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WVU’s MCToday explores unique marcom strategies that will help you inform, persuade and inspire your audiences.

WVU’s MCToday explores unique marcom strategies that will help you inform, persuade and inspire your audiences.


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WVU’s MCToday explores unique marcom strategies that will help you inform, persuade and inspire your audiences.






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Keeping Your Attention: Why Understanding Your Audience in the Digital Age is Still Underrated

With the golden age of social media and digital marketing in full swing, the competition for consumers’ attention is fierce. To stay relevant, marketers must understand the changing needs and preferences of their audience and adapt their strategies accordingly. We’ll discuss the importance of innovating to keep your audience’s attention, how to evaluate your tactics to avoid outdated practices and how to maintain your brand values as you evolve your strategy. About our Guest: A 2017...


The Power of Diversity in Communications and Media

This session focuses on the intersection of diversity in communications and newsrooms around the country and how the shifting demographics of the United States play a big role in this. When diversity is not prioritized we miss out on effectively convening our desired messages. Effective communications can impact policy decisions, brand perception, product marketing, civic engagement and much more. We must harness the power of diversity to determine how and what we communicate. Toyin is...


Why You (Yes, You) Need A Personal Brand

Personal brands aren't just for online lifestyle influencers. In fact, personal brands have been a key part of professional networking forever! And if you've ever met anyone, guess what: you've already got one. We'll discuss personal branding in the professional sphere, and how to take control of yours so that you're known and remembered for the right things. Join Christine Gritmon as she empowers small business owners and solopreneurs to tell their own stories on social media. You CAN...


Landing a job during a Pandemic

Omnicom Health Group is the largest healthcare marketing and communications network in the world, with more than a dozen companies and over 4,000 talented people specializing in every area of health. Our people come from every corner of science, medicine, marketing, and communications, partnering with clients—and connecting with each other— to achieve meaningful change through better, more innovative communications. We hope this session can help students pick up skills that can help them...


Your Career Post-Pandemic: How to Reset, Refocus and Level Up

Did your career and professional development take a back seat to the many demands and evolving priorities in 2020? What does the future of work look like for marcom professionals, and how can you adapt – and thrive – in this new environment? Whether you’re trying to land your next gig, expand your network or get serious about professional development in the New Year – join industry veteran and career enthusiast, Bridgette Borst Ombres for a discussion on personal branding and how to get...


Navigating the Giving Season

The holidays are here and it’s a time of giving. How do marketers plan for this season as they work on fundraising? Leandra Clovis joins us to discuss how she is navigating the giving season in her work as Senior Director, Walk to End Alzheimer’s at the Alzheimer’s Association, Central and North Florida where she manages the development and implementation of peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. About Cyndi's Guest: Leandra Clovis has nearly a decade of experience working with national...


Selling Stories in a Digital World

The use of digital advertising has been on the rise and has seen continuous growth despite these unprecedented times. How do you stand out in a crowded digital space? Storytelling. Join Sukhi Sahni, head of corporate communications at Capital One as she discusses how to sell stories in a digital world. About Amy's Guest: Sukhi is passionate about reframing relationships between brands and their customers and consumers, prizing purpose, authenticity, poignancy, and connected...


Marketing for Start-Up Success

Amanda Sains is the head of marketing at Joolies Organic Medjool Dates in Venice, CA. She was part of the brand launch at the trade show Natural Products Expo West in 2019 with only packaging prototypes and a stand-out booth design. Now, about a year and a half later this July, the brand is distributed nationally in over 1,500 doors with many different products including Dates and Date Syrups and flavors. Join Amanda as she discusses brand management and her experiences in launching a...


Powering the Touchless Economy

As COVID-19 propels society into a new digital revolution, the entire world is seeking new ways to create connections and innovate at a distance. The future of a "touchless" or "low-touch" world is becoming increasingly more necessary as we settle into the "new normal." Rodney Williams, COO of LISNR, provides insight into how technology is empowering connection, safeguarding society, and creating new opportunities for business managers and marketers. WVU Marketing Communications Today is...


Taking product insights to the next level

What is a product insight? How do we find insights? In today’s conversation, Hannah Gordon, product insights analyst for Airbnb, will dive into why product insights matter, how to find insights and when to use them. Hannah will share tips on how she uses insights in her day-to-day at Airbnb to influence stakeholders and build products to delight users and meet business goals. About Cyndi's Guest: Hannah Gordon is a mixed methods researcher and a ‘14 graduate from WVU’s IMC program. She...


