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Have you ever wondered where all of the women were in your history books? You're not alone! Join long time gal pals, Kelley & Emily, as they swap stories about incredible women from history over a cheap bottle of wine. They take wining to a whole new level. Women's history has never been this tipsy!

Have you ever wondered where all of the women were in your history books? You're not alone! Join long time gal pals, Kelley & Emily, as they swap stories about incredible women from history over a cheap bottle of wine. They take wining to a whole new level. Women's history has never been this tipsy!
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Have you ever wondered where all of the women were in your history books? You're not alone! Join long time gal pals, Kelley & Emily, as they swap stories about incredible women from history over a cheap bottle of wine. They take wining to a whole new level. Women's history has never been this tipsy!






Ep26. The Goddess of Wicker Baskets of Death & A Self-Proclaimed God

This week the ladies cover two women who rose to new heights, even when others tried to keep them down. Over a bottle of Gato Negro, Kelley tells the tale of Sophie Blanchard, who became one of the first professional female balloonists (on a budget no less.) Her ballooning adventures were so revolutionary that people thought she was a demon! Then, Emily shares the story of Tsuruhime Ohori, a priestess who became a warrior God to protect her home from an invading war lord. Lean back in your...


Ep25. Master Master Doctor of the Stars & Stepping to Freud

This week's episode, fuled by some Flying Solo rosé, has its ups and downs, but we manage to stay the course. Emily starts off with the story of Kalpana Chawla, who seemed destined to defy expectations and become the first Indian woman in space! Then, Kelley talks about Melanie Klein; not so much her story (because it can't be found) but her pioneering research into child psychology! Top off your glass and cheers to herstory! ** Mornings with u by Barradeen |...


Ep24. Bathing in Hitler's Tub & The Limbless Wonder

Reunited and it feels so good! The ladies are back with some big witch energy and a bottle of Fesity Bitch Rosé to share some amazing stories of badass babes. Kelley starts off with the tumultuous story of photographer Lee Miller who documented some of the worst atrocities imaginable and paid the price. Then, Emily shares the tale of one of the most unlikely artists, Sarah Biffin, who, despite not having arms or legs, painted kings and queens. Grab your camera and your paintbrushes, because...


Ep23. Survivor Stories & The Tinkerbell of Paper Bags

The ladies are back after an illness induced hiatus! This week they sip on some Tarima Monatrell which pair well with Emily's cough drops. Emily starts off with two shallow dives on two women who survived horrific events and responded like badasses. Then, Kelley shares the story of Margaret E. Knight who saved your grandad from workplace stabbings and made trips to the grocery store bearable. Pick up your rocks and document everything because it's time to talk herstory! ** Mornings with u...


Ep22. Dr. Payne & Las Mariposas

This week on herstory's peppiest podcast, the ladies go through some highs and lows while drinking some super appropriate Clear Night wine. First, Kelley, covers . Dr. Cecelia Payne, who had to hop across the pond, just to get her degree in astronomy. Then, Emily shares the story of the Mirabal sisters who fought to overthrow a murderous dictator. Start proofing your dissertations and prepare to fight tyranny, because it's time to wine about herstory! ** Mornings with u by Barradeen |...


Ep21. A Midnight Frolic & More Than Someone's Wife

This week we're taking inspiration from all over! Emily finds some amazing art that inspires her to share the story of Gertrude Ederle, the first woman to swim across the English Channel (after someone tried to sabotage her!) Then, Kelley takes a recommendation and covers Martha Gellhorn, an intrepid journalist who had a hands-on roll in D-Day. Despite this, she is best known as someone's wife. Grab a bottle of Sweet Bitch moscato rosé, your googles, and a notebook, because we're going to...


Ep20. A Rebel by Nature & A Bilingual Lit Queen/Nazi Resistance Fighter

On a morning recording, Kelley & Emily sip on mimosas with Barefoot moscato as they chat about two women who were both brought down by pricks. First, Kelley covers Ana Mendieta who explored the trauma of being forced out of Cuba through her incredible sculptures, photography, and films. Then, Emily shares the story of Mildred Fish Harnack, a German and American literature goddess and general pain in Hitler's side. Grab a bucket of blood and don your cheese head, because it's herstory...


Ep19. The Cemetery Angel & The Queens of the Sydney Underworld

This week, Kelley & Emily share a bottle of Sheep Thrills Pecorino Terre Di Chieti (that tastes quite sheepy) and lovingly made smoothies while they go on a roller coaster of emotions! First, Emily shares the incredible (and wine-cry-inducing) story of Ruth Coker Burks who cared for AIDS patients during the crisis of the 1980s. Then, Kelley spins a tale of sex, murder, and drugs as she covers the notorious Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine, rival crime queens of Sydney Australia. Grab your glass...


Ep18. The Phoneix of Mexico & The Bike Babe

Welcome back herstory heroes for more tales of badass ladies from history! This week, Kelley and Emily talk summer plans and celebrate the fact that the Edinburgh 7 will finally be getting their degrees after 150 years! Kelley starts off by sharing the story of voracious intellectual Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz who became a nun so men would leave her and her books the fuck alone. Then, Emily talks about the bicycling exploits of Annie 'Londonderry' Kopchovsky who was the first woman to ride a...


