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Fashion Trends. Retail News. Tech Talk. Awarded the Best Branded Podcast by Quill, INSIDE RETAIL is a refreshingly fun and forthright look at the intersection of retail and technology. Hosted by Grace Hill, EDITED’s Retail Strategy Director, the show pulls back the curtain on the world of luxury brands, fast fashion and housewares. Each episode features conversations with industry leaders and fashion innovators to explore key trends and how brands solve the daily challenges facing the retail marketplace everyday.


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Fashion Trends. Retail News. Tech Talk. Awarded the Best Branded Podcast by Quill, INSIDE RETAIL is a refreshingly fun and forthright look at the intersection of retail and technology. Hosted by Grace Hill, EDITED’s Retail Strategy Director, the show pulls back the curtain on the world of luxury brands, fast fashion and housewares. Each episode features conversations with industry leaders and fashion innovators to explore key trends and how brands solve the daily challenges facing the retail marketplace everyday.




Forever Faster: A Conversation with PUMA Group's Head of Retail & Ecom UKI, Colette Hilton

According to reports published by Bloomberg, the athleisure market is estimated to be $662 billion by 2030. This growth, coupled with a more casual return-to-work dress code post-pandemic, has sportswear top of mind for retailers and consumers. PUMA’s mission of “Forever Faster” is the global sports brand’s promise to provide their customers with the right product in the right place in terms of design, pricing, and distribution. But what's the fastest way to achieve those goals in an...


The Culture of Fashion Subcultures

Fashion subcultures have become the latest trend influence to have you on your radar, whether it’s Gorpcore, Cottagecore or even Pamcore, it’s hard to keep up! We’ll delve into what they actually mean to the consumer and the key subcultures to look out for in 2023. It’s critical in these uncertain times to know exactly what your customers are willing to spend their disposable income on to ensure a customer-centric approach to assortment planning. With that in mind, today on the podcast...


Inside Retail: EDITIONS - The Future of Men's Beauty

Last week saw EDITED relaunch EDITIONS, a live evening of panel discussions on subjects surrounding the Art & Science of Retail. One of our guests discussing Navigating Retail During Economic Uncertainty was Ed Healy, now the Chief of Commercial at VIEVE and formerly Commercial Director at L'Oréal. We decided it was the perfect time to revisit his podcast with EDITED recorded during the height of the pandemic. 80s icons such as Boy George and Prince normalized the use of men’s beauty...


The New Era of Designer Bags: Redefining Leather Goods Report with Business of Fashion's Diana Lee

Handbags and small leather goods occupy a special place in the retail market. A recent report by the Business of Fashion, which EDITED was thrilled to provide data insight on has underlined this. According to their recent company reports, 50% of Prada sales and as high as 72% of Bottega Veneta sales are attributed to handbag and small leather goods purchases. To talk about this today on the podcast we’re joined by Diana Lee, the Director of Research and Analysis at The Business of Fashion,...


Recession 2.0: Strategies to Help Your Retail Brand Navigate

On today’s episode of Inside Retail we’re joined by Chief Marketing Officer of Edited, Juliana Prather. She built her career in global retail and brand strategy, starting in worldwide sales for iconic accessory brands, such as Givenchy and Nine West Group; gaining expert knowledge of the global retail landscape through traveling extensively to Asia and Latin America, as the leader of Liz Claiborne’s portfolio brands. In a wide-ranging discussion Juliana uses her three-decade long experience...


Tech Talks: How AI & Data Impact the Customer Experience

So far in this mini-series, we’ve looked at how AI and data are driving major change in the world of commerce and how that change is impacting customers' buying behavior. But what can business leaders do to use that data? In this episode of Tech Talks, EDITED's Chief Retail Scientist, Michael Ross, and John Squire, Founder of Dynamic Action, offer recommendations for retailers looking to enhance customer experience by developing ways to reward their most loyal buyers but also properly...


Selling To Marketplaces with Rebecca Lacerda of Crocs

On today’s episode we are diving into the topic of digital marketplaces, these range from Amazon and Zalando in the west to JD and Alibaba in the Asia-Pacific. They make up 60 percent of all e-commerce sales across the globe according to Huge’s consumer research. To discuss the topic of how brands can approach and maximize this channel, Grace Hill spoke to Rebecca Lacerda, Head of Digital Marketplaces at Crocs. She uses her experience at the iconic shoe brand to explain how brands can...


Tech Talks: How AI Can Improve Human Decision Making for Retailers

As technology continues to eliminate many of the tasks humans used to do manually, the question remains what can be fully automated and what is still best guided by a human hand. For some, it's all or nothing, man or machine. But what of a much more complex situation? To say go from a self driving car to one that no longer requires a steering wheel? For retail executives the choice of what automation to use - and how much - is an especially intriguing question in an industry that has put...


I Love Lucy: Boston Proper's Sheryl Clark Defines Over 40's Fashion

For a brand whose customers prefer to keep Boston Proper to themselves in order to be the best dressed at any occasion, the company prides itself on knowing everything about their ideal consumer profile, who they call "Lucy." In this episode of Inside Retail, Grace sits down with President & CEO Sheryl Clark to discuss how important Lucy is to the brand's decision making process and how it's helped propel the company to $100M in revenue.


