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Let's Go Win podcast is a peak performance interview show on leadership, mindset, and business development. JM features Leaders and Entrepreneurs with inspirational stories on personal development, achievements, and success. Guests offer motivation, tips, and tools to help other leaders become better and more successful at work and in life. Listeners will have fun and be inspired to live their best lives at work and at home! Hosted by JM Ryerson, an Author, International Speaker, Performance & Leadership Coach.


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Let's Go Win podcast is a peak performance interview show on leadership, mindset, and business development. JM features Leaders and Entrepreneurs with inspirational stories on personal development, achievements, and success. Guests offer motivation, tips, and tools to help other leaders become better and more successful at work and in life. Listeners will have fun and be inspired to live their best lives at work and at home! Hosted by JM Ryerson, an Author, International Speaker, Performance & Leadership Coach.



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How a Million Dollar Business Works with Jason Wojo

Episode #391: Welcome to the Let’s Go Win Podcast! In this episode, JM Ryerson had an enriching conversation with Jason Wojo, a self-made millionaire and digital marketing expert. At just 26 years old, Jason has scaled over 1320 businesses to six figures and helped more than 50 businesses reach seven and eight figures. With over $125 million generated online through paid ads, Jason's success lies in mastering four key areas: crafting irresistible offers, writing high-converting sales and landing pages, achieving omnipresence with ad creatives, and tracking KPIs for profitable behaviors. Our conversation was like a masterclass in digital marketing, touching on the importance of following through on promises and the common pitfalls that entrepreneurs face in the digital space. Jason emphasized the need for a holistic approach to advertising, focusing not just on immediate results but on seeing the entire strategy through. His insights into hiring practices, building a cohesive team, and creating a strong company culture were invaluable, especially given his experience in leading a team of 52 people. Jason's journey from starting a funnel to get clients to creating a funnel to hire people highlights the importance of attracting top talent through strong branding and messaging. His approach to digital marketing, which includes running events, doing podcasts, and applying for awards, showcases his commitment to providing value and building a lasting brand. Don't miss out on this insightful discussion—watch the full episode on YouTube now! Contact Jason: Website: https://www.thewojomedia.com Website: https://www.officialjasonwojo.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jasonwojoceo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thejasonwojo LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-wojo YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@JasonWojoOfficial Time stamps: 00:00 Building a Team of A Players 03:11 The Importance of Hiring A Players 06:58 The Hiring Process 11:19 Becoming Self-Made 16:31 The Pivotal Moment 26:31 The Importance of Patience in Marketing 28:17 Overcoming Objections and Finding New Niches 29:01 The Power of Niching and Referrals 30:05 Low Ticket Funnels and High Ticket Coaching 31:01 The Impact of the Pandemic on Marketing 32:10 The Importance of Events and Done-For-You Offers 33:06 The Role of Books in Marketing 34:04 Adapting to Industry Changes and Product Market Fit 35:04 The Role of Emotion in Business Decision-Making 36:00 The Importance of Calculated Decision-Making 37:26 The Impact of AI in Marketing 38:10 The Negative Effects of AI in Marketing 39:31 The Dangers of Following Trends and Distractions 40:56 The Downside of Giving Away Free Value 44:05 The Negative Influence of Online Marketing Gurus 45:10 Final Thoughts and Contact Information


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Family Adventures and the Secrets to a Lasting Marriage

In this episode of Let's Go Win, JM Ryerson takes a heartfelt journey into the dynamics of his relationship with his wife, Lisa. Reflecting on nearly two decades of marriage, JM shares the lessons learned, the challenges faced, and the strategies that have strengthened their bond. From their unique communication methods to the importance of setting expectations and embracing differences, JM delves into the nuances of maintaining a healthy and thriving relationship. JM highlights the significance of regular date nights, meaningful conversations, and the little rituals that keep their connection strong. He also discusses the power of vulnerability and the role of personal growth in sustaining a partnership. Tune in to discover how these practices have transformed JM and Lisa’s relationship and gain insights into fostering a deeper connection with your own partner. Visit Let's Go Win Website: www.letsgowin.com


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Why Burnout Happens with Dr. Eric Recker

