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063_Check it Again & Count to 10

The words that we use and how we use them is very important for clear communication in life and in the real estate business. It's a must that you are creating win-win benefits and understanding with the words that you use. Check out this episode of Check it Again and Count to 10 and start building your communication skills today! For more great episodes check out: Everyday Property Manager!


062_Weekend Motivation

Sometimes we just need a little motivation. Are you feeling lazy, tired, or maybe you just have low energy. The good news is you can change these feelings. Check out this episode on weekend motivation and get yourself headed in the right direction today! Check out our web site at: Everyday Property Manager


061_Good Things in Life

We have often heard that good things come to those who wait. This episode discusses this important quote, but also adds another layer to it. What is it that you are waiting for? Good question, Right? Its time to make a plan. Make sure you are in control of the good things that you are waiting for. It is true..Good things do come to those who wait, but only if you plant the seeds for the good things! Check out this episode today and get yourself on the path of receiving the Good Things in...


060_Back on Track

It's time to get back on track after you fall off the New Years resolution bandwagon. Check out this episode and get headed Back on Track and in the right direction! More podcasts, motivation and inspiration can be found at: Everyday Property Manager Now you're ready to make it a great day!


059_Be More Flexible

Having an open mind and ability to change and adapt is critical in life and in business. This episode of Be More Flexible will give you some great reasons why you need to be more flexible in your decision making. Being ridged in thinking and ideas is a sure way to eliminate growth in business and in life. Flexibility in your understanding and surroundings will create development, growth and opportunity for you and those that are around you. Start to develop more flexibility in life today...


058_The 365 Day Journey

Check out this motivational episode that asked the question: What are you doing today that will allow you to celebrate a one year success anniversary next year at this time? I know you have a goal, a vision, and a fire burning inside of you telling you to do something great! Today is the day you start. No more waiting for tomorrow and no more excuses! Start today and you too will be celebrating a 1 year anniversary of success! Thank you to all of my loyal listeners around the world. Your...


057_Supportive Leadership: 5 Steps to Success

Being supportive is a vital part of your leadership. This episode of Supportive leadership: 5 Steps to Success gives you some great tips that will increase your supportive leadership skills. Do you understand your team? Do you listen to their ideas? A big part of being a great supportive leader is being a team player. Check out this episode on supportive leadership and start to take your skills to a new higher level today! Now you’re ready to make it a great day! Visit us today at...


056_Problems Are Your Friend

Problems are something that we need to challenge us and to push us to the next level. This episode of Problems Are Your Friend discusses the importance of problems and how to overcome some of the thinking that happens when we are faced with a difficult situation. What you need to do is to stop listening to the little voice in your head and start going after your dream. Remember, you will never get anywhere coasting. Everything you want is up the hill and these challenges are only the next...


055_Overcome Laziness: 5 Steps to Success

Do you suffer from laziness? We all can be lazy at times, but we need to understand where the laziness is coming from. This episode of Overcome Laziness gives you 5 steps to help you eliminate some of the laziness in your daily life. Implement some (or all) of these steps today and you will be on your way to a more positive and productive you! Now you're ready to make it a great day! Thanks for listening to the show! Jeremy :) Visit us today at Everyday Property Manager! Want...


054_Motivation: 5 Steps to Success

Motivation is at the top of the list when it comes to helping us accomplish our goals. Episode 54 gives you 5 steps to success to gain some of that motivation that will help you get headed in the right direction. Take these 5 steps and start to implement them in your life. Don't waste another minute. It's time to get motivated! Good luck on creating the life of your dreams! Check out more podcasts Here or visit Everyday Property Manager!


053_Customers Return with Customer Service

Customer service is a key component in everything that you do. This episode of the Customers Return with Customer Service talks about the importance of creating a great customer service experience. We all want our customers to return. Did you know that most customers will not return after having a bad experience? Wow, Everything you worked for can be gone in a second due to a bad experience. Don't let poor customer service be the reason for a lost customer. Your job is to make them want...


052_Are You Chasing Your Dream?

Are you chasing your dream? Episode 52 talks about the importance of going after your dream. What area in life could you most contribute to? Everyone has a purpose in life. Your job is to find that purpose, so that you can create the most value for those that are around you. If you could do anything what would you do and or be? Take some time to analyze this questions and then create a plan that will allow for your dreams to become reality. I know you have what it takes for greatness. Go...


051_Wake Up & Be Ready: 5 Steps to Success

A big part of success is starting out with a successful morning. Episode 51 gives you 5 steps to success to help you wake up and be ready. Do you wake up ready for the day? Are you a person that loves what you do? You need to answer yes to these questions. If the answer is NO, you need to analyze what it is that you are doing and start to make some changes. We all want to have a great morning and I am confident that if you implement some (or all) of these steps you will be on the right...


050_The Light is Green! Go!

Episode 50 is a celebration of the journey of Everyday Property Manager. The important thing to learn from this episode is that you have everything it takes to create greatness. The light is green and it's time to GO! Take the idea you have and put it into action. Start learning and get those wheels in your mind turning. You only have so much time on this earth and you better not let me catch you wasting it! Now go and make it a great day!! Check out more great information and episodes...


049_Self-Confidence Building: 5 Steps to Success

We all want to have more self-confidence. Today's episode isyour ticket to some great steps that will help youbuild more confidence. Episode 49 talks about how taking massive action and taking onnew challenges is good for you. You need to accept these newchallenges and be ready. The best way to build confidence is toknow what you are doing and know how to answer and solve dailychallenges. Remember, there will be set backs along the way. Don'tlook at setbacks as road block. Use challenges...


048_How to Stay Positive: 5 Steps to Success

Staying positive is good for you and for those that are around you. Episode 48 gives you 5 simple steps to take to get you on the right track to staying positive. We can all benefit from a positive life. Surrounding ourselves with positivity is the key to success. The idea is to send the negative packing and let the positive in. Check out these steps and you will be ready to let your light shine and also give some of that positive energy to those that are around you! Now you're ready to...


047_No Time to Waste

Life is too short to be wasting it. Episode 47 talks about the importance of valueing the time that you have on this earth. Do you waste time? I hope the answer is NO! We are all given a short piece of time and your job is to use it wisely. Use it to inspire, motivate and help people to get headed in the right direction. We all have an amazing gift. Find your gift and start to use it for massive amounts of good. The people around you will love you for it! Now you're ready to make it a...


046_Reduce Your Stress: 5 Steps to Success

Eliminating stress can be a challenge some days. Episode 46 is all about helping you eliminate some of the daily stress that you have in your life. What is your biggest stressor in life? For most of us it is a lack of organization. With most anything the first step is to identify the problem. If you know the problem you can then start the solving. Whatever your stress may be you can start to implement these 5 steps in your daily life. So, what are you waiting for? Remember that you are in...


045_Rent Collection: 5 Steps to Success

Rent collection is a big part of our job in property management. Episode 45 is your source for some great steps to success. If you manage one unit or several thousand you understand the importance of rent collection. Sometimes collecting rent can create a few challenges. One way to start on a successful rent collection journey is to be a great teacher. Help your resident to understand the importance of paying on time. Your resident will start to see that you are on their team and will value...


044_Planting Seeds for Your Future

Having a game plan for your future is vital. One way to create a bountiful tomorrow is to plant ideas (seeds) today. A great time to start is NOW! Episode 44 is all about helping you get focused on planting those seeds and to assist in the thought process of creating the future that you want. We all have it in us to be great and create greatness in the world. Take the talent that you have, plant those seeds and do something BIG! Now you’re ready to make it a great day! For more information...