Tech Talks: Maximizing Sales With Microdecisions

Merchandisers used to be responsible for a few hundred decisions every week. But with technology now allowing consumers unparalleled power at the click of their smartphone, from scanning products for personalized promotions, seeking out similar styles at other retailers or simply comparing prices, the game has changed. What does it mean for a brand to go from setting business strategy from numbers on spreadsheets to allowing machine learning to help them make sense of millions of data...


ThisMerchLife: Finding the Fun in Fashion Merchandising

They weren't the first in retail fashion to start a meme account dedicated to their overworked and underappeciated lives, but the creative force behind ThisMerchLife is now the one everyone aspires to. One of the first things you need to know about this special episode is that the identity of ThisMerchLife's founder had to be kept in the strictest secrecy for them to agree to appear on the show. Their voice has been altered and the location of the recording was kept under wraps. Seems that...


Tech Talks: 4 Metrics to Reduce Customer Churn

In today's global and digital marketplace, many retailers have gone from analyzing weekly data from their brick and mortar stores to monitoring real-time metrics from their websites - and the difference between a quick churn and a customer for life often rests on a brand's ability to have what that consumer wants, in stock, when they want it. In this episode of Tech Talks, EDITED's Senior Vice President of Retail Science, Michael Ross, and President/Chief Strategy Officer, John Squire, join...


For Every Body: Natalie Guzman, Co-President & CMO, Savage X Fenty

Has there ever been a bigger cultural disrupter than Rihanna? When she burst into the public eye 15 years ago with her hit "Pon De Replay" the charts were dominated by Top 40 mainstays like Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson. Since then she's had 14 number one songs, won 9 Grammy's and is the wealthiest female artist in the world. Her biggest influence as a global superstar though may be her lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty, still only four years old but already synonymous with being inclusive...


Tech Talks: What Does AI Mean for Retail & Ecommerce?

EDITED is excited to introduce our new miniseries, EDITED: Tech Talks - which focuses on AI and the changing face of technology in the retail industry. We’ll be unpacking the key questions businesses need to know to compete in a rapidly-changing retail landscape with the power of this groundbreaking technology. Season 1 kicks off with the help of EDITED’s Senior Vice President of Retail Science, Michael Ross, and President John Squire, joining host Grace Hill for this five part, in-depth...


Our Haus: Abi Lierheimer & Ophelia Chen, Founders, BOBBLEHAUS, talk Streetwear

Founded less than two years ago, streetwear brand BOBBLEHAUS is already leading the conversation when it comes to the future of fashion. One that is genderless, sustainable and inclusive. In this conversation, Founders, Abi Lierheimer and Ophelia Chen chat with Grace Hill about what makes their forward thinking brand tick and why challenging the status quo is the only way to go.


Here Comes the Bridal Trends: Jess Kaye & Rosie Williams, Founders, The Own Studio

London may be the home base for The Own Studio, but their brides are walking down aisles all over the world. Whether doing fittings locally or offering consultations virtually, their styles are contemporary, impeccably tailored, sophisticated and sustainable - designed to be worn again, not wrapped in plastic and put into storage unhappily ever after. Now, with the Coronavirus first shutting down, then slowly re-opening and recently threatening to affect everyday life again, how can a...


Sustainability Part Two: A Conversation with Lisa Ly, Sustainability Manager, Clarks

Reducing the environmental footprint from one of the of the world's most recognized shoe brands may seem like an obvious pun, but it truly describes the mission of Clarks. Since their inception in 1825, they have designed more than 22,000 styles, like the iconic Desert Boot, and are now trying to preserve not only Cyrus and James Clarks legacy, but the planet itself. On this episode, Grace Hill talks with Lisa Ly, Sustainability Manager at Clarks, whose big shoes are leading the way towards...


Sustainability Part One: A Conversation with Claire Bergkamp, COO of The Textile Exchange

It’s no secret how wasteful and polluting the fashion industry is. As a true child of the Sixties, and early-adopter vegetarian parents, Stella McCartney was being introduced to sustainability long before it took root in our collective consciousness. So, when she hired the first ever Worldwide Sustainability and Innovation Director at her eponymous brand, she looked to Claire Bergkamp. Now the Chief Operating Officer at Textile Exchange, a global nonprofit that creates leaders in the...


What were the defining Spring 2022 runway trends? Ft. Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief of WhoWhatWear UK

With the return of in-person runway shows, many brands approached this fashion season much differently than we’ve ever seen before. From Balenciaga’s Simpson collab to some digital shows, is this the future of runway? To get an editorial perspective on the major runway trends seen across all the cities, we invited Editor in Chief of WhoWhatWear UK, Hannah Almassi, onto the podcast. As the publication’s first EIC, Hannah launched the WhoWhatWear UK site and continues to build out its team,...


How to optimize your retail AI ft. Michael Ross, SVP of Retail Sciences

As reported by Juniper Research, global retail spending on AI is expected to reach $7.3 billion annually by 2022. However, a survey by Sloan Management Review and the Boston Consulting Group found fewer than 40% of companies who have invested in AI had seen business gains from it in the previous three years. So how can retailers make the most of their AI investment? With the acceleration of digitalization and adoption towards digitization, retailers are learning quickly that their future...