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Casual conversations about weddings with wedding professionals, brides & grooms with host Ramsey Coates to shed some light from both perspectives.

Casual conversations about weddings with wedding professionals, brides & grooms with host Ramsey Coates to shed some light from both perspectives.
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Casual conversations about weddings with wedding professionals, brides & grooms with host Ramsey Coates to shed some light from both perspectives.








ep. 24 | The wedding hair game w/Chelsey Domschke

It's "WED TALK" time again!!! Welcome to episode 24 with hair up & coming rock star Chelsey Domschke! Chelsey "WED TALKS" with us about her beginnings right our of high school, her fav hairstyles for weddings and how to know when to say no when it's right for your client. #educateandinspire Did you know you can watch the full episode of the podcast on youtube? Follow us Click right here -> WE ARE WED TALKS. <- to follow us on YouTube and watch to get a different perspective. Click below...


ep. 23 | Ballet to bartending to event marketing and managing with BB Liggett from Garden&Grain and Perfect Plain

Wassup "WED TALKERS", welcome to episode 23 with BB Liggett from Garden&Grain and Perfect Plain. BB is the event manager for two of Pensacola's most iconic watering holes, Garden&Grain, and Perfect plain. BB is super passionate about business and delivering a unique experience to everyone who walks through the door of Garden&Grain and Perfect Plain. In this episode, she fills us in on how she got from ballet to bartending to event managing and creating those unique experiences. We also...


ep.22 | The recap of the Atlanta trip

In this week's episode, Ramsey & Caleb fill us in on how the trip to Atlanta came about, how they got in touch with all the vendors, thoughts about another road trip and what Caleb is scared of more than anything! #educateandinspire Did you know you can watch the full episode of the podcast on youtube? Follow us Click right here -> WE ARE WED TALKS. <- to follow us on YouTube and watch to get a different perspective. Click below to follow on...


ep. 21 | Kristi fills us in on all the things of Ambient Plus Studio & some wedding planner tips

Welcome "WED TALKERS" to the last of four episodes of our recording session in Atlanta at Ambient Plus Studio. In this episode, we are actually "wed talking" with Kristi from Ambient Plus Studio & Coco Red Events. Kristi is a part of the Ambient Plus Studio team that helps them with multi-day and high-end, more complicated events. Kristi loves the team aspect of Ambient Plus Studio and how creative all of them are, which makes for a fun, inspiring, positive atmosphere. Kristi also loves...


ep. 20 | Letting go to grow and scale your business w/Joel & Todd from Mike Moon Studio

And we're back "WED TALKERS" for episode 20 and the third in a four-part series of recording in Atlanta at Ambient+Studio. Our guest for this episode is Joel and Todd from Mike Moon Studio. Joel and Todd run one of the biggest photography studios not just in Atlanta but in the whole South-East Region. They have close to 40 employees who range from sales, photographers, videographers, assistants, and editors. Their team can deliver pictures from the wedding within 14 days (but most of the...


ep.19 | The Fascination of Fotography & tips on how to be a traveling fotog w/Andrea Miclea of Heirloom Foto

Welcome "WED TALKERS" to episode 19 of WE ARE WED TALKS. This episode is the second in a series that we recently recorded and shot in Atlanta at Ambient+Plus Studio. Our guest for this episode is Andrea Miclea of Heirloom Foto! Andrea got her Bachelors in English Literature and a Masters in Early Childhood Development, but always had the spark for photography burning inside her. Starting when she was eight years old shooting roll after roll of film on her mom's Olympus cameras. At age 15,...


ep.18 | Making the jump from pets to petals with Kaitlan Long of Downtown Flowers

Wassup "WED TALKERS" We are so excited about sharing the next few episodes with you all!! First off, we love every episode as they all have their own uniqueness to each one, but for the upcoming four episodes, WE ARE WED TALKS. went on the road to Atlanta, Georgia! We are so thankful as well as Ambient+Plus Studio was so gracious to host our guest for the podcast recordings and us all day. Our first guest Kaitlin Long of Downtown Flowers, actually recommended where we recorded and is just...


ep.17 | What's cooking with head chef Mike D from Culinary Prodcutions, Inc.

Hello "WED TALKERS" and welcome to "ep.17 | What's cooking with head chef Mike D from Culinary Prodcutions, Inc"! While Mike was honing his culinary/bartending/front, back and middle of the house skills working events all over town as the punch guy, he realized that he had a passion for doing anything within his power to make sure brides & grooms have memorable events and to be his own boss. Thus, Culinary Prodcutions, Inc. was born and in a short time has gone from just two employees to 10...


ep.16 | How having faith to pursue her passion and having a community over competition attitude has helped Melissa Wilson from Melissa Wilson Photography reach success.

