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Learn actionable steps to enhance all areas of your life and design a life that you LOVE.


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Learn actionable steps to enhance all areas of your life and design a life that you LOVE.




Season 1 Wrap Up + Exciting News!

As we wrap up Season 1 of Upgrade Yourself, we give a super tiny peak forward as we work hard to prepare for Season 2. Thanks SO much to our listeners for taking this journey with us - it's been educational for us as well, learning the ins and outs of podcasting. Keep an eye on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) for updates on our project for you, and the release date of Season 2. Just search "Studio 12 Academy" on those platforms and you'dd find us. We'll...


Redesign Your Image

When we say “your image,” it’s about what we’re portraying to other people. Are you happy with who you’re showing to the world? Additionally, our actions need to align with our values, even when no one is looking. This isn’t just about how you physically look. You’re the author of your own story, and your overall image is a huge part of that. These are things that we have applied in our own lives, and it’s things that we work on on an on-going basis. Episode page on our site:...


How To Bring Balance To Your Life

This is something a lot of people don’t do. It’s more than just a work/life balance, but it’s ALL areas. Are you spending enough time with your family? Are you truly enjoying your recreation time? Are you focusing on your mental health? Like a bike, you need to have your wheels in proper alignment and balanced, or you’re in for a bumpy ride. The same is true for your life itself. As mentioned in the episode, you can check out the episode where we talk about the importance of routines:


What Defines Success?

Success is something different for everyone, and the definition that you give to your success is what drives you. This helps you to stay focused on what you want to accomplish in life. In this episode, we are looking at what success is. Here is how we have defined success for us, what we have seen in others, and what has worked over the years. Download your personal value worksheet from the episode here: https://studio12academy.ck.page/d9bf45faef


How To Stay Healthy During Quarantine

Today, we're going over lots of our methods we have been implementing for years, from improvements and tweaks to our physical health, mental health and our emotional health. During this uncertain time, our mental health is more important than ever to our overall well-being. From tactics to get a better night’s sleep to exercise cards (“a personal trainer in a deck of cards” as Chris says), get a ton of ways to stay healthy not just during quarantine, but for long after. Items in this...


Simple Steps To Financial Freedom

Finances can make or break you. In this episode, learn the tactics we have implemented over the years to get us to financial freedom. With everything going in the world with rising unemployment, layoffs, and a general sense of uncertainty, it’s never been more important to have control over your money. Knowing accurately what’s coming in, what’s going out and making smart, strategic cuts to your bills will set you up for success. Click here to get the spreadsheets referenced in the episode...


Surviving Quarantine With Your Spouse

We have been married for 15 years, and have always been in close proximity (working at the same place for many years). For the last 5 years, we have been self employed and literally working side-by-side on several businesses. These are things that have allowed us to stay sane the last 5 years - these are tried-and-true methods that have worked for us as people are under unprecedented stress right now. This could be the most important podcast episode you listen to this year. The books we...


How To Have A Winning Mindset

We’re so excited to bring this topic to you - anything worth building requires a strong foundation, and a winning mindset is your foundation for an amazing life. Athletes in the Olympics don’t get to where they are without this winning mindset. You can’t be standing in the winner’s circle of life without it. Today you’ll learn 6 steps to get you to develop - or tune up! - your winning mindset. It all starts with KNOWING that you can do it. Tell yourself you CAN do it, not that you WANT to...


How To Redesign Your Life

In this episode, you’ll learn proven tactics to redesign your life, with 4 action steps that you can start implementing TODAY. QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “A day without a laugh is a wasted day.” -Charlie Chaplin RESOURCES/LINKS: https://www.Studio12Academy.com


Podcast Overview & Introduction

Welcome to episode 0 of the Upgrade Yourself Podcast! In this episode, you will learn what this podcast is all about and what to expect in the future. You'll also meet your hosts Chris & Diana Bryant, their story and background. THIS EPISODE'S ACTIONABLE STEPS: RESOURCES/LINKS: