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Welcome to Vondran Legal Hour. This is Attorney Steve's intellectual property & piracy law channel. Make sure to "FOLLOW" us by clicking on the button. We handle software audits, photo infringement, torrent file sharing defense, TV signal piracy and general copyright and trademark cases.

Welcome to Vondran Legal Hour. This is Attorney Steve's intellectual property & piracy law channel. Make sure to "FOLLOW" us by clicking on the button. We handle software audits, photo infringement, torrent file sharing defense, TV signal piracy and general copyright and trademark cases.


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Welcome to Vondran Legal Hour. This is Attorney Steve's intellectual property & piracy law channel. Make sure to "FOLLOW" us by clicking on the button. We handle software audits, photo infringement, torrent file sharing defense, TV signal piracy and general copyright and trademark cases.






Big win for Strike 3 Holdings in New Jersey appeal case

Attorney Steve® July 2020 - BitTorrent Litigation Updates - Early Discovery win for Plaintiff Strike 3 Holdings and Malibu Media are prolific filers on internet "file-sharing" (copyright infringement cases), illegal copying and distribution of adult films such as X-art and Tushy. Vixen, Blacked. In this episode, Attorney Steve® discusses how the trial court originally DENIED strike three request for early discovery basically stating that their complaint could not pass muster. However, on...


The Vondran Legal team discussing current events in our new podcast

Attorney Steve® discusses key current events with legal team. The Covid-19 crisis is taking stage front and center. Lights, Cameron and Action hosts the show as we discuss a variety of topics including: 1. Wearing masks in public 2. "Novel" virus - what it might really mean 3. Happy Fourth of July 4. NY consider subpoenas for persons who will not comply with contract tracing Make sure to bookmark us to hear future shows!


Photo infringement non-commercial entity as defined by Higbee and Associates

Photo Infringement Updates 2020 - How do Higbee & Associates define a "non-commercial" entity? When you receive a copyright infringement demand letter from a company like PicRights (who, for example, may present a photo infringement claim by Agence France-Presse - a company that registers many photos in "groups" with the United States Copyright Office) things can get stressful. Many people tell me they didn't know if the company was legit or not, or whether the demands are real. If PicRights...


Judge Burkhardt denies Strike 3 Holdings early discovery subpoena in San Diego

Attorney Steve® - BitTorrent Litigation Updates - Early Discovery by Strike Three Holdings, LLC is DENIED. What is their hurry anyway? A federal court judge in San Diego (Southern District of California) - Judge Jill Burkhardt in Civil Case 20-cv-00209-BAS (JLB) recently DENIED adult film producer Strike 3 Holdings and their efforts to seek "early discovery" in an alleged copyright infringement case against an internet subscriber. Note, these lawsuits are typically filed against a John Doe...


Attorney Steve® discusses California Talent Agency Act

Attorney Steve® Entertainment Law Essentials - The California Talent Agency Act ("TAA") If you are dealing with an agent or personal manager (or don't know the the difference, this show is for you). Attorney Steve® provides a general legal overview of the act, and whose regulated, and what happens if they are not. Good general background for first time actors, actresses, and their parents. This is general legal information only and note legal advice. Contact us if you need any help with...


What is removal of copyright management information under section 1202?

Attorney Steve® Copyright Infringement Essentials - Section 1202 false information, Removal or Alteration of Copyright Management Information ("CMI"). In this episode of Vondran Legal Hour, Intellectual Property lawyer Steve Vondran discusses what the CMI 1202 claim is, and what damages are available for intentional and knowing violations of the law (for example, removing a copyright symbol or an artists names and/or inputting your own false copyright information along with publicly...


DMCA subpoena explained by Attorney Steve®

Attorney Steve® Copyright Essentials - Online infringement and "unmasking" the "anonymous" infringer with a 512(h) subpoena In this exciting episode of Vondran Legal Hour, Attorney Steve discusses the general process of using a 512(h) subpoena to learn the identity of a person or company who may be infringing on your copyright, trademark, trade secrets, or misappropriating your right of publicity ("publicity rights" in California). Generally, the first step is to send a DMCA takedown notice...


Twitter Copyright "Embedding" Defense to Copyright Infringement, will it work?

Attorney Steve® - Copyright Law Essentials - The "embed" defense This is an important podcast if your company uses photos, images, illustrations or other copyrighted content (not belonging to you, and not created by or licensed to you or your company) and you share these photos even links to these photos potentially on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other commercial websites used to promote your business. This has and is leading to more lawsuits, this time against Cox Media Group in New...


How to avoid paying a settlement to Higbee & Associates for Photo Infringement

Attorney Steve® - the Photo Infringement Lawyer In this episode of Vondran Legal Hour we discuss one of the most important things to know if you received a photo infringement demand letter from a Santa Ana photo infringement law firm known as HIgbee & Associates. This firm can be seeking settlements in the hundreds, or even thousands of dollars range. Thus, it is important to know things like fair use, non-commercial use and other potential defenses and mitigating factors (not they may also...


How to handle negative YELP reviews by Attorney Steve®

Attorney Steve® Internet Law Essentials - Online YELP reviews that may not be defamatory In this exciting episode of Vondran Legal Hour Attorney Steve® discusses the YELP content guidelines and how you may be able to have a negative YELP review of your business removed based on Yelp's own policies. As a private social media platform, they get to set their own rules, but usually, a company should be held to comply with their own policies. Here are the top seven grounds to have a bad review...


