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Episode 7: 8th Grade Bill of Rights Songs

Episode 7 of the Toki DragonCast features an interview with our 8th grade US History teacher, Ms. Dana Finne, as well as this year's Bill of Rights Songs - a project where students had to compose a song to explain the first 10 Amendments to the US Constitution. Shownotes: 00:00 - Intro & Theme Song 00:23 - Interview with Ms. Dana Finne 02:13 - Song by Merit W, Kylie L, and Tina L 05:16 - Song by Jan Carlo L, Cynthia R, Estrella C, and Faith Y 07:05 - Elliot P and Isaac M 08:36 - Brady S,...


Episode 6 - 8th Grade Power in Legacy v2

The Toki DragonCast is back in full force! This episode features this years 8th grader's English Language Arts final projects on "Power in Legacy." Shownotes: 00:00 - Intro & Interview w/ Ms. Imhoff 04:00 - Assembly Intro by Mr. Smith and Jackson & Carlos 05:48 - Spoken Word by Sana 06:32 - Spoken Word by Ellie 07:39 - Spoken Word by Jamie 08:15 - Spoken Word by Kai 09:10 - Spoken Word by Charnee, Isabelle, Harviere, Armani, and Zyah 10:36 - Intro by Jackson 10:47 - Written Piece by Maesa...