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A monthly podcast about secondary education, featuring candid thoughts and opinions from teachers on the front lines.

A monthly podcast about secondary education, featuring candid thoughts and opinions from teachers on the front lines.
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A monthly podcast about secondary education, featuring candid thoughts and opinions from teachers on the front lines.




Conversation 47 - Allison Fuisz - Teaching Outward

For this prime-numbered episode, I’m talking with Allison Fuisz. Don’t worry - we get name pronunciations cleared up right away. Allison is a passionate educator devoted to helping students develop healthy worldviews. We talk about helping students to develop and maintain a curious attitude and how we can help them to be independent learners. We eventually wind up talking about what is perhaps most central to her practice: the UN Sustainable Development Goals; why their important, and how...


Conversation 46 - Zach Groshell - Turning the Tables

Zach is a passionate educator currently working in Sudan, although his experiences have also seen him teaching in Vietnam and the US as well. We talk about the differences in student populations, plus the importance of creating a welcoming and dynamic environment for students. Links Zach on Twitter educationrickshaw.com Facebook Group - Over-Posting Educators


Check-in 27 - Smash All the Phones

In setting out to discuss the future of education, it quickly becomes clear that this is an entirely too-complex issue to wrap up in just 40 minutes. Still, me and Joe Reimer give it a shot. We cover everything from smashing cell-phones, to boredom, to the power of the internet, to what the heck a teacher is supposed to do. We’re not sure about any of it, but it’s great food for thought. Links: Joe on Twitter Shane on Twitter Hunt for the Wilderpeople Fortnite


Conversation 45 - Phil Strunk - Building Future Humans

Phil Strunk, although relatively new to the teaching profession, is already a well-established personality in the twitter-sphere and his podcast, Wins & Losses, is a worthy addition to any and all education listening playlists. I sit down with Phil and we talk about what brought him to podcasting and why reflective practice is such an important element of a teacher’s growth. We also segue into talking about the future and how we can best prepare our students for what lies ahead. Phil is a...


Conversation 43 - German Villegas - What About the Boys?

German Villegas is host of the Modern Manhood podcast, which explores masculinity from all angles. By day, he works with school-age boys and has a wealth of experience and wisdom to share. For this conversation, he joins me to specifically talk about boys in the education system and how we, as teachers, can help them on their journeys to define themselves during this crucial stage of their lives. Links: 500 Days of Summer Don Jon modernmanhood.org German on Twitter


Check-in26 - Resiliency

It’s time for the annual convention episode. Reporting in from our big teacher gathering, myself, Joe, Jon, and Jeremy get together to talk all about resiliency, stress, failure and helicopter parents. As always, there’s wins and fails, plus time-outs, too! Links: Joe on Twitter Jon on Twitter Jeremy on Twitter albertapodcastnetwork.com ecfoundation.org/grants


Conversation 42 - Dave Burgess - Parlay with a Pirate

Teacher, leader, author, consultant, pirate: Dave Burgess wears many hats (or tricorns), but at the heart of what he does - whether it’s leading teachers in a keynote session or publishing the latest book of hot educational ideas - is a true passion to see that students get the best possible education and that educators have fun doing it. Dave and I settle in to unpack the Pirate philosophy. We discuss what drives him and what drives teachers in general. We also get into his background as...


Conversation 41 - Sheldon Soper - Ahead of the Curve

Sheldon Soper wears a few hats: teacher, innovator, dust kicker-upper, tech enthusiast, writer and much more. In sitting down with him for this episode, I discovered that all of these roles are bound up in a single man who is passionate about education. We talk about technology, writing (and why you should change the door code to your garage at least once a month), plus - surprisingly - why he thinks paper ought to have a stronger presence in the digital classroom. Our conversation is...


Conversation 40 - Jon Harper - Shedding Our Shields

Jon Harper is the host of the My Bad podcast, so it’s only natural that we focus on mistakes and failures. What make’s Jon’s approach stand out is that he doesn’t simply use failure as a building block for future success; he also looks at what other positives our mistakes can create - things like empathy, confidence, and connection. Jon also opens up about his own experiences with anxiety and how he learned to deal with this challenge. Links: Jon on Twitter “She Ran Home and Other...


