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Day 166 (5/29/18) When You Can't Take the House, Take the DVD Collection

Day 166. I get an unexpected request from my ex regarding additional assets that need to be properly divided: my DVD collection. Learning that she is serious about getting her share of the movies we had in possession when we were married, it makes me wonder what other belongings I currently hold that she may consider taking half of.


Day 165 (5/28/18) The Mercy Killing of a Cherished Friendship

Day 165. My meeting with my Pen Pal reminded me of a memory that I had not thought about in over two decades, and that memory was: why we stopped writing to each other in the first place. I tell the story of how a 3rd person being brought into our letter writing ritual brought our friendship to its inevitable end.


Day 164 (5/27/18) $87,000 is a Lot of Child Support & Would Winning the Lottery Be More Trouble?

Day 164. While sorting through some financial planning, I calculate how much in total I will end up paying in child support by the time my youngest turns 18. I then wonder what happen if I were to win the lottery and an curious if any situation where I come about additional finances, would my ex have any claim to it.


Day 163 - B (5/26/18) Meeting With an Old Pen Pal & a Discussion About My Ex's Narcissistic Family

Day 163.B. I was able to meet with my old pen pal from high school and the meeting actually ends up being very nice and insightful. I learn of her perceptions of my ex-wife and her sisters and realize further that I am not the only one who saw the messed up behavior that their family exhibited. I also learn to not be critical of people's reactions to me right now because it is a confusing time for everyone.


Day 163 (5/26/18) My Beef with the Sitcom "Fresh Off the Boat"

Day 163. A side note episode. I really hate the show "Fresh Off the Boat" because how poorly it represents real Asian American culture. Instead of the raw, unfiltered look into Asians adjusting to "be American" like the book gives you, it is a watered down cliche of how Asians act in America, and in a way that is worse than just being flat out racist.


Day 162 (5/25/18) "Marriage is a Roller Coaster" Joke and Me Playing Cupid

Day 162. I start the episode with a joke, then I discuss a conversation I had with my "Hot Chick" friend and find that I may end up playing cupid to keep from disappointing her.


Day 161 (5/24/18) Why Can't I Be Alone AND Happy?

Day 161. You would think by now, people would believe you when you straight out say you are not looking to be with anyone else right now but I still seem to have issues with people not believing me and trying to convince me that I do want to be with someone else.


Day 160 (5/23/18) Out of Hindsight, Out of Mindsight

Day 160. Observing young people while getting ice-cream with my son gets me thinking about how much different your point of view of the world is when you are in your mid-40s vs. when you were still in high school, and it poses the question: if you knew then what you know now, would you even listen to yourself?


Day 159 (5/22/18) Case Dismissed

Day 159. It's official, my ex has dismissed the case and the judge has signed off on the dismissal document. My attorney confirms that my life can go back to normal. But the question is: what is normal anymore? Only one way to find out.


Day 158 (5/21/18) The Stages an Empath Goes Through When in a Relationship with a Narcissist

Day 158. A friend sends me an article that details the common stages an empath goes through when in a relationship with a narcissist. I find the details very compelling and oddly precise in what I went through, on a lighter level with my marriage, but strangely even more with my Lost Soulmate.


Day 157 (5/20/18) There's No Room for Sensitivity in the World of Comedy

Day 157. As I continue to write my comedy pieces, I still have slight reservations regarding certain types of jokes and how some people may be offended by them. But I am learning more and more that there is no place for sensitivity regulation in the world of the comic because it's our job to say, "F@ck sensitivity and let's just laugh at how stupid we are in this stupid world."


Day 156 (5/19/18) Why Can't We All Just Stop Being Sh!tty People?

Day 156. Recent media coverage of the Texas school shooting and the behavior of people on social media starts to stress me out and I have to vent about the uselessness of the arguments that take place on the social channels, and offer my own resolve to the problems which basically involves us all just stop being crappy to each other.


Day 155 (5/18/18) The Tale of One Sad Tattoo

Day 155. I go into the meaning behind my use of the Fisher Price Dog to represent myself in my episode art, which is a story of childhood theft and an unwanted tattoo in the days of college.


Day 154 (5/17/18) An Unexpected Phone Call Regarding My Upcoming Hearing & Open Mic Day 4

Day 154. I get a phone call from my ex today with some new details regarding the upcoming hearing to reopen our divorce agreement terms. After which, I perform at my 4th open mic and I am pleased to have had the company of an old friend who did his first open mic performance.


Day 153 (5/16/18) Updating My Own Personal Privacy Policies

Day 153. Recent interactions reveal some people from my past have been asking around about my status. Because of my history with them and my own desire not to share life details with everyone, I have no plan allowing any of those people into my personal life, even when my brother insists that I do so.


Day 152 (5/15/18) Quitting Someone Cold Turkey Seems Cruel But it May be Necessary

Day 152. My ex and I decide to change the plans for my son's upcoming birthday due to bad weather in the forecast. Additionally, I ponder whether or not it is right for me to continue to interact with my "Hot Chick" friend after she professed her love for me and I had to turn her down.


Day 151 (5/14/18) How a Gifted & Talented Program Assessment Paralleled to My Failed Marriage

Day 151. I speak to the gifted & talented program coordinator today regarding my son's assessment and why he did not qualify for the program. It gave me a better understanding about how they select the students who get to be in the program, but even more intriguing is how the explanation of different types of students paralleled with how my ex and I were so different.


Day 150 (5/13/18) Ramblings About Dating with Children, Plus an NP Douche Mini-Me Incident

Day 150. I suddenly realize that a detail that will be very important if I ever start dating again is the fact that I have children and that will greatly limit the types of girls I will be able to consider. Additionally, NP Douche unintentionally finds a way to annoy me through transferring his fashion sense onto my son.


Day 149 (5/12/18) An Unexpected Concert Leads to Unexpected Interactions

Day 149. When I suddenly receive free tickets to a concert, I find myself facing the temptation of being with other women but too afraid of ramifications to act on the new opportunities.


Day 148 (5/11/18) 5 Things Women Hate About Living With Men...My @ss!

Day 148. I get a lot of recommendations for articles about relationships and marriage and etc and I find often times, the information provided in these articles very rarely ever apply to my situation. I go through one of these articles today that proves to be 100% wrong in the case of my former marriage.