Ep17. A Spieling, Slicing Singer & the Titty Defense

This week, the ladies drink some sinfully sour Prayers of Saints chardonnay while chatting about glamor, Minnesotan culture, and Greek mythology! Kelley starts off by covering the legendary singer Peggy Lee who used a low, quiet voice to draw her audience in. (Did we mention she was in Lady & the Tramp??) Then, Emily covers the legendary courtesan Phryne who was entirely too sexy for people to handle and weaponized her beauty against the haters! Top off your glass and drink up because it's...


Ep16. Hollywood's Dahling & A Furious Lesbian

There were technical difficulties and scheduling issues. Nevertheless, the ladies persisted! This week, Kelley and Emily take a trip to old Hollywood to discuss two women who lived life out loud, even when the world didn't want them to. Gripping a repeat glass of Sangria, Emily talks about Hollywood legend, queen, and all around badass, Tallulah Bankhead! Though she had a rough beginning (and the most metal baptism ever,) dahling Tallulah managed to become a successful actress who was...


Ep15. Three Trans Trailblazers

Kelley and Emily narrowly avoid disaster as they (kinda) cover the same person! While splitting a bottle of Costco Sangria (so fancy) Kelley covers two of the first trans women to undergo gender reassignment surgery- Dora Richter and Christine Jorgensen! Then, Emily tells the story of the real Danish Girl, Lili Elbe (the third woman Kelley was going to cover!) who risked it all to realize who she was. Break out your skirt permit and play the world's worst drinking game cause it's time to...


Ep14. A Perfect Piece of African Sculpture & A Convent Buring Opera Singer

This week, Kelley & Emily cover some radical, firecrackers who lived life to the extreme! They pair these feisty ladies with some Kung Fu Girl Riesling which is unexpectedly dry. Emily starts off with the story of Gladys Bentley an open lesbian and Harlem Renaissance entertainer who rocked a suit like no one else could! Her sexy songs were a controversial hit which transcended race and sexuality. Then, Kelley tells the almost-too-crazy-to-be-real story of Julie d'Aubigny who fought and sung...


Ep13. A Drag Queen Scorned & The Drag Mother

The ladies are celebrating Pride by profiling LGBTQ+ women all month! They're kicking things off by covering two of the women who helped give birth to Pride and are too often overlooked: Sylvia Rivera & Marsha P. Johnson! They pair these revolutionary besties with a bottle of Matchbook syrah. Kelley starts off by telling the all-too-relatable story of Sylvia Rivera who fought for the most marginalized members of the community and was too radical and amazing for the mainstream. Then, Emily...


Ep12. From Slave to Soldier and The Most Danerous Spy

It's Memorial Day and while everyone else may be kicking off the summer with cookouts and road trips, the ladies are sitting down, splitting a bottle of Insurrection Red Blend wine, and getting real about women who felt the call to serve and defied the odds to do so! Emily starts us off with the story of Cathay Williams, a slave who passed a series of SUPER CASUAL medical exams and posed as a man to fight in the U.S. Army under the laziest pseudonym ever. Then, Kelley relays the adventures...


Ep11. A Revolt Against Nature & The Night Witches

This week's episode is full of highs and lows but a bottle of Innocent Bystander Moscato gets us through it! Kelley starts off by sharing the FUCKING TRAGIC story of genius sculptor Camille Claudel who changed the art world forever, despite being overlooked and conspired against in her time. Then, Emily brings us back up by telling the elevating story of the Night Witches! This all female squad of Soviet pilots were so deadly, that the Nazis were convinced they were the result of scientific...


Ep10. A Catholic Sexologist and 10 Years of Badass Babes

This week, the ladies mix things up to celebrate 10 episodes! Sharing a bottle of Liberation de Paris pinot noir (which might be the official wine of the Catholic Church,) Emily shares the story of Saint Hildegard of Bingen, Christian mystic, visionary, and sexologist (WHAT??) who created a map of the universe based on the vagina. Then, Kelley looks back on 10 years of badass ladies and 10 of the most notable women of our generation. Emily also tries to bring Kelley to tears with a special...


Ep9. MOTHERS' DAY SPECIAL: Savy as Fuck Sue & The Mother of Mothers' Day

On this very special episode, the ladies celebrate not only their mothers, but all moms and women who are working to make the world a better place! Emily & Kelley dive into a bottle of Pouilly-Fuissé Chardonnay (Emily's mom's favorite type of wine) and try to untangle the wires they got crossed to pull together this Frankenstein-esque episode. First, Kelly shares the story of her own mom, Sue, and how she met life's challenges with grace, tenacity, and a level of savyness that blows everyone...


Ep8. A Fleeing Physicist & The Cinderella of Science

Crack open a deceptively acidic bottle of Lost Angel moscato and prepare to get sciencey as fuck as Kelley & Emily cover two underappreciated STEM ladies! Emily starts off by covering physicist Hedwig Kohn. The ladies talk about Hedwig's SUPER FRUSTRATING escape from Nazi Germany and how they aren't qualified to be U.S. citizens. Then, Kelley gets astronomical (astrologonomical?) covering the Cinderella of Science Caroline Herschel! Though Caroline came from humble beginnings and she...


Ep7. More Than the Entrails and the Breast & Warriors Worth a Thousand

This week, amateur wine queens Kelley and Emily are trying their best (because pronunciations are hard) while sipping on some Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc to cope with Minnesota's second winter. Kelley starts us off by covering Paulina Luisi who was such a badass, she thought nothing of a severed penis being hidden in her bag. She was also the first women to earn a medical degree in Uruguay, fought for women's rights, advocated for more comprehensive sexual education, and generally GOT SHIT DONE....