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A Poultry Podcast from Minnesota’s Turkey, Chicken & Egg Farmers

A Poultry Podcast from Minnesota’s Turkey, Chicken & Egg Farmers


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A Poultry Podcast from Minnesota’s Turkey, Chicken & Egg Farmers






Episode #26 – Turkey Grow-out Farms

We’re excited to continue our “Turkey Mini-Series” on What The Cluck! It used to be, 30 years ago, where a turkey farmer would have breeder hens and toms, hatch the eggs and raise the turkeys all on the same farm. Farmers have since specialized so they can focus their knowledge on a particular segment. Each of the episodes focuses on one of these aspects of raising turkeys and talk about the expertise needed to produce safe, affordable and abundant turkey protein. In the latest episode of...


Episode #25: MTGA Summer Conference

In episode #25 of What The Cluck! Podcast, host Steve Olson is joined by Paul Kvistad, a turkey grower from Wood Lake, Minn. and the current MTGA President. The two discuss why MTGA Summer Conference is a can't miss event and the stellar education program. They encourage all members to attend and use the education program as a resource to bring back useful information to the farm. In the second segment of the podcast, host Olson interviews John Hausladen, President & CEO at the Minnesota...


Episode #24: Importance of turkey hatcheries

In episode #24 of What The Cluck! Podcast, host Steve Olson is joined by Demetrio Barajas, a hatchery manager with Select Genetics. The two discuss all aspects of a turkey hatchery including incubation, poult uniformity, walk through the various stages of eggs at the hatchery and share the ideal conditions inside the hatchery for the turkey eggs. In the second part of the episode, Demetrio discusses the process a poult goes through after hatching until it reaches the customer at a grow out...


Episode #23: Turkey smoke competitions add flavor to summer

In episode #23 of What The Cluck! Podcast, summer is heating up with turkey smoke competitions as host Steve Olson interviews Beth Breeding, vice president of communications and marketing for the National Turkey Federation, Leslee Oden, vice president of legislative affairs for the National Turkey Federation, and Joey Machado, brand manager for B&B Charcoal. Learn about turkey as a versatile protein that takes on various flavor profiles, how the National Turkey Federation is investing in...


Episode 22: Poultry Health Management School continuing education opportunities

In episode #22 of What The Cluck! Podcast, host Steve Olson is joined by Dr. Darrin Karcher, poultry extension at Purdue University, Madison Taylor, partnership and outreach coordinator at Ferndale Market, and Todd Smith, quality assurance at Daybreak Foods. Dr. Karcher serves on the Poultry Health Management School executive committee and both Madison and Todd are former turkey/broiler and layer school attendees, respectively. The four discuss the opportunities PHMS provides for poultry...


Episode #21: Egg nutrition and education during Easter

In episode #21 of What The Cluck! Podcast, host Steve Olson is joined by Ashley Richardson, Senior Director of Marketing Communications for the American Egg Board (a check-off organization funded by American egg farmers). The conversation kicks off discussing the Egg Nutrition Center, the Egg Safety Center, and AEB's iconic brand - the Incredible Egg. Learn how the egg is a nutrition powerhouse at an affordable price point. AEB is involved in several education activities during the year and...


Episode #20: Turkey Genetics Part 2 | Turkey mini-series ep. 3

In episode #20 of What The Cluck! Podcast, host Steve Olson interviews Paige Rohlf, geneticist and Research & Development Manager for Aviagen Turkeys. The two discuss turkey genetics and the importance of genomics and biotechnology in producing turkey products for consumers. Primary breeders in the turkey industry are committed to researching and investing in science and technology to increase the genetic rate of improvement passed down to commercial turkey populations. This is the third...


Episode #19: Turkey Genetics Part 1 | Turkey mini-series ep. 2

In episode #19 of What The Cluck! Podcast, host Steve Olson interviews Dr. Owen Willems, Director of R&D for Hendrix Genetics & Hybrid Turkeys. The two discuss turkey genetics from the standpoint of a primary turkey breeding company and the practicality is has on the farm for turkey growers purchasing breeder hens and/or growing out commercial poults. Learn more about the science of how genetics plays a role in the turkey that makes it to your table and the goals for breeding the turkey of...


Episode #18: Turkey Breeders | Turkey mini-series ep. 1

Have you ever wondered what it takes to own and manage a turkey breeder farm? Episode #18 of What The Cluck! Podcast is all about turkey breeders and the care and precision required to raise these hens for producing poults. Host Steve Olson is joined by Dr. Michelle Behl, Director of Poult Quality for Select Genetics in Willmar, Minn. and Loren "Butch" Brey, owner of Brey Farms in Sleepy Eye, Minn. The three discuss the egg laying process, hatching, incubation and poultry quality. This is...


