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Discover Iceland’s language, history, culture, & nature






Exclusive interview with the President of Iceland: Guðni Th. Jóhannesson

2021 has been such an interesting year for me and I was just as shocked as anyone that I was able to interview the President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson. I talk about how the opportunity to interview Guðni during the podcast episode because it is quite unusual. The President was very kind to answer all of my questions, including the questions that the members of the All Things Iceland Patreon submitted. Here are the questions I asked the...


Discussing Iceland’s Recent National Election and Socialism with Sæþór

During this sit down with Sæþór Randalsson about the recent election in Iceland and his involvement with socialism in Iceland was quite insightful. More than a year ago, I interviewed Sæþór about his move from the United States many years ago and you check it out here. The beginning of this episode focuses on Sæþór sharing about how the Icelandic Parliament is set up. After all the ballots from the election are counted, coalitions of the parties that have seats in Parliament are formed....


Is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland Worth Visiting?

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon was established in the 1990s, but it’s a much different experience now than its humble beginnings. Over the decades the Blue Lagoon went from being a bathing facility whose water run off from a nearby power plant soothed the skin of patients with psoriasis to being one of the most well known spas in the world. When travelers to Iceland are planning their trips, I often get asked if the Blue Lagoon is worth visiting. I totally understand that some “must see” places can...


Escaped Being a Child Bride to Thriving in Iceland – Najmo Fiyasko

Najmo Fiyasko’s story of growing up in Somalia and her escape from being a child bride there caught my attention when I saw her on the cover of a newspaper in Iceland. I was shocked to learn that she had been through so much at such a young age. I still have the newspaper that featured her because I just knew that one day I would interview her. The funny thing is that one fateful day she friended me on Facebook and we eventually started to chat. I was elated when she agreed to be interviewed...


5 Incredibly Fun Rainy Day Activities in Reykjavík For All Ages

Reykjavík and the rest of Iceland has gained a reputation for having many rainy days. While I’m an advocate for going out and dressing well no matter the weather, sometimes it is better to stay inside. Well, if you have to be indoors why not make it fun? The five interactive places I talk about in this episode are so much fun that they will make you forget all about the weather. An Experience Like No Other in Reykjavík I’m excited to have FlyOver Iceland as the sponsor of this podcast...


7 Ways Iceland Can Kill You – Simple Tips to Save Your Life

While it might seem a little morbid to talk about how Iceland can kill you, the intention of this podcast episode and blog post is to spread awareness. Icelandic nature is absolutely gorgeous but there are plenty of dangerous situations that can be life threatening. In this episode, I’m sharing seven ways that can lead to death here. I include some examples of people who have unfortunately perished.Please remember to check before heading out on an adventure in Iceland. This...


Iceland‘s Most Underrated Area: The Beautiful Reykjanes Peninsula

Whether it‘s your first or fifth time visit Iceland, I think you will find my what I share about the Reykjanes Peninsula in this podcast episode to be quite exciting. This peninsula is a UNESCO Global GeoPark. Free Itinerary for the Reykjanes Peninsula Free Itinerary for the Reykjanes Peninsula Grab my free itinerary for the Reykjanes Peninsula. It gives you all the names and links of places and activities that I experienced on my adventure in this amazing place. Click Here According to the...


Celebrating 5 Years of Living & Traveling in Iceland

It’s so hard to believe that I am celebrating 5 years of living and traveling in Iceland this month. June is special to me because a lot of major events in my life have happened during this month. Some I have control over, such as moving to Iceland in 2016, getting married, and starting the podcast three years ago, so I’m celebrating those anniversaries too. One thing that I don’t think I had any control over is that I was born in June. This is a kind of random fact but I was supposed to be...


Iceland’s Rich Geothermal Bathing Culture – Learn The History, Culture & Etiquette

This episode is all about the Icelandic geothermal bathing culture in Iceland. Many of you might be aware that Icelanders love to soak in a hot tub no matter the weather. However, you might not be aware of some of the history, modern day culture and etiquette involved with this tradition. Before I jumped into it, I’m excited to announce that this episode is sponsored by the new Sky Lagoon geothermal spa in Reykjavík. I have to point out that I only like to promote places or things that I...

I spent 31 days speaking only Icelandic. Here’s what happened.

I’ve been learning Icelandic for quite some time but I’ve not felt very confident when it comes to speaking. To boost my confidence, my Icelandic husband and I agreed to spend the month of March in 2021 speaking in Icelandic. We tried this experiment for the first time last July but it was quite difficult. Even though we had an idea of how it could go, we each had reservations about it because it can be emotionally draining to not be able to express yourself. While this time around was much...


