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Episode 8: 2018 Toki Talent Show

Episode 8 of the Toki DragonCast features musical and vocal performances by students from the 2018 Toki Talent Show. Huge shout-out to this years performers as well as the 8th grade emcees, who introduce the various acts on this episode. Shownotes: 00:00 - Intro 02:35 - Kade performing “This is Gospel” by Panic at the Disco 06:20 - Messiah performing a stand-up comedy act titled "Life Story But Funnier" by 10:21 - KyAunna performing “One day” by Tate Marea 13:55 - Lhachi performing “Gravel...


Episode 7: 8th Grade Bill of Rights Songs

Episode 7 of the Toki DragonCast features an interview with our 8th grade US History teacher, Ms. Dana Finne, as well as this year's Bill of Rights Songs - a project where students had to compose a song to explain the first 10 Amendments to the US Constitution. Shownotes: 00:00 - Intro & Theme Song 00:23 - Interview with Ms. Dana Finne 02:13 - Song by Merit W, Kylie L, and Tina L 05:16 - Song by Jan Carlo L, Cynthia R, Estrella C, and Faith Y 07:05 - Elliot P and Isaac M 08:36 - Brady S,...


Episode 6 - 8th Grade Power in Legacy v2

The Toki DragonCast is back in full force! This episode features this years 8th grader's English Language Arts final projects on "Power in Legacy." Shownotes: 00:00 - Intro & Interview w/ Ms. Imhoff 04:00 - Assembly Intro by Mr. Smith and Jackson & Carlos 05:48 - Spoken Word by Sana 06:32 - Spoken Word by Ellie 07:39 - Spoken Word by Jamie 08:15 - Spoken Word by Kai 09:10 - Spoken Word by Charnee, Isabelle, Harviere, Armani, and Zyah 10:36 - Intro by Jackson 10:47 - Written Piece by Maesa...


Episode 5 - Toki Visioneers

In this episode of the DragonCast, I interview our talented art teacher, Ms. Naatz, about the Visioneers Design Challenge - learn what it is and what makes it a great program for Toki students to participate in! Then I interview several students who participate in Visioneers - we talk in detail about the program and the projects they've designed to meet this year's challenge. Congratulations again to this year's participants! I hope you enjoy this episode of the Toki DragonCast. Shownotes:...


Episode 4 - Toki Talent Show Part 2

This episode of the Toki DragonCast features the second half of the student performances from the 2017 Toki Talent Show. Shownotes: 00:00 - Intro 01:39 - Amariana R, Yasmin B, Alexis L, Dajanea I - “Treat Me Like Somebody” by Tink 05:34 - Oliver V - Ovation One by Robert Vandall (Piano Solo) 09:15 - Kate C - “This Town” by Niall Horan (Guitar & Vocals) 12:51 - T Larson, Jax A, and Skylar O - “Carry on my Wayward Son” by Kansas (Vocals) 15:09 - Emily T. - “Burn” by Lin-Manuel Miranda from...


Episode 3 - Toki Talent Show Part 1

This episode of the Toki DragonCast features student performances from the 2017 Talent Show. Plus an update on the Toki Making Spaces and feedback from listeners. Shownotes: 00:00 - Intro/Theme Song & Making Spaces Update 05:50 - “Fight Song” with vocals by Teanna L, Oliver V on Piano, Zach S on Drums, and Cam M on Guitar 10:57 - Ethan Y. playing Mozart’s Alla Turca on Piano 14:32 - Aajiyah V. singing “Halo” 17:55 - Original Hip Hop Performance by The Jackson Twins: jacksontwins608 21:10 -...


Episode 2 - Bill of Rights Songs

Episode 2 of the Toki DragonCast features songs written and performed by 8th grade Social Studies students about the Bill of Rights. For this project, students were tasked with describing the process by which the Bill of Rights was created. Students learned that the original Constitution broke down the structure and responsibilities of the federal government but during the ratification process states worried that a powerful central government would be no different than the former...


Episode 1 - Power in Legacy

The first official episode of the Toki DragonCast is here! The episode features our 8th grader's English Language Arts final projects on "Power in Legacy." Shownotes: 00:00 - Intro 04:15 - Song: A Partir Desse Dia by DarkSunn 04:57 - Aajiyah 07:12 - Romari 07:50 - Samer 08:17 - Rionne 09:42 - Ellie 11:50 - Brooke 12:56 - Dom 13:20 - T 15:32 - Autumn & Izzy 16:38 - Katie, Vivian, and Grace 18:08 - Surya 21:02 - Choy & Gyurme 21:35 - Madison Police Officer 23:40 - Ari 24:46 - Skylar 26:47 -...