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Onboarding and Training Systems

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about how to best on-board new employees, know that you’re not alone. I literally hear about this concern all the time. Some have solutions while others are still trying to work towards solutions, and sometimes it just helps to put our heads together and hear how others are working through it. On this episode of Paint ED we hear from a few painting contractors and a training systems guru about how they see the topic of hiring and onboarding. Maybe you...


The Scheduling Beast with John Busick

Scheduling is one of every contractor’s greatest challenges. If your business is ready to grow or if it is already growing, scheduling can be the battleground where the success of your company is decided. Really. But you know this. On this episode of Paint ED, John Busick of Kunst Painting and the co-founder of WorkGlue, talks with us about how scheduling is the hub of everything you do as a painting contractor. It affects everything from your bottom line to your company’s reputation and...


Generational Trends With Haley Gray

On this episode of Paint ED Haley Gray from Home Advisor joins us to talk about how contractors can better sell and close with homeowners by understanding generational trends. Do you know what kinds of projects boomers are looking for? Do you know where to find the most Gen-Xers? Do you know what form of communication best reaches Millennials? If you don’t, it’s time you do.


Reader's Podcast: Hiring Talent with Andrew Amrhein

Join us for PDCA's first reader's podcast episode! Andrew Amrhein from Nolan Consulting joins us to review his most recent business read, "Hiring Talent" by Tom Foster. Do you know how time-span thinking is an indicator for job fitness? Are you filling the job roles of your business efficiently? We will discuss this and more on this episode! Andrew Amrhein Business Coach and Sales Trainer


The Four Keys to High Performing Websites with Martin Morgan

Martin Morgan from Pro Painter Websites is with us again to talk about understanding the latest online trends so you can get more customers. This time Martin shares with us the four keys to high performing websites. If you get these things covered, you’re on your way to getting people in the door. Just make sure you have something good for them when they get there. Check out Martin’s in-depth video about getting online customers at


Strategic Partnerships Between Decorative and General Paint Contractors with Angela Schuster

Angela Schuster from Faux Time Design explains how she leverages strategic partnerships between her decorative painting business and general painting contractors. Find out how you can benefit from this type of partnership and even how niche painting could broaden your business' horizon.


Getting More Online Customers With Martin Morgan

Online business: some swim easily in that ocean and for others it’s overwhelming. Times are changing though, and having an online presence is essential to your business. Martin Morgan from Propainter websites join us to explain online trends and how to get more customers in the digital world. Don’t miss the full webinar on August 22nd at 4 PM CT. To register visit or email


Tech Talk With Tom Droste

Tom Droste of Estimate Rocket joins us for a preview to his webinar "A Tech Talk - Practical Tech & Productivity Tools to Integrate into Your Contracting Business, Part 1" that will be hosted tomorrow at 4 PM CT. Tom will walk you through the basics of using the most efficient tech tools on the market to streamline your communication efforts and overall productivity. We encourage you to sign up for both segments of this tech webinar to get the greatest benefit for your business. Members can...


Landing Pages With Aaron Hockel

Aaron Hockel from Alta Vista Strategic Partners joins us to discuss landing pages and how you can best utilize them during the lead process to eliminate your risk of losing customers. Why is your landing page so important? Aaron will explain why and how an effective landing page can turn clicks into customers.


Using Industry Standards To Avoid Paint Failures With Bob Cusumano

On this episode of PaintEd, The PDCA man, Bob Cusumano, discusses with us how you should be using the PDCA standards to avoid paint failures and costly mishaps. Bob has been instrumental in the success of PDCA and he literally wrote the book on the PDCA standards. You will learn a lot from this guy! Bob will be hosting a webinar on June 20, “Using PDCA Standards to Avoid Paint Failures” at 4 PM CT. Visit to register.


Building Trust with Emily Howard

What does a sign on a restaurant door have to do with painting businesses keeping their customers? Your business maybe signalling things to your prospects and customers that you may not want to communicate. It all comes down to how the trust economy works, and how important it is for you as a business owner to invest in it. Emily Howard from American Painting Contractor (APC) Magazine joins us to talk about what she's hearing from painting contractors about what works and what doesn't in...


