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The VulnerABLE Podcast aims to share stories of people who have faced their share of vulnerability in life and been ABLE to find their way towards success and fulfillment.

The VulnerABLE Podcast aims to share stories of people who have faced their share of vulnerability in life and been ABLE to find their way towards success and fulfillment.
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The VulnerABLE Podcast aims to share stories of people who have faced their share of vulnerability in life and been ABLE to find their way towards success and fulfillment.






VulnerABLE Podcast - Episode 9 - Darlene Garcia

This is Episode 9 of the VulnerABLE Podcast with Darlene Garcia! When she was only 12 years old she was molested, and it would be something that she’d bury deep inside herself for almost 30 years. It would take the loss of her husband before she began dealing with this and many other emotions she’d been suppressing for years. A motorcycle accident took the person she loved most in the world away from her, and she had no idea how she was going to survive it. Taking a grief recovery program...


VulnerABLE Podcast - Episode 8 - Chantel Soumis

This is Episode 8 of the VulnerABLE Podcast with Chantel Soumis! Disclaimer: Her dog Red decided he wanted to get in on the interview as well, so if you hear growling it was just him wanting his moment of fame. Growing up she’d struggle with a learning disability, and being the only daughter in a house full of boys. But that was nothing compared to what would happen later on in life. From being molested, to an abusive relationship that almost took her life, and then an incurable disease...


VulnerABLE Podcast - Episode 7 - Chuck Sequin

This is Episode 7 of the VulnerABLE Podcast with Chuck Seguin! At a very young age his realization that his father would one day pass away, became the first moment he felt vulnerable in his life. It would lead to him realizing how important it is to experience life, and learn as much as you can from each experience you go through. When he lost his wife to an 8-year battle with Cancer it was this belief that made him celebrate her life rather than mourn in her loss. After her passing, and...


VulnerABLE Podcast - Episode 6 - Silke Glaab

This is Episode 6 of the VulnerABLE Podcast with Silke Glaab! This episode is a little different from the rest. To begin with the guest had her own opinion on the word vulnerability... that turned out to be quite eye opening for me in the end. This also gives some spark to this podcast where we discuss different opinions. Her thoughts on vulnerability are that it should be more about looking within, and finding your inner strength by expressing what we feel inside our body. During the...


VulnerABLE Podcast - Episode 5 - Godwin Chan

This is Episode 5 of the VulnerABLE Podcast with Godwin Chan! All through elementary school it was hard for him to speak in front of 30 people, but by high school he was ready to start speaking in front of 300. This is a story about gaining self confidence. Growing up he was always more concerned with his academic achievements and getting the highest grade in the class. When it came to social status he could care less, and it worked for him because speaking in front of the class was...


VulnerABLE Podcast - Episode 4 - Julia Katsivo

This is Episode 004 of the VulnerABLE Podcast with Julia Katsivo! When she was young getting up to speak in front of a crowd was a crippling fear. Now she's a successful entrepreneur who speaks with all the confidence in the world! Growing up in Kenya she decided at a young age she wasn't going to conform to the cultural norms. She loved being on stage, but oddly enough it brought on a ton of anxiety and nervousness. A swimming accident just before one of her first performances would only...


VulnerABLE Podcast - Episode 3 - Jacob Wierzbicki

This is Episode 003 of the VulnerABLE Podcast with Jacob Wierzbicki! Home schooled until age 13, and growing up a middle child, it took a lot for him to come into his own. Finding his career path wasn't easy either. Now he's a father, successful sales man and startup founder. For some reason he always felt like he needed to fight for attention, which would cause him to do things that weren't always the greatest decision. It took him years to find his confidence, and many different careers....


VulnerABLE Podcast - Episode 2 - Brian Schulman

This is Episode 002 of the VulnerABLE Podcast with Brian Schulman! Born at 1.5 lbs and barely breathing, to then being diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. Brian Schulman has definitely faced vulnerability. Now he's a proud father, startup advisor and overall incredible human. His life has been anything but easy, from barely surviving being born to a neurological disorder called Tourette syndrome he's had to face the uncomfortable his whole life. When he was diagnosed as a child his disorder...


VulnerABLE Podcast - Episode 1 - Dr. Natalia Wiechowski

This is Episode 001 of the VulnerABLE Podcast with Dr. Natalia Wiechowski. From feeling like she never fit in, to leaving her stable corporate career and moving to Dubai. Dr. Natalia Wiechowski has faced challenges in her life but is now living her dream life. Growing up she never really felt like she fit in, being born in Poland and then moving to Germany it was clear to her that people are all very different. With a mother who competed professionally in sports it was instilled in her...


VulnerABLE Podcast - My Story

This is My Story on the VulnerABLE Podcast! For most of my life I haven't faced too many vulnerable moments. But in the last two years I've gone from losing my job, failing with my startup and almost my marriage. But now I'm better than ever. Two years ago when I lost my job I thought it was the end of the world. Little did I know it would end up being a blessing in disguise. Before I could fully realize this I'd have to go through more struggle then I've faced in the 33 years I've been...