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Episode 093 : Is Joyful Work, Really Work?

The workplace environment can either make work more enjoyable or it can break down even the best of talent and make them want to leave... or 'burn down the building'. Join us while we discuss some tips for improving employee morale. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music Whistle While You Work - Disney's Snow White The Office Office Space The Simpsons Florida SuperCon 2018 MegaCon Tampa Bay 2018


Episode : Bonus 16 : True Story Halloween

This episode is not just based on true stories, these are actual true stories. Join us as we relate spooky tales from our past.


Episode 092 : Shouldn't You Have Six, or Maybe Eight Legs?

We all know Spider-man, ...but what other insect and arachnid inspired characters can you name? We ask the 'Man on the Street' to help us. Notes: Florida SuperCon 2018 Tampa Bay MegaCon 2018 SpiderMan


Episode 091 : Hotel Amenities

What amenities do you expect hotels to provide? Have you ever experienced a one-of-a-kind amenity? We ask the "Man on the Street" and list some of the most exclusive and unique experiences hotels can offer. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music The Shining The Bates Motel - Psycho Jim Gaffigan The Hangover Rules of Engagement Disney ABC's TGIF Lineup The Middle Mighty Mighty Bosstones Hotel President Wilson Mark Hotel


Episode 90.5.5 : Superpowers Re-released

Superman has a litany of abilities. Why then, does he not use all of the tools at his disposal to resolve conflicts? I posit an answer in this episode and propose a new use for superpowers. We add MegaCon Tampa Bay 2018 to our "Man on the Street" for this re-released episode. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro and Outro Music MegaCon Orlando 2017 MegaCon TampaBay 2018


Episode 90.5 : Spiderverse (Another Spider-man Movie) Re-released

As the release of a new Spiderman movie approaches, I thought I'd ask the Man on the Street of MegaCon Tampa Bay 2018 what they long to see in the upcoming film. Plus, let's take another listen to my version of the perfect Spiderverse movie. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro and Outro Music MegaCon Tampa Bay 2018 MegaCon Orlando 2017 Dan Slott Spiderverse Nick Bradshaw Chuck Brown Sanford Greene Tana Ford


Episode : Bonus 15 : Teen Titans GO! to the Movies

We GO! to the movies and see a great one! Here's our review of this "rad" animated film. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music Teen Titans GO! to the Movies Super Rad - The Aquabats


Episode 090 : Celebrities In 2D

This episode is dedicated to my Grandma... Happy 86th Birthday! I hope you enjoy this story about Grandma and her 2D boyfriend. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music Pianola Player Pianos Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? The Office John Carpenter Regis Philbin CompUSA Star Trek's Will Riker


Episode 089 : Equines

Join us as we discuss an entry on our bucket list, a sound that must be heard during one's lifetime. Mostly because of where this sound is hear, but also because it's kind of weird. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music Cadbury Bunny


Episode 088 : Cats vs Dogs

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Find out the results of our poll and I'll tell you which side I'm on. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music CatDog Lassie Underdog Peanuts - Snoopy vs The Red Baron Balto STEP at UCF Garfield and Friends Scooby-Doo Homeward Bound Iron Will My Cat From Hell The Dog Whisperer Dusty the Cat Burglar The Richest Cat In The World


Episode 087 : It's Pronounced Nucular

I could care less if this episode goes off more like a damp squid than a nucular explosion. But I hope you join us as we discuss the personality quirk of correcting other's speech. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music The Simpsons IT Crowd Word Crimes - Weird Al Yankovic Ana Ng - The Might Be Giants


Episode 086 : I'm So Bored

Umph… I’m just too bored to write a description. Notes: Thanks to Mark for Intro/Outro Music Bored - deftones Bored - Billie Eilish Everyday Is Exactly The Same - Nine Inch Nails


Episode 085 : Days of Past Futures

Is it possible that there is no time traveling mechanic that makes the possibility fun and exciting? Is it true that time travel leads to nothing but suffering and ruin? Join us as we discuss this chrono-conundrum. Notes: Thanks to Mark for Intro/Outro Music Futurama Time Machine The Big Bang Theory Back to the Future Groundhog Day Universal Studios Back In Time - Huey Lewis and the News Dr. Strange


Episode 084 : The NBA Remastered

A prior love, now just looked upon with fond memories. Basketball was once an important part of my life. Reminisce with me now about the NBA. Notes: Thanks Mark for the Music NBA Jams Kazaam Shaq Fu The Air Up There


Episode 083 : Tools of the Trade with Jeff Dekal

We caught up with Jeff Dekal at Florida SuperCon in Ft. Lauderdale to talk about his art, and the tools of his trade. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music Jeff Dekal


Episode : Bonus 14 : It's My Turn to Rant About Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

There are dinosaurs... there's a volcano... oh, and so much more! Join us for a review of the Triassic terror that is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music Jurassic World Jurassic Park Joe Versus the Volcano Shake It Off - Taylor Swift Kingdom of the Dinosaurs - Five Iron Frenzy Jurassic Park - Weird Al Yankovic


Episode 082 : I Wonder About the Origins of Bread

There's nothing like freshly baked bread... I wonder who invented or figured out how to bake bread. Join us as we explore this question and Wonder Bread. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music Baby, I'm a Want You - Bread I Love Bread - Parry Gripp I Want A PB&J but I Want No Crust - Koo Koo Kangaroo Wonder Bread Kumail Nanjiani Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob Smith John Pinette Boudin Bakery


Episode 081 : Rabbits

Do you know the difference between rabbits and hares? In this episode we discuss some of our favorite bunnies. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music Red Rabbit Northern Invasion Disney's Animated Robin Hood Trix Rabbit Bugs Bunny Bambi Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Tiny Tunes Braer Rabbit Cadbury Bunny Monty Python and the Holy Grail Okunoshima Island Japan


Episode 80.5 : Unicorns Rereleased

The elusive but extremely popular unicorn... many claim they are real, but no one can find them. Do they exist just because we want them to? Let's examine how people came to believe in this legendary creature. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro and Outro Music Light In the Forest (Sue Dawe) Into The Land of Unicorns The Last Unicorn My Little Pony She-Ra Legend Harry Potter The Office The Bible Episode 28.5 : Narwhals Koo Koo Kangaroo Charlie the Unicorn


Episode 080 : Stone Fruit

What does the University of Central Florida Knights national football championship have to do with a conspiracy 150 years in the making? What does a stone fruit, have to do with baseball? Join us and The Presidents of the United States of America as we discuss peaches. Notes: Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music UCF 2017 National Football Champions Seinfeld The Presidents of the United States of America Johnston Peach Blossom Festival