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181: PinePhone Pro, Linux Mint / Mozilla, GNOME Extensions, System76 COSMIC | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition, Extension Manager App for GNOME, Exploring System76’s COSMIC Desktop Environment, Slackware Linux RC3, Linux Mint & Mozilla Partnership, Firefox 96 & Firefox Major Bug Found, Developer Sabotage’s Own Projects, Desktop Environment In A Browser, God of War Now On Steam (via Proton), Steam […]


180: Linux 5.16, Linux Mint, elementary OS, KDE, Ubuntu Gaming, Pinephone | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, Linux Kernel 5.16, Linux Mint 20.3, elementary OS 6.1, Canonical is rebuilding Snapcraft and Ubuntu might be getting serious about gaming, KDE Roadmap for 2022, PinePhone Keyboard Addon, Ubuntu Touch OTA-21, Heroic Games Launder 2.0.0, SuperTux 0.6.3, Garuda Linux 220101, and Gecko Linux. All that and much […]


Lost Torvalds Talk Found, Maui Shell, Krita, Darktable, OBS Studio | This Week in Linux 179

On this episode of This Week in Linux, a Christmas Gift from Jon Maddog Hall of Linus talk from DECUS 1994, Krita 5.0, Darktable 3.8, OBS Studio 27.2 Flatpaks & Red Hat, OpenRGB 0.7, Firefox 95, GIMP 2.10.30, AppImage Pool: App Store for AppImages, Libadwaita 1.0, Enlightenment 0.25, Maui Shell: Convergent Desktop, Tails 4.25, Kali […]


178: Blender 3.0, EndeavourOS, CentOS Stream 9, Steam Deck, NixOS, CrossOver | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, a brief note about Linus Tech Tips reaction videos, Blender 3.0, EndeavourOS, CentOS Stream 9, NixOS 21.11, Open 3D Engine, Heroic Games Launcher, Steam Deck, Fedora, Fedora Linux, Red Hat, RHEL, Ventoy 1.0.62, CrossOver 21.1, SDL 2.0.18, Xen Project 4.16, Tesseract 5.0, and Neovim 0.6.0. All that […]


177: Steam Autumn Sale, NVIDIA, carbonOS, Stargate, Arch Linux, Amazon Linux | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, Steam Autumn Sale 2021 & Steam Awards, NVIDIA Image Scaling SDK 1.0, Godot Engine Plus AMD’s FSR, German State Switch To LibreOffice & Linux, carbonOS 2021.1 Alpha, Venus: Virtual Vulkan Driver On QEMU, Stargate Digital Audio Workstation, Wireshark 3.6, Archinstall 2.3, Amazon Linux Rebased on Fedora Linux, […]


176: OBS vs Streamlabs, APT Patched, Steam for Linux, Retro Gaming, Mesa | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, OBS Vs Streamlabs, APT 2.3.12 Released (“LTT Patch”), Steam for Linux Client Updated, Lakka 3.6 Released, Mesa 21.3 3D Library Released, Ubuntu Touch OTA-20 Released, Canonical’s New Approach to Documentation, KDE Plasma Getting Overview in 5.24, Google GNews & Drama. All that and much more on Your […]


175: System76 New Desktop?, Steam Deck, Linus Tech Tips, RHEL, Raspberry Pi | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, System76’s New Desktop Environment, Steam Deck: Delayed, SteamOS 3, & More, Linus Tech Tips Challenge Part 1, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 Released, AlmaLinux 8.5 Released, Raspberry Pi OS Upgraded to Debian 11, Ryan Gordon Gets Epic MegaGrant for SDL, Last Original SCO v IBM Lawsuit Settled, […]


174: Linux 5.15, Fedora 35, RHEL 9, LXQt 1.0, NVIDIA 495, MS Edge for Linux | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, Linux Kernel 5.15 Released, Fedora Linux 35 Released, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0 Beta Released, LXQt 1.0 Released, NVIDIA 495.44 Linux Driver Released, KDE Connect for iPhone Users, Microsoft Edge for Linux Released, Valve News: (Steam Deck, Anniversary, Anti-Cheat), Linux Gamers Are Most Helpful To Devs, TUXEDO […]


173: Steam Deck Verified, SFC Sues Vizio, Raspberry Pi, PS3 Emulator | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, Valve Launches “Steam Deck Verified” Program, SFC Sues Vizio For GPL Violations, Raspberry Pi Price Increase, RPCS3 Can Now Boot All PS3 Games, Ubuntu 21.10 Flavours Released, AlmaLinux ELevate, MX Linux 21, Redcore Linux 2102, GIMP 2.99.8 Released Closer To 3.0, Humble Bundles. All that and much […]