Episode #390: Welcome to the Let's Go Win podcast! In this episode, JM Ryerson sits down with Dr. Eric Recker, a multifaceted individual who wears many hats: dentist, husband, father, keynote speaker, Elite Success Coach, author, pilot, mountain climber, and recovering triathlete. Dr. Recker is dedicated to helping people become their best version and learning to #WINtheNOW. Dr. Recker candidly shares his journey through burnout and self-discovery, starting from a pivotal moment in his childhood when he made a pact to be the best at everything he did. This drive led him to numerous achievements, including running marathons, completing Ironman triathlons, and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. However, he soon realized that these accomplishments were not fulfilling his deeper needs. He describes the severe toll that stress and overcommitment took on his well-being, sharing a ground zero moment when a server crash at his dental practice triggered a panic attack. This moment was a turning point, leading him to reassess his priorities and find a healthier balance. Dr. Recker emphasizes the importance of understanding one's "why" and setting boundaries to avoid burnout. He introduces his "Five Day Knockback Burnout Challenge," designed to help individuals recognize and combat the early signs of burnout through a series of strategies and insights. Throughout the conversation, Dr. Recker highlights the significance of delegating tasks, empowering team members, and maintaining open and honest communication to foster a supportive work environment. He also shares how simple practices, such as walking to work and practicing gratitude, have significantly improved his mental and physical health. Dr. Recker encourages listeners to find small moments of peace and reflection in their daily lives to build resilience and prevent burnout. This episode is a profound exploration of resilience, mental health, and the journey to finding true fulfillment. Dr. Recker's story is an inspiring reminder that it's possible to achieve great things while maintaining balance and well-being. Contact Dr. Recker: Website: https://ericrecker.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-recker-583849278 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eric.recker.1 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/docrecker Time stamps: 00:00 Introduction and Background 03:05 The Journey from Achievement to Fulfillment 05:44 Recognizing the Signs of Burnout 09:42 Challenges in the Dental Industry 11:19 Letting Go of Control and Empowering Teams 14:25 Prioritizing Self-Care for Growth and Prevention of Burnout 24:10 Finding Moments of Recovery and Creating White Space 27:17 Prioritizing Self-Care and Being Present 30:26 Reevaluating Physical Fitness and Finding Purpose 35:29 Working Three Days a Week for Better Work-Life Balance 41:17 Coaching and Workshops for Overcoming Burnout


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From Goals to Greatness: Creating Lasting Value

After his talk with Lee Benson on the Let’s Go Win Podcast, JM Ryerson dives deep into the world of value creation. JM shares profound insights on how to create lasting value in any organization by setting clear goals and expectations. He emphasizes the importance of reverse engineering your objectives, understanding the daily actions needed to achieve them, and ensuring that the right people are in the right positions. It's not just about having a goal, but about knowing the steps to reach it and having the right team members to fulfill their roles effectively. JM also discusses the significance of setting basic, clear expectations and the power of regular check-ins to provide support and recognize achievements. He highlights the importance of having a one-sheet document outlining core responsibilities and how each role contributes to the company's overall success. By fostering an environment of encouragement, praise, and recognition, leaders can motivate their teams and drive the organization towards its goals. Tune in to learn more about creating a high-performing team and achieving sustainable success. Listen to the full episode: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1105955/15151235 Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/NGm60PaxyeQ Visit Let's Go Win Website: http://www.letsgowin.com


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Setting Boundaries and Being the Best Version of Yourself with Drewbie Wilson

