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The Providence College Podcast features interviews with interesting members of the Friar Family. These in-depth conversations with PC students, Dominicans, faculty, staff, and alumni provide a rich look into the lives of noteworthy Friars. Occasionally we will also bring you on-campus lectures and presentations. Go Friars!

The Providence College Podcast features interviews with interesting members of the Friar Family. These in-depth conversations with PC students, Dominicans, faculty, staff, and alumni provide a rich look into the lives of noteworthy Friars. Occasionally we will also bring you on-campus lectures and presentations. Go Friars!
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The Providence College Podcast features interviews with interesting members of the Friar Family. These in-depth conversations with PC students, Dominicans, faculty, staff, and alumni provide a rich look into the lives of noteworthy Friars. Occasionally we will also bring you on-campus lectures and presentations. Go Friars!




Joseph DeStefano '52 - A Veteran's Journey from the Pacific to Providence (Rebroadcast)

This week, we are fortunate to talk with World War II veteran Joseph DeStefano '52. DeStefano entered the Navy division of the Army in 1943 and served until 1946. In that time, he served throughout the Pacific helping to secure various islands and defeat the Japanese. After leaving the army, he enrolled at Providence College, played college basketball and baseball, and began his career in education. In this episode, DeStefano talks about what he learned in the army, the advice he gives most...


John Rock - From adhesive tape to sleep pods: 30 years of caring for Friar student-athletes

John Rock, senior associate athletic director for sports medicine, discusses the ways in which Providence College works to provide the support student-athletes need to compete at the Division I level. Over the course of 30 years at PC, John says he has seen tremendous changes but that the driving principle continues to be a focus on each student’s well-being.


Dr. Mitchell Kusy ’73 - Toxic Co-Workers

Dr. Mitchell Kusy ’73 is a corporate psychologist, a Fulbright Scholar in organization development, and a professor in the doctoral program at Antioch University’s Graduate School of Leadership & Change. He discusses the commitment to “everyday civility” and the impact of toxic personalities, particularly employees, in the workplace.


Commencement Weekend 2018

Enjoy these highlights of Providence College’s One Hundredth Commencement Exercises, including greetings at Commencement Exercises by College President Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P. ’80, as well as his classmate Karen Monti Flynn ’80 & ’15P, president of the Providence College National Alumni Association, and Conor Glendon ’18, president of the senior class. Then, listen to David McCullough ’18Hon. present his inspirational Commencement Address.


Dr. Melissa Brymer '92 - Care for Families in Need

Dr. Melissa Brymer '92, the director of terrorism and disaster programs for the UCLA-Duke National Center for Child Traumatic Stress, presented the keynote address at the Department of Psychology's 50th Reunion, discussing research-based efforts to improve the quality of care for families in need.


Lenny Alsfeld ’74 — Being St. Joseph Today

Lenny Alsfeld ’74, the president and CEO of FBT Investments, Inc. in New Orleans, La., recently returned to campus to discuss “Being St. Joseph Today: Father and Worker,” a personal reflection on St. Joseph’s virtues in the business world. The event was sponsored by PC’s Knights of Columbus chapter, which awarded its first St. Joseph Medal, recognizing strong examples of fatherhood in today’s world, to Alsfeld. The former men’s hockey and tennis player is a father of four and the president...


A Conversation with Sports Industry Star Rudy Cline-Thomas '00

This week join us for a conversation with Rudy Cline-Thomas ’00 on his journey as a finance major from PC to an innovative career in the sports industry, moderated by Dean Sylvia Maxfield of the Providence College School of Business.


Elise Italiano ’06 - Pope Francis: Advice, Encouragement, Instruction

Elise Italiano ’06, executive director of communications for The Catholic University of America, returned to Providence College for PC Campus Ministry’s Theology on Tap series. Enjoy her talk, “Pope Francis: Advice, Encouragement, Instruction.”


Adrian Beaulieu — PC Study Abroad is Flying

Adrian Beaulieu, dean of international studies since 2007, joins us on the podcast to discuss the College’s Study Abroad Program, where student participation has nearly tripled in the last decade. He explains the primary reasons for the growth and discusses top destinations, the confidence students realize from living overseas, the “typical” study abroad experience, and more. He SHOULD know … he’s traveled to 47 countries and logged well over 1 million airplane miles in his career.


