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Pathways For Employee Advancement with Christian Militello

On this episode of Paint ED, Christian Militello from Militello Painting and Powerwashing in Philly talks with us about need for new employees to have a clear pathway for advancement in their work. Everyone doing anything needs to know where they’re going. Are you providing clear goals and progress milestones for your team? Christian tells us how he’s developing a solution, and the challenges he’s come up against in the process. We want to hear your ideas! Comment on our Facebook or...


Failing Into The Future with Jason Paris

Failing doesn't sound like an attractive business practice. But learning is great for business, and you can't learn if you don't risk some failure. Enter Jason Paris of Paris Painting in Minnesota. He's learned how to fail forward, and he has seen tremendous growth in his business as a result. Jason shares his story of trial and error, and talks about how 'patch updates' work across all industries. Don't miss Jason's presentation at the 2019 EXPO on the topic of training a leadership team...


Expanding The Labor Force In 2019 with Michael Smith

On this episode of Paint ED...Hope. We've heard it so many times…where are the new painters going to be coming from? Is nothing being done about the labor shortage? Proposed solutions are popping up everywhere, but PDCA is throwing all in with Teach Initiative. Michael Smith is the Executive Director at Teach, and he is working to bring everyone together to develop training resources and get them in the hands of schools and workforce development programs. Things are moving pretty quickly on...


Selling In The Off-Season with Tony Kanak

On this episode of Paint ED, Tony Kanak of Sales Evolution talks about selling in the off-season. Tony’s ideas are the perfect blend of sales psychology and common sense. Whether you think you need to or not, you really do need to keep that selling-train continually chugging along, and this may be one of the best times of the year to do that. If you’re a residential company, your paint jobs will be seen and commented on by a lot of people at holiday get-togethers. People talk about your...


7 Profit-Killers That Cost Large Companies Big-Time

On this episode of Paint ED, Brandon Lewis from the Painters Academy returns to talk about 7 Profit-Killers that cost companies big-time. This conversation went a little longer than our podcasts usually go, but we really think it was worth it, and we think you will too. Brandon discusses reasons why big companies often slow their roll and experience a plateau in their growth, and he talks about ways to remedy this. You may not agree with everything this guy says, but he will turn what you...


Listening for Leads with Aaron Hockel

On this episode of Paint ED, Aaron Hockel is with us from Alta Vista Strategic Partners to talk about social monitoring and social listening to generate new leads. It’s all about where to listen and where interject in online forums to guide prospects to your services in a courteous, compelling way. It may take some practice, but I think it’s worth it. It’s yet another way to find new business, and who doesn’t need that? A little listening goes a long way. Have your team listen to this...


Maximizing Your ROI With Danny Kerr

On this episode of Paint ED, Danny Kerr from Breakthrough Academy talks about maximizing your marketing Return On Investment, or ROI. Marketing results can be kind-of vague. How do you know how much to market? How do you know how much to spend on marketing? How do you know when marketing works? Somebody get me some hard numbers up in here! Thank you Danny Kerr. If you heard his other podcasts or training seminars, you know that this guy has what for your business? That’s right, systems. He’s...


2019 PDCA Industry Awards with Christine Turner and Chris Shank

You've worked hard this year and PDCA wants to give you the recognition you deserve! Our outreach coordinator and education director sit down to discuss the PDCA Industry Awards and the new categories we have this year. Are you unsure your project has what it takes to be a winner? We think otherwise! Visit this link to submit your projects today: Or email for more information.


Top And Bottom Line with Tom Reber and Gina Koert

Production has ramped up for many contractors at the end of busy season, and what goes up, must come down. When things quiet down, and you get a chance to see how much profit you actually made, will you hit your numbers? Or will you find that in the flood of summer business your activity outperformed your actual earnings. You want to make sure everyone hard work really pays off in the end. Tom Reber from The Contractor Fight joins me and Gina Koert, owner of SPI in Denver, Colorado and the...


Bidding with High End Paint with Nigel Costolloe and Jess Ritchie

Do you specify high end paint in your bids? There are a lot of contractors out there who do, some even exclusively; but others may be a bit hesitant to offer something that they feel may drive up the price and scare away potential customers. No one likes to lose a bid, but offering high end products may actually close more deals than not! On this episode of Paint ED, Nigel Costolloe from Catchlight Painting in the Boston area, and Jess Ritchie from Farrow and Ball, discuss ways contractors...