Episode #17: National FFA Week – Celebrating memories & experiences

Episode #17 of What The Cluck! Podcast is all about celebrating National FFA Week! Host Steve Olson is joined by Protein Alliance owner Jeff Stauffenecker, former Minnesota State FFA officer Pam Debele, and 2018-2019 Minnesota State FFA President Grace Taylor as each conversation shares fond FFA memories and experiences. Learn how FFA positively impacted each guest's educational background and now influences his/her career path. Don't forget to promote National FFA Week all over social media...


Episode #16: 2019 MPF Convention and why you need to be there!

In episode #16 of What The Cluck! Podcast, host Steve Olson interviews MPF Events & Exhibits Manager Teresa Sorenson and long-time MPF attendee and current Minnesota Turkey Research & Promotion Council President, Kim Halvorson. Learn why the Midwest Poultry Federation Convention is a can't miss event as a poultry grower or processor! As a grower herself, Kim shares about the stellar education program and the value attendees receive from this continuing education, in addition to exploring the...


Episode #15 – Leveraging social media and consumer outreach in agriculture

In the latest episode of What The Cluck! Podcast, host Steve Olson interviews Wanda Patsche, a farm partner in CW Pork, Inc. and Lara Durben, Communications Director for the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association and the Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota. As social media experts, Wanda and Lara discuss fitting social media into their typical day, tips for managing multiple social media pages and the best way to reach consumers through social media including advice for those aiming to...


Episode #14: Hunger Solutions Minnesota – Dedicated to winning Minnesota’s food fight

In this episode of What The Cluck!, host Steve Olson interviews Colleen Moriarty, Hunger Solutions Minnesota Executive Director. Learn about Hunger Solutions Minnesota, food challenges in Minnesota, the SNAP program, ways to get involved and how the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association supports their on-going needs.


Episode #13: Holiday Baking and Cooking with the “EGGsperts”

In the latest episode of “What The Cluck!”, host Steve Olson talks with Jim Chakeres, Executive Vice President of the Ohio Poultry Association about the Incredible Edible Egg during the holidays. You’ll learn baking and cooking tips for preparing holiday recipes, the versatility of eggs in the kitchen, food safety when handling eggs and the multi-state Dish On Eggs Holiday Campaign.


Episode #11 – Keeping Your Food Safe: Common Sense Tips & Information

In the latest episode of “What The Cluck!”, host Steve Olson talks with Shelley Feist, executive director of the Partnership for Food Safety Education. You’ll learn how to prepare a tasty and safe turkey for Thanksgiving Day, along with common sense tips and information for cooking your meals safely all year long.


Episode #12 – Antibiotics’ role to enhance poultry health

In the latest episode of “What The Cluck!”, host Steve Olson is joined by three experts well-versed in antibiotic use in poultry production including: Dr. Jill Nezworski, a poultry veterinarian from the Blue House Veterinary in Buffalo Lake, Minn., Dr. Amanda Beaudoin, Director of One Health Antibiotic Stewardship at the Minnesota Department of Health and Dr. Randall Singer, professor of Epidemiology at the University of Minnesota's Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences. Listen in...


Episode #10 – Thanksgiving Turkey Prep

In the latest episode of “What The Cluck!”, host Steve Olson is joined by Master Chef Ron DeSantis from the Hormel Food Corporation. With Thanksgiving around the corner, Chef Ron discusses turkey preparation, food safety and great methods to cook the perfect turkey for your Thanksgiving meal. Lastly, learn Chef Ron's advice on what to do with delicious turkey leftovers and some of his favorite turkey seasonings.


Episode #9 – Scoop on Poop!

In this episode, host Steve Olson is joined by Dr. Melissa Wilson, Assistant Professor of Manure Management and Water Quality at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Sally Noll, an Extension Poultry Specialist from the University of Minnesota, and Paul Kvistad, Vice President of the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association. The four discuss the importance of manure to farmers and the soil, its nutritional content for crops, manure management, and current and pending manure research.


Episode #8 – Understanding A Greater Minnesota

In this episode, host Steve Olson is joined by Dr. Adam Birr, Executive Director of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association and the Minnesota Corn Research and Promotion Council and Dave Preisler, CEO of the Minnesota Pork Board. The three discuss A Greater Minnesota; what it's about, how agriculture impacts all Minnesotans, and how you as a voter can ask your legislators to support Minnesota agriculture. Learn more about AGM at www.farmandfoodmn.org.


Episode #7 – All About FFA

In this episode, host Steve Olson shares information about FFA - what this organization is and what it means to both the students involved and the communities and schools in which it resides. Listen in as Minnesota State FFA Advisor Joel Larson and National Officer Candidate Katie Benson chat with Steve about all the opportunities and programs offered with FFA.