Episode #389: Welcome to the Let's Go Win podcast! In this episode, JM Ryerson engages in an enlightening conversation with Drewbie Wilson, an inspiring individual who has transformed his life through personal development and intentional living. Drewbie once weighed over 300 pounds before he decided to focus on his health and lost more than 100 pounds without fad diets or weight loss drugs. Known for his action-oriented mindset and commitment to service, Drewbie has generated seven-figure revenues across various industries and has a remarkable journey from tech support in a software startup to the C-suite of a multi-million dollar consulting company. Drewbie shares his incredible journey of weight loss and self-discovery, highlighting the turning point when his wife expressed concerns about their health and attractiveness, which served as a wake-up call for him to take action and improve his well-being. He emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries, being intentional with time, and having hard conversations to drive personal growth and transformation. Drewbie's approach to personal development is deeply rooted in his daily routines and the intentional allocation of his time towards sleep, family, work, and self-care. He introduces his "Four Sixes" strategy, which breaks down the 24 hours in a day into four essential categories, each getting six hours: sleep, family, work, and personal growth. The conversation also explores Drewbie's transition from a high-paying corporate job to a life of freedom and adventure. He explains how he and his family decided to move into a fifth-wheel trailer to travel the country, allowing them to experience history and life firsthand while homeschooling their son. Drewbie's story is a testament to the power of intentional living, setting clear goals, and taking actionable steps towards achieving them. Throughout the episode, Drewbie shares valuable insights on the importance of empathy, effective communication, and personal responsibility in creating the life you desire. His journey from adversity to success is filled with practical advice and inspiration for anyone looking to make a significant change in their life. Contact Drewbie: Website: https://callthedamnleads.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrewbieRides Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/callthedamnleads LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drewbiewilson YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@callthedamnleads Time stamps: 00:00 Introduction and Catalyst for Change 02:07 The Importance of Hard Conversations 05:09 Creating a Lifestyle of Travel and Learning 09:08 The Value of Work and Work-Life Harmony 12:29 The Four Sixes Strategy for Time Management 24:37 Intentional Time and Boundaries 26:01 The Importance of Boundaries 27:27 Setting Boundaries in Relationships 30:11 Open and Direct Communication 35:05 Making the Leap to Pursue Dreams 39:40 Developing Confidence, Empathy, and Communication 43:49 Taking Action and Building Fulfillment


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Growing Closer: Building Stronger Relationships with Your Children

In this heartfelt episode of Let's Go Win, JM Ryerson reflects on a recent family vacation that provided more than just sightseeing. JM shares the profound lessons he learned from spending quality time with his wife and sons during their trip to Paris, Rome, and a Mediterranean cruise. He dives into the importance of being present and the joy of embracing each moment with loved ones. From memorable meals to cultural experiences, JM highlights how the trip allowed his family to grow closer and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. JM also discusses the significance of open communication and the family traditions that strengthen their bond. He shares insights on parenting, balancing discipline with unconditional support, and the value of learning from his children. This episode is a celebration of family, the power of staying present, and the transformative impact of shared experiences. Tune in to be inspired by JM's stories and gain actionable strategies for fostering deeper connections with your own family. Visit Let's Go Win Website: www.letsgowin.com


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Faith, Forgiveness, and Personal Growth: Unlocking Your Full Potential with Joel Brown

Episode #388: In this episode, JM Ryerson sits down with Joel Brown, a trailblazing self-development leader and the founder of the world-renowned website, Addicted2Success. With over 372 million people inspired by his platform and 14 years of hands-on experience directly impacting over 12,500 lives through training, conferences, and retreats, Joel's journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Joel shares his transformative experiences, from overcoming severe bullying in high school to managing a high-profile career in the music industry. He delves into his deep understanding of personal development, unconscious repatterning, trauma work, and critical thinking coaching, all of which have made him a sought-after expert in the field. Joel has built two seven-figure online self-development businesses and is known for his ability to create massive online communities and monetize online brands. His expertise has been featured in four documentary films alongside global leaders like Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, and the Dalai Lama. During their conversation, Joel opens up about the profound impact of facing and healing childhood wounds, emphasizing the importance of forgiveness. He recounts a pivotal moment when he realized the need to mend his relationship with his father, leading to significant personal growth and improved family dynamics. This process, highlighted by his work with Thais Gibson, helped Joel understand the significance of letting go of past trauma to move forward. Joel also discusses his expertise in breaking procrastination patterns, explaining the different procrastination types he has identified. By understanding these patterns, individuals can overcome barriers to productivity. Joel's approach combines deep self-reflection and practical strategies to rewire the subconscious mind, enabling people to achieve their goals more effectively. Faith plays a crucial role in Joel's life, and he shares how his relationship with God has been a source of strength and guidance. He talks about his transition from a traditional religious upbringing to a profound, personal relationship with spirituality, which has enriched his coaching methods and personal fulfillment. Joel's dynamic speaking engagements and his hit movie "Think & Grow Rich" have further solidified his influence in the self-development world. His Addicted2Success podcast, with over 6.2 million plays and downloads, and his YouTube channel with over 9 million plays, feature thought leaders like Tony Robbins, Matthew McConaughey, and Simon Sinek. Contact Joel: Website:https://mindstrongacademy.com/joelbrown Website: https://www.iamjoelbrown.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Addicted2SuccessDotCom Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/addicted2success LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joelbrowna2s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/Addicted2SuccessTV Time stamps: 00:00 Introduction and Gratitude 00:50 Joel's Journey of Healing and Transformation 09:33 The Impact of Forgiveness on Relationships 13:41 Empathy and Understanding Others 20:29 Discovering the Purpose of Helping Others Overcome Procrastination 23:53 The Superman Complex and Overcompensationary Success 25:14 Joel's Success in the Music Industry and Addicted to Success 26:37 Hitting Upper Limits and Overcoming Patterns 28:28 Identifying Procrastination Types 31:51 Finding Balance and Prioritizing 37:20 The Role of Faith and Relationship with God 44:54 The Importance of God in Joel's Life 51:02 Closing Rema


