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An in depth discussion on maximizing your Health, Wealth, Leadership and Legacy.

An in depth discussion on maximizing your Health, Wealth, Leadership and Legacy.


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An in depth discussion on maximizing your Health, Wealth, Leadership and Legacy.




Traits of a Winner - Seek Knowledge

In part 2 of our Traits of a Winner Series, we discuss the benefits of Seeking Knowledge. There are so many different ways to seek knowledge there is no reason for anyone not to grow regularly. Listen as Ben, Bob, and Chad walk you through the 9 best ways you can go about seeking knowledge on your journey to becoming a winner. Join our Facebook group at Part of the Win Make Give Podcast Network


Practice to Win an Interview with Paralympic Champion Nichole Millage

With practice being the first trait of a winner we discuss in this series, we wanted to talk to someone who knows first hand just how important practice is in becoming a winner. Join Chad and Bob as they talk with gold medal winner Nichole Millage. Nichole won a gold medal as a sitting volleyball player for the US Paralympic team. Listen as she shares her lessons from big losses, the dedication to practice it takes to get better, and the challenges she faced in her life to become a...


Traits of a Winner - Practice

What does it mean to practice and how important is the practice to a winner? Join Ben, Bob, and Chad as they start the Traits of a Winner series. In this series, they discuss the 6 key traits needed to be a winner every day. The first trait discussed is practice. How effective practice can influence your mindset and your overall success. Join the team and learn about the different ways and reasons to practice. Remember that practice makes permanent while perfect practice makes...


Winning with Emotional Intelligence an Interview with Dr Phyllis Quinlan

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, and those of the people around you. People with a high degree of emotional intelligence know what they're feeling, what their emotions mean, and how these emotions can affect other people. In this episode, Bob and Chad interview emotional intelligence expert Dr. Phyllis Quinlan. Dr. Quinlan shares tips on how to become more self-aware and how to lead with empathy. Dr. Quinlan discusses strategies to become...


Winners are both Selfless and Selfish

Should you be more selfless or should you focus on being more selfish? If you want to be a winner you need to balance being selfless and selfish. Jump into this conversation with Bob and Chad as they talk about both extremes, give examples of each, and discuss how you can win by knowing when to be selfless and when to be selfish. Join our Facebook group at Part of the Win Make Give Podcast Network


Ben Kinney and the Chocolate Factory

In this episode, Ben, Chad, and Bob take a deep dive into one of the biggest winners in American history. By examining the failures, foresight, and innovations of Milton Hershey we see how he learned from his early failures and persevered to build one of the largest chocolate companies in the world. The life of Milton Hershey is a perfect example of never giving up, winning with others, and leaving a huge legacy. Join our Facebook Group Part of the Win Make Give Podcast Network


You Are Enough - Interview with Charlene Wheeless

Charlene Wheeless is on a fearless quest to be the best possible version of herself in every aspect of her life. For Charlene, this means breaking down barriers and flat-out refusing to be ignored, pigeonholed, or forgotten. Chad and Bob talk with Charlene about busting stereotypes and breaking through ceilings. Charlene is an executive, author, cancer survivor, mother, speaker, and a former NFL cheerleader. She shares the message that its choices (not chance) will change your life and...


Why Do People Quit

Quitting means to cease from doing something, to stop, or to give up. But what makes people feel like they need to quit? In this episode, Ben Kinney discusses 7 major issues that cause people to quit. Listen to Ben, Chad, and Bob discuss the 7 reasons we quit so you can identify them in your life or business, and hopefully, you can avoid falling into the trap of quitting. Join our Facebook group at Part of the Win Make Give Podcast Network


Finding Your Purpose

To be successful you must have a purpose. Having a purpose in work and life will help guide you and motivate you in all your actions. In this episode, Ben, Chad, and Bob discuss finding a purpose for yourself, your company, and your people. Knowing and identifying your purpose can be the difference between success and failure. Ben shares his thoughts about what true purpose is, Bob tears up a little, and Chad opens up about his early struggles. Recommended Reading: Man's Search for...


