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Marketing Horizons, a sub-series in the WVU Marketing Communications Today podcast, is forward-thinking, looking ahead, through the front windshield and beyond, into the marketing future. Hosted by Cyndi Greenglass and Ruth Stevens, Horizons is a podcast dedicated to looking ahead to the new ideas, technologies, tools and strategies that are emerging to help marketers navigate over the marketing horizon.

Marketing Horizons, a sub-series in the WVU Marketing Communications Today podcast, is forward-thinking, looking ahead, through the front windshield and beyond, into the marketing future. Hosted by Cyndi Greenglass and Ruth Stevens, Horizons is a podcast dedicated to looking ahead to the new ideas, technologies, tools and strategies that are emerging to help marketers navigate over the marketing horizon.


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Marketing Horizons, a sub-series in the WVU Marketing Communications Today podcast, is forward-thinking, looking ahead, through the front windshield and beyond, into the marketing future. Hosted by Cyndi Greenglass and Ruth Stevens, Horizons is a podcast dedicated to looking ahead to the new ideas, technologies, tools and strategies that are emerging to help marketers navigate over the marketing horizon.






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Does PR have a Future?

Leaner staffs, fewer journalists in the newsrooms, and a growing suspicion regarding the integrity of earned media have placed the PR profession in potential peril. But today’s guest, Bridgette Borst Ombres, remains optimistic about media relations. Some things have not changed in the profession, she says, including the ongoing challenge of attribution and measurement. But join us, as we explore what has changed in media relations including AI, the rise of live audio, niche publications,...


The Marketing Agency of the Future

Heads up to agencies: Your business model needs an update. The needs of the workforce have changed—resulting in hundreds of vacant positions. The “pyramid” staffing structure itself is passe. Our guest Scott Gillum founded a new type of agency, for B2B markets, where employees are empowered to schedule their own workdays and trusted to produce their work “on demand.” He sees an agency like a professional sports team, where free agents sign up to deliver on specific client expectations....


Customer Service Goes ‘Digital First‘

Phone reps are no longer the front line of customer service. Customers now reach out to their suppliers first through digital channels. In turn, companies worldwide view their call centers not only as a cost center but also as a revenue opportunity. AI across the customer lifecycle is driving innovation in prediction, conversation and analytics, backed by a combination of cognitive engines and human assistance. Listen to our conversation with one of the leaders in what is being called...


Why You Should Care About CDPs

The tools needed to manage your customer data have changed dramatically since the days of “database marketing” in the 1980s. The latest iteration is a CDP, or customer data platform, the subject of our stimulating discussion with David Raab, a leading expert and founder of the CDP Institute. He explains how the tech landscape has become quite complex and continues to morph. The number of systems continues to grow, fed by a proliferation of channels, declining development costs, and...


The Power Communicator Returns!

The role of the PR professional is changing fast. No longer limited to media relations or crisis management, these days PR people have evolved into larger and more strategic roles as “communicators,” who handle multi-channel messaging to a variety of important audiences, or “publics.” Our guest, Bonnie Harris, explains what’s driving this change, and where it’s likely to go next. About our Guest: Bonnie Harris is the founder of Wax Marketing, Inc. an integrated marketing agency based in...


John Wanamaker Was Right! How Fraud Wastes Your Digital Ad Dollars

Bot-generated fraud on digital advertising will waste $42 billion by 2022, according to Jupiter Research. A shocking sum. Our guest, Dr. Augustine Fou, explains why and how ad fraud is perpetrated, and what can be done about it. Listen in to learn how we marketers must change our thinking about ad metrics, and update our media buying strategies altogether. About our Guest: Dr. Fou has been on the front lines of digital marketing for 25 years. It is from that vantage point that he...


Are Loyalty Programs Doomed?

The marketing world has embraced loyalty programs ever since the launch of the American Airlines AAdvantage program in 1981. But these transactional rewards programs are headed for the trash heap, says our guest Ajay Row, a longtime authority on retention and loyalty, based in Mumbai. Join us to learn the strategy behind loyalty marketing programs and the strategy that is likely to replace them. The key lies in figuring out who’s valuable to you, what’s valuable to them, and how you can...


Are Walled Gardens the Future?

Why do walled gardens exist in the first place? The answer is quite simple, because they can. When it comes to advertising, giant firms like Facebook and LinkedIn hold all their own cards. And with the demise of 3rd party data and cookies, the amount of data they have on users who readily allow access to personal information is unprecedented. But we are learning that this may spell bad news in the future for us marketers. Listen in to this episode with Heather Blank on how Walled Gardens...


Is Marketing Dead?

In this provocative episode, database management expert Theresa Kushner explains why she believes that the marketing profession as we know it today is obsolete. What does this mean for the future of the marketing discipline, and for organizations as a whole? Listen here to find out. About our Guest: Theresa Kushner Theresa Kushner turned her master’s degree in journalism from UNT into a career in high technology. For over 25 years she has led companies – like IBM, Cisco Systems, VMware,...


