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Effective Leadership- Strategy With Dave Rosenberg

How does one build the perfect employee, namely, one that does everything you ask them to do, but also goes beyond what you tell them to do and eagerly searches for ways to improve your company in ways you couldn’t possibly see from your vantage ? It would be nice to have a blueprint to build that kind of employee, wouldn’t it? Well, none comes closer to constructing that blueprint, than Dave Rosenberg of Locked On Leadership. On this episode of Paint ED we talk with Dave about the Strategy...


Content Marketing For Local Search With Changescape Web with Ken Tucker

What is content marketing? How does it work? Who creates the content? Where do I put it? Answers to all these commonly asked questions and more, on this episode of Paint ED with Ken Tucker of Changescape Web. Ken talks with us about how content marketing differs from other forms of marketing, and he discusses easy ways you can start building content and creating a presence online that draws makes the bots work for YOU to bring you more business. Find Ken’s new book, Content Marketing for...


Survey Says with Amanda Haar

On this episode of Paint ED, we talk with Amanda Haar from In Paint magazine about their yearly survey and what contractors are saying about their experiences in the industry. It’s always interesting to hear what is on other people’s minds, but it’s even more interesting to hear what your peers are up to when that information could help you improve your business. Are you curious about what other contractors report is working or not working in their business? This podcast is a start, but you...


Maximizing Profitability With Benji Carlson

Summer is just about over . Busy season is coming to a close. Are you ready for 2020? On this episode of Paint ED, Benji Carlson joins us from our friends at Breakthrough Academy to discuss what you should be thinking about this month to close the year right, and to prepare for big profit in 2020. Don’t miss the full PCA webinar with Benji next Wednesday at 4 pm Central about Maximizing Profitability using the right strategies and metrics. These webinars are live trainings, and you can ask...


Effective Leadership Qualities With Dave Rosenberg

On this episode of Paint ED, Dave Rosenberg of Locked On Leadership talks with us about what makes a leader effective. The three qualities—Integrity, Courage, and Character—have to be earned and practiced. Dave draws from his years of experience as a former Naval Officer and President of several companies to explain why these so-called ‘soft-skills’ are actually the refined material of the most seasoned leaders. Learn more about Locked on Leadership at


Color Trends To Share With Your Customers Dee Schlotter

Color sells. And your customer wants to talk about it. Are you ready to give color advice? It may be one of the most important tools in your belt for closing a sale. We are here to help. Dee Schlotter from PPG helps you understand color trends and color stories to help you better advise homeowners and get more business. We think it would be well worth your time to listen to this podcast as many times as it takes to get the colors down and learn the keywords to use. Just a few new sentences...


Using Instagram To Get More Business With Ken Tucker

On this episode of Paint ED, Ken Tucker of Changescape Web chats with us about how painting businesses need to be marketing on Instagram. Ken teaches in schools and has authored three books now related to online marketing, so when he says you need to get your Instagram account up to speed, then it’s probably good advice. Ken talks with us about why Instagram is dominating social media platforms, and he shares specific ways you can start improve marketing on your business’s account. Also,...


Recession-Proof Your Business with Adam Rahll

Talk is increasing these days about a possible recession to hit the American economy in the next few years—perhaps sooner than later. Is your business recession-proof? Adam Rahll from Home Advisor talks with us about how businesses can prepare to survive challenging economic times and come out even stronger on the other side. It’s perhaps not coincidental that these strategies also happen to help you grow a strong, sustainable business in the best of times, as well as the worst. Adam will be...


Inside EXPO with Chad Schirmer

Sometimes, in our industry, a fresh perspective and a little bit of inspiration go a long way to completely revolutionizing your business. We believe the PCA EXPO provides exactly that. So, a short film was created by the PCA team to help you see, from beginning to end, what the EXPO experience is like. We thought it would be nice, for those of you who haven’t had time to see it, to take just the audio and let you hear it. Maybe you’ll want to see the video too, and maybe, just maybe you’ll...


Road Ready- Driving Safety for Your Team with Brandon Sturgis

Welcome to the Road Ready series of podcasts brought to you by the Painting Contractors Association and our good friends at BFGoodrich along with their Tradesmen Support Program. On this third and final episode of our Road Ready series, Brandon Sturgis from BFGoodrich returns to talk about driving safety and courtesy that impacts your entire team. A lot of companies put employees in the driver’s seat without any form of assessment or training whatsoever, and this can be detrimental to your...