Dealing With The Labor Shortage With Jeff Winter

Labor shortage got you down? Well, it’s not just you. The labor shortage is a growing problem that has everyone in the trades scrambling, not the least of which are painting businesses. Seems that there are not enough good painters to go around. A lot of ideas are being thrown at the wall to see what sticks, but Sherwin-Williams has recently launched a couple resources that could really help. Jeff Winter, the Vice President of Residential Marketing at Sherwin-Williams, talks with us about...


Training And Hiring Supervisors (Part 2)

On this episode of Paint ED we hear from a few painting contractors and a training systems guru about how they see the topic of hiring and onboarding. Maybe you can learn a thing or two, or maybe you can add to the conversation. Don’t miss the webinars about training systems for new employees and supervisors coming up on September 27 and October 4 at 2 pm Central. Go to to find more. Featured Speakers: Christian Militello, Owner, Militello Painting in Philadelphia, PA Michael Smith,...


A Tech Talk Part Two with Tom Droste

Tom Droste from Estimate Rocket it back to talk about integrating new technology into your business. This guy knows technology because he invents technology, and what’s more, he trains people on how to integrate new tech in their business, which is the greater challenge. Enjoy this episode of Paint ED where Tom talks about Google Docs, You Can Book Me, Youtube, Quickbooks, and other new tools; AND he offers some help on team training. Don’t miss the full webinar "A Tech Talk - Practical Tech...


Onboarding and Training Systems

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about how to best on-board new employees, know that you’re not alone. I literally hear about this concern all the time. Some have solutions while others are still trying to work towards solutions, and sometimes it just helps to put our heads together and hear how others are working through it. On this episode of Paint ED we hear from a few painting contractors and a training systems guru about how they see the topic of hiring and onboarding. Maybe you...


The Scheduling Beast with John Busick

Scheduling is one of every contractor’s greatest challenges. If your business is ready to grow or if it is already growing, scheduling can be the battleground where the success of your company is decided. Really. But you know this. On this episode of Paint ED, John Busick of Kunst Painting and the co-founder of WorkGlue, talks with us about how scheduling is the hub of everything you do as a painting contractor. It affects everything from your bottom line to your company’s reputation and...


Generational Trends With Haley Gray

On this episode of Paint ED Haley Gray from Home Advisor joins us to talk about how contractors can better sell and close with homeowners by understanding generational trends. Do you know what kinds of projects boomers are looking for? Do you know where to find the most Gen-Xers? Do you know what form of communication best reaches Millennials? If you don’t, it’s time you do.


Reader's Podcast: Hiring Talent with Andrew Amrhein

Join us for PDCA's first reader's podcast episode! Andrew Amrhein from Nolan Consulting joins us to review his most recent business read, "Hiring Talent" by Tom Foster. Do you know how time-span thinking is an indicator for job fitness? Are you filling the job roles of your business efficiently? We will discuss this and more on this episode! Andrew Amrhein Business Coach and Sales Trainer


The Four Keys to High Performing Websites with Martin Morgan

Martin Morgan from Pro Painter Websites is with us again to talk about understanding the latest online trends so you can get more customers. This time Martin shares with us the four keys to high performing websites. If you get these things covered, you’re on your way to getting people in the door. Just make sure you have something good for them when they get there. Check out Martin’s in-depth video about getting online customers at


Strategic Partnerships Between Decorative and General Paint Contractors with Angela Schuster

Angela Schuster from Faux Time Design explains how she leverages strategic partnerships between her decorative painting business and general painting contractors. Find out how you can benefit from this type of partnership and even how niche painting could broaden your business' horizon.


Getting More Online Customers With Martin Morgan

Online business: some swim easily in that ocean and for others it’s overwhelming. Times are changing though, and having an online presence is essential to your business. Martin Morgan from Propainter websites join us to explain online trends and how to get more customers in the digital world. Don’t miss the full webinar on August 22nd at 4 PM CT. To register visit or email