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A Student's Perspective to Success in A&P

To kick off 2020, Valerie Kramer (McGraw-Hill) welcomes special guest—student Carly Franklin (University of Dubuque)—to share her perspective on passing the A&P course and how it has helped her have success in nursing school.


New! 3D Rotatable Models to Engage Students

Join Valerie Kramer and Matthew Garcia (McGraw-Hill) as they share exciting, modern updates to Anatomy & Physiology Revealed (APR). After listening, you'll be equipped with ideas for new tools to engage today's students for the ultimate success in the A&P course!


Five Unique Success Tips for A&P Students and Instructors

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill Education) and his guest Richard Pirkle (Tennessee Tech University) as they discuss the nursing shortage, drop/fail/withdraw rates in A&P I and five unique strategies you can use today to improve both student performance and teaching effectiveness. Jim and Richard have some fun along the way! #MHEhappiness


Help Us Improve the Nursing Shortage!

Join Valerie Kramer (McGraw-Hill) and special guest Cynthia Leaver, PhD (American Association of Colleges of Nursing) as they discuss the importance of A&P and the national nursing shortage crisis. You'll gain ideas and feel motivated to help your students stay engaged and pass the A&P course to get into nursing school!


How You Help us Create Solutions for Success

You're not alone! Most A&P instructors are faced with many of the same challenges. Join Valerie Kramer and Kristine Rellihan (McGraw-Hill) as they talk about listening to you, the instructor, so we can create the content and solutions to help you and your students succeed in the A&P course.


Prepare Your Students for A&P. Stop The Drop!

Want to see your drop-fail-withdrawal (DFW) rate decrease? Join Valerie Kramer (McGraw-Hill) and Richard Pirkle (Tennessee Tech University) as they talk about the challenge of the underprepared student and some tips to help get students on the same playing field—and ultimately succeed in the A&P course!


Empower Students to Engage in Content with NEW SmartBook 2.0!

Listen as Valerie Kramer (McGraw-Hill) discusses the NEW SmartBook 2.0 and how to make your course meet Quality Matters standards with Bill Hoover, MD (Bunker Hill Community College). On average, students spend 80% of their time NOT with the instructor. Hear how this tool engages students to read and ultimately helps them succeed.


This Tool will Make your Course More Productive!

Anatomy & Physiology Revealed 4.0 is now LIVE! Don't miss hearing about the recent updates, why this digital cadaver dissection tool is important to instructors and students everywhere—and how you can integrate it into your course for ultimate success.


5 Ways to Motivate Your Students

Join Valerie Kramer (McGraw-Hill) and Molly Schiel (Northeast Iowa Community College) as they discuss the importance of student motivation in the A&P Course. You'll leave inspired to motivate your own students with these five easy-to-implement ways to keep students engaged!


Collaboration for the Ultimate Success in Education

Join Valerie Kramer (McGraw-Hill) and Myles Hunter (TutorMe) as they share their passion for education and how they are collaborating to provide help to students 24/7. Both McGraw-Hill and TutorMe want to make learning convenient AND effective! Listen as they discuss how their platforms are working together to do just that.


Set Yourself up for Success

Join Jim Connely and Valerie Kramer (McGraw Hill Education) as they talk about the start of our implementation season! We are excited to offer a world class implementation event on July 19th. This event is virtual and open to anyone teaching with a McGraw-Hill book and Connect. Jim and Valerie talk about Nutrition, Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology plus Medical Terminology. Sign up today! Additionally, we will be conducting a face-to-face session for course preparation on July 25th and...


Live from HAPS! The final conversation!

Join Valerie Kramer, Jim Connely and Matt Garcia (McGraw Hill) as they interview HAPS attendees and hear what tips they have for you. (Note: Voices listed below are not in order of appearance.) Listen now for inspiration! Tips are from the following faculty: Andy Russo, University of IowaMichael Koot, McGraw-Hill Education Bill Hoover, Bunker Hill Community CollegeBeth Kersten, State College of Florida (Manatee) Mary Beth Dawson, Kingsborough Community College Judy D' Aleo, Plymouth State...


HAPS, Day 2. Teaching tips from the field.

Join us for Pro-Tip Friday at HAPS! Join Valerie Kramer, Jim Connely and Matt Garcia (McGraw Hill) as they interview HAPS attendees and hear what tips