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A VerySpatial Podcast | Discussions on Geography and Geospatial Technologies


A Podcast of Geography and geospatial technologies

A Podcast of Geography and geospatial technologies


Morgantown , WV


A Podcast of Geography and geospatial technologies






A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 646

This week we look back about on our 15 year history and, in celebration of Comic Con week, talk about pop culture.


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 645

News: UC and other newsArcGIS Pro 2.6 coming “soon” with some key upgradesVoxelsKubernetes Experience builderMapViewer beta Topic: Do we think virtual conference options will remain in the 'post' COVID-19 world Cool Stuff: QGIS USVirtual meeting July 17, 24, 31


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 644

News: 15th anniversary for Google Map API UK wants to unlock the power of location China launches last BeiDou satellite Five years for Sentinel 2-A Depth API now available for Google's ARCoreApple’s Nearby Interactions Oculus Go discontinued Say goodbye to the Segway PT too Topic: URISA issues statement concerning Code of Ethics in Florida GIS case


Spatial Conversations 25 - MakePath

Sue & Jesse speak with Brendan Collins and Pablo Fuentes about MakePath, their open source xarray-spatial raster analysis tools, their use of open source for geospatial, and an example application where they modeled pharmacy deserts.


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 643

News: China introduces Terry-Cotta SpaceX Dragon successfully launches manned mission and docks with ISS China launches multiple satellites, including Gaofen-9 remote sensing satellite Largest and oldest Mayan monument discovered Topic: Kevin Ring ofCesiumtalks about the development ofCesiumJSand the recent release of Cesium OSM Buildings Cool Stuff: NAACP: A Century in the Fight for FreedomTalking About Race Events Corner: ASPRS 2020 going virtual:June 22-25 ENVI Analytics Symposium:...


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 642

News: Push again Ligado decision continues Restrictions on US Satellite operators reduced PCI Geomatics rolls out Geomatica Cloud Data vs politics AAG letter to Florida Topic: Interview with Scott Nowicki, Lead R&D Scientist for Quantum Spatial Cool Stuff: MakePath's OS analysis tools quick guide Events Corner: Virtual INSPIRE conference: 3-12 JuneFAA UAS Symposium: Ep 1 July 8-9, Ep 2 Aug 18-19Commercial UAV Expo Europe: 1-2 December State of the Map 2020posters due June 30


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 641

News: FAA announces 8 organizations working on Drone Remote ID FAA UAS Collegiate Training Initiative FAA establishes national spaceport office 25 years of GPS full operations 2nd GPS III satellite begins transmission US military is furious at FCC over 5G plan that could interfere with GPS Trimble’s WorksOS beta Esri's free COVID-19 Response Package for nonprofitsand free access to Learn ArcGIS for furloughed professionals Topic: Interview with Gabby Getz of Cesium about their workto...


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 640

Esri UC moving online Geo week events and others move to July in Chicago USGIF announces industry awardsGalileo Masters 2020Bentley opens software accessForecasts Wildfire season Hurricane season FCC votes to approve Ligado(xyHToped)


A VerySpatial Podcast - EarthDay 2020

Links coming soon...


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 639

Topic: Indeed virtual experience commercialBotchan Karakuri Clock, Matsuyama


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 638

News: Hexagon Geospatial HXGN Content Program provides free imagery to fight COVID-19 Smartphone location and COVID-19 ArcGIS Online Grocery Store Reports- Form NASCAR Hold Virtual eRaceCensus has begun! - March 12th COVID-19 might mean students are undercounted Deadline delayed 2 weeks until mid August Topic: Dashboards Cool Stuff: Reddit’s Imaginary Maps Events Corner: Check out these virtual cons while we await the re-opening of conference season AAGMicrosoft Build


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 637

News: ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 New FAA rule requires drones to broadcast location to Internet constantlyHere geodata models-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WQc-f0-v7w Coronavirus leads to drop in Chinese pollution First Survey of the Mason-Dixon Line in 40 years Vatican”s ethical AI guidelines Topic: Privacy news https://appleinsider.com/articles/20/01/31/fcc-finds-one-or-more-carriers-broke-law-by-selling-customer-location-data...


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 636

News: NASA images show effects of record Antarctic temperatures Do good maps sway minds? Apparently not :( The Met Office going big on hardware OGC adopts new version of IS3, Indexed 3D Scene Layer and Scene Layer Package Format Specification Inaccurate maps cost logistics companies $6b a year Topic: Are textbooks the best way to go in our digital world? Cool Stuff: Mini Tokyo 3D Events Corner: GeoConnect Asia moves to 2021 Esri Developer Summit: 10-13 March, Palm Springs, CAApplied...


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 635

News (00:40) Google Maps update for its 15th anniversary- Google OneWeb's first large batch of smallsats launches NASA and ESA's Solar Orbiter launching Feb 9th ArcGIS Pro 2.5 Esri GIS tech poster competition at AAG Topic (19:50) Impacts of geotagging Sharing experiences Overtourism? Cool Stuff (49:45) Hacking a traffic Jam in Google Maps Events Corner (52:40) Geo Connect Asia 2020: 18-19 March, Singapore MidAmerica GIS Symposium: 20-23 April, Omaha Small Sat Conference: 27-28 April,...


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 634

News: Huawei switching to Tom Tom instead of Google maps because of US ban Increasing number of GLONASS satellites HxDR Topic: Countdown to 50th anniversary of EarthDay Cool Stuff: Satellite map Events Corner: Move2020: 11-12 February, London10th IGRSM International Conference and Exhibition: 17-18 March, Kuala Lumpur GeoIgnite2020: 22-24 June, Ottawa


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 633

News: CES2020Here’s 3D models help cars Concerns about satellite constellations impacting astronomy Landsat 9 sensors ready, launch at the end of 2020 Topic: Web Corner: Turn by turnables Events Corner: Hexagon Tour & Live GeoWeek 2020 - ASPRS, ILMF, & MAPPS GISPro 2020


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 632

We talk about some the items that caught our attention over the last decade.


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 631

New Map of Titan’s Terrain NASA and Boeing prepping Space Launch System (SLS) Google’s New Content Creation Tools for Geography Presentations Google releasing Cardboard as an open source project Google Maps to show which streets have better lighting for walkers Google.org funds Vera to help collect data on prison populations(Vera’s page) Apple Maps changes to Crimea in Russia (CIA WFB Ukraine)New high-resolution imagery API from Near Space Labs Radiant Earth Foundation releases Radiant...


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 630

This week we talk about where you can go to download data, with just a few examples. National MapData.govCensus BureauEarthExplorerLandsatLook viewerSentinel remote sensing data accessNatural Earth DataOpenStreetMapMapWVPASDANCOneMapChicagoCharlotteNew York


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 629

Files and data services