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Bringing you everything that's fun, surprising, and unique about Connecticut's top 25 public research university.

Bringing you everything that's fun, surprising, and unique about Connecticut's top 25 public research university.


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Bringing you everything that's fun, surprising, and unique about Connecticut's top 25 public research university.






Awopbopaloopbop AlopbamUConn

This week, Professor Jeffrey Ogbar talks about the art and lasting influence of Little Richard, and we journey back to the 1940s, when a professor was on trial for suspected anti-American sympathies.


The Graduate

This week we bid a bittersweet farewell to Maxine Philavong, who graduated from UConn on May 9. We also talk with Prof. Nu-Ahn Tran about her work in archives that shed new light on the origins of the Vietnam War, and learn about a week that convulsed the university in 1970.


Gamers, Graduates, 'Husky Farm Girls'

This week, we check in with students who are building a Minecraft graduation for UConn seniors and we learn about life on campus in 1905 from the perspective of an original member of the women's basketball team.


Anatomically Correct Squids

There's still a lockdown, we're still recording from four socially distant locations, and we're still bringing the high heat: this week, Prof. Sarah McAnulty talks to us about adorable squids and the genesis of the Skype-a-Scientist initiative, and we visit Maxine's History Corner to learn what UConn students were forbidden to do during the 1918-1920 flu pandemic (hint: pouches were involved).


Coronavirus Exile: Week One

This week we come to you from four different towns across the great state of Connecticut, where the global pandemic has deposited us for the time being. We also hear from professor and landscape photographer Janet Pritchard about the Guggenheim Fellowship she won to document the Connecticut River watershed in photography, and we learn about the previous times when UConn was forced to cancel graduation ceremonies. Wash your hands and join us!


The Great Storrs Air Raid

This week, we speak with Prof. Lucy Gilson about the ways in which business and research go together; we hear about how the Guerrilla Girls changed the way we think about art; and we look back on a very patriotic series of fires on the Storrs campus.


Keep On Truckin'

This week, we learn about a student's innovative initiative to promote composting at UConn; we get a glimpse at an exhibition of work by the underground comics artist R. Crumb; and we ask ourselves if they built the library without calculating the weight of books (answer: this did not happen).


Radio Free UConn

This week, we learn about the UConn Woodsmen, one of the most distinctive and interesting student groups on campus; Prof. Christopher Vials tells us why a new anthology on the history of anti-fascism is so timely; and we meet early radio pioneer Dan Noble, and ponder the call letters of UConn's first radio station.


Benedict Arnold: Before He Was Lousy

This week, we talk about UConn's participation in the first-ever Connecticut ice hockey festival; we learn about ways for UConn students to stay healthy; and we discover the significance of some skeletal remains found near a Revolutionary War battle site.


We've Reached the Boiling Point

This week, Tom is MIA; Julie catches up with the ever-popular Regina Barreca, renowned humorist and Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of English Literature; and Ken takes us inside the Boiling Point competition, part of UConn’s annual Culinary Olympics, scheduled this year for Tuesday, January 14.


Wrapping Up 2019 With a Bright Blue Bow

This week, the gang takes stock of the year just about to pass, plays back some of our favorite stories, and discovers the antediluvian ancestor of UConn 360 itself.


Getting Litty With Dan Hurley

This week, we talk with men's basketball coach Dan Hurley about UConn hoops, Madison Square Garden, and growing up in a basketball family; Jane O'Donnell takes us on a tour of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology's Insect Collection; and travel back in time to a period when UConn was a ski destination (sort of).


Raised on Promises

This week, we meet the UConn-trained historians behind the popular "American Girls" podcast; learn about research into the causes of child neglect; and discover the identity of the University's first-ever international student.


UConn's Other Basketball Powerhouse

This week, Julie meets members of the successful Chinese Students and Scholars Association UConn basketball squad; Ken sets the stage for the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine's visit to the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts; and Tom talks about the time UConn bought 13,000 ice cream bars to help stop an epidemic.


Our Milkshake Brings All the Ghosts to the Yard

This week, Student Podcast Assistant Extraordinaire Maxine Philavong takes the reigns for a spooktacular Halloween episode, interviewing UConn students about their costume choices, and providing a feature on the UConn Horror Club. We wrap things up with a rundown of historic Halloweens at UConn, and learn about the mystery of the "milkshake dance."


Don't Send in the Clowns

This week, Political Science Prof. David Yalof gives us some valuable context on the history of impeachment and presidential scandals; Astronomy Prof. Jonathan Trump talks about the awe-inspiring nature of black holes; and we recall the night when campus was convulsed with clown panic.


How Not to Break the Law

This week, Mike Chase '11 (LAW) tells us about his runaway success in giving people pointers on avoiding federal crimes; Matt DeBarco talks about teaching a one-of-a-kind class on the horticulture of cannabis; and Tom tells us about a place near campus that is definitely not haunted.


Chuck and Augie and Royal and Otis

This week, we welcome UConn 360 student worker Maxine Philavong; we learn about the UConn Gaming Club from Ryan Marsh '20 (ENG); PhD candidate Rebecca Rowe discusses her research on the effect that animated characters can have on girls' ideas about body image; and we try, unsuccessfully, to determine which Storrs brother deserves the most credit for UConn.


The Land of Steady-ish Habits

This week, Tom has gone walkabout, so Julie and Ken step up with a history-heavy episode: Prof. Altina Waller tells us about the famous Hatfield-McCoy feud, and Prof. Walter Woodward, Connecticut's state historian, provides some perspective on how Connecticut's past lines up with our present.


Our Manners, Our Selves

This week, Prof. Andrea Voyer explains what the collected advice of Emily Post can tell us about society; Prof. Beth Taylor tells us why getting even five minutes a day of exercise can be a significant benefit in our lives; and we journey back to 1919 to find out why students were lining up in Hawley Armory to have someone look at their noses.