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The Transformative Techniques That Led to My Healing and Growth

In this new Deep Dive episode, JM Ryerson explores the transformative work of Mike Zeller, a renowned expert in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and personal development. JM delves into Mike's unique methods for overcoming challenges and blocks. Discover how NLP can help rewire your subconscious and improve your mental and emotional well-being. Join us as we uncover the benefits of addressing childhood trauma and self-limiting beliefs to unlock your full potential. JM provides insights into the meditative and therapeutic processes guided by Mike, highlighting the profound effects on motivation, happiness, and overall personal growth. This episode offers valuable lessons on embracing vulnerability, setting clear goals, and fostering a positive mindset. Tune in to gain actionable strategies and deepen your understanding of how to achieve success and well-being in both personal and professional realms. Listen to the full episode: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1105955/15233013 Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/IYBU9ff0Lag Visit Let's Go Win Website: https://www.letsgowin.com


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The New Era of Orthodontics: From Traditional to Digital with Dr. Ilan Abramowitz

Episode #387: Welcome to the Let's Go Win Podcast! In this episode, JM Ryerson sits down with Dr. Ilan Abramowitz, a visionary in the field of orthodontics who is revolutionizing the industry with his innovative approach. He shares his journey of discovering his passion for orthodontics during college, where he combined his love for art, engineering, and medicine. This unique blend of interests led him to volunteer at a School of Orthodontics, solidifying his career path. Dr. Abramowitz discusses the significant shifts he has made in the industry, particularly with the introduction of his company, Perfect Fit Ortho. His mission is to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of smiles using advanced technology and innovative methods. Unlike traditional approaches that often result in flat smiles, Dr. Abramowitz emphasizes creating "wow" smiles that follow the natural curve of the lips and gums. A major turning point in his career was observing the impact of companies like Smile Direct and the COVID-19 pandemic, which highlighted the potential of remote orthodontic care. This led him to develop a system that leverages AI and virtual orthodontics, allowing patients to achieve beautiful smiles with less frequent in-office visits. His approach offers efficiency and simplicity, enabling general dentists to provide high-quality aligner care with the support of a virtual orthodontist. Throughout the conversation, Dr. Abramowitz shares insights on the importance of having an abundance mindset and constantly innovating to improve patient care. He highlights the significance of mentorship in his journey and how his mentors have shaped his innovative approach to orthodontics. Dr. Abramowitz also addresses the future of orthodontics, emphasizing the integration of AI and the importance of staying adaptable in a rapidly changing field. Contact Dr. Abramowitz: Website: https://www.perfectfitortho.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ilan-abramowitz-821b5715a Time Stamps: 00:00 Introduction and Background 07:35 Reception and Resistance to Perfect Fit Ortho 23:19 The Future of Perfect Fit Ortho 30:40 Expanding the Reach: Perfect Fit Ortho Goes Global


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A Guide to Healing Trauma and Boosting Productivity with Mike Zeller