172: PinePhone Pro, Ubuntu 21.10, KDE Plasma 5.23, NVIDIA + Wayland | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, PinePhone Pro Announced, Ubuntu 21.10 Released, KDE Plasma 5.23 Released, NVIDIA 495 Beta Driver Released, Ventoy 1.0.54 Released (Multiboot USB), Devuan 4.0 Released, AppSupport for Linux Platforms (Android), Heroic Games Launcher 1.10.2 Released, Lutris 0.5.9 Released, Are We Anti-Cheat Yet? All that and much more on Your […]


171: Android 12, Linux on Apple M1, RHEL, Twitch Leak, Sony, Fairphone 4 | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, Google has released Android 12 and Desktop Linux is working on Apple M1 Mac thanks to Asahi Linux. Mozilla has announced the release of Firefox 93. In the Enterprise Linux world, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 Beta is out, CERN Reveals their opinion of CentOS Stream and […]


170:Steam Deck, Fedora 35, OBS Studio, Flatpaks, 25 Years of KDE | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we’ve got news for the Steam Deck, Steam Next Fest, Steam Proton. Then we’ve got KDE news for KDE Plasma 5.23, Plasma 5.24, Kdenlive, Kalendar & more. Then we’ll take a look at some Distro news with Alma Linux, Q4OS 4.6 and a bunch of Fedora news […]


169: GNOME 41, Ubuntu 21.10, Easy Anti-Cheat for Linux, Android | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, GNOME 41, Epic Games Announce Easy Anti-Cheat Support For Linux, BattlEye Confirms Linux Support for Steam Deck, Ubuntu 21.10 “Impish Indri” Beta, Canonical Extends Support For Ubuntu 14.04 & 16.04, Ubuntu Touch OTA-19, Fedora Linux Recognized As Digital Public Good, Google’s Android Finally Shifting To “Upstream First”, […]


Solus Dropping GTK, Purism 🤦🏻‍♂️, Kali Linux, Linux Mint | This Week in Linux 168

On this episode of This Week in Linux, Solus Dropping GTK For Budgie 11, Purism Increases Price of Librem 5 Again, Ubuntu to Make Firefox Snap Default in 21.10, Linux Mint Gets A New Website, Kali Linux 2021.3, xrdesktop: Your Linux Desktop In VR, Revolt Chat: Discord Alternative, Pika Backup and RetroArch Is Now On […]


167: NVIDIA for Wayland, Steam Update, Red Hat, PS4 Emulator, OpenShot | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, NVIDIA Confirms Sway Wayland Support, OpenShot 2.6.1, Vivaldi Now Default on Manjaro Cinnamon, Valve Releases Major Steam Update, Spine: PS4 Emulator Coming to Linux, Red Hat To Officially Support EPEL, Whonix 16, Tails 4.22, OpenWrt 21.02 Router Firmware, OpenSSL 3.0, OpenSSH 8.7, SPDX Becomes Software Bill of […]


166: Linux 5.14, CentOS Lifeline, Naomi Wu / UMIDIGI, GNOME, KDE Plasma | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, Linux 5.14, What’s Coming in KDE Plasma 5.23, GNOME 41 Beta & New GNOME Apps Website, CentOS Support Lifeline from CloudLinux, CentOS SIG Repositories in AlmaLinux, Asahi Linux Progess on M1 Mac, Naomi Wu Gets GPL Compliance from UMIDIGI, CuteFish OS Beta, EndeavourOS, Linux From Scratch 11, […]


165: PineNote E-Ink Tablet, MATE 1.26, Manjaro 21.1, Zorin OS 16, Slackware | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, PineNote: E-Ink Tablet by Pine64, MATE 1.26, Manjaro 21.1, Zorin OS 16, Sparky Linux 6.0, KaOS Linux 21.08, Slackware 15.0 RC1, Kdenlive 21.08, Element Chat Adds Voice Messages, HP Envy x360 Collab with DasGeek, Krita 5.0 Beta. All that and much more on Your Weekly Source for […]


164: elementary OS 6, Debian 11, SDL, Thunderbird 91, KDE Gear, DXVK Native | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, wve check out the latest releases of elementary OS 6, Debian 11, SDL 2.0.16, DXVK Native, KDE Gear 21.08, Thunderbird 91, Mozilla Common Voice Technology, Polychromatic, Ardour 6.9, ExpressVPN Opens Up Lightway VPN Protocol. All that and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews! Segment […]


163: Steam Linux Marketshare, PulseAudio, CodeWeavers, Paragon NTFS, Latte Dock | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, Linux Marketshare Hits 1% on Steam Hardware Survey. CodeWeavers announce the latest release of CrossOver 21.0. PulseAudio 15.0 has been released. We check out a new Desktop Environment with UnityX 10. There’s some Linux Kernel this week with Paragon’s NTFS Driver might make it into the kernel. […]


162: Framework Laptop, Pop!_OS Rolling Release, Linux Mint, WayDroid | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we’ll cover the modular laptop that respects your Right to Repair called the Framework laptop. In the Distro News, we’ve got updates from Linux Mint and a very interesting potential plan for a Rolling Release edition of Pop!_OS from System76. We’re going to jump into an enterprise […]