Welcome back "WED TALKERS" to ep.16 w/Melissa Wilson of Melissa Wilson Photography! Melissa got her start as a photographer at the age of 16 when she started doing weddings and events for her friends from church. Even though she was a new photographer, people were in love with the moments she was capturing. Melissa knew then that this is what she wanted to do as a career. Fast forward a few years after Melissa had gotten her degree, and she was still not where she wanted to be. Due to...


ep.15 | The evolution of Supposey.co w/Chloe Sexton

Hello "WED TALKERS"! Welcome to ep.15 with the amazing Chloe Sexton from Supposey.co, RentSupposey.co & The Posey Bus! Chloe got her start in the industry at the age of 16 while working at Fiore. By age 19 (that's right...19) she was inspired to start her own wedding floral business "Supposey" by all the creative professionals she was working around. A few years later, after her business was blossoming & booming, she ran into her future husband and business partner Nick Sexton. Being...


ep.14 | Our first second time guest w/Kelly Rhodes from Southern Frills Weddings & Events

Hello! Welcome to WE ARE WED TALKS. ep.14. We are excited to have our first, second time guest Kelly Rhodes from Southern Frills Weddings & Events back for this episode. Kelly was a guest in ep. 03 before the re-brand and is back now as an avid WE ARE WED TALKS. listener. And With more experience and knowledge since the last time she was on, Kelly is fired up to help us educate and inspire. Kelly WED TALKS. with us about why you should not compare yourself to others in business or life,...


ep.13 | Keeping it real and being a person of integrity in the wedding industry w/Jeremy Cook of J. Cook Photo

Oi and welcome back to WE ARE WED TALKS. ep.13! In this episode, we have one of the O.G.'s from the Gulf Coast Wedding Industry Jeremy Cook of J. Cook Photo. Jeremy got started in wedding photography about 17 years ago with his business Cook Images. Business was booming for years, but sometimes life happens when you least expect it, and Jeremy ended hitting the pause button on Cook Images for a while. Fast forward a few years, and now Jeremy is rebranding as J. Cook Photo and also working...


ep.12 | A Crazy Fun & Creative Conversation w/Hayley Gurney from Gulfcoast Glamhouse

Ciao and welcome to WE ARE WED TALKS. ep.12! Our guest for this episode is the oh so fun and bomb ass make-up artist, Hayley Gurney! Hayley runs and is the remarkable talent behind Gulfcoast Glamhouse. Hayley gets most of her business from the Gulfcoast. But because Haley is SOOOO awesome at her craft, she has also been booked to jet across the nation on more than several occasions to make "Dream Queens!" Always being creative, Hayley got inspired to be an Esthetician while drawing and...


ep.11 | The Why of "WE ARE WED TALKS." w/Ramsey Coates

Bonjour and welcome back to WE ARE WED TALKS. Ep 11! In today's episode, we have an exceptional guest, the creator and one half of "WE ARE WED TALKS."...Ramsey Coates. Ramsey is a huge podcast fan and has worked in the Gulf Coast wedding industry for ten plus years at his award-winning DJ business "anydaydj." Being inspired himself by working at the Cowork @nnex, Ramsey decided to do a podcast about what goes on behind the scenes and in the daily lives of wedding vendors. With this...


ep.10 | How to set the bar of service excellence w/Live Oak Plantation

Welcome back to WE ARE WED TALKS. Ep 10! We are honored to have on today's episode of WE ARE WED TALKS. our sponsor (who graciously allow us to record the podcast here in the lovely bridal suite), the owners and operators of Live Oak Plantation, Joe, Donna, and Laura! Joe, Donna, and Laura started Live Oak Plantation three years ago; after being inspired by people just wanting to come out to the venue to take pictures due to the beauty of the property and after top professionals from the...


ep.09 | Communication is key with Elizabeth Gelineau from Elizabeth Gelineau Photography

Hello and welcome back to WE ARE WED TALKS. Ep 09 ( but real ep.10 we made it to double digits ladies and gents)! In this episode, we would like to welcome Elizabeth Gelineau of Elizabeth Gelineau Photography. Elizabeth is a portrait, wedding, and editorial photographer based in Mobile, Alabama, and just celebrated her seventh year in business (congratulations Elizabeth). Although she loves being super prepared and servicing her clients, her most favorite part of the industry is the...


ep.08 | Bombs to Brides and Work-Life Balance with Perryn Mcleod of Sweet P Weddings

Hello and welcome back to episode eight of WE ARE WED TALKS. Today's guest is Perryn McLeod of Sweet P Wedding + Events, and in this episode, she fills us in on work-life balance and how she went from #bombstobrides. By learning how to disarm bombs for the explosive ordinance disposal unit of the United State Army and learning and loving all the little details of planning events for her outfit, Perryn was becoming a planner and didn't even know it. And then from there, learning the ropes...


ep.07 | All the day of, before and after wedding things with Jordan English

Hola and welcome back to WE ARE WED TALKS. This episode is going to be a little bit different than our normal episodes. On this episode, we have one of Caleb's past clients...Jordan English, who also happens to be one of our business partners, is super multi-talented (she owns and runs a successful real estate team and podcast) and is one of our dear friends. Jordan offers us up some do's and don'ts and peels back the layers of the before, day of and, after her wedding day to show what...


ep.06 | Tips for brides, mother of the brides and how you can help people with leftover wedding cake w/Lindsay Cooey from Lindsay Cooey Weddings.

Hello and welcome back to WE ARE WED TALKS. On today's episode, we have the super sweet and talented Lindsay Cooey of Lindsay Cooey Weddings. Lindsay has done everything for weddings from florals, catering, and bartending. After years of being around and heavily involved with weddings, Lindsay decided it was time to lead from the front and start her own wedding planning business (Lindsay Cooey Weddings) at the beginning of 2017. From the time of the first consultation to the break down of...


ep.05 | Sowing seeds of love with Shannon Pallin from Fiore

Welcome back to the second episode of the re-brand of WE ARE WED TALKS, ladies and gentlemen! Today we are honored to have one of the best florists in the nation on this episode...Shannon Pallin from Fiore (located 15 W Main St, Pensacola, FL 32502). Shannon tells us how the seed of Fiore was planted when she was starting in Southern California at a flower stand and how that took her to New York, where she mastered her craft. But due to the horrible events of 9/11, she decided to relocate...