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Episode 6: Allison Pincsak

Song Credit: “Easily” by Bruno Major, 2016 Allison makes teaching and music worthwhile for me. She grips the worn down frets of her guitar with grit and humility. When she joined Lane’s TV Production and Broadcasting Class in 2010, I was elated to meet a student who was fond of sharing her musical artistry and creative vision for the development of the program. Caring for her younger siblings, surviving complex brain surgery, finding her voice in the harmony of crisis and...


Episode 5: Daniel Law

Song Credit: "Grows Old" by Thirdstory, The Verve Music Group, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc., 2016 Dan and I became friends because he was the one other Asian teacher at our school back in 2006. We would revel in the shortsightedness of faculty members, as they occasionally got us confused, even though we looked nothing alike. Little did we know, we were more similar than we realized. As first generation Asian males, who grew up with a mediocre interest in our educational...


Episode 4: Magellan Yadao

Song Credit: "I Got It Bad (And It Ain't Good)" by Oscar Peterson, Night Train, 1992 One of the many things that I admire about my brother is his dauntless experiments with music. His voice is powerful and soulful; his ability to layer harmony, calculated. It’s probably the reason why at a young age, he started listening to jazz music, a place where science and magic converge. It was contrary to my childhood experience of learning classical piano because I was told what to play and when...


Episode 3: Marina Gapultos Rativo, Mila Loreck, Marcelo Pascua, Jr., Marilyn Yadao, and Lily T. Pascua

Song Credit: "Tonight You Belong to Me" by Eddie Vedder, Ukulele Songs, 2011; "Improv #10 - One Last Thought" by The Daydream Club, Piano Project, 2016; "Jessem" by LUCHS, Totelli, 2016; "Her Eyes the Stars" by LUCHS, Her Eyes the Stars, 2016; "Warm Darkness" by Mia Strass; Warm Darkness, 2017 There are only a handful of instances that I can remember that have defined my Filipino culture. Much of it gets convoluted upon adopting American customs and ideologies. On the other hand,...


Episode 2: Mark Smithivas

Podcast Blog RSSSong Credit: "Strong Man" by Wynton Kelly, Piano, 1958 Time as an obstacle for unique and innovative change seems to be a pervading theme, not just in this episode, but also within the public school profession. So I suppose the poignant questions are: as teachers, what is our time being used for, and why (or why not) are these things valuable to a student’s continuity of experience? Someone may look at this question as a posture for radical openness, but for someone like...


Episode 1: Magellan Yadao

Song Credit: “Faith” by Lake Street Dive, Fun Machine, EP, 2012 Recording your first podcast episode has got to be nerve wracking for some, especially in a format that is free and open. It’s where knowledge and experiences are exchanged and can materialize into ways all their own. I suppose that’s the trend: organic. As an English public high school teacher nearing the end of his 11th year, I march forward with much uncertainty. I stand at the crucible of my career and my own existential...