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The Essence Of Life Science Content

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) as he talks to Thomas Timp (Managing Director at McGraw-Hill Education) about authorship at McGraw-Hill. How life science content gets created and you will hear a quick teaser for a future show on LearnSmart Labs! This episode is sponsored by Connect Master: Why Biology!


Be Inspired to Mix Things Up!

Join Valerie Kramer (McGraw-Hill Education) as she welcomes Seeley’s Anatomy & Physiology Author, Cinnamon VanPutte (Southwestern Illinois College). You’ll be completely engaged and excited to make a difference in your students’ lives with more critical thinking in your course!


Take The Risk, Enjoy The Reward!

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) and Valerie Kramer (McGraw-Hill Education), as they take a look back on podcasting in A&P and talk about the future of the Succeed in A&P podcast. You will LOVE this show!


How to Enhance Physiology Coverage in your Anatomy & Physiology Courses

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) as he talks about how you can increase or enhance your physiology coverage in A&P with the concept overview interactives! Jim makes reference to this article on the podcast.


What To Do With A Specimen Shortage

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) as he talks about specimen shortage and creative ideas to solve that problem in your laboratory. Suggestions: 1. Consider a specimen change 2. Change in your laboratory strategy to incorporate digital 3. Use different resources like Connect, lab manuals, workbooks, etc. 4. Check out what others are doing on iTeach, HAPS-L, articles on the McGraw-Hill Education site Jim talks about Anatomy & Physiology Revealed (Cat, Cadaver and Fetal Pig...


Change the game with the Practice Atlas for A&P!

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) and Michael Koot (McGraw-Hill Education) as they talk about the game changing Practice Atlas. They will talk about anatomical models, how to assign the practice atlas and much more! This product is great for the lecture or laboratory and students can access it 24/7. This product was developed with our world-class instructional design and A&P teams. Jim and Michael talk about article in depth:...


Top 7 PowerPoint Tips to ROCK your Lecture!

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) in episode, where he talks about how an excellent article authored by Dr. Heather Collins called “Defy Death by PowerPoint: 7 tips to Improve Multimedia Learning”. Jim talks about his take on Heather’s 7 tips and how you can rethink your PowerPoint or Multimedia strategy. The full article can be read here: Dr. Collin’s popular TEDx talk called Successful Thinking: It’s a...


Happy Birthday Succeed in A&P Podcast!!!!!!

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) for this anniversary episode of Succeed in A&P. Jim looks back on the year and interviews members of the top 10 podcast episodes. You will hear from Molly Schiel (Northeast Iowa Community College), Michael Koot (McGraw-Hill Education), Steve Sullivan (Bucks County CC), Richard Pirkle (Tennessee Tech University) and Julie Thompson (McGraw-Hill Education). This episode is brought to you by Connect Master: Why Biology! (Britney Ross from McGraw-Hill...


The top 10 creative ways to use Anatomy & Physiology Revealed in your class!

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) in this solo show talking about the top 10 ways to creatively use Anatomy & Physiology Revealed in your class. APR turned 15 this year, enjoy the show and let us know if you have a creative way to use APR not listed! We thank you for listening to the Succeed in A&P!


How the Pink Panther inspired Anatomy & Physiology Revealed!

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) and his guest Roy Schneider (University of Toledo) as they discuss how a pitch to the Owens Corning company inspired the future of Anatomy & Physiology Revealed. Jim and Roy talk about the historic 15th birthday of APR and reveal some inside secrets about the product and how the future looks bright for this award-winning product! Listen to learn more!


Shaping the future of A&P education!

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) and his guest Matt Garcia (McGraw-Hill Education) as they discuss product development, brand-new products releasing soon and how to get involved in the fun process of content creation on digital products, textbooks and beyond. Matt will unveil his favorite three Succeed in A&P podcast episodes and why! You will learn some of the inner workings at McGraw-Hill and as usual, Jim and Matt have some fun along the way!


New Research And How Exam Viewing Can Revolutionize Your Class!

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) and his guest Krista Rompolski (Drexel University and McGraw-Hill Education author on Fox Human Physiology) as they discuss new research on human neurons and Krista’s article in the HAPS Educator on face-to-face exam viewing. Krista shares some insightful study tips for students. You will learn some of her perspective on positively impacting student performance!


How To Help Your Students Build A Foundation For Success

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) and his guest Judi D’Aleo (Plymouth State and iWorx) as they discuss the terminology tools, preview chapter and charts in Hole’s Human A&P. These tools help your students build a strong foundation in A&P. Jim and Judi also talk about her work with the iWorx company and how they can help you in the laboratory! Enjoy!


The lost tapes of HAPS Day #2: Episode 1

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) and his guests who attended the HAPS conference in May of 2018! This is an all star lineup featuring Terry Martin (talking about terminology), Krissy Rellihan a.k.a. audio velvet (talking about awesomeness in A&P) and Robin McFarland (talking about HAPS fun)! This is episode 1 of the lost tapes of HAPS day #2. ENJOY!


Do this and No One will ever miss your class or presentation again!

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) and his guest Bridgett Mcgowen-Hawkins (international speaker and founder of BMC Talks) as they talk about tips and strategies to make sure that nobody misses your lecture physically or mentally ever again! Jim and Bridgett have a great exploring fun strategies you can use today, in any classroom or presentation you have! This is an episode you don't want to miss! Tune in to learn more!


Change the game with the most missed questions report!

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) and Bill Hoover (Bunker Hill Community College) as they discuss the Bill’s research on using the most missed questions report in SmartBook AND the Connect Insights report. As you listen, we have a fun Easter Egg in this episode for you to find. Bill talks about his advice to new users and adjuncts too, there is something to learn for everyone! Tune in today. Happy 4th of July from the Succeed in A&P Podcast!


Problem Solving And Critical Thinking When You Need It

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education), Cinnamon VanPutte (Southwestern Illinois College), Jennifer Regan (The University of Southern Mississippi) and Andy Russo (University of Iowa) as they discuss the topic of problem solving and critical thinking in the A&P course. They specifically talk about the problem solving model incorporated in the Seeley A&P textbook, originally written by Rod Seeley, Trent Stephens and Phil Tate.


Award winning instructors share their insights!

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education), Kash Dutta (University of New England), and Paul Nissenson (Cal Poly Pomona) as they discuss Connect best practices, how to improve your DFW rate, the future of STEM education and how to win awards along the way. Paul and Kash were recent winners in digital learning innovation. Jim, Paul and Kash talk about strategies and insights you can use to become an award winner. Tune in to learn more!


#MHEhappiness + HAPS= FUN!

Live from the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society conference day 1! Highlights from the first-timers breakfast, the biggest concept map ever built for A&P and we might talk about some roller derby! We had fun, thank you for all of my friends who stopped by booth #103! See you tomorrow day #2!!!!


Unlock your potential with Connect A&P turnkey courses!

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) and Michelle Watnick (McGraw-Hill Education) as they talk about demo, pre-built SmartBook, pre-built and the brand-new turnkey courses! Turnkey courses are created by a team of curriculum experts with input from learning experience designers. They are built with a consistent goal in mind- to ensure that the assignments cover all key Learning Objectives in the chapter. We offer them for a number of our A&P titles. Tune in to learn more!