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Top 5 Estimating Strategies with Fred Yarur

Estimating paint jobs is a complex task while takes a while to get one's mind wrapped around. It takes some contractors and estimators years to refine their process in a way that increases accuracy and consistency, and thereby widen profit margins. Knowing how to use tools like the PDCA Cost and Estimating Guide is imperative, but the Guide is hard to tackle without help. Enter Fred Yarur of the Painter's Estimating Program (PEP). Fred helps people use the Cost and Estimating Guide, and he...


Getting A Business Loan with Matt Palmisciano

Are you at a Tipping Point in your business growth but can't quite break through to the next level? A business loan may give you the extra boost you need. Despite popular fear-mongering regarding the nature of 'unnecessary' loans, many business owners have leveraged the power of strategic loans to reach their goals. Want to learn the 'why' and 'how' of getting the right kind of loan that fits your needs? Matt Palmisciano of Forjak Industrial enlightens us on this episode of Paint ED! Don't...


Contracts That Cover Your Assets With Randy Fornoff

On this episode of Paint ED we have Randy Fornoff from MTS Painting in Arizona with us. Randy knows the recipe for great contracts that communicate your service agreements clearly and succinctly, and especially contracts that protect your interests. Randy shares with us about how his contracts have evolved over the years, and what needs to be included in those contracts to make sure you’re covered. Randy will be presenting a webinar on the topic of “Contracts That Cover Your Assets.” The...


Tools For Your Business: PDCA Roundtables and Biz Blitz Trainings

Are you getting the most out of your PDCA membership or are you curious about the benefits of being a PDCA member? The Education Team at PDCA will sit down each month to discuss upcoming education trainings and PDCA tools that you should be using! This month, Chris Shank and Christine O'Connell discuss roundtable calls, Paint Ed exclusive episodes, and the April Biz Blitz series. For more information on PDCA and how to utilize PDCA tools call (314) 514-7322 or email


Getting Out Of The Day-To-Day To Grow Your Business with Danny Kerr

One of the hardest things to do as a business owner is to step off the hamster wheel of daily tasks and production, and think. The big picture won't come together if you can't see past the paint can and daily schedules. But this isn't easy for painting contractors who feel that everything would fall apart if they stepped away, even for a little bit. But Danny Kerr has systems. Danny is from Breakthrough Academy and he has good news for contractors who need to get their head above water to...


Hiring Painters Is Easy with Nick LoGrasso

Does hiring painters have to be as difficult as they say? If not, why are so many contractors desperate to find good people? Even the "decent human" qualifier seems to thin out the already-sparse crowds who aren't exactly barreling through the door in a rush to submit their job applications. But Nick LoGrasso of SNL painting doesn't seem to be having the same trouble. He sat down to chat with us about how he always seems to have just the right flow of new painters when he needs them. And...


Tax Reform With Christina DeLurgio

Are you ready for tax season? We're here to help you get prepared! Join us as Christina DeLurgio, the Finance Director at PDCA National, discusses the effects of 2018 tax reform on businesses and personal finance. Christina will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, April 4th, at 4 PM CT where she will discuss in depth the effects of the 2018 tax reform. Don't miss your chance to ask your questions LIVE at the end of the session in the Q&A. Go to to register or email


Doing Business With Millennials with Art Snarzyk

If you missed Art Snarzyk's presentation at the PDCA EXPO on the topic of Doing Business With Millennials, you'll want to check out this podcast. Art shares with us on this episode how the topic has changed over the years, and why a well rounded approach to appreciating the Millennial mindset can be the way to move your business forward. Don't miss Art's full-hour, LIVE webinar on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 4 pm Central. Ask Art your questions during our Q&A at the end of his...


Gathering And Implementing Big Ideas with PDCA Education

Step one: get a big idea. Step two: figure out what to do with that big idea. Painting contractors need to stay a ahead of the curve with big ideas in their industry, but how do you implement those ideas once you get them without drowning or copying/pasting something that doesn't work for your business? Gina Koert, Christian Militello, and Matt Palmisciano from PDCA's Education Committee join us on this podcast to talk about how to gather and implement new ideas that can carry momentum...


Keeping Your Business Fun With The Guys Of Paint Hops And Drops

On this episode of Paint ED we have the hosts of the Paint Hops and Drops podcast with us talking about how they make business fun for themselves and their employees. Having fun and bringing in revenue is not always an easy balance to strike, but they do just about as well as anyone I’ve ever seen. These business owners have a good time together and we hope you can take some of their charisma and bring it to your own business.


