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Westwood Talk: Ep7: 11.11.18

Westwood Talk is back for a new term, rounding up the news and information from Westwood with Iford Primary School. This week we celebrate the learning from every class, discuss remembrance and an interview with GoBubble founder Henry Platten, as well as look ahead to the coming week.


WOTS 18/19: Ep6: 8.11.18

Our Word on the Street boys are back with another cracking show for your enjoyment. With their usual diverse mix of topics and presenting skills that get better every week, here is another half hour of top education radio.


FridayShow 18/19: Ep5: 9.11.18

Here is another stunning example of how education radio can bring a team of young people together to broadcast a wonderful show. Fluent, professional and well scripted, this is only their third show together and already they are sounding amazing. Well done everyone!


Interview with Henry Platten, Founder of GoBubble

Here is chance to listen to an interview with the founder of GoBubble, Henry Platten. GoBubble is a safe, pre-moderated space for under 13 year olds where they can learn about social media safely in a secure environment without having to worry about contact or content. Henry discusses how the app and project have developed and how the launch on 9th November will enable schools and children from around the world to collaborate safely.


BreakfastShow 18/19: Ep2: 22.10.18

It's hard to believe that this is only the second breakfast show that these children have done together! This is our last show until half term but what a way to go out with stunning scripts, superb presentation and bags of confidence. Well done everyone!


Westwood Talk 18/19: Ep6: Simonsbath Special: 21.10.18

This week's Westwood Talk is a special round-up of our amazing residential week at Simonsbath House Outdoor Centre with Orchid class - our Y5/6 children. A week in the great outdoors on Exmoor, plenty of activities and everyone with so many adventures to talk of on their return. Thank you to everyone @simonsbathOC for an incredible week. We loved it!


Live OB - Simonsbath Day 4 - 18.10.18

Here is the final show broadcast from our residential at Simonsbath House Outdoor Centre in the heart of Exmoor and what a show it was. To the usual high standard with even more of our professional broadcasters stepping up to share the excitement of their day and we had birthday boy Luke hosting with Oscar too! A fantastic way to end a week of outstanding shows listened to by a record number of people!


Live OB - Simonsbath Day 3 - 17.10.18

Catch up with all the latest from our residential in Simonsbath and listen again to an absolute cracker from the common room. All of our children wrote their own scripts about their days experiences, we have a live interview with Emily, one of the centre staff, clips of the children talking about the fun they are having AND a ukulele performance from this evening's workshop. Stunning broadcasting.


Live OB - Simonsbath Day 2 - 16.10.18

Once again, Westwood Radio comes to you live from the common room at Simonsbath House Outdoor Centre with a special residential outside broadcast. Our team were behind the mic once again presenting the excitement of our day with skill and professionalism. We have had record numbers of listeners to the show this week and over 30 texts and emails to tonight's show. Thank you all so much.


Live OB - Simonsbath Day 1 - 15.10.18

Broadcasting a LIVE OB from Simonsbath House Outdoor Centre, our team were on top form as they presented their news so far from their first day. Outstanding hosting by Luke and Billy, with the usual mix of top stories and topical features, including the all important weather, tonight's show was such fun, directly from the common room to the world! Copyright music has been removed.


Westwood Talk 18/19: Ep5: 14.10.18

In this week's episode of Westwood Talk we round up the week gone by at Westwood with Iford Primary School and look ahead to our week's residential at Simonsbath House Outdoor Centre. We will, hopefully, be broadcasting live each night at around 8.30pm on Westwood Radio so do join us for our live shows on radio.westwoodwithiford.org


Friday Show 18/19: Ep4: 12.10.18

This week it was the turn of group 2 to take over the studio with another cracking broadcast. Full of top stories, school news and features, the group worked superbly and you would not believe that this is only their second show together. With outstanding hosting from Luke, this is yet another show you will want to listen again to. Copyright music has been removed.


WOTS 18/19: Ep5: 11.10.18

the boys are back on air with a show to make us all feel very proud indeed. About 5 minutes in they asked if they could take the show over on their own. I listened from my office and marveled at their confidence, professionalism and skill behind the microphone. Beautifully presented scripts with energy and enthusiasm and excellent hosting from Oscar and Billy with off-script banter.


Breakfast Show 18/19: Ep1: 8.10.18

Today was the very first broadcast by our brand new breakfast show team. With only two children from KS2, the rest are only 6 and 7 years old and worked together beautifully to produce a top class show. You would think they had been presenting for years! Well done everyone, this was a pleasure to listen to and the best way to start the week!


Westwood Talk 18/19: Ep4: 7.10.18

Westwood Talk is back with another round up of the week's news from Westwood with Iford Primary School. This week we've had visitors in school and a very exciting visit out of school to Pizza Express, a stunning example of the power of education radio in developing confidence and literacy skills and Ruth Butler visited us from the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre to talk about the history of Westwood. So much to cram into 23 minutes!


Friday Show 18/19 - Ep3 - 5.10.18

The Friday show team are back with another cracking show for your listening pleasure. Outstanding presentation of original scripts, great banter and off-script chat as well as bags of confidence and the perfect sound track to your weekend. This is only the second show that this team have produced and the standard is incredibly high already!


The impact of education radio

The impact that education radio can have on developing literacy is huge. At the end of every show we have an End of the Show Show where all of the mics are opened up to have a chat about the topic of the day. In this show, the focus was on what we enjoy about broadcasting and featured a team of 8, 9 an 10 year old boys who have all benefited from broadcasting, script writing and working together on live shows to gain confidence and self esteem in their own writing, speaking and listening....


WOTS 18/19 - Ep4 - 4.10.18

Here's another chance to listen to some outstanding broadcasting from our Word on the Street team who get better every week. With two new hosts, great scripting, off-script chat and a new radio riddle, this group of boys are growing in confidence and demonstrating great impact in their literacy through the use of education radio.


Westwood Talk 18/19: Ep3: 30.9.18

This week's Westwood Talk looks back on Science week in school, including the explorer dome and fun that everyone had. Plus, I visited BBC Wiltshire to review the papers with Ben Prater on air and we have all the news from around the classes.


Radio Club - Session 2 - 28.9.18 Science Week Special

Our radio club broadcasters were together again for another session, learning and practising the art of education radio. Once again they were SO good that we recorded our training session. Everyone took turns to present what they enjoyed about our fabulous science week that has just taken place. Well done everyone!