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59: Get more bookings by leveling up your networking with Shane Barker

Ryan Foland speaks with Shane Barker, a professional speaker marketing expert. Shane has been recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Influencer Marketing, and teaches at UCLA on personal branding and influencer marketing. In this fast-paced and funny podcast, Ryan and Shane talk about how to use networking to increase your influence and get more bookings. Even if you are not speaking, events are some of the best places to get your name out there and meet new people who can...


58: How to use social media to get more bookings Interview with Ted Rubin

How to use social media to get more bookings. Ryan Foland speaks with Ted Rubin, a leading social marketing strategist. Ted is the most followed CMO on Twitter according to Social Media Marketing magazine; one of the most interesting CMOs on Twitter according to Say Media, as well as being listed in Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers. He talks about marketing and resiliency. Ryan and Ted talk about a variety of topics in this no-nonsense talk about how to excel as a professional...


57: Using podcasts to build your business with Lou Diamond

Using podcasts to build your business. Ryan Foland speaks with Lou Diamond, a speaker and author who teaches on how to communicate and build connections. Lou is a dynamic and fascinating speaker who hosts the podcast series “Thrive Loud” In this fast-paced, zesty, and enthralling episode of the World of Speakers, Ryan and Lou talk about how to make an impact both on stage and on-air as a podcast host or guest, and how this can help you spread your message and gain more bookings. Listen to...


56: TEDx and the search for simplicity with Laura Sievert

TEDx and the search for simplicity. Ryan Foland speaks with Laura Sievert, organizer of the TEDxQuincy conference, and director of the Quincy Arts Council. After watching over 500 pitches, she has learned a thing or two about pitching talks — both good and bad. Ryan and Laura share tips on how to be a great storyteller and speaker. They also focus on what event organizers are looking for when booking a speaker, and how to engage them and their audience. Listen to this podcast to find out: -...


55: Storytelling and mindset with Darren LaCroix

-Storytelling and mindset. Ryan Foland speaks with Darren LaCroix, a Toastmasters World Champion, and expert professional speaking coach. Darren has taught hundreds of speakers how to hone their craft and build their businesses through storytelling and practice. Ryan and Darren talk about what it takes to make it as a speaker, and how practice and feedback are the two key elements to become a better speaker. From how to get paid more, to truly connecting with your audience, it all comes down...


54: Zooming out to a global mindset with Fredrik Härén

Zooming out to a global mindset. Ryan Foland speaks with Fredrik Haren, a global speaker who has given over 2000 talks in 67 countries, on 6 continents. This talk will leave you dizzy with possibilities and inspired to move up and out of your local speaking circuit. Ryan and Fredrik talk about what you can do as a speaker to take your talk global by changing one important thing: your mindset. Once you stop thinking about where you come from and start seeing your message as essential to the...


53: Your message is your platform with Kenyon Salo

Your message is your platform. Ryan Foland speaks with Salo… Kenyon Salo (aka. The James Bond of speaking). Kenyon is a high-voltage speaker who takes audience engagement to the next level. His years of experience as one of the Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Skydiving Team gives him a unique perspective on living life to the fullest. Ryan and Kenyon talk about how speakers can set themselves apart from the crowd by looking for opportunities to do things differently and channel their inner...


52: Using Twitter to make more connections and get hired with Samantha Kelly

Using Twitter to make more connections and get hired. Ryan Foland speaks with Samantha Kelly, otherwise known as the Tweeting Goddess. Samantha is a Twitter expert, with over 46k engaged followers, and is founder of the global Women’s Inspire Network. She is a master of social media engagement. Ryan and Samantha talk extensively about how to use Twitter to make connections. As well as being a speaker, Samantha runs two international conferences each year, and in this interview she shares her...


51: Marketing with meatballs, marinara, and psychographics with Susan Izzo

Marketing with meatballs, marinara, and psychographics. Ryan Foland speaks with marketing specialist Susan Izzo. Sue became an expert in marketing from bootstrapping her own sports agency. Today she shares her unique perspective on how to market yourself both to audiences and event organizers. Ryan and Sue explore many aspects of professional speaking, including how to make meaningful connections with your audience and potential clients by figuring out what would appeal to them, then...


50: The philosophy of speaking and living authentically with Michael Levy

The philosophy of speaking and living authentically. Ryan Foland speaks with Michael Levy, a philosopher and poet. We have had experts from all walks of life with all sorts of expertise come on the show, but this philosopher will rattle your worldview and hopefully give you some new perspective on what it means to not only be an authentic speaker, but how to live an authentic life. Normally, when we are writing about the interviews, we like to give you a healthy list of the reasons you...


