a leader foster a strategic data-driven culture in the enrollment suite and specifically how do you mentor young professionals to level up their data skills and stay in the field? Jennielle Strother is the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services at Concordia University Texas, an Adjunct Professor at the University of the Incarnate Word, and co-founder of #emchat...


From Admissions Counselor to Data Scientist with Infinite Campus' Dan Jarratt, Part Two

Description: Episode 23 - From Admissions Counselor to Data Scientist with Infinite Campus' Dan Jarratt, Part Two In part two of Brad and Thom's conversation with Dan Jarratt, Data Scientist at Infinite Campus, we learn more about how secondary school learning management system data can be leveraged to create a drop out early warning system. Dan walks us through the process they used to find a data signal in a dataset of 8 million students using machine learning and discusses what they...


Episode 22 - From Admissions Counselor to Data Scientist with Infinite Campus' Dan Jarratt, Part One

Dan Jarratt, Data Scientist with Infinite Campus discusses how his background in admissions lead him on a journey to push the education space to ask better questions and collectively sharpen its skills to find better answers. How can a commitment to data science help enrollment managers build better relationships with those they serve? How could we create a Netflix-style recommender that would use big data to help prospective students discover more best-fit colleges to consider? In part...


Episode 21 - Weightlist LIVE from Resolve Enrollment Technology Conference 2018

The inaugural Resolve Enrollment Technology Conference was the setting for a live session of the Weightlist where Thom and Brad take conference attendee questions. Will AI replace EM professionals, how can technology lower higher ed costs, and other vital matters such what would data science and enrollment management be if they were a beer? Ever been to a enrollment management conference session where the presenters distributed beer? Well, this episode of The Weightlist will let you...


Episode 20 - Rethinking the Application with Ken Anselment

Take a look at an application from your institution from 10 years ago. How different is it from your current app? In many ways, the application and the processes around it have change dramatically over the past decades, but the centrality and importance of the application itself has changed very little. Why is that? Why is the application really so important in a world that is constantly looking for ways to simplify like processes? Is it simply there to gather information, or is it a kind...


Episode 19 - Gone Fishin' - Why We Need You to Take a Vacation

More than half of American workers do not take all of their yearly allotted vacation time. The work of an enrollment manager is rewarding, but indeed exhausting and the end of the year (which is really the half-way point of the academic calendar) is a great time to reconnect with your passion for this great work you do. Thom and Brad offer up a toast to you this Holiday season and chat about how to get the most out of your time off. Beers: Thom: New Belgium Brewing Company, Fort...


Episode 18 - Giving Your Enrollment a Nudge

Recruitment campaigns in a university enrollment management shop tend to be large comprehensive endeavors. What if we told you that $7 worth of text messages could could make the difference for your institution hitting its enrollment goals? Thom and Brad discuss how Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler’s work on nudge theory could be the simple difference maker for you this year. Beers: Thom: Sun King Brewing Company, Indianapolis, IN,, Osiris Pale Ale, ...


Episode 17 - Enrollment Management at 2-Year Institutions with Julie Marlatt and Andre Richburg

Enrollment at America’s community colleges has been in steady decline since 2011 and although there is national attention garnered from some tuition-free programs, a new way of thinking about enrollment at 2-year colleges is desperately needed. Brad and Thom welcome Julie Marlatt, Dean of Enrollment Management at Parkland College in Illinois Andre Richburg, executive director of enrollment management at Northampton Community College to assess the state and future of EM at community...


Episode 16 - Reshaping Educational Accountability with Aimee Rogstad Guidera

There are data silos and then there are education data fortresses, each separate from each other as students traverse the P-20 pipeline. But the Data Quality Campaign and it’s President & CEO Aimee Rogstad Guidera are breaking down decades of barriers and facilitating access to key decision data for educational leaders, students, and parents. Imagine higher education leaders having better student learning information from Pre-K through high school, or parents knowing how students from...


Episode 14 - Is Enrollment Management Ready for AI?

