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Connect with our twitter hashtag #WellPlayedU or our site wellplayedu.com

Connect with our twitter hashtag #WellPlayedU or our site wellplayedu.com
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Connect with our twitter hashtag #WellPlayedU or our site wellplayedu.com






Episode 67 - Gamification of Professional Development

In this episode we have two fantastic educators with us discussing Gamification of PD! Mike Wielgus (@mikewielgus) and Adam Geisen (@AdamGeisen) share with us their game and their experience with us all. It is a fun and informative episode. Give it a whirl you won't be disappointed.


Episode 66 - A Year In Review

Today we have a brand new guest to the show, Josh Stock. He is a 6th grade ELA teacher and he just finished up his first full year of gamification in his classroom. Plenty of tips are shared, this is a must listen to episode!


Episode 65 - Game Plan

Mr. Powley and I are discussing games for the beginner gamifier. Have a listen and hear so advice. This is a power packed episode filled with good info so be ready to take some notes.


Episode 64 - Gamification of Faith Education

This episode of #WellPlayed is a bit different. We are talking about gamification, but not in a traditional classroom. We are talking about using game mechanics in religious classes. There is something that we all can take away from this one as we all teach learners, and this episode shows that power. Enjoy the ride!


Episode 63 - Gamification of canned curriculum

We call it Chicken of the classroom... Wait no, that is Tuna that is chicken of the sea... In this episode, Adam and I are chatting about adding a gamification layer over your canned curriculum. Follow along and pick up some great suggestions and maybe even an idea or two for your gamified classroom.


Episode 62 - Millennial Teachers in the classroom

Each year a new wave of millennial teachers come out of school and are ready to take on their first job as a teacher. In this episode we hear from Dan Klumper about these new recruits to education. It is a fun episode and an interesting thing to think about. What unique skills does this genneration bring to the education space? Come listen and enjoy the answers on this episode of Well Played.


Episode 61 - Trying Something New

In this episode, Adam Bold and I are exploring the power of trying new things. It really unlocks our creative side. It is my hope that you get out of your comfort zone and start creating today! Adam's Channel: http://tinyurl.com/yambvsb2


Episode 60 - Getting Into Games

In this episode we offer two giveaways and drop plenty of knowledge. My guest, Dan Crawford, owner and opperator of a local game store shares great games for us to play this summer with our families and our friends to just have a great time with. I chime in from time to time with ideas of why you might want to get started with gaming. Please join in this fun episode and consider picking up some of these great games mentioned. Giveaway rules mentioned in the cast: Giveaway One: Make sure you...


Episode 59 - GimKit Review with the Designer

In this very special episode I will be chatting with 17 year old designer of GimKit. Josh is a great guy and clearly has put his time and effort into making the best product he can for our classrooms. Come join me on this episode to get to know this guy better and discover a great product along the way. You and your students will thank me later!


Episode 58 - The Joy of Creation

Episode 58 is banging with my good friend Andrew Easton and I talking about the joy that is found in creation. Take a moment and listen to us talk about the power that comes from taking on a bit of risk when creating something new.


Episode 57 - Square One - Getting Started in Gamification

On this episode, Chris Hesselbein and I chat about getting started with gamification and some other musings on the topic. I am sure you will enjoy the show! As always, thanks so much for watching and interacting. Chris' Blog: http://www.insertcoin.org/ More ways to connect with me... Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrmatera Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/explorelikeapirate Instagram: http://instagram.com/mvmatera Website: http://explorelikeapirate.com


Episode 56 - Gamification found in Pop Culture!

On this episode, Adam Powley and myself will dive into examples of gamification in pop culture. There were many to choose from but we pick so really good examples. I hope you enjoy this wild ride. Enjoy the show and remember to check out other outlets for inspiration on explorelikeapirate.com


Episode 55 - Taking Risks as an Adult

Episode 55 is about taking risk... As the teacher, the adult, and old fart we often fall into a comfort zone... This podcast is to remind us what all can happen when you get out of that comfort zone. Enjoy the show and leave a comment with your thoughts about taking risk! Guest: Stefanie Crawford Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM5_MFuRfoHipRWBfC6Z9Hw


Episode 54 - Addons to a Gamified Classroom

This week's episode I have long time friend on for the first time to #WellPlayed I am happy to introduced Mr. Baskwill or @mrbaskwill. In this episode we are chatting about the addons you can apply to your game. Give it a listen to or watch and I am sure you are bound to take away ideas. Enjoy!


Episode 53 - Homage to the greatest game ever!

Welcome to a new year of WellPlayed podcasts... In this episode John (@meehamEDU) and I discuss our bottomless passion for the game Zelda on the NES. We always make sure we are connecting it back to our story as educators. This episode is a great listen for both ideas as well as to get to know us both better. Zelda clearly shaped who we are and how we see the world. It is our hope that it can do the same for you. Additionally, this is the first podcast that has a video cast that goes with...


EPISODE 52 - Anniversary Edition

We made it!!! Episode 52... One year down! In this episode, Carrie and I go on a walk down memory lane. We take time to honor those who have shared this space with us and look to the future for another great year of podcasts. I can't wait to have you listen to this episode... go right now and click play... If you are reading this after you have listened... well listen again! Truly, I am humbled by the many people who have made this all possible. I can't wait to see what another year brings...


Episode 51 - Games in School

Well Played is on it's 51st episode... One away from completing its first year. This episode Stefanie Crawford and I talk about using games in school to connect, engage, and relate to students. We also discuss the value of doing this for yourself as well. Playing games unlocks some kind of magic inside all of us. Come along as Stefanie and I have a blast swapping game stories with one another. Games mentioned: Love Letter: http://amzn.to/2IxYMrc Azul: http://amzn.to/2Ix4Znk Bang:...


Episode 50 - Lesson Planning in a Gamified Course

In this, our 50th episode we have a new member of the Well Played Family. Jason Howse, @MrHexperience is with us and we are chatting about how we lesson plan for our gamified classes. I invite you to take this wild ride with us as we explore areas for inspiration and sources of ideas in our classrooms. Sit back and enjoy! Thanks much to everyone in this community... You guys are the best!


Episode 49 - Finding the full value of joy

In this crazy and irreverent episode four friends come together to explore what gives them joy and why this word is so powerful. It is my hope that you enjoy our journey and come to some of your own conclusions about Joy! Take care!


EPISODE 48 - Mystery as a Motivator

In this, our 48th episode, Adam Powley and I discuss how adding a layer of mystery to your class or your game can be a real game changer. I mean really, who doesn't like a good surprise. Sit back and listen to the two of us muse about this delicious element in our classrooms. Oh, and think about how to add it to yours soon too! Links discussed: Adam's Site: classroompowerups.com Michael's site: explorelikeapirate.com Youtube: youtube.com/mrmatera