Getting Ready To Hire with Christian Militello

Spring is right around the corner, which means companies will be spending time hiring new employees. Christian Militello of Militello Painting and Powerwashing in Pennsylvania gets a head-start in interviewing and hiring in the winter! He shares with us his approach to interviewing and creating an attractive work culture that he believes will bring people back for the job in the spring.


What To Do About Low-Priced Competitors with Brandon Lewis

You know that feeling you get when a competitor undercuts your bid and makes you wonder how they're making their money? It's a common experience in the painting industry, but Brandon "The Messenger" Lewis of the Painter's Academy is here to share a few strategies that can change the game entirely. Don't miss our webinar with Brandon on Thursday, February 15, at 4 pm Central where he will take a deeper dive on the problem and solution. Brandon will also be with us at the PDCA EXPO in...


Getting Past Massive Action with Nick May

To know your niche, you have to act. But massive action can lead to massive stalls if you're not careful to forward your momentum by focusing on what you do best and refusing to "paint dogs." Nick May from The Business Brush joins us to chat about the three phases of business growth, and he discusses how important it is to know what your business stands for. Hint: it may or may not be staining decks.


Fanatical Clarity In Your Business With Tom Reber

Tom Reber of The Contractor Fight is back on Paint ED for a much-needed truth-session and timely shakedown of our business strategies to help reveal what's lacking. Tom regularly helps business owners get honest with themselves and get back to a fanatical clarity which brings unity to everything we do. Tom changes minds, and changed minds change business. Are you ready for change? Don't miss Tom at the PDCA EXPO in Galveston Texas on February 21-23! Visit, or call 1-800-332-7322...


Training Key Employees with Danny Kerr

Every painting contractor is always looking for better ways to make training stick with their employees, but that secret is part of a larger recipe for success. Danny Kerr, former painting business owner and now Managing Director at Breakthrough Academy, joins us in this episode of Paint ED to talk about how to develop employee training systems that work and are networked into a total business strategy. Danny will be presenting at the upcoming PDCA EXPO in Galveston, Texas on February...


Creating Estimates and Proposals with Tom Droste

Creating estimates and proposals for customers is no simple task. It involves a working knowledge of production, labor, material, and overhead costs; but the soft-skills involved in interactions with customers can make or break a deal. It’s a lot to balance, and this is why the good people at Estimate Rocket want to help equip contractors to navigate both the art and science of estimating. On this episode of Paint ED, Tom Droste from Estimate Rocket joins us to talk about how achieving a...


We Are All About The People With Oginga Carr

On this episode of Paint ED we have Oginga Carr of Epiphany Consulting with us. Oginga sat down with us to talk about what small businesses need to remember when going about building or updating their HR materials. Oginga is going to be presenting on a PDCA webinar next week on the subject of HR Policies and Employee Handbooks for Small Business. It will be the second webinar in our small business biz-blitz series, and it will take place next Wednesday, January 17, at 4 pm Central. Go to...


Pain Pays with Jason Paris

The year is new-born and full of potential, so we thought it would be a great start to our podcast in 2018 by inviting a crack, young business owner onto the show who is doing everything right, seeing results, and inspiring others around him. But Jason Paris of Paris Painting in Minnesota is humble, and his colleagues appreciate his sincerity as he powers through his challenges, embraces the pain, and motivates others around him to continue to innovate. There is a lot to learn from this...


Building A Customer Success Team With Kathy Droste

On this episode of Paint Ed Kathy Droste, Director of Sales and Business Partnership at Estimate Rocket, gives us insight into her customer success team and how every one of her employees are treated like customers. Kathy talks about how the labor shortage is affecting the contractors she works with and how Estimate Rocket’s own business model demonstrates potential solutions to the labor shortage.


Managing Moonlighters with Nick LoGrasso and Art Snarzyk

For many painting contractors it's an unavoidable fact that their employees will be searching for side-jobs during seasonal lulls to make financial ends meet. But is that necessarily a bad thing? Is there a way to accommodate moonlighting employees while ensuring they don't compete against or poach jobs from their employer? Nick LoGrasso from SNL Painting and Art Snarzyk from InnerView Advisors joins us on this episode of Paint ED to talk about how to manage employees seeking side-jobs,...


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