The Future of Retail

During the pandemic, we’ve all be watching with horror as stores close and shopping behavior has turned upside down. Amazon’s sales are up 40% in the last 12 months. What’s the future of retail, we have to ask? Join us for an engaging discussion with Paul Leinwand and Samrat Sharma from PriceWaterhouseCoopers’s as they discuss the future of consumer markets and where the consumer shopping experience is headed. Paul Leinwand is global director of the Strategy& unit of PwC based in Chicago...


Design Thinking: What Does It Mean to Marketers?

Design thinking has been around a while, and it sounds alluring, but there’s still some confusion about what it means to marketers. Roger Mader sets us straight in this podcast, explaining the skills and tools of design thinking that apply to marketing practice, and how it can be used to improve marketing results. In short, he describes a process for predicting your customers’ future needs and interests and serving them better than the competition. Join Roger, Managing Partner at...


Hack Human Behavior to Increase Marketing Results

Behavioral science is a relatively new field, with huge implications for marketing. Neuromarketing can actually help you develop more persuasive communications that will increase your response rates. Join Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer at HBT Marketing, as she explains how she persuades her target audiences successfully, using the lessons of behavioral science, on the sub-series, Marketing Horizons. About our Guest: Getting people to take action is what Nancy’s all about. Her...


What is Guest Posting and Why You Should Start Using it for Your Brand

Learn about the power of guest posting (guest blogging) and why it's an important tool for marketers of all levels to utilize. Use it for brand recognition, building backlinks to your site, sharing your knowledge and expertise on certain topics, and increasing your trustworthiness in your business niche. Discover why it's valuable for freelancers and solopreneurs to implement as well! Join Rebecca Reynoso, Senior Editor + Guest Post Program Manager at G2 for "What is Guest Posting and...


Humanizing Chatbots with Next-Generation AI

Chatbot technology in B2B is developing quickly beyond customer experience to becoming an important part of Top of Funnel (TOF) tactics. Join Koen de Witte, Managing Director at Leadfabric, and Drift's exclusive certified partner in Europe, to hear his insights around next-generation Chatbots in the sub-series, Marketing Horizons hosted by Ruth Stevens and Cyndi Greenglass. About our Guest: Koen de Witte is one of the leading martech experts in Europe. He runs a martech services...


The Monstrous World of Healthcare and how Marketers are Changing the Industry

Healthcare is one of the largest industries and with so many options (as well as “Dr. Google”) it’s important for marketers to know the strategies to reach patients. Christopher Caserta, Vice President for Strategic Development at United States Medical Management, joins us to discuss how marketers are changing the healthcare industry, as well as how the industry has evolved on the WVU Marketing Communications Today podcast. About our Guest: Christopher has over 20 years of...


Where's the Beef with Mixed Reality Marketing

Mixed reality is everything between AR to VR and in-between, evolving the consumer experience with virtual try ons, but where is mixed reality marketing going? Instagram and Snapchat have embraced AR and VR more than other platforms, people are virtually viewing houses, trying on lipstick, glasses and more and the outlook for mixed reality is bright. Join David Smith, Teaching Assistant Professor with West Virginia University's Reed College of Media as he discusses "Where's the Beef with...


Bringing New Products or Services to Market — What Does it Take "in Real Life"?

Bringing a new product or service to the market can feel like a daunting task to some. If it is not promoted properly, you could miss out on an opportunity or lose money down the line. Join Alex Virden as she discusses what it takes in real life to bring a new product or service to market and how she combines creativity and innovation into her work. About our Guest: Alex is an experienced marketing professional currently working in product marketing at EVERFI, an organization driving...


Follow the Money: The Future of Multichannel Measurement

As a big data expert and a lifelong fan of competitive sports, FanAI is the culmination of two of Johannes Waldstein's passions. A serial entrepreneur, he has founded four other startups that tackled marketplace issues surrounding data, mobile payments, and sports tech. As a Product Manager at dunnhumby, the world’s largest loyalty data sciences company, Johannes helped build data platforms that provided 360° customer insights for some of the world’s largest global agencies and brands,...


Keeping Your Attention: Why Understanding Your Audience in the Digital Age is Still Underrated

With the golden age of social media and digital marketing in full swing, the competition for consumers’ attention is fierce. To stay relevant, marketers must understand the changing needs and preferences of their audience and adapt their strategies accordingly. We’ll discuss the importance of innovating to keep your audience’s attention, how to evaluate your tactics to avoid outdated practices and how to maintain your brand values as you evolve your strategy. About our Guest: A 2017...


The Power of Diversity in Communications and Media

This session focuses on the intersection of diversity in communications and newsrooms around the country and how the shifting demographics of the United States play a big role in this. When diversity is not prioritized we miss out on effectively convening our desired messages. Effective communications can impact policy decisions, brand perception, product marketing, civic engagement and much more. We must harness the power of diversity to determine how and what we communicate. Toyin is...