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World of Speakers E.46: Use brain science to boost your confidence | Interview with Alyssa Dver

Use brain science to boost your confidence. Ryan Foland speaks with Alyssa Dver, What does real confidence look like? We often think it is simply the opposite to acting insecurely, but Alyssa gives us a new perspective in this episode—real confidence is the ability to stop making everything about you—you are secure and able to go make change happen in the world. But how do you get there? And how to you reach inside yourself and pull out confidence when times get a little rough (like before...


World of Speakers E.45 Learning to drive your talk | Interview with Cathey Armillas

Ryan Foland speaks with Cathey Armillas, a marketing strategist, speaker, and TED Coach who helps speakers figure out what their core idea is, how to package it as a message, and how to market that message. Ryan and Cathey dive into why the TED format works, and why finding your core idea is essential to finding the right audience and getting that audience on board with your message, and take action. Listen to this podcast to find out: - How to figure out your core idea and how this can...


World of Speakers E.44: Consciously creating how you feel on stage | Cameron Brown

Consciously creating how you feel on stage. Ryan Foland speaks with Cameron Brown, a truly inspiring musician, networker, speaker and coach who believes in the power of building relationships when networking before trying to build your business. Ryan and Cameron dive into a number of topics, and give great insights on how to use psychological hacks to both build your business and overcome nervousness on stage. Cameron also gives advice on how to maximize your networking effectiveness on...


World of Speakers E.36: Influence as a currency | Teresa de Grosbois

Influence as a currency. Ryan Foland speaks with Teresa de Grosbois, co-founder of the Global Influence Summit and a bestselling author on how local word of mouth can suddenly turn into an epidemic. Teresa specializes on the topics of influence and success. As the Chair of the Evolutionary Business Council, Teresa leads an international, invitation-only council of speakers and influencers dedicated to teaching the principles of success. In this podcast interview, Ryan and Teresa explore...


World of Speakers E.35: Telling stories that stick | Ivan Misner

Telling stories that stick. Ryan Foland speaks with Ivan Misner, is the founder of BNI, the world's largest business networking company, which has over 8,000 chapters throughout every populated continent of the world. He has amassed a wealth of knowledge about what works, and what doesn’t, when networking. Ryan and Ivan dive into what makes some stories stick with their audiences, and how to use sticky stories to network more effectively, offer better presentations, and engage your audience....


World of Speakers E.34 Audience-centred presentations | Rebekah Radice

Audience-centred presentations. Ryan Foland speaks with Rebekah Radice, the author of “Social Media Mastery: A Comprehensive Guide to Strategic Growth,” and recognized digital marketing expert. Rebekah has trained thousands of growth focused leaders on how to build a purpose-driven marketing system. Ryan and Rebekah discuss extensively how audience-centred presentations work to spread your message effectively, build your speaking brand, and help keep pre-performance nervousness at bay....


World of Speakers E.33 How to break into the speaking industry | Cynthia Johnson

Choclate bunnies, bowling, and broadswords: how to break into the speaking industry. Ryan Foland speaks with Cynthia Johnson, a digital marketing and brand development expert. She is a thought leader and specialist when it comes to cutting edge social media, and building online influence. In this entertain interview, Ryan and Cynthia jump between a lot of topics: from how to get paid to speak by big companies, to how to use, or not to use, social media on stage. This talk is both engaging...


World of Speakers E.32 TEDx: Advice from a TEDx Coach | Interview with Igor Celikovic

TEDx: Advice from a TEDx Coach. Ryan Foland speaks with Igor Celikovic, a TEDx Speaker Coach. After working with TEDx for 9 years: Igor has become an expert on what works on the TEDx stage—and what doesn’t. His insights are important for any speaker who is looking to create TEDx-worthy talks. Ryan and Igor clearly outline how speakers can structure their talk, by tapping into the techniques Igor has used with dozens of first-time TED speakers. Listen to the interview, and see the infographic...


World of Speakers E.31 Becoming a thought leader | Interview with Dorie Clark

Becoming a thought leader. Ryan Foland speaks with Dorie Clark, a marketing strategy consultant and author, and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review. She is a branding expert who works with organizations and individuals on building a successful, thought-leading brand. One of the most interesting parts of this dynamic interview is where Dorie and Ryan explore how to transition into being an influential thought leader who gets paid to share their ideas. As many novice and...


World of Speakers E.30: How to be consistently creative | Interview with Bob Stromberg

How to be consistently creative. Ryan Foland speaks with Bob Stromberg, a comedian, and speaker with the perfect blend of standup, story and shtick. He teaches audience, in a light and hilarious way, how to cultivate creativity, using hilarious and tender stories from his own experience. Ryan and Bob cover a lot of ground in this podcast, but dive deeply into very practical techniques speakers (and all people in the creative industry) can use to make creativity a habit, so that you never run...


