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A Podcast from Syosset Public Library on Long Island, New York.

A Podcast from Syosset Public Library on Long Island, New York.


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A Podcast from Syosset Public Library on Long Island, New York.






Turn The Page – Episode 126a

one hundred and twenty six - part one Marissa Holiday takes us on a tour of bygone Long Island with a look back at the Kiddie Parks that rose to popularity with the advent of suburbia.


Turn The Page – Episode 126b

one hundred and twenty six - part two Episode 126 B. Dr. Emily Levesque talks adventures in astronomy! Since the beginning of human history, we've observed the stars. But how has technology changed this practice? Emily assures us that today's astronomers are still star gazing, and chasing excitement while taking their profession to new heights (literally).


Turn The Page – Episode 126c

Episode one twenty six - part three Described as "Stephen King meets Little House on the Prairie", Melanie Benjamin's historical fiction novel "The Children's Blizzard" will chill you to the bone.


Turn The Page – Episode 125

One hundred and twenty five Josh Malerman talks to us about horror, the blizzard of Bird Box memes that inhabited the internet, and A House at the Bottom of a Lake, his newest tale of first love, terror, and the strange point where they touch.


Turn The Page – Episode 124b

One hundred twenty four - part 2 From friends who wrote fan fiction to favorites such as The Honey Don't List, Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings bring their fun, fresh voices to Turn the Page! Listen as Christina and Lauren talk about their (very cool) writing process, and much more.


Turn The Page – Episode 124a

One hundred twenty four - part 1 Julia Fierro and Caeli Wolfson Widger chat about going from best friends and solo authors, to best friends and a team of co-authors in their novel Santa Monica, a thriller and wry social commentary.


Turn The Page – Episode 123

Happy New Year! Turn the Page, the official podcast of the Syosset Public Library has been named on of the Top 35 Library Podcasts you Must Follow in 2020! We look forward to continuing to bring you quality content in 2021. https://blog.feedspot.com/library_podcasts/ One hundred and twenty three We were NOT so Wrong About how frightening Don Bluth's children's films were to us children's of the 80's, but we loved them anyway. Welcoming back Sarah Marshall of the podcast You're Wrong About we...


Turn The Page – Episode 122a

One hundred and twenty two part one Author Rosemary Simpson is here to tell us about her historical Noir series where the bad guys are really bad and the Gilded Age glitters as darkness lurks beneath the facade.


Turn The Page – Episode 122b

One hundred and twenty two part two Best known for "The Face on the Milk Carton", Evelyn chatted with Caroline B, Cooney about "Before she was Helen", another story of identity with a female senior protagonist living in a 55 or older community.


Turn The Page – Episode 122c

One hundred and twenty two part three Barney chats with Reavis Z. Wortham about the reissue of The Rock Hole, the first in his series loosely based on his own experiences growing up in Texas in the 1960's.


Special Episode 17

Special Episode 17 FB Live It's the end of a crazy year! So let's celebrate in style. Listen to the audio OR check out the video above and join us for some Holiday Cheer to see our live interview with Andrew Shaffer author of Secret Santa, a horror comedy set in the 80s. Shaffer treated us to some information about Krampus, and other Yuletide monsters and took some audience Q&A. Shaffer is the author of the Obama Biden cozy mysteries, so as you might imagine, things got quite silly.


Turn The Page – Episode 121b

One hundred and twenty one - part 2 Recorded in front of a "live" zoom audience, author Julie Clark chatted about The Last Flight, her hot new thriller about two women looking to escape and end up on a collision course with the lives they have run from.


Turn The Page – Episode 121a

One hundred and twenty one - Part one Debut author Halley Sutton stops in to chat about how her female focused Noir The Lady Upstairs tackles the #MeToo movement and how feminism has shifted to reflect various forms of empowerment.


Special Episode 16

Special Episode 16 - Syosset High School Robotics When the Covid-19 Crisis shutdown Syosset Elite Robotics Team's ability to compete in scrimmages, these resourceful sophomores used their various forms of expertise by creating PPE face shields for those in need locally and internationally. Three eager members of the club joined us to tell us more about this project.


Turn The Page – Episode 120

One hundred and twenty Natalie Portman's Fables is a delightful read for parents and children alike. With an eye on gender balance and modern sensibilities, Portman refreshes three classic fables and adds a twist of whimsy. Join one of Syosset most notable alumni as she discusses writing her book, attending high school while her acting career took off, and weighs in on the great debate of Bagel Master vs. Bagel Boss!


Turn The Page – Episode 119

One hundred and nineteen Dungeons and Dragons and DINNER? We welcome Michael Witwer, co-author of Heroes' Feast - a cookbook set in the magical realms of the world's most popular Role Playing Game! Michael chats about how this book came about, research and influence in the recipes, and of course his favorite dishes to devour.


Special Episode 15

Special Episode 15 - The night John Lennon died - 40 years later In honor of the 40th Anniversary of John Lennon's Death, we are re-releasing Syosset Library's podcast interview with Saundra Shohen, the hospital administrator at Roosevelt Hospital the night of December 8, 1980. Ms. Shohen passed away on September 22, 2020. We would also like to to take the time to honor Saundra, and all of the first responders who continue to give so much to people in need.


Turn The Page – Episode 118b

One hundred and eighteen - Part two Cats, Candles, Nantucket... what can be better? Christin Brecher indulges us in a fun discussion of her Nantucket Candle Maker Mystery series-- and of course, how she comes by plentiful puns for the titles of her books.


Turn The Page – Episode 118a

One hundred and eighteen - Part one Becky Clark stops by to talk about "Puzzling Ink", her fabulous cozy mystery series that plays with words while using crossword puzzles as a means to solve mysteries!


Turn The Page – Episode 118c

One hundred and eighteen - Part three Christmas and Cozy Mysteries! A pair as perfect as peppermint and chocolate. Liz Ireland chats with Stacey and Jessikah about The Santaland Slayings first in her new series that brings the cheer, the laughs and the mystery.