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Honest conversations with teachers, entrepreneurs, rebels, and scientists who reimagine education in the 21st century. Meet the creators of bold new learning experiences.

Honest conversations with teachers, entrepreneurs, rebels, and scientists who reimagine education in the 21st century. Meet the creators of bold new learning experiences.
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Honest conversations with teachers, entrepreneurs, rebels, and scientists who reimagine education in the 21st century. Meet the creators of bold new learning experiences.






S2 Ep 02 - Broadband learning. Metaversity, Russia

Oleg Muromtsev is a physicist from Saint Petersburg, who turned his passion for education, music, and community organizing work into beautiful projects that change lives. Oleg co-founded Metaversity - a self-directed, community-powered learning platform, focused on the holistic understanding of human nature. Listen to this episode to discover a detailed model for creating and assessing self-directed learning programs, a story of coliving spaces in Saint Petersburg and a charming Russian...


S2 Ep1 - Teaching as a form of art. Studio Ankori, Israel.

Osnat Haber Koton is a professional artist and the visionary CEO of Ankori Educational Network in Israel. She holds 2 degrees in Art and has taught Visual Art and Art History and Theory at the State University of New-York for 3 years, before moving back to Israel. There Osnat transformed an old educational network and launched a visionary new school, inspired by arts - the Studio Ankori, followed by another bold move - Media Ankori. Discover the story of education underdogs in Israel and how...


Ep 17 - Sarah Bradley and Alan Webb - Community powered and self-declared master degrees

Show guests - Sarah Bradley and Alan Webb, co-founders and core facilitators at OpenMasters - a platform for community-powered and self-declared master degrees. It's an unconventional education you design for yourself around a vision of the person you want to become. On this episode, we discuss community approaches to learning, liberation, the knowledge of self, offloading the mind of a teacher, the value of unmeasurable learning and we play the future of education through the eyes of 2...


Ep 16 - Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius - Kaospilot and entrepreneurial leaders

Show guest - Christer windeløv-Lidzélius, a former student and now director at Kaospilot in Denmark - a hybrid design and business school, launched in 1991 with a focus on project management for the cultural sector. Listen to this episode if you want to know more about community building, why every school should be an elite institution, street-smart teachers and human faces behind education statistics. Show notes: bit.ly/eq-16 Music credit: @My-Sleeping-Karma


Ep 15 - Thomas Heide - Change experience and building homes for lost geniuses

Show guest - Thomas Heide - a full-time philosopher based in Aarhus, Denmark. Thomas invented the change experience equation and his vision of “A home for lost Geniuses” put the foundation for Kaospilot Denmark, in early days. Listen to this episode if we want to discover a new fresh perspective for understanding the world around us and how to “educate” humans with higher consciousness, or as Thomas put it - humans who find their true self and act from their highest being. Show notes:...


Ep 14 - Stefan Leitner-Sidl - Markhof Colearning

Show guest - Stefan Leitner-Sidl, co-founder of Markhof - a community space in Vienna with a holistic approach to learning and working, across generations, in order to master the challenges of the future together. In this episode we discuss community approaches to learning, engineering serendipity, dealing with social realities, teaching for wisdom and personal enlightenment. Show notes: bit.ly/eq-14 Music credit: @My-Sleeping-Karma


Ep 13 - Chiara Carlino - Bestr Open Badges

Show guest - Chiara Carlino, project manager at Cineca - the biggest University consortium in Italy and communication manager at Bestr - the Italian open badge platform. In this episode we discuss the current state of micro-certification, getting a degree by combining learnings from multiple organizations, democratizing the training market, and building trust for digital degree providers. Show notes: bit.ly/eq-13 Music credit: @My-Sleeping-Karma


Ep 12 - Cesar Marques - EPA Teacher transformation

Show guest - César Marques, a physics and chemistry teacher, turned innovator at Almada Professional School in Portugal. We discovered Cesar via the HundrED.org ambassadorship program and he inspired us to shed some light on the vocational schools and people changing the game within the system. In this episode we discuss the misleading social attitude towards vocational schools, overcoming failure mindset, gaining student trust and innovating pedagogy from within. Show notes: bit.ly/eq-12...


Ep 11 - Carlos Moreno-Romero - Education for Justice

Show guest - Carlos Moreno-Romero - a Colombia-born passionate educator and researcher with an interest in social sciences, culture, history, and anthropology. Currently, he is a full-time PhD student at the Autonomous University of Madrid, where he explores topics like Education for Justice and Alternative Democratic Schools. On this episode, we discuss the state of alternative education in Spain and at the global level, but also look at education in the context of culture and history. Show...