World of Speakers E.29: Becoming adept at adapting | Jessica Cox

Becoming adept at adapting. Ryan Foland speaks with Jessica Cox, the first armless pilot in aviation history and a master of adaptation. Born without arms she has learned to conquer physical barriers, and achieve the seemingly impossible. Ryan and Jessica talk about how adapting to your situation is a necessary skill for everyone, and how a positive perspective can open door to unimaginable possibilities. They also discuss how from a small, niche start, Jessica successfully grew her speaking...


World of Speakers E.28: Do one great thing a day | Interview with Colin Sprake

Do one great thing a day. Ryan Foland speaks with Colin Sprake, a multi-million dollar business owner turned consultant and speaker, who has taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to build profitable, sustainable business with soul— businesses that make a positive impact. Ryan and Colin talk about what is means to grow a speaking business with soul, and why having a message that created a positive impact on both your audiences and the world is the key to success. Listen to this podcast to...


World of Speakers E.27: Inspiring through meaningful connections | Leon Logothetis

Inspiring through meaningful connections. Ryan Foland speaks with Leon Logothetis, an author, TV Host, and cause adventurer. Best known for his Netflix series “The Kindness Diaries”, Leon travels around the world sharing an important and inspiring message: there is kindness in all of us, and we choose whether to make the world better—or not—with it. This interview will offer you a wave of inspiration, to not only find and follow your passion (and create a job from it), but to also be a...


World of Speakers E.26 | Hitchhiker’s guide to professional speaking | Tomislav Perko

Hitchhiker’s guide to professional speaking. Ryan Foland speaks with Tomislav Perko, a travel writer from Croatia. He uses alternative ways of traveling – hitchhiking, couchsurfing, working/volunteering, and manages to wander around the world with just a little bit of money in his pocket, meeting the most amazing people on the way. His insights are unique and inspiring. Ryan and Tomislav talk about the parallels between hitchhiking and professional speaking, drawing lines between how to...


World of Speakers E.25: Learn to leverage | Michael Dermer

Learn to leverage. Ryan Foland speaks with Michael Dermer, an entrepreneur, speaker, lawyer and the author and founder of Lonely Entrepreneur. Michael has created countless resources for entrepreneurs of all stages to help them build successful businesses. Ryan and Michael go into an in-depth discussion about how you can build your speaking business, no matter what stage you are at, specifically by creating leverage and demand for your skills and expertise. While there is no quick fix,...


World of Speakers E.24: Build sales leads with your talk | Jabez LeBret

Build sales leads with your talk. Ryan Foland speaks with Jabez LeBret. Jabez has delivered thousands of presentations globally and has has a regular column on Forbes where he is considered a leading expert in marketing, technology, and managing Millennials in the workplace. There are some important key topics discussed in this interview, such as how to engage and build connections both onstage and online, and how to substantially grow your business by collecting sales leads from the stage....


World of Speakers E.23 | Sell your talk: Interview with Kim Orlesky

Sell your talk. Ryan Foland speaks with Kim Orlesky, a thought-leader, writer, and speaker. Kim’s courageousness to quit her life and backpack solo around the world inspired her to use her mastery in sales to help entrepreneurs create better sales processes. Kim is an expert in sales, and in this conversation she and Ryan look at key selling tactics for 2018: such as transparency, storytelling, empathy, and building strong relationships with event organizers. This podcast will help you learn...


World of Speakers E.22 Creating real connections | Michelle Tillis Lederman

Creating real connections. Ryan Foland speaks with Michelle Tillis Lederman, CEO of Executive Essentials. Michelle provides custom communication and leadership training and coaching programs and has been named one of Forbes Top 25 Networking Experts. The main focus of this talk is about building connections with your audience, whether you are on stage or networking. Learning how to deeply connect will help you positively impact your audience with your message, make a great impression on...


World of Speakers E21: Body language in a digital world | Interview with Dr. Nick Morgan

Body language in a digital world. Ryan Foland speaks with Nick Morgan, who is one of America’s top communication speakers, theorists, and coaches. Nick is a passionate teacher, who helps people find clarity in their thinking and ideas – and then delivering them with panache. In this fascinating, high-energy podcast, Nick and Ryan cover a lot of topics that can help you network proficiently on digital communication platforms, building a booming speaking business, and how to use authenticity...


World of Speakers E.20: Adapting your talk | Dr. Natalie Forest

Adapting your talk. Ryan Foland speaks with Dr. Natalie Forest, the Executive Director of Women of Global Change, and leading expert in how to recognize and resolve destructive psychological patterns in order to reach your full potential and success. Ryan and Natalie weave through a number of interesting topics, focusing on how to determine what really empowers you and fires up your passion—and how to use that to motivate not only your talks, but drive your speaking business. They also talk...