Moving Forward with In Person Meetings

How do we move forward with in-person meetings safely? During this conversation, we will delve into ways to plan and execute events during the COVID pandemic. What questions should we be asking and what are some things we can all do to ensure safe meetings. Join Heidi Nizowitz, Director of Convention Services at Mandalay Bay, to learn how event planners are overcoming obstacles in today’s environment. WVU Marketing Communications Today is presented by the West Virginia University Reed...


The Symbiotic Relationship between Design and Marketing

Paula Scher is one of the most influential graphic designers in the world. Described as the “master conjurer of the instantly familiar,” Scher straddles the line between pop culture and fine art in her work. Iconic, smart, and accessible, her images have entered into the American vernacular. Scher has developed identity and branding systems, promotional materials, environmental graphics, packaging and publication designs for a broad range of clients. In this session, Scher reflects on...


How a History Major Got into Motorsports Public Relations

Deciding to shift your career can be challenging. Joining us today, David Hovis, marketing and communications manager for Team Penske, went from being a history major to changing his focus on PR. David will share what brought him to racing public relations, how his role has evolved and advice on how you can switch or start your career in PR. About Michael's Guest: David manages day-to-day public relations efforts for the No. 6 and No. 7 Acura Team Penske ARX-05 DPi entries competing...


Addressing Youth & Social Justice with Digital Media

With the changes in digital consumption behaviors and the rise in social justice, how do marketers reach a younger audience while also bringing light to what needs addressed in this critical time? Join Eric SanInocencio, Associate Commissioner of Strategic Digital Media, as he discusses successful tactics used by the ACC and how the industry is addressing social justice in 2020. About Amy's Guest: Eric SanInocencio joins the Reed College of Media team with over 12 years of social and...


Navigating the Marketing, Communications and Public Relations Industry as a Young Pro

Public Relations Student Society of America National Committee members and undergraduate PR student, Zane Landin, will discuss how young professionals are breaking into the marketing communications industry and adapting during these times. Zane will be discussing how young pros can stand out, contribute to the evolution of traditional ideas of marketing, and overcome obstacles in professional development in the face of COVID-19. WVU Marketing Communications Today is hosted by Matthew...


How marketers are reinventing collaboration during this pandemic

COVID-19 has forced marketing teams to rapidly adapt their communication and operational strategies to a work from home environment. With these highly collaborative teams forced to adapt to virtual methods how do they preserve productivity and inspire creativity? Join special guest Xenia Muntean, CEO of Planable, for a discussion about how effective teams are overcoming obstacles and achieving great success in a world of forced innovation and adaption. ----more---- About Cyndi's...


The Power of Diversity in building a Creative Team – Are marketing teams doing it right?

The ability to integrate different viewpoints enhances creativity or brings a creative solution to a problem. But why is it more relevant today? The world is way more diverse today, and the need to gauge the various groups’ dynamics is by building a team that has a better understanding of the mindsets. Crafting messages and setting a tone that resonates with these groups are no more an option. ----more---- WVU Marketing Communications Today is hosted by Michael Lynch from West Virginia...


A Tale of Two Brands: The Business and Yours

In the immortal words of Charles Dickens, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Covid-19 is challenging businesses and careers at an unprecedented rate. Organizations are transforming to meet previously unfathomable needs of their stakeholders. New skillsets are required to deliver experiences in a virtual world. How are you responding to all these changes? Whether you are a seasoned professional or early in your career, what your business and personal brand project will...


Pandemic Pivots

Katie Gilstrap is the founder of The Barre Boutique, a studio fitness center (recently sold to the Richmond Ballet), is a faculty member at Virginia Commonwealth University and serves as an adjunct instructor at the University of Richmond at the undergraduate, graduate and executive levels as well as at The College of William and Mary in the Online MBA program. Her teaching areas include marketing principles, marketing strategy, marketing research, services marketing, retailing and...


How Podcasting Took Me From Marketer to CEO

Lindsay Tjepkema is a 2016 alum of the WVU IMC master's program and has spent nearly twenty years in B2B marketing. In 2018, as the VP of Brand and Content at a global enterprise SaaS company, she launched a podcast as part of the brand's integrated marketing strategy. That podcast would not only make a big impact on the brand, but would forever change the trajectory of Lindsay's career. ----more---- In launching that podcast, Lindsay saw both a shocking gap in the market and a massive...