Warranties That Close Sales And Protect Your Profit With Randy Fornoff

Do you provide your customers with a competitive warranty for the work you do? If so, do you know how to use it to close more sales? On this episode of Paint ED, Randy Fornoff of MTS Painting in Mesa Arizona discusses how he differentiates between a labor warranty and the ‘label’ warranty on the paint and materials, we talk about how long warranties should extend, and we touch on exclusions that protect your profits without compromising your integrity. Don’t miss the LIVE webinar with Randy...


Road Ready- Tire And Vehicle Durability with Brandon Sturgis

Welcome to the Road Ready series of podcasts brought to you by the Painting Contractors Association and our good friends at BFGoodrich along with their Tradesmen Support Program. On this second episode of our Road Ready series, Brandon Sturgis from BFGoodrich returns to talk about tire and vehicle durability, and how to keep your fleet in peak performing condition for as long as possible. Brandon actually helped develop some of the tests at BFGoodrich’s Proving Ground test track, and he’s...


From PDCA To PCA with Steve Skodak

On this episode of Paint ED, Steve Skodak, the Executive Director of PCA, talks with us about our recent name change from PDCA to PCA! Yes, our acronym and logo have changed to align with the more accurate descriptor, Painting Contractors Association. So, you may be asking, what’s the big deal? Well, for some, it isn’t a big deal. But if you knew what we’ve been through to get here, and if you know where we’re going, it’s a pretty big deal. It’s our promise to you that we are—as the...


Road Ready- Tire And Vehicle Safety With Brandon Sturgis

Welcome to the Road Ready series of Paint ED podcasts brought to you by the Painting Contractors Association and our good friends at BFGoodrich along with their Tradesmen Support Program. On this first episode, Brandon Sturgis from BFGoodrich joins us to talk about how to keep your fleet’s tires and vehicles in safe working condition. Brandon is the Product Category Manager for light truck and off-road tires at BFGoodrich, and let’s just say…he’s been around the track before. No really, he...


Leading With A High 'S' with Travis Dahlen

On this episode of Paint ED, Travis Dahlen from Northwind Painting in Alaska talks with us about what it means to lead with a high ‘S’. The ‘s’ is a personality style in the D-I-S-C (DISC) model of personality and leadership analysis, and leaders with a high ‘S’ tend to be very steady and patient, helping others connect and feel a sense of belonging. This sense of connection and belonging is exactly what new company culture is supposed to feel like to better attract and retain next-gen...


World-Class Production/ Operations Managers Talk About Systems

On this episode of Paint ED, World-Class Production/Operation Managers talk about systems and process for smoother operations and improved productivity. Matt Orcino—the Production Manager at SNL Painting in St. Louis, Missouri; Bill Curtindale, the Director of Operations at SKIS Painting in Renton, Washington; and Bill Loepp, the Director of Operations at SPI in Denver, Colorado discuss the structures and management processes that most revolutionized their companies, and they share tips to...


Comprehensive Lead Generation With Chris Moore

On this episode of Paint ED, Chris Moore from Elite Business Advisors talks with us about comprehensive lead generation. He addresses how to source new, organic leads, and how to develop advanced techniques for networking that brings you more jobs. Chris is going to be presenting for PDCA’s first Virtual Workshop on July 30 and August 6. In the 2-session Workshop, he’ll be helping online attendees build a Leads Map which helps companies identify all the possible sources of business leads,...


The Award Winning Mindset With Chad Jeffries

Do you think of your company as an award winning company? Imagine the changes that might take place in the work your employees do if they regularly thought of themselves as national award winners. Chad Jeffries of Brick City Painting and Drywall in Mexico, Missouri talks with us about how he challenged his team to think of their company as an award winning company, and he discusses how this improved Brick City’s team morale, their overall quality of work, and their reputation with customers....


Closing The Performance Gap and Increasing Productivity With Benji Carlson

You’ve started the summer strong, and business is good. The processes you’ve planned are working out quite nicely. Then, something slips when employees aren’t producing like you know they could be. Getting things back on track mid-summer can be a challenge. Benji Carlson from Breakthrough Academy talks with us about a few easy steps which quickly diagnose one of two employee problems: a lack of skill or a lack of commitment. Do you have a plan that quickly addresses these issues so you can...


Family Financial Planning For Painting Contractors With Deb Meyer

As a business owner, do you feel pressure to make business decisions that benefit your family and pose as little risk to them as possible? That can be quite the feat, especially considering the fact that owning a business has its ups and downs, and requires a certain measure of risk-taking. On this episode of Paint ED, Deb Meyer from Worthy Nest and author of Redefining Family Wealth: A Parent’s Guide To Purposeful Living, talks with us about the challenges business owners face in balancing...