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Level 3 Not Your Average Speech Projects

When is a speech project in Toastmasters not a speech project? When the speech projects asks more of you. Three speech projects in Level 3 aren’t simple, and will take more time for you to complete. It’s one of the frustrating things about the limited access to the speech project descriptions – you can’t know … Continue reading "Level 3 Not Your Average Speech Projects" The post Level 3 Not Your Average Speech Projects appeared first on Toastmasters101.


Building Your Speech Skills and Style

Speech Skills Build Your Speech Style Once you know the basics: how to use descriptive language storytelling vocal variety body language then it’s time to start building your speech skills into stronger, more effective speeches. These three speech projects in Level 3 help you do that by challenging you to channel your style. What’s Your … Continue reading "Building Your Speech Skills and Style" The post Building Your Speech Skills and Style appeared first on Toastmasters101.


Level 3: Essential Speech Skills

Level 3 has 2 components, and the biggest part of the project assignments are the essential Speech Skills electives in a level titled Increasing Knowledge. Essential Speech Skills – finally! Toastmasters’ reputation was built on public speaking skills. That’s why many of us long-timers have struggled with Pathways. Learning speech skills isn’t postponed till after … Continue reading "Level 3: Essential Speech Skills" The post Level 3: Essential Speech Skills appeared first on...


Level 2 Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring

When you think of the relationships in your life, you’ll probably think about parents, siblings, maybe teachers or bosses that had a positive impact in your life. There might also be people who had a negative impact – bullies or the mean old guy who lived down the street who shook his cane at you … Continue reading "Level 2 Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring" The post Level 2 Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring appeared first on Toastmasters101.


The Required Projects in Level 2

You don’t have to do the level projects in Pathways in order. You can choose your sequence based on your interest and preferences. But everyone’s Level 2 includes some required speech projects where the specialization of each pathway begins. Some of the projects share the same required project. Connect With Your Audience and Active Listening … Continue reading "The Required Projects in Level 2" The post The Required Projects in Level 2 appeared first on Toastmasters101.


Level 2 Communication Style Quiz Project

Have you ever taken an online test and gotten an answer you never expected? Toastmasters Pathways Communication Styles Quiz Project might surprise you. I once took one of those quizzes and deliberately answered the wrong answer on every question, but the “results” and I say that loosely were that I had answered every question perfectly, … Continue reading "Level 2 Communication Style Quiz Project" The post Level 2 Communication Style Quiz Project appeared first on Toastmasters101.


Level 2 Leadership Quiz

Do you like taking online quizzes? Pathways thinks we must all love them since they give us so many to take. The Leadership quiz or Communications quiz always shows up in Level 2 of Pathways. This project is fairly simple: take the quiz, give a speech. This causes a lot of concern – if everyone … Continue reading "Level 2 Leadership Quiz" The post Level 2 Leadership Quiz appeared first on Toastmasters101.


Research and Organize Your Speech

Are you ready to research and organize your speech? Good, because that’s the last project in Level 1. Pathways provides you with a couple of PDFs to help you organize your material and your speech. They outline 7 different types of speeches. They explain that speeches have 3 distinct parts – the introduction, the body, … Continue reading "Research and Organize Your Speech" The post Research and Organize Your Speech appeared first on Toastmasters101.


Evaluation Evaluations

Impromptu Evaluation Speaking Since we communicate in the moment, often with no opportunity to plan our speech, you see why it’s critical to build those impromptu speaking skills. It’s not just about meeting that rock star, or getting a chance to pitch the perfect idea in an elevator to the investor or your dreams. It’s … Continue reading "Evaluation Evaluations" The post Evaluation Evaluations appeared first on Toastmasters101.


Toastmasters Table Topics

Impromptu speaking – aka Table Topics. It’s a key component of Toastmasters – we have Table Topics contests! Why? What’s the deal? Did you ever have that conversation where you were the most clever, smartest – and wettest, because you were in the shower at the time? You know – when you talked to that … Continue reading "Toastmasters Table Topics" The post Toastmasters Table Topics appeared first on Toastmasters101.