49: Finding your essential message with Greg McKeown

Finding your essential message. Ryan Foland speaks with Greg McKeown, a thought leader on the concept of essentialism. Essentialism is the idea that there is a systematic discipline for discerning what is absolutely essential, then eliminating everything that is not, so speakers can make the highest possible contribution towards topics that really matter to event organizers and audiences alike. Ryan and Greg discuss why essentialism matters, and how getting too caught up in too many topics...


48: Level-up your speaking business with Josh Linkner

Level-up your speaking business. Ryan Foland speaks with Josh Linkner, a high-level speaker, jazz musician, tech entrepreneur, and New York Times bestselling author. Get ready for a whirlwind of tips and tricks for building your speaking business. Ryan and Josh dive right into some high-level advice for emerging and mid-level speakers. This interview is jammed packed with advice that speakers at all levels can start using immediately. The advice will make an impact on your business and help...


47: Creating value and connections with your talks with Drew Dudley

Creating value and connections with your talks. Ryan Foland speaks with Drew Dudley, a dynamic and fascinating speaker whose viral TED Talk has been voted “one of the 15 most inspirational TED talks of all time.” Ryan and Drew cover a wide range of fantastically helpful topics in this podcast that range from how to effectively tell stories that connect with your audience, to how to get more bookings and become a highly-valuable speaker. Listen to this podcast to find out: - A practical guide...


46: Use brain science to boost your confidence with Alyssa Dver

Use brain science to boost your confidence. Ryan Foland speaks with Alyssa Dver, an author, speaker and Chief Confidence Officer at the American Confidence Institute. They dive into the neurology and psychology of confidence. What does real confidence look like? We often think it is simply the opposite to acting insecurely, but Alyssa gives us a new perspective in this episode—real confidence is the ability to stop making everything about you—you are secure and able to go make change happen...


45: Learning to drive your talk with Cathey Armillas

Ryan Foland speaks with Cathey Armillas, a marketing strategist, speaker, and TED Coach who helps speakers figure out what their core idea is, how to package it as a message, and how to market that message. Ryan and Cathey dive into why the TED format works, and why finding your core idea is essential to finding the right audience and getting that audience on board with your message, and take action. Listen to this podcast to find out: - How to figure out your core idea and how this can...


44: Consciously creating how you feel on stage with Cameron Brown

Consciously creating how you feel on stage. Ryan Foland speaks with Cameron Brown, a truly inspiring musician, networker, speaker and coach who believes in the power of building relationships when networking before trying to build your business. Ryan and Cameron dive into a number of topics, and give great insights on how to use psychological hacks to both build your business and overcome nervousness on stage. Cameron also gives advice on how to maximize your networking effectiveness on...


43: Don’t be afraid to muss it up with Sally Zimney

Don’t be afraid to muss it up. Ryan Foland speaks with Sally Zimney, a professional speaking coach, podcaster and trainer. Sally’s expertise lies in helping speakers connect on a deeper, more human level with their audience. In this fun and fast-moving talk, Sally and Ryan explore what to do when things go wrong on stage—and how it can ultimately work to your benefit when they do. Listen to this podcast to find out: - The 3 things you need to do when things go wrong. - Why being perfect and...


42: Leadership and speakership with Vince Molinaro

Leadership and speakership. Ryan Foland speaks with Vince Molinaro, a top business strategist who specializes in speaking, and writing, about leadership. Vince has spoken in 70 cities over the past 2 years about what he has learned about how to lead, and in this conversation Ryan and Vince look at the similarities between being a speaker and a leader. The key topic in this interview is the “contract” speakers sign up to when they decide to become a speaker: while it might seem like a...


41: A supportive network of speakers with Lance Miller

A supportive network of speakers. Ryan Foland speaks with Lance Miller, an award-winning speaker and leadership and communication coach, Lance has spoken as a guest on over 150 television and talk radio shows and delivered over 5,000 presentations in more than 55 countries. Ryan and Lance explore what it means to be a successful speaker, and the route that Lance took to get there. They cover important topics like audience engagement, getting paid, and the importance of have a strong support...


40: The keynote is the key with Manoj Vasudevan

Ryan Foland speaks with Manoj Vasudevan, the 2017 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking. Manoj is an introvert who has used his engineering background to analyze top speakers, ultimately leading him to be one of the world’s best speakers. Ryan and Manoj talk extensively about how to go from good to great, and why you need to perfect your keynote if you want to take your speaking to the next level. They also discuss audience engagement, and how to build your influence effectively...