Ep 10 - Tomas Diez - Distributed learning. Fab Academy

Show guest - Tomas Diez - Venezuela-born Urbanist specialized in digital fabrication and its implications for the future of cities. He is the director of Fab Lab Barcelona at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, the Fab Academy global coordinator, and the European project manager of the Fab Foundation. His research interests relate to the use of digital fabrication tools to transform the reality, and how the use of new technologies can change the way people consume, produce...


Ep 09 - Lucian Cosinschi - Minerva. The Intentional University

Show guest - Lucian Cosinschi - the regional director at Minerva Schools Europe. In this episode we focused on a recent book published by Minerva Schools which is called “Building the Intentional University” - the story and the philosophy behind the initiative to completely rethink elite higher education. Show notes: bit.ly/eq-09 Music credit: @My-Sleeping-Karma


Ep 08 - Abhijit Sinha - Unschooling India

Show guest - Abhijit Sinha - a young innovator, and the founder of Project DEFY. He has designed many social innovations in India and Africa, including Bodacart – a $500 Ambulance, a waterless urinal, an accident detection app and more. Abhijit believes that high-quality education should be accessible to all and that each person should be capable enough to customise it, to their needs and interests. This episode was recorded inside a nook - meaning a self-organized community learning space,...


Ep 07 - Vaibhav Chhabra - Make. Break. Create.

Show guest - Vaibhav Chhabra, the co-founder of Maker’s Asylum and STEAM school in India. Vaibhav is a mechanical engineer by profession (Boston University) but shares a passion for making furniture, building machines, flying, diving and winning at ping pong. In this episode we focus on the story of STEAM School - a 10-day multidisciplinary program, where 100 people from all ages and walks of life, come together, in a maker space, to solve grand social challenges. Show notes: bit.ly/eq-07...


Ep 06 - Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu - Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Show guest - Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu - a researcher, teacher, non-fiction and fiction writer, and a public intellectual. Chika holds a Ph.D. in African Development and Policy Studies from Howard University in Washington D.C. In this episode, we discuss stories leading to a career as indigenous knowledge expert, the current state of curriculum on the continent and a vision for the future of Africa, when it comes to education, dignity, and progress. Show notes: bit.ly/eq-06 Music credit:...


Ep 05 - Nergis El Berria - Freedom Cake

Show guest - Nergis El Berria - a founding staff member of Ecole Dynamique Paris - a democratic school based on Sudbury Valley Model. In this episode, we uncover the story of Ecole Dynamique, the philosophy behind Sudbury Valley school and the possibilities of self-organized learning around kids’ interests. Show notes: bit.ly/eq-05 Music credit: @My-Sleeping-Karma


Ep 04 - Francois Taddei - Learning Evolvability

Show guest - Francois Taddei, the co-founder and Director of CRI Paris - the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity which experiments and spreads new ways of learning, teaching, conducting research and mobilizing collective intelligence in life, learning and digital sciences. Show notes: bit.ly/eq-04 Music credit: @My-Sleeping-Karma


Ep 03 - Corinna & Greta Thierhoff - Generations of ASK

Show guests - Corinna Thierhoff, the co-founder of Aktive Schule Köln and her daughter, Greta Thierhoff, a pupil at ASK. In this episode, we discuss the story leading to an alternative school in Cologne (Germany), the guiding principles of free learning and the need for trust kids. Show notes: bit.ly/eq-03 Music credit: @My-Sleeping-Karma


Ep 02 - Greg Serikoff - The Power of CoDesign

Show guest - Greg Serikoff - the founding member of the #CoDesignIt collective, inspiring educator and a collaborative innovator, based in Paris. In this episode, we cover Greg's view on leadership, collective problem solving, the state of work, his projects within the education space and more. Show notes: http://bit.ly/eq-02 Music credit: @My-Sleeping-Karma


Ep 01 - Floris Koot - The Gentle Revolution

Show guest - Floris Koot - a creative inventor, educator and contributor to numerous learning communities across the globe. Floris counted over 80 job titles in his lifetime and is an avid experimenter of new ways to develop creativity and human potential. Show notes: http://bit.ly/eq-01 Music credit: @My-Sleeping-Karma