Check-in 25 - Riding Horses

This month, I’m joined by Shaun and Jessica to talk about anxiety. We explore our own experiences with what seems like the increasing prevalence of students on the edge, be it from exams, over-scheduling, or difficult life circumstances. As the title suggests, we also talk - a lot - about riding horses. Links: Shaun on Twitter / Instagram Blackwood Crossing (Videogame)


Conversation 39 - Sarah Lalonde - Doing What You Love

Sarah Anne Lalonde, while already a force to be reckoned with in the educational environment, has a secret: she’s not a teacher. Not yet, anyways. Sarah is in her final semester at the U of Ottawa, working towards her Bachelor of Education. In addition, she is a podcaster, the community manager for VoicEd Radio, and itinerant guest on podcasts such as Ed and others. We talk about her experiences working for Disney, and then get into the nitty-gritty of what it’s like to be a teacher...


Conversation 38 - Kasey Bell - Preaching to the Choir

Kasey Bell has established herself as a Google Educator par excellence, on top of being an expert in all things tech. This episode, we talk about the implications of using tech in the classroom, it’s evolving role in education, and using tech to go beyond what we think is possible. Kasey is smart and thoughtful, eschewing the past practices of “preaching to the choir” and instead thinking about how best to empower students with the skills and tools they need to succeed on their own...


Conversation 37 - Jaime Donally - Riding Dinosaurs

Strap on your headset and join me and Jaime Donally for a great convo all about AR and VR. Aside from elaborating on what that actually means, we explore the possibilities beyond the ‘wow factor’ that immersive experiences like this bring. Links: Jaime on Twitter Jaime’s website ARVRinEdu Aurasma - AR app


Check-in 24 - Resolutions & Babies

The latest check-in welcomes back Jessica to the show, as ell as panel regular Joe Reimer. To kick off 2018, we’re talking New Year’s Resolutions. Inexplicably, we also talk an awful lot about babies and work-life balance. Links: Joe on Twitter Shane on Twitter Ball & Chain smoked bock Pixar’s Coco


Conversation 36 - Todd Nesloney - Asking Crazy Questions

This time out, I’m joined by Todd Nesloney, principal and author of Kids Deserve It. At the heart of our conversation is Todd’s belief that, no matter what, teachers must honour the many talents, abilities and interests that kids bring to the table. Beyond that, our conversation expands outwards to Todd’s philosophy of never saying no, which leads him to ask crazy questions like “Would it be possible to build a chicken coop for our school?” A passionate and nationally recognized leader,...


Conversation 35 - Monica Genta - Doing Life Together

Monica Genta is a science teacher, speaker and author with, frankly, an unbelievable amount of energy and passion. We chat about what fuels her and the idea which is most central to her practice: building a family. Links: Monica on Twitter Monica’s Website 180 Days of Awesome


Conversation 34 - Joy Kirr - Asking Questions

Joy Kirr is a teacher and the author of the recently published Shift This, all about making incremental changes in the classroom to achieve big results. As usual, the conversation ranges, as Joy and I talk about using different ed tech tools in the classroom, how to keep up with your students, going gradeless and much more. Through it all, the one thing which Joy likes to emphasize is the act of asking questions, realizing full-well that answers aren’t nearly as readily available, and...


Check-in 23 - Learning & Play

After talking way too much about Justin Bieber, myself, Shaun Smith and Jon Thomas get into a great conversation on our own learning as teachers - how we curate our knowledge, the things we like to learn and then, in a strange left-turn, our talk turns to the value of play. But don’t worry - it all comes back around to Justin Bieber. Links: http://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations Brene Brown’s TED Talk on Vulnerability Message to Bears on Spotify


Conversation 33 - Brad Shreffler - Two Squirrels in a Cage

What happens when two podcast hosts with short attention spans get together and chat? You get a wide-ranging conversation that covers everything from cheap wine to keeping kids motivated. I’m joined by host of the Planning Period Podcast, Brad Shreffler. We talk about how he became a teacher, the problems with education, the joys of hosting a podcast and much more. It’s a great conversation with plenty of nuggets of wisdom coming from a passionate and experienced teacher. Links: Brad on...


Conversation 32 - Eric Kallenborn - Let’s Get Graphic

Ed Kallenborn is a recognized expert in the field of graphic novels. Hailing from Chicago, his passion for visual storytelling on the page has led him into teaching a course dedicated to comics and graphic novels. We talk about this and how he uses this unique form of storytelling to engage reluctant readers, enhance visual literacy, plus its strong connection to film studies. Listen in for an informative convo with plenty of recommendations for further reading! Links: Eric on...


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