If artificial intelligence and smart automation can change the way dairy farmers approach their work, why can it not do the same for enrollment managers? Many industries have embraced the power of AI to promote growth and dramatically improve efficiencies, and in so doing continue to challenge what is possible. Even so, there is tremendous angst in the public domain about artificial intelligence as illustrated by a recent untrue story about Facebook shutting down two AI bots because they...


Episode 13 - Enrollment Goals and Half-Court Shots: You Cannot Have it All

Another Fall brings another set of enrollment goals to relentlessly pursue for many admissions teams across the nation. But how can data help delineate a stretch goal from a NBA half-court heave? In this episode of The Weightlist, Thom and Brad walk through a deep dive of five years of Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) data to find out what happens when enrollment goals start canceling each other out. Want to nail your enrollment goals in May? This episode can help you...


Episode 12 - Following the College Access Money with Ozan Jaquette

For universities, there exists a tension in the space between living an institutional mission and funding that mission. Ozan Jaquette is an Assistant Professor at the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies and is fascinated by the often curious organizational behavior of colleges and universities as they attempt to balance revenue generation, prestige accumulation, and the public trust. Professor Jaquette is an emerging voice in higher education, committed to holding...


Episode 11 - Attributing Success in a Complex Recruitment Environment

Now that May 1 has come and gone, how are enrollment planners assessing the effectiveness of their recruitment effectiveness across a variety of related and interlocking tactics? As is the case in other areas, the dominant thinking in enrollment management is antiquated compared to the advanced marketing attribution models that exist in other industries. In this episode of The Weightlist, Thom and Brad walk through how multi-channel marketing attribution has evolved in the online retailing...


Episode 10 - Open Data as Wide as the Sky with Tim McKay

Given the breadth of new data that is generated by the modern university, what does the future of higher education look like if it were to embrace big open data? What could the transcript of the future look like, and how could admissions evaluation work? There’s big data, then there’s the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, an open data set of more than 3 million astronomical objects. Tim McKay serves as the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Physics, Astronomy, Education at the University of Michigan...


Episode 8 - Experiments in Enrollment Management with Eric Maguire

The enrollment management field isn’t well known for experimental design but Eric Maguire as Franklin and Marshall College’s Vice President & Dean of Admission & Financial Aid is pushing that boundary. His approach embodies the Edison Model that embraces experimentation and purposeful failure as key ingredients to enrollment success. From the use of recruitment control groups to assessing the use of non-cognitive variables in selection, Thom and Brad’s interview of this industry thought...


Episode 7 - Driving in the Rear View: Predicting Success in New Student Markets

How do you recruit in new markets using predictive models that are built on your enrollment history? If you have never enrolled a student from a particular market how can a “rear facing” prediction still apply. In this episode, Thom and Brad tackle a listener submitted question that is especially important in the always evolving field of enrollment management. Come on in, grab a bar stool, and join the conversation. Beers: Thom: Stone Brewing Company, San Diego, CA,...


Episode 6 - Interview with George Kirkland Co-Founder of

What happens when a young start-up rethinks the decades old practice of a lump sum approach to awarding financial aid? On The Weightlist this week we chat with George Kirkland, Co-Founder of, a company that invented the concept of micro-scholarships and in so doing, has turned the financial aid industry on its head. What is the role of companies like Raise in fostering innovation in higher ed, how can data be used to promote equitable access, and what is the psychology behind mass...


Episode 5 - The Five Ways Enrollment Predictions are Putting Colleges Out of Business

Enrollment management, at its core, is a prediction business. Annually, thousands of admissions officers polish off the crystal ball and project what the enrollment future holds for their institutions. Yogi Berra often quipped that “The future isn’t what it used to be” and no where is that truer than in higher education enrollment predictions. Thom and Brad walk through the primary ways the enrollment prediction industry has missed the mark through antiquated methodology and folk theory....


Episode 4 - Interview with Zain Khandwala Part 2

Could an algorithm ever do the job of an admissions officer? How do you build a data-driven analytic culture? How can universities best utilize analytics to shift their business processes? In part 2 of our interview with Zain Khandwala, the Executive Director of the Institute for Advanced Analytics at Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY we explore all of these and more. Show Notes Music Artist: Jason Shaw Track: Hoedown Used under Creative Commons Attribution License,...