Episode #386: Welcome to the Let's Go Win Podcast! In this episode, JM Ryerson sits down with Mike Zeller, a multifaceted entrepreneur who has founded or partnered in over 16 ventures across 7 different industries, collectively generating more than $100 million in revenue. Despite his successes, Mike opens up about the challenges he's faced, including a significant financial loss of over $1 million in 18 months and his wife's prolonged battle with mental health. Through these experiences, Mike has developed a powerful resilience and a deep understanding of overcoming adversity. Mike shares his journey of guiding leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors through his ReWired Program, which helps high achievers eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs and habits to reach their full potential and live in a flow state, where productivity can increase by 500%. Passionate about mental health, Mike discusses the transformative power of combining NLP, plant medicines, and flow state training to heal trauma and re-pattern neural pathways. His dedication to personal development is evident as he has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide, including Hollywood voice-over actresses, professional athletes, and top real estate investors. In this candid conversation, Mike and JM explore the lessons learned from failure and the importance of facing and overcoming challenges. Mike shares insights into achieving flow state and the significance of maintaining balance and focus. He also talks about his work in helping individuals rewire their minds for success and the incredible potential of plant medicines in mental health treatment. Contact Mike: Website: https://mikezeller.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themikezeller Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikezellerbusiness LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-zeller-2995b11 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mzeller001 Time stamps 00:00 Introduction and Background 00:46 Learning from Failures 04:09 Entrepreneurial Trauma 06:27 Discovering Life's Work 09:04 Creating Alter Egos 11:25 Shifting Identities 12:44 Naming Alter Egos 15:06 Openness to Eastern Philosophies 22:05 Trauma in Organizations and Leaders 23:14 Challenges with the Nervous System 26:13 Using Substances for Nervous System Reset 27:45 Personal Experience with Nervous System Reset 30:24 Flow State and its Benefits 34:00 The Seven Ingredients for Flow State 38:01 Achieving Flow State 44:24 Neuro-Optimization and Overcoming Stuckness


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Unlocking Growth: Strategies for Success & Transformative Leadership

In this new episode, JM Ryerson dives deep into the world of strategic growth after his talk with the renowned Chris Phelps on the Let’s Go Win Podcast. Throughout the episode, JM discusses the keys to overcoming obstacles and driving growth in any organization. He shared his journey, the challenges he's faced, and the strategies that have propelled him to success. He explores innovative approaches to leadership, team building, and business scaling, offering a treasure trove of practical advice and inspiring stories. This conversation is designed to empower listeners with actionable insights that can be applied to elevate their own business and leadership skills. Listen to the full episode: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1105955/15192853 Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/KYg9RRu_oJc Visit our website at https://www.letsgowin.com


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Strategic Scheduling and Mental Health Tips for Dentists

Episode #385: Welcome to the Let's Go Win Podcast! In this episode, JM Ryerson engages in a profound discussion with Dr. Chris Phelps, an accomplished entrepreneur and general dentist. Dr. Phelps, a past co-host and creator of the Dental Slang Podcast, is also an Amazon best-selling author of "Grow Your Dental Membership Plan." With national recognition as the Doctor's Choice National Dental Award winner in 2016 and 2018, Dr. Phelps stood out among 6000 nominees for his contributions to dentistry. He is the founder of Golden Goose Scheduling, a leading new patient scheduling service for dentists in the US and Canada, and Dental Membership Direct, an online tool for managing in-house dental membership plans. Dr. Phelps shares his unique approach to problem-solving, which has significantly influenced his business success. The conversation highlights the high suicide rate among dentists, emphasizing the critical need for mental health support within the industry. Dr. Phelps offers practical solutions to the common conflicts dentists face in running their practices and improving their well-being. They explore the importance of recognizing individual strengths through assessments like the Colby Index to optimize team performance. Dr. Phelps recounts a compelling story of resolving a conflict between two assistants by identifying a Colby conflict and creating a unified approach. Further into the discussion, Dr. Phelps emphasizes the importance of asking insightful questions and maintaining curiosity when dealing with team struggles, advocating for giving team members the benefit of the doubt. The episode underscores the necessity of prioritizing mental health, engaging in hobbies to recharge, and maintaining a balanced life. They conclude by discussing effective time management and strategic scheduling, essential for ensuring both business success and personal well-being. Contact Dr. Phelps: Website: https://www.thephelpsinstitute.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr.christopherphelps Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100054304789631 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-christopher-phelps-2b48b718 Time stamps 00:00 Introduction 08:41 Conflicts in Running Dental Practices 15:26 Accepting and Utilizing Individual Strengths 29:50 Prioritizing Mental Health and Recharging through Hobbies 37:18 Strategic Time Management and Scheduling for Business and Personal Well-being


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Building Confident Kids: Lessons in Fatherhood and Emotional Health

