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Bi-Weekly Podcast Focused on the Craft of Woodworking

Bi-Weekly Podcast Focused on the Craft of Woodworking
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Bi-Weekly Podcast Focused on the Craft of Woodworking




Episode 11 - Rabbet Block Planes, Orbital Sanders, Tool Cabinets & MUCH More!

Guys Questions: 1) Loving the podcast gentlemen, listened to all 10 episodes in the last 2 days. Now for my question: I know all three of you do a lot of your sanding using the drum sander, but for us without the room for one what is your recommend sanding procedure. Hand sand vs. random orbital sander? Grit progression? ROS preference? Just give me all that great knowledge you have!! Thanks again guy! -Project Build stuff - Brad 2) I'm in the market for a router table and lift. All of...


Episode 10 - Bandsaw Mistakes, Combination Machines, Dust Collection and More!

Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/woodshoplife Guy's Questions: 1) Here’s a question for you. I need create a buildup for a mantle top. Will be painted finish. 6’ wide x 10” deep x 1-1/4” thick. I was going to glue up a piece of 3/4” maple ply and 1/2” mdf. Then will edge band with 3/4” thick soft maple. Do you guys think I will have issues with the top due to gluing to dissimilar materials? Thanks!!! Alan 2) I have listened to every episode so far and love them all. I...


Episode 9 - Table Saw Recommendations, Blade Sharpening, Buying Lumber & Much More!

Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/woodshoplife Guys Questions: 1) Have you guys ever done a traditional French polish and if so how did you do it. Thanks and I love the podcast. Kyle 2) Gentleman, thank you for answering my question in Episode 7. Ive got a new question for you. Blade Cleaning versus Blade Sharpening. We all know it’s a good practice the clean blades regularly and personally I go with some warm water and simple green, it’s worked great for me. My question is,...


Episode 8 - Cabinet Case Joinery, Drum Sander Sandpaper, Beginner Hand planes & Much More!

Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/woodshoplife Guys Questions: 1) Love the podcast, keep up the great work. I am a moving along in my woodworking skills and just got a used Dewalt DW735 planer so I can work with some hardwoods. I was wondering what sorts of things I should check/verify before starting it up. It looks to be in decent condition. Thanks! - Dorian 2) Top three types hand planes every beginning woodworker should own? Brand recommendations are also welcome. Love...


Episode 7 - Wood Movement, Shellac, Mobile Workbench & More!

Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/woodshoplife Guys Questions 1) What’s u guys! Loving the podcast so far. My question is in two parts. Hardwood suppliers in my area offer rough and S3S lumber - obviously at different price levels. What values do you see in each option. Secondly, I am trying to improve my wood selection keeping in mind grain pattern and unique pieces. Do you have any recommendations in selection particularly with regarding to rough sawn lumber? Thanks gents!...


Episode 6 - Miter Saws, Prioritizing Shop time, Veneering & More!

Guys Questions 1) I’m doing some veneer work lately and have heard that contact cement isn’t the best adhesive. Although I am using the paperback veneer and I’ve had decent success with it. What do you recommend? The panels are about 24x24. Oh and I do not have a vacuum bag. -Paul Gustafon 2) Love your podcast! I bought a Incra Miter express with 1000HD. I know you are fans of Incra products. I love this product as a cross cut sled, very accurate and repeatable. How do you set it up for...


Episode 5 - Shop Aprons, Advice on Getting Started, Sanding vs. Planing & More!

Guy's Questions: 1) Sanding vs planing finish. Is there really a big difference? Submitter: aeumber Marc's YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yC45Cb-p89I 2) Concerning table saw safety. How wide should the board be before you stop using a push stick and start using your hands? Submitter: Tabb Adams Sean's Questions: 1) Everyone podcast has discussions of the woodworker’s favorite tool. But most of the answers are hundreds if not thousands of dollars (cough cough saw stop)....


Episode 4 - Glue Sizing, Pre-finishing, Plywood Bottoms & More!

Guys Questions: 1) Hey Guy, love your channel and have been a long time watcher. I have a question semi-related to this video I was hoping you could help with. Here you framed a solid piece of wood, how doesn't the expansion and contraction of that piece cause cracks in the frame? The reason this came up is that I desire to make a dresser, and was trying to sort out how to frame the sides without using a lamination. Any explanation here would be great. Thanks again. 2) Was wondering, did...


Episode 3 - Table Saws, Climb Cut, Design Software & More!

Questions from todays show: Guy's Questions: Huy's Questions: Sean's Questions:


Episode 2 - Chisels, Routers, MDF & More!

Questions from todays show: Guy's Questions: Huy's Questions: Sean's Questions:


Episode 1 - Introducing the Woodshop Life Podcast!

In this episode we introduce ourselves and tell you all about the Woodshop Life Podcast. Guy Dunlap http://www.guyswoodshop.com Huy Huynh @AlabamaWoodworker on Instagram Sean Walker SimpleCove.com @SimpleCove on Instagram