Overwhelming DIY-ers With Help with Torlando Hakes

June is Industry Standards month at PDCA and Torlando Hakes of Color Theory is with us to kick things off with a conversation about how he uses the PDCA industry standards to get more business. But Torlando's way of going about this is...unusual. And it's as genius as it is unusual. But the real gold is in his progressive, innovative style that adapts to changing times with real-time solutions. Something's sure to stick!


Getting Prospects To Say No with Tony Kanak

It may seem counter-intuitive, but getting a 'yes' from prospects right out of the gate with a bid may not always be the best goal to shoot for. There may be a better way to establish a connection with a prospect that will pay off better in the present AND the future. Tony Kanak from Sales Evolution joins us to talk about how hearing a 'no' from prospects can be a good thing.


Basics Of Blueprint Reading With Fred Yarur

Do you avoid bidding new construction projects because they don't seem to pay off? Or are you thinking about adding new construction painting to your repertoire but you don't know how to read blueprints? Fred Yarur from PEP (Painters Estimating Program) is here to help! He just finished a month of webinars on the topic of estimating, and in the grand finale he lays out the fundamentals of blueprint reading that can refine your process and make new construction more profitable. Don't miss his...


Production Rates And Problematic Rates With Fred Yarur

On this episode of Paint Ed, Fred Yarur of PEP is back with us to talk about about estimating, once more. This time he discusses problematic rates and how to refine your estimating process. The third estimating webinar will be hosted this coming Wednesday, May 16, at 4 PM CT. Visit to register.


Developed-Area Estimating with Fred Yarur

On this episode of Paint Ed, we have Fred Yarur of PEP. Fred shares with us his thoughts of why more precise and detailed estimating procedures are valuable and how they can make your business scaleable. He will be hosting a webinar on the Foundations of Estimating this coming Wednesday, May 9, at 4 PM CT. Visit or call 1-800-332-7322 to register for the Estimating Month Webinars and view the full schedule.


Top 5 Estimating Strategies with Fred Yarur

Estimating paint jobs is a complex task while takes a while to get one's mind wrapped around. It takes some contractors and estimators years to refine their process in a way that increases accuracy and consistency, and thereby widen profit margins. Knowing how to use tools like the PDCA Cost and Estimating Guide is imperative, but the Guide is hard to tackle without help. Enter Fred Yarur of the Painter's Estimating Program (PEP). Fred helps people use the Cost and Estimating Guide, and he...


Getting A Business Loan with Matt Palmisciano

Are you at a Tipping Point in your business growth but can't quite break through to the next level? A business loan may give you the extra boost you need. Despite popular fear-mongering regarding the nature of 'unnecessary' loans, many business owners have leveraged the power of strategic loans to reach their goals. Want to learn the 'why' and 'how' of getting the right kind of loan that fits your needs? Matt Palmisciano of Forjak Industrial enlightens us on this episode of Paint ED! Don't...


Contracts That Cover Your Assets With Randy Fornoff

On this episode of Paint ED we have Randy Fornoff from MTS Painting in Arizona with us. Randy knows the recipe for great contracts that communicate your service agreements clearly and succinctly, and especially contracts that protect your interests. Randy shares with us about how his contracts have evolved over the years, and what needs to be included in those contracts to make sure you’re covered. Randy will be presenting a webinar on the topic of “Contracts That Cover Your Assets.” The...


Tools For Your Business: PDCA Roundtables and Biz Blitz Trainings

Are you getting the most out of your PDCA membership or are you curious about the benefits of being a PDCA member? The Education Team at PDCA will sit down each month to discuss upcoming education trainings and PDCA tools that you should be using! This month, Chris Shank and Christine O'Connell discuss roundtable calls, Paint Ed exclusive episodes, and the April Biz Blitz series. For more information on PDCA and how to utilize PDCA tools call (314) 514-7322 or email