Mary Burak ’15 — The wild life of a wildlife researcher

Mary Burak ’15, a doctoral candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, joins us on the podcast to discuss her research on the interactions of humans and large carnivores, such as lions, leopards, and hyenas in Tanzania and how her study abroad and research experience as a PC student affected her career path.


Isabel Ortiz ’19 - Dealing with Devastation

Isabel Ortiz ’19, a psychology major from Puerto Rico, is the guest on this edition of the Providence College podcast. Ortiz shares the story of Hurricane Maria’s impact on her family and the island where she grew up. That tragedy, she tells us, was made a bit more bearable by the warm embrace of her fellow students and others in the PC community.


Lenten Reflections from Dominican Friars

As Holy Week begins, enjoy this podcast of Lenten reflections by Dominican priests at the College, based on the readings for each Sunday of Lent. This series, which continues through Easter, is offered to the Providence College community as a gift from the Dominican fathers.


Dr. Jessica Mulligan — The Impact of the Affordable Care Act

In this episode of the Providence College Podcast, Dr. Jessica M. Mulligan, associate professor of health policy and management, details her research on the impact of the Affordable Care Act on coverage, access to care, and systematic exclusion in the American health care system in the new book she co-edited, Unequal Coverage: the Experience of Health Care Reform in the United States. She also discusses how student researchers and grants from the College supported the project.


Dr. Terza Lima-Neves ’00 — From Cape Verde to PC and beyond

In this episode, Dr. Terza Lima-Neves ’00, who emigrated from Cape Verde as a teenager, describes the issues facing women from the West African nation. Now an associate professor of political science at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, N.C., Lima-Neves discusses the memento she treasures from her PC days and the professor who nurtured her love of the academic field.


Dr. Steve Perreault - Whistleblowers and the Liberal Arts

Dr. Steve Perreault of the Department of Accountancy joined us to discuss his research into the factors that influence whistle-blower behavior, and the ways in which scholarly research enhances teaching. A fifth-year Providence College School of Business faculty member, Perrault also shared his insights on the valuable enhancement that a liberal arts curriculum provides to an undergraduate business education. Plus, he is the second Hendricken High School graduate-turned-PC faculty member...


Sean Walsh ’03 – Life in a Dream Job (Rebroadcast)

In this episode, Walsh, assistant director of client services for the Boston Red Sox, talks about his rise from a three-month temporary employee to a 14-year (and counting) career with a premium sports franchise. We also discuss what his advice for fellow Friars pursuing a career in the sports industry, what his early days with the Red Sox were like, and the shifting nature of a dream job.


Dr. Bill Hudson - American Democracy in Peril

Political Science Department Chair Dr. Bill Hudson, working on the ninth edition of his book, American Democracy in Peril, joined us to discuss the eight enduring challenges to America’s future that he identified when the book was first published in 1988. He also talked about his students, his PC career that began when he joined the faculty in 1974, and a senior seminar conducted in his dining room 35 years ago. The eight challenges (from American Democracy in Peril) Separation of Powers...


The Gold Standard

Seven Friar and former Friar women’s hockey players were part of a team that captured the world’s attention 20 years ago, winning Olympic gold for the U.S. team in Nagano. Several members of that team got together during Alumni and Family Weekend to talk about that experience, in a lively roundtable discussion hosted by PC’s 19-year women’s hockey coach, Bob Deraney. Recorded live.


Lisa Bates '88 - Seeing America via Amtrak

In this week’s podcast, we discuss the joys of seeing America via Amtrak with Lisa Bates ’88, author of “Beyond the Rails: USA Cross-Country Train Travel.” Bates bought her first rail pass while studying abroad in Europe. Since 2014, she has taken four cross-country trips across the United States, racking up more than 21,000 miles of rail travel, many of them with her family — including three teenagers — in the seats beside her. Bates shares some of the benefits of this mode of...


Brian Lamoureux ’94 — Life and Law in the Internet Age

This week’s guest is Brian Lamoureux ’94, a School of Business practitioner faculty member who specializes in legal issues related to social media. He talks about balancing teaching with his work as a lawyer, the implications of living in a digital society, and the policy and politics of net neutrality.