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#28: Sabrina Pinero

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#27: LeRoy Harvey

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#26: Solomon Harvey

Become a Patron of Sol Good Media Podcasts to check out How I Built This Ted Radio Hour In this episode, I share some thoughts about the podcast and give a short highlight reel of all of the previous episodes released on the solgood podcast.


#25: Amalia Harvey

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#24: Taylor Cramer

Want to start your own podcast? Today we talk to Taylor Cramer who the founder and host of the Cold Shower Podcast. In this episode, we dive into some tips and tricks for any of you out there considering starting your own podcast. We also talk about some of the challenges and inspiration behind each of our own podcasts. Connect with Taylor Cramer Website @_taylorcramer @coldshowergoods iTunes Connect with Sol Good Media Facebook @solgoodmedia iTunes Links mentioned in the...


#23: Joanne Galloway

To support this podcast click HERE Today I’m excited to introduce Joanne Galloway who I ironically overheard when she was explaining her campaign to my neighbors. I recently heard Joanne talk at The Water is Life Festival which is a festival geared towards making water issues a priority in the upcoming elections this November. Having recognized Joannes' voice I invited her into the studio to say a few words and encourage listeners to get out and vote. Check if you are...


#22: Tiffany Lenau

Today I’m excited to introduce Tiffany Lenau who is the founder of Yoga Roots, which is a yoga and healing arts studio based out of Petoskey Michigan. In this episode, Tiffany and I dive into her past and connect the dots that ultimately let her into opening up her own studio. We talk about the challenges and also some of the most amazing people that showed up in her life at the right times. We talk about some of the misconceptions new people may have around yoga and shine some light on the...


#21: Tyler Murray

Support Harper Today I’m excited to introduce Tyler Murray who I met at Bliss Fest this year. Blissfest is a music festival held in northern Michigan and Tyler was vending his handmade nylon rip-stop hammocks when I wandered into his booth. We started talking about what it’s like being an entrepreneur and the ups and downs of being your own boss. Tyler’s business is called Skyline Hammock Company and given the fact that it is based in Michigan where the seasons change and surprisingly...


#20: Jeremy Cramer

Thanks for your support! In this episode, we’ll be diving into Jeremy’s past and talk about some of the moments that have cultivated the way he lives his life. Videos of Jeremy's dare devil days Front Flip Mad Balance Learn more about Solgoodmedia Facebook Instagram


#19: Joshua Stoddard

Today we are joined with Joshua Stoddard who I met at one of his sound baths at Yoga Roots here in Petoskey Michigan. Joshua is currently on a permanent tour spreading his healing energy through sound. I was super excited to get Joshua on the show today because he has a lot to offer. His experience in the music industry has allowed him to work with a variety of bands in a number of different formats. Some of which you may know with bands like The Strokes, Regina Spektor, Sun Kill Moon and...


#18: Aleece Balchik

After going to her Buti yoga class I had to have my friend Aleece Balchik on the show to introduce the world to Buti Yoga. Aleece has dedicated herself to doing yoga every single day and hopes to eventually see it though as her full-time career. In this episode, we dive into what Buti yoga is and talk about how Aleece became one of the first instructors to teach Buti in the northern part of the 45th parallel! Learn more about Buti Yoga Join the Community Connect with...


#17: Connor Kroswek

Today we are joined with Connor Kroswek. Connor and I met a few years ago when I first moved to Petoskey and have kept in touch because of similar interests. In this episode, Connor shares how he recently got into real estate and shares some of the tactics he used to be successful as a realtor. Connor and I cover a lot of stuff in this episode and uncover what it is that makes each of us happy. As fun as it can be making money, we both know that it isn’t a means to lasting happiness and we...


#16: Natasha Lantz

In this episode, Natasha and I explore why Plant Centered Living is so important. We talk about the many misconceptions that people have about what it means to be vegan. Plant Centered Living is far from a simple change in diet, It is a lifestyle that takes dedication and focus and Natasha has made it her mission to help as many people as she can make the transition. Connect with Plant Centered Living Facebook Website Resources Food Revolution - John Robbins The Physicians...


#15: Sabrina Pinero

Sabrina and I used to work together at the local food coop here in town and while we were working we would get into these deep conversations about story. We would talk about different story arcs and the infinite ways in which stories can be told. Sabrina and I recently met up at the local library and I mentioned to her that I was really interested in starting a podcast with her specifically geared towards stories. I have a strong desire to learn more about storytelling and Sabrina brings...


#14: Phillip Allore

In this episode, Phillip and I talk about his recent decision to go back to school for Architecture. We explore Spiral Dynamics and talk about how society has transitioned out of the gift economy. I always enjoy my conversations with Phil and was so excited when he accepted my invitation to be on the Podcast. Find Phillip on Social Media Facebook Instagram To learn more about solgoodmedia check out Facebook Instagram Thanks for your support! Patreon


#13: Seth Bernard

Today I am so excited to introduce Seth Bernard who is a musician, a teacher, a father and among many other things an advocate for social and environmental justice. Seth translates his ideas and feelings into music that echo across Michigan and beyond. In this conversation, Seth talks about how he was originally introduced to music, he shines a light on the earthwork music collective and talks about how the Earthwork Harvest Gathering started in the first place. Find Seth Bernard on social...


#12: Danielle Charles

Dripworks Coffee is one of my favorite destinations for quality coffee. Today we talk with one of the owners Danielle Charles and dive into the story behind how Dripworks came to be. Danielle and I cover a lot of ground in this conversation and talk about what it is like to own a business. What are some of the challenges starting out and how to use social media to engage and educate customers. To learn more about Dripworks check out their Website or on Facebook and Instagram To learn...


#11 Kerri Finlayson

Today is a Story-Trade episode I did with Kerri Finlayson who is a Professor of Anthropology, Sociology and Environmental Studies at North Central Michigan College. She is truly an inspiration and just left me interested in learning more about different cultures and school in general. In this episode, she explains what initially inspired her to study Anthropology. She talks about how she continues to live up to her 5th-grade dream of becoming a teacher. And reveals a hidden talent that not...


#10: Ben Cheney

Today we’re joined by Ben Cheney who is a professional researcher of movement. In this episode, we will talk about dance and the many varieties that Ben has explored. I really love Ben’s perspective of movement and how he has cultivated a mind-body relationship that allows him to express himself through dance. In this episode, Ben and I dive into the concept of Life Art and how we can bring awareness to our body through movement. Note from Ben Cheney: I often forget to mention names when...


#09: Caroline Barlow

Today I am joined by Caroline Barlow who is an active member of the music community here in northern Michigan. I am excited to have Caroline on the show because she has worked with hundreds of bands over the years. Helping them to book gigs, making sure that music festivals run smoothly, really a jane of all traits when it comes to anything relating to community and music. In this episode, Caroline and I talk about her upbringing in North Carolina and her move to Michigan. We talk about the...