Is your company ready for the California CCPA privacy act?

Attorney Steve® - California Privacy Insights - Need CCPA consultant? Call us. I was doing "this" before there was a "this." California has passed new data information privacy law (the CCPA) that takes effect on January 1, 2020. The law provides customers new rights to: Know what personal information is collectedKnow how that information is shared and with whomBe able to easily "opt-out" of information sharing with third partiesRight to "access" their information (ex. does your company take...


Think twice before selling counterfeit goods online on Amazon, eBay or Alibaba

Attorney Steve® - Infringement Report - Selling Counterfeit Goods Online Selling Counterfeit products on sites like Shopify, Alibaba, Amazon, Etsy or eBay can cause significant legal trouble including fines and penalties up to 2 million dollars. There could also be criminal implications if serious enough. In this episode of Vondran Legal Hour, Attorney Steve® discusses what happens when you receive a letter from a law firm (ex. Kirkpatrick Townsend) alleging infringement sales and or...


California Meet and Confer Local Rule 7-3

Attorney Steve® Civil Procedure - Meet and Confer Obligations - California Central District Rule 7-3 Is your local counsel not playing fair or by the rules? For example, they want to file a motion to dismiss a lawsuit or counterclaim (or file another motion covered under Local Rule 7-3) in the Central District Court of California? If so, the local rules say their counsel needs to "meet and confer" with you, preferably in person, to discuss the merits of the case, pro's and cons, go over...


Strike 3 Holdings DENIED early discovery in HUGE New Jersey case!

BitTorrent Litigation Updates 2019 - Motion for Early Discovery (to send ISP subpoena) DENIED!! In this episode of Vondran Legal Hour, Attorney Steve® discusses internet file-sharing cases and in particular, Strike 3 Holdings (who has filed over 3,000 lawsuits in a short amount of time) many in the Federal Courts, but also now doing something new by filing cases in Miami-Dade County Court (seeking a "Bill of Discovery") to get an internet subscribers name and identity. The Court, in this...


What happens if you destroy evidence in a copyright infringement case?

Copyright Infringement Essentials - Penalties and Sanctions for "disposing of the evidence." In this episode of Vondran Legal Hour, Attorney Steve® IP lawyer discusses what happens when you are faced with litigation and possibly receive a litigation hold letter. In these cases, you have a duty to preserve evidence and if you don't and judgment can be entered against you (in the worst form of intentional spoliation). Or, an "adverse inference" or negative jury instruction could work against...


Boxing Piracy Law Firm Calling? HANG UP THE PHONE!!!

Boxing Piracy Essentials - Step one - DON'T TALK TO THEIR ATTORNEYS ON THE PHONE. This would be your FIRST and BIGGEST mistake. In this episode of Vondran Legal Hour, Attorney Steve® discusses what happens if your bar, restaurant, club, sports bar or other establishment is accused of illegal broadcasting (or copyright infringement) of the boxing match, UFC fight or even a soccer match. Three main firms hold broadcasting rights for the bix PPV boxing matches: 1. G&G Closed Circuit Events 2....


Strike 3 suing you in Miami-Dade County Florida in "Pure Bill of Discovery?"

Strike 3 Holdings, LLC - BitTorrent Litigation Updates - California citizen sued in Florida for "Equity" in "Pure Bill of Discovery." What on earth is this? Our boutique copyright infringement law firm has seen it all, but now we are seeking something new. Strike 3 Holdings, (a prolific filer of adult ography file-sharing cases, along with Malibu Media), now appears to be filing lawsuits (not in Federal Court as has been done for a long time) but now they are filing cases in "equity" but yet...


The role of real estate EQUITY in copyright infringement settlements

Copyright Infringement Essentials - Strike 3 and Malibu Media Settlement Factors - Home Equity and HELOC's Our law firm represents many people and companies in software audit cases and Strike 3 Holdings adult ography defense. For example, if you get a demand from Bandlow Law Firm (who represents adult company Strike 3 in many copyright infringement filings in California including the Northern Southern and Central District. The most commonly asked question when we are defending these cases is...


Software Audit Timelines and the problematic billable hour

Software Audit Essentials - Hiring a IP & Technology Law Firm that insists on Billable Hours It is mind-wracking when you get a letter demanding a software audit (either internal, contractual, random, or "informant-generated." The next question becomes what type of law firm do I hire? Here are the three factors I think you need to keep in mind: 1. Experienced - we have handled hundreds of audits and investigations with companies like Siemens, CNC, Solidworks, Adobe, BSA, Autodesk and others....


Attorney Steve® discusses how to do a DMCA takedown on Amazon.com

Copyright Essentials - DMCA Takedown - Selling Infringing Products on Amazon In this exciting episode of Vondran Legal Hour, Attorney Steve® discusses how to issue a DMCA copyright takedown notice if you see someone selling a product with your copyright or trademark online. Here is information about their registered agent. For help, contact us at (877) 276-5084 or visit Attorney Steve®. Copyright Agent Amazon.com Legal Department P.O. Box 81226 Seattle, WA 98108 Phone: (206) 266-4064 Fax:...