JM Ryerson takes a deep dive into the profound journey of fatherhood, sharing personal reflections and insights on navigating the emotional highs and lows of parenting. In this heartfelt episode, JM opens up about his son's graduation, the bittersweet moments of letting go, and the importance of being present. He candidly discusses the societal pressures men face to suppress their emotions and advocates for a shift towards openness and vulnerability, emphasizing the need to create a safe space for children to express themselves. JM highlights the significance of positive affirmations in building children's confidence and resilience, sharing his practice of reinforcing empowering beliefs with his sons daily. He delves into the challenges faced by third culture kids in finding their identity, offering strategies for parents to support their children through these unique struggles. Through his experiences, JM illustrates how asking better questions can lead to deeper connections with children, fostering an environment where they feel understood and supported. The episode also explores the theme of resilience in the face of adversity, as JM recounts his son's journey through loss and personal challenges. He emphasizes the importance of teaching children to handle setbacks and the value of being their biggest cheerleader. With practical advice on supporting children through heartbreak and cultivating a nurturing environment, JM provides a comprehensive guide for parents striving to raise emotionally healthy and confident kids. Tune in to discover how to integrate these strategies into your daily parenting practices and support your child's emotional and mental well-being. Visit our website: https://www.letsgowin.com


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The Secret to Long-Term Success with Lee Benson

Episode #384: Welcome to the Let's Go Win Podcast! In this episode, JM Ryerson sits down with value creation expert Lee Benson to explore his entrepreneurial journey and profound insights on creating lasting value in the world. Lee shares his compelling story, emphasizing the importance of material, emotional, and spiritual value. He challenges the prevalent culture of instant gratification, highlighting the deep satisfaction that comes from hard work and meaningful contributions. Through his unique concept of the most important number and the Mind Methodology, Lee showcases how focusing on value creation drives success in organizations, surpassing traditional goal-setting methods. Lee delves into the nuances of thoughtful goal setting, stressing the need for roles and responsibilities to be designed around outcomes and capabilities. He explains how cascading the most important numbers to the frontline is crucial for any organization's success, regardless of size. Lee also shares inspiring success stories from companies that have implemented his strategies. Additionally, he introduces the concept of Execute masterminds, which provide CEOs and executives with accountability and innovative ideas, reinforcing the core responsibilities essential for daily success. The conversation takes a deeper turn as Lee reflects on the evolution of value creation and the significance of making decisions through a value creation lens. He discusses the power of emotional energy and the importance of challenging income-based hierarchies. The discussion touches on the national focus shift away from thriving and the toxicity of political finger-pointing. Lee emphasizes the need for critical thinking and understanding high conflict and false morality, urging leaders to foster environments that prioritize value creation in education and embrace healthy struggles. Lee concludes the episode by advocating for the continuation of conversations around value creation, particularly in educational contexts. His perspective on thoughtful goal setting, role design based on outcomes, and the power of emotional energy offers a fresh and impactful approach to leadership and organizational success. Don't miss this insightful discussion with Lee Benson, where you'll learn how to drive value creation and achieve lasting impact in both your personal and professional life. Contact Lee: Website: https://etw.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lee-benson-5b6101 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ETW.executetowin Time stamps 00:00 Introduction and Entrepreneurial Journey 03:00 The Concept of Value Creation 06:09 Balancing Material, Emotional, and Spiritual Value Creation 10:08 The Culture of Instant Gratification and Working Hard 14:59 Creating Value in the World 23:17 Traditional Goal Setting vs. Most Important Number 24:04 Importance of Thoughtful Goal Setting 25:28 Designing Roles and Responsibilities 26:49 Cascading Most Important Numbers 27:29 Joining Execute Masterminds 28:27 The Core Three Responsibilities 29:05 Evolution of Value Creation 30:26 Making Decisions through a Value Creation Lens 31:23 The Power of Emotional Energy 32:21 Hierarchy Based on Income 33:47 The Loss of Focus on Thriving as a Nation 36:07 Rigging the Game and False Morality 37:33 The Toxicity of Finger Pointing in Politics 39:15 The Importance of Critical Thinking 41:26 Understanding High Conflict and False Morality 42:36 Continuing the Conversation on Value Creation 43:28 Value Creation in Education and Healthy Struggles


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Building High-Performance Teams with Genuine Care