5 Strategies to Win Through Giving

Giving back comes in many forms. In this conversation, Ben Kinney shares ways that you can give back to others. Ben, Chad, and Bob dive into 5 ways of giving back that can help you WIN and create a LEGACY. Join our Facebook group at Vist us at Part of the Win Make Give Podcast Network


The Roadmap to Winning

Hang on to your hat as we zip across the roadmap to winning. During this episode, Ben Kinney guides us on a journey we can all follow that will lead us from being average to leaving a legacy. Join our Facebook group: Part of the Win Make Give Podcast Network


Winning - Interview with Air Traffic Controller Donna Talafuse

Continuing with our conversation about winning and how Air Traffic Controllers win at their jobs, we decided to go right to the source and went to someone that would know. Chad is flying solo in this episode as he has an interview with Donna Talafuse, a former Air Traffic Controller of 20 years. Listen in as she shares her experiences and challenges of being an Air Traffic Controller and the skills needed to win. Join our Facebook Group: Visit us at...


Win Like an Air Traffic Controller

Stress can be found in most jobs, how we handle stress can be the difference between losing and winning. In this episode, Ben leads a conversation with Bob and Chad about one of the most stressful occupations out there, being an Air Traffic Controller. Ben Examines what he believes are the skills needed to win in this role and how those same skills apply to our everyday life. Resolve Conflict with Ben Kinney's Resentment Circle Model: Join our Facebook...


Build A Winners Mindset - Interview with Dr. Larry Widman

Sports psychologist Dr. Larry Widman joins the Win Make Give team to talk about the 4 benefits of mindfulness and how to prepare for bat­tle, max out your mind, max out your emo­tions, and ultimately, max out your team. Over the past twenty years, Dr. Larry Widman has worked with some of the best teams, coaches, athletes, and other high performers in business, sport, and life. When it comes to elite per­formance, Larry knows exactly what steps are needed to achieve this goal. Get Larry's...


Time to Eliminate Your Excuses - interview with Ironman Chris Nikic

To win one must overcome obstacles both personally and professionally with grit and determination. In this episode, Chad and Bob talk with Ironman Chris Nikic. Chris talks about what it took to become the first down syndrome athlete to complete an Ironman Race. Chris brings his guide Dan Grieb to the conversation to reveal how they trained and grew both as people and athletes. Hear the challenges, share in the inspiration and learn what it takes to overcome anything and become 1% better each...


Why Losers Win More Often

There are many lessons we can take away from losing, and by losing, we can learn why we want to win. In this episode, Ben, Bob, and Chad discuss the importance of learning from losing and how we can take those lessons to help us be winners. -------------------------------------------- Leave a rating, review, and subscribe so you never miss an episode. Visit us at: Part of the Win Make Give Podcast Network


How Losing Affects Winners

Losing can impact our health, mindset, business, and more. By examining how we lose, we can create better habits and a better mindset to not make the same mistakes again. Join Ben Kinney as he discusses how losing affects us and how we can turn losing into winning. --------------------------- Be sure to leave a rating, review, and subscribe so you don't miss a single episode. Join our Facebook Group @ Visit our website:...


What Winners Do

To become a winner, you have to know what it takes to be a winner. By studying the traits of people who have won before we can learn what we need to change or work on to become a winner. Listen as Ben Kinney, Bob Stewart, and Chad Hyams cover 6 traits needed to be a winner in business and life. ------------------------------------------- Captains Class by Sam Walker - Don't forget to leave a rating and review. Be sure to follow and subscribe wherever you get...


#winning - How to Win and Know What is Important

In the first episode of Season 2 of the Win Make Give Podcast, Ben Kinney reviews the control triangle and talks about the power of creating a Winning List. Creating a winning list will help you focus on the areas you need to work on to be successful and achieve the goals in your life. --------------------------------------- Don't forget to leave a rating and review. Be sure to follow and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts so you never miss an episode. Join our Facebook group:...


Win Make Give Season 2

Welcome to Season 2 of the Win Make Give podcast with Ben Kinney where we will be studying the art and science of winning. This season we will be focusing on studying individuals and businesses from the past and present that have won at the highest levels. Through research, interviews, and lessons the Win Make Give hosts dive into the difference between winning and losing. Join Ben Kinney, Chad Hyams, and Bob Stewart as they give you examples, plans, and strategies to become a winner...