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019 Evidence And Action

All students should have access to challenging coursework that lets them grow in their areas of interest. Abby Whitbeck, the Executive Director of AP Strategy and Analytics for the College Board, joins us to talk about how they are using data to create new policies designed to improve representation of all students in Advanced Placement classes. Later, listeners have recommended Science/Fiction, a blog post from Carol Black. We look at her comments on learning styles, evidence-based...


0185 Summer Season One Finale

Enjoy a bonus episode that wraps our first season of production. Check in with many of our guests and reflect on our year of learning.


018 Listen For What's Behind The Words

Responsive teaching is is an exciting way to highlight student voice, but it comes with its own share of challenges and tensions. Caroline Herbster and Jacob Truett, from FSU Teach at Florida State University, join us to talk about their research with veteran teachers as they work to incorporate responsive practices. Later, we look to a British study on the effects of classroom consensus on socio-emotional outcomes for students. They find that using better measurement methods provides...


017 The Language Of Our Forebears

Multilingual learners are sitting in most classrooms today. How do we support ELL students’ learning in math, science and social studies while they navigate the language and cultural barriers of their emergent bilingualism. We look at some research on how taking responsibility for our own cultural and linguistic perspective as teachers can help. Later, we discuss another listener recommendation. Sensemaking is an important cognitive process that is subtly distinct from thinking, planning...


016 A For Effort

Standards-based grades are an exciting option for making grades more meaningful. We look at some recent writings on how to avoid some of the most common mistakes in our gradebooks, and then consider how standards-based grades can support some of the best practices. Later, we read some additional work suggested by one of our past authors. Her new work helps us connect our ideas on building student agency with professional development and collegial mentoring. How can we make our...


015 Learn Free, Or Try

Students should drive their own learning. Drew Ising, another biology teacher from Baldwin High School, joins the PLC to discuss how the NGSS framework calls for letting our students take the lead in our classroom. We must guide students as they build understanding and skill, but how do we deal with misconceptions and incomplete understanding without removing their control over the process? Later, our listener community has submitted an article on departmental culture. Research suggests...


014 First, We Require Audacity

Social controversy swirls in the public space. Societal tensions carry into the classroom and affect how students interact with each other and the material. Teachers must have the courage to address contentious topics in their classroom, the wisdom to know where their expertise lies, and the resolution to see their choices through to the end. We examine the writings of Dr. Diana Hess, an expert on the subject of controversy in the classroom, as we try to determine best practice for...


013 Thereafter, Our Tools Shape Us

Online education makes learning opportunities available for millions of people who otherwise would have very limited access to teachers, peers, and classrooms. As educators continue to explore all the ways we can use digital learning environments to better reach kids, we must search for ways to make the digital space as responsive and personal as a real teacher in a physical classroom. This month’s paper looks at how providing social cues in a digital setting improves student engagement...