After his talk with Dr. Matt Vander Molen on the Let’s Go Win Podcast, JM Ryerson dives deep into the principles of cultivating a high-performance culture in any business setting. This episode expands on how simplicity and authenticity serve as the bedrock for success across industries. Dr. Vander Molen, with his unique transition from military rigor to genuine, people-focused leadership, shares invaluable lessons on the importance of soft skills and human connections in team building. Discover the transformative power of edification and the strategic use of third-party credibility to not only boost sales but also enhance team confidence. JM emphasizes the essential core values of happiness, health, and wealth, which are pivotal in fostering a thriving team environment. Whether you're leading a dental practice or steering a tech startup, this session offers actionable insights to elevate your leadership approach and drive your team towards peak performance. Tune in for a masterclass on achieving sustainable success through a culture of authenticity and care. Listen to the full episode: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1105955/15110736 Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/aOUDJYZJ5ko Visit Let's Go Win Website: http://www.letsgowin.com


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From Military Precision to Dental Success: Culture, Courtesy and Thrive with Dr. Matt VanderMolen

Episode #383: Welcome to the Let's Go Win podcast, where exceptional growth meets practical strategy. In today's episode, Dr. Matt VanderMolen delves into the intricate process of building a high-performance culture in the dental industry. Drawing from his extensive experience, Dr. VanderMolen shares his journey from a military dentist to a top-performing civilian practitioner. His stories highlight the influence of mentorship and the critical role of a supportive environment in cultivating success. Dr. VanderMolen emphasizes the transformative power of gamification and courtesy in the workplace. He outlines practical steps for fostering a culture where positivity flourishes and productivity soars. Through engaging anecdotes and insightful reflections, he illustrates how simple acts of kindness and a sincere approach to leadership can fundamentally enhance the dynamics within a dental practice. The conversation takes a deeper dive as Dr. VanderMolen discusses the challenges of hiring and the importance of being intentional about who joins the team. He stresses the need to evaluate new hires on their smartness, motivation, and niceness within the first two weeks, ensuring they align with the practice's values. His approach to addressing non-conforming behaviors through crucial conversations, rooted in respect and active listening, offers listeners a model for nurturing a thriving workplace culture. Ending on a powerful note, Dr. VanderMolen shares his belief in edification as a superpower in the realm of business. Recognizing and praising team members isn't just about boosting morale—it's a strategic move that can significantly drive revenue and build trust. This episode is packed with actionable insights for anyone looking to elevate their environment and lead with impact. Tune in to transform your practice and empower your team towards unparalleled success. Contact Dr. VanderMolen: Website: https://www.sunrisedentalsolutions.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sunrise-dental-solutions


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Breaking Free from Limitations and Embracing your True Self

After his talk with Simone Milasas, JM Ryerson explores the transformative power of embracing discomfort and breaking free from self-imposed limitations. This episode brings practical strategies for cultivating resilience and a growth-oriented mindset. It’s crucial to identify and challenge limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving our full potential. JM delves into how to turn setbacks into opportunities for growth and the role of self-awareness in personal and professional development. JM shares insights into the actionable steps he took in her own life and career, which have led him to success and fulfillment. The episode highlights the significance of continuous learning, staying curious, and being open to change. It’s a must-listen for anyone looking to elevate their mindset, embrace challenges, and unlock their true potential. Listen to the full episode: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1105955/15040916 Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/YhWpxhXKmqM Visit Let's Go Win Website: www.letsgowin.com


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Choosing Joy and Overcoming Judgment in Business and Life with Simone Milasas