Tracking Your Club Meeting Roles

Being a toastmaster means more than giving speeches and the occasional evaluation. These meetings don’t happen by themselves, you know. Club meeting roles are important. Club Meeting Roles If you’ve attended a meeting, you know there’s a Toastmaster of the day – a ringleader or MC who manages part or all of the meeting. There’s … Continue reading "Tracking Your Club Meeting Roles" The post Tracking Your Club Meeting Roles appeared first on Toastmasters101.


Pathways Generic Evaluation Forms

We call them hip pocket speeches. When we get to a meeting and there’s a slot for a speaker – we’ll grab it to give a hip pocket speech. But we need an evaluation form to give to our evaluator. What do we use? The Generic Evaluation Form. Generic evaluation forms are your friends Hip … Continue reading "Pathways Generic Evaluation Forms" The post Pathways Generic Evaluation Forms appeared first on Toastmasters101.


Pathways Evaluations

I’ve said for a while that the evaluations you receive and give at a Toastmasters meeting are Toastmasters’ secret sauce. Immediate feedback has always been recognized as the best way to learn. That reinforcement of your good skills and a look at what could be done to improve make you better faster than everything else. … Continue reading "Pathways Evaluations" The post Pathways Evaluations appeared first on Toastmasters101.


What’s Up with Project 2?

Ever been lost? Completely without your bearings? That uncomfortable moment when nothing looks like you think it should? Based on what I’m hearing from a lot of Toastmasters, that’s how they feel about Project 2. Project 2 is complicated. For Advanced Toastmasters, we’re confused. For new Toastmasters, we’re confused. Why is it so confusing? Project … Continue reading "What’s Up with Project 2?" The post What’s Up with Project 2? appeared first on Toastmasters101.


Don’t Forget Your Post-Test

Every project has several steps. You’ll start with a pretest to determine where you stand. The tests in particular need to be full screen. So make sure you open the pop-up window all the way – some of the test instructions won’t show up in the small window. Pathways pretests aren’t programmed the same way as … Continue reading "Don’t Forget Your Post-Test" The post Don’t Forget Your Post-Test appeared first on Toastmasters101.


Ice Breaker: Everyone’s Project 1

Level 1 sounds… basic. Like boot camp. Where you start. Level 1 Confusion This is your first introduction to the education program and to be honest, I found it very confusing at the start. I didn’t understand how the projects worked and was often struggling with them. At the rollout of Pathways, nobody had any … Continue reading "Ice Breaker: Everyone’s Project 1" The post Ice Breaker: Everyone’s Project 1 appeared first on Toastmasters101.


11 Pathways to Choose

You can find the list of the new Pathways options on the website. They are usually listed in alphabetical order: Dynamic Leadership Effective Coaching Engaging Humor Innovative Planning Leadership Development Motivational Strategies Persuasive Influence Presentation Mastery Strategic Relationships Team Collaborations Visionary Communication There are two basic level pathways: for public speaking, we’ve got Presentation … Continue reading "11 Pathways to Choose" The post...


Pathways Catalog and Reference Guide

Did you take the assessment yet? For some people, the assessment was simply a confirmation of what they want: they came in already knowing where they want to go. But what if the assessment didn’t give you the answer you expected? If you’re not sure or confused by the recommendations from the Assessment, you may … Continue reading "Pathways Catalog and Reference Guide" The post Pathways Catalog and Reference Guide appeared first on Toastmasters101.


Don’t Like the Results of Your Assessment?

In the last podcast, I talked about the Pathways assessment. I mentioned you’re not stuck with their recommendations if you don’t like the results of your assessment. There are plenty of reasons not to like the choices they offer you. A 25 question assessment is only so good. It doesn’t read your mind or know … Continue reading "Don’t Like the Results of Your Assessment?" The post Don’t Like the Results of Your Assessment? appeared first on Toastmasters101.


The Assessment: How to Pick Your Pathway

Welcome to Toastmasters. We’ve been a world leader in public speaking training for nearly 100 years. But as you develop your public speaking skills, you’re going to need something else – leadership training. If you’re a communicator, you’re going to be seen as a leader. Toastmasters has been revamping our education program to increase leadership training … Continue reading "The Assessment: How to Pick Your Pathway" The post The Assessment: How to Pick Your Pathway appeared first on...