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Ben Cheney - Life Art

Today we’re joined by Ben Cheney who is a professional researcher of movement. In this episode, we will talk about dance and the many varieties that Ben has explored. I really love Ben’s perspective of movement and how he has cultivated a mind-body relationship that allows him to express himself through dance. In this episode, Ben and I dive into the concept of Life Art and how we can bring awareness to our body through movement. Note from Ben Cheney: I often forget to mention names...


Caroline Barlow - Professional Folky

Today I am joined by Caroline Barlow who is an active member of the music community here in northern Michigan. I am excited to have Caroline on the show because she has worked with hundreds of bands over the years. Helping them to book gigs, making sure that music festivals run smoothly, really a jane of all traits when it comes to anything relating to community and music. In this episode, Caroline and I talk about her upbringing in North Carolina and her move to Michigan. We talk about...


Joshua Snider - Dedicated Linguist

Today I am joined by my friend Josh Snider who is a dedicated linguist who has studied language for the majority of his life. In this episode, Josh and I talk about the various resources he has tapped into over the years to hone his ability to translate language. We talk about why language is important and why we should preserve it so that we don’t lose windows into other perspectives. Exploration Press


Rob Reider - Coach Presence

Since 1970, Rob Reider has actively engaged in many holistic health modalities - as a student, teacher, guide, and practitioner. He now coaches, inspires, and mentors others to awaken from dogma and programming to an unlimited possibility of living! The essence of these ideas is express in his book “Life Is Not What You Think - Permission To Go Out Of Your Mind” I’ve personally read the book and it has really transformed the way that I think about things. I was lucky enough to spend some...


Gami - What is Important to You?

I’m really excited to introduce a very special person in my life (My grandmother Elise) who is also known by many other names but I’ve always called her Gami. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend some quality time with her this past valentine's day and we talked about living in the now. We also talk about peace cranes, and talk about a question that is pretty broad but thought provoking.. What is important to you?


Nathan Towne - Life As a Full-Time Musician

What is life like as a full-time musician? Where can we find the motivation to practice? In this episode, Nathan and I talk about the fun parts and also some of the challenges that come along with being performing musician. Nathan is a jack of all traits when it comes to music, he plays guitar, piano, drums, bass, you name it. He's performed in a variety of different bands over the years and is currently playing bass for Blind Melon. For listeners that are interested in learning music...


Solomon Harvey - solgoodmedia

It's been quite a process to figure out a theme for solgoodmedia. When I sat down today to try and uncover what the podcast is really about I found myself ranting about unconditional love and saving the environment. The real goal of this podcast is to create media that uplifts and inspires people. I hope you find some value in these 10 minutes! When I listened back to the first recording I swear it sounded like I was talking in slow motion and I think I may have overcompensated on the...


Dan Beaulieu - Programming & App Development

I am thrilled to have Dan Beaulieu on the show! Dan is a seasoned app developer who has several apps available on the app store. BaristaTimer Web App Browser Stacks : Smarter Flash Cards In this episode, we're going to dive into how Dan was first introduced to programming and how it has become a lifelong journey. To keep up to date on what Dan is up to check out his blog HERE If you want to read the blog post he wrote about his experience being on the podcast check it out ...


Ren E.T. - Astro Yoga

Tonight I’m joined with my good friend Ren who is the founder of Astro Yoga. Astro Yoga is an original fusion of yoga, meditation, breath-work and cosmological insight which is designed as a mind-body journey through the zodiac realm. Get $10 off your first birth chart reading if you use the code SOLGOOD when contacting Ren. Links Planet Watcher


Amalia Harvey - What Creates Lasting Change?

I’m very excited that my sister Amalia was able to join us for the first episode of the solgoodmedia podcast! In this episode we dive into a wide range of different topics and uncover what it means to live authentically and with purpose. We start out the conversation with a few new years resolutions and we discuss what it means to actually create lasting change.


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