Chris Burkard’s Epic Icelandic Adventures & Why He Loves the Country

Chris Burkard is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker and adventurer that loves Iceland. He has shared epic photographs and films that showcases Icelandic landscape and natural phenomenon. Some of his films about Iceland includes "Under an Arctic Sky" and "A Line in Sand". Chris Burkard's love for this country is contagious and he has experienced this place in such unique ways, such as surfing under the northern lights and cycling across Iceland from east to west. Along with talking...


Eruption in Iceland near Reykjavík – Updates on Ash, Lava & More

The fissure eruption in Iceland that so many people have been anticipating happened last night on the Reykjanes Peninsula near Fagradalsfjall and is called Geldingadalsgos. In this video I specifically go over all the updates about the eruption so far. This includes when the eruption started, what authorities are saying about the ash expected, gas emission, lava flow, safety for those in the surrounding area, how long this might go on. I also teach you how to say the name of the eruption,...


Icelandic Geologist Explains Why A Volcano Might Erupt Soon

Ari Trausti Guðmundsson is a well-known Icelandic geologist, broadcaster, author, journalist, documentarian, lecturer, mountaineer and member of Icelandic Parliament. I had the pleasure of interviewing him for the podcast about the thousands of earthquakes and possible volcanic eruption. He answered as many questions of my subscribers and followers that he could and I'm so gratfeful for that. Discussed with the Icelandic Geologist Ari...


Thousands of Earthquakes & Bracing for a Volcanic Eruption

Over the last week and a half, the south of Iceland has experienced tens of thousands of earthquakes and experts told us to brace for a possible volcanic eruption. All eyes are still on Reykjanes Peninsula, the place where all the action might go down. Mainstream media in other countries have picked up the story, which has resulted in people reaching out to me to know if I am safe and to hear what life is like in Iceland as we wait to see if a volcano will go off. During this episode, I’m...


María Thelma on Growing Up & Living in Iceland as Thai & Icelandic

María Thelma Smáradóttir is a talented actor in Iceland. During this interview, she gives some insight on what it was like growing up in Iceland with Icelandic and Thai heritage. She was the first person of Asian descent to graduate from the Icelandic Academy of Arts in Drama. It was fascinating to hear how she had to navigate this mixed heritage and it has been like for her as a working actor in the theater and film industry here. I think it's fantastic that she had a one woman show called...


Mama Ghana on Coming to Iceland in 2002 – Ep: 87

I know that Black History Month is a US tradition, I still want to dedicate the month of February to telling the stories of Black and mixed race people in the country. If you are curious about some awesome Icelandic Black history, I suggest watching my video about Hans Jonatan, Iceland’s first black citizen and listening to the podcast episode I did with the Icelandic author of the book about Hans Jonatan, Gisli Pálsson. To kick that off this month...


Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir – Iceland’s Youngest Female Minister of Justice

It was such a pleasant surprise to have Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir, the Minister of Justice in Iceland, as my guest this week. She leads quite a busy life as a Parliamentarian and Minister, and it was great she was able to find time to chat. During the interview, Áslaug Arna shares the positives and negatives of being in this position of power at such a young age and as a woman. Some of the other topics we talk about are the events that led up to her becoming the Minister of Justice,...


Gógó Starr on the Evolution of Drag Culture in Iceland – Ep. 85

Gógó Starr is an Icelandic drag queen that is well known in the country. Gógó made history by being the first ever drag queen fjallkonan, or woman of the mountains, which is a symbol of the Icelandic nation and a very important part of the celebrations of Iceland’s independence. The celebration of the independence of the nation happens every June 17th. Aldís Amah, who I interviewed a while back on the podcast, was the first woman of color fjallkonan in 2019. It’s a huge honor to be...


A Pioneering & Inspiring Human Rights Lawyer in Iceland

Claudia Ashanie Wilson is a human rights lawyer and activist who moved from her home country Jamaica to Iceland in 2001. When Claudia came to Iceland she didn’t speak Icelandic nor had she previous been to law school. Through a lot of hard work, she became fluent in Icelandic. She received her Masters Degree in 2014 in international law from the Reykjavík University. Claudia passed the Icelandic bar examinations to become a district court attorney in Iceland. By passing the bar, she became...


The Battle to Protect Iceland’s Fragile & Beautiful Nature – Ep. 83

To kick off the new year, I'm sharing my interview with Andri Snær Magnason, an award-winning author, environmental activist and director. He has been fighting to protect Iceland's beautiful nature. Andri Snær was on the show early on and it is great to have him back because so much has happened in his life since we last spoke. I recommend checking out part 1 and part 2 of those interviews. One viral moment was when he and some others had a funeral for Okjökull. Ok mountain used to be a...