Episode #382: Welcome to Let's Go Win Podcast! In this enlightening episode, JM Ryerson welcomes Simone Milasas, an innovative business leader, best-selling author, and global speaker known for her transformative work with Access Consciousness®. Together, they explore the profound concept of access consciousness and how it provides essential tools and processes to alter aspects of life that feel unfulfilled. Simone stresses the importance of embracing a consciousness that includes everything and judges nothing, sharing insights from her personal journey toward discovering authenticity and shedding judgment. Simone opens up about her diverse upbringing and the significant influence it had on her personal development, particularly how conflicting parenting styles shaped her self-perception and her pursuit of approval. She discusses the critical role of personal choice in creating a fulfilling life, emphasizing the power of trusting one's intuition and inner knowing. This conversation delves deep into how embracing one's true self can lead to a more authentic and joyful existence. Throughout the episode, Simone highlights the importance of relaxation, explaining that finding peace isn't about laziness but about discovering stillness in everyday actions. She offers practical advice for overcoming the pervasive hustle culture, dealing with overwhelm, and the importance of self-awareness in questioning the sources of our stress and choices. The dialogue reveals how asking the right questions can be a powerful tool for navigating life's myriad choices and fostering personal and business growth. Join Simone Milasas and JM Ryerson as they discuss the transformative impact of awareness and the choices that lead to happiness. Simone's approach to business and life challenges conventional norms and encourages a life of abundant living fully engaged with all choices. Don’t miss this deep dive into how you can stop judging yourself and start living authentically. Tune in to be inspired to make choices that genuinely enhance your life and business. Contact Simone: Website: www.simonemilasas.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/AccessSimoneMilasas Instagram: www.instagram.com/simonemilasas YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/SimoneMilasas LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/simonemilasas Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction and Access Consciousness 02:33 Discovering Authenticity and Overcoming Judgment 09:02 Navigating Conflicting Parenting Styles 13:19 Choosing Your Own Path 20:15 Embracing Personal Choice 23:29 The Power of Awareness and Asking Questions 25:43 Choosing What Makes You Happy 26:47 Letting Go of the Hustle Culture 29:17 Embracing Relaxation 34:11 Overcoming Overwhelm 45:16 Stop Judging Yourself


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Mastering Effective Communication and Mentorships

In this enlightening Deep Dive episode, JM Ryerson delves into the transformative insights from his recent conversation with Dr. Jodi Danna on the Let’s Go Win Podcast. Dr. Danna, a pioneer in the dental field, discusses the cutting-edge practices that are reshaping patient experiences through holistic dental care. From the integration of advanced technology to the personal touch of mentorship in dental education, this episode covers the essential components that are driving innovation in dentistry. JM highlights the universal challenge of communication within any business, emphasizing the need for relentless clarity and repetition to ensure every team member truly understands and aligns with the core values and objectives of the organization. He shares practical advice on fostering a culture where effective communication is paramount, advocating for a continuous open dialogue that enhances team cohesion and overall business success. The episode also explores Dr. Danna's commitment to mentorship, revealing how her approach not only educates but also enriches the mentor's journey. JM and Dr. Danna discuss the reciprocal nature of mentorship relationships, where learning and teaching combine to foster a nurturing environment for both mentors and mentees, enhancing professional growth and personal development. Tune in to this Deep Dive session for a comprehensive exploration of these pivotal themes and discover how they can be applied not just in dentistry but in any professional setting aiming for excellence. Listen to the full episode: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1105955/15026947 Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Ne00Q0SX4tI Visit Let's Go Win website: https://letsgowin.com


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How Technology and Mentorship Can Innovate Patient Care with Dr. Jodi Danna

Episode #381: Welcome to Let's Go Win Podcast! Today we are joined by Dr. Jodi Danna of Stonebriar Smile Design. In this episode, we explore the innovative approaches that are reshaping patient experiences in the dental field. Dr. Danna shares insights from her extensive career and her passion for advancing the boundaries of dentistry through comprehensive, whole-health practices. Dr. Jodi Danna is a graduate of the Baylor College of Dentistry in 1995 and a post-graduate in cosmetics from 1996, brings over 25 years of experience to the discussion. She holds Fellowship status in several prestigious organizations, including the Academy of General Dentistry and the American College of Dentists, among others. Recognized as one of the Top 100 Dentists by the Consumers Research Council of America and a consistent "Super Dentist" by Texas Monthly, Dr. Danna’s dedication to her profession is evident in her commitment to continuing education, with over 75 hours completed annually. In this episode, we discuss the crucial role of technology in enhancing dental treatments and the importance of mentorship in developing future dental professionals. Effective communication within the dental team and building a positive workplace culture are crucial to success. We dive deep into the impact of gender dynamics in the industry and the value of personalized care in fostering long-term patient relationships. Dr. Danna's approach to mentorship and her dedication to education shine through as they discuss her role in guiding new dental assistants and prospective dental students. This conversation is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of dental innovation and compassionate care. Contact Dr. Danna: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stonebriarsmiledesign Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stonebriarsmiledesign LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jodi-danna-8b092546 Time stamps: 00:00 Introduction and Birthday Celebration 06:13 Building a Positive Work Culture in Dentistry 31:54 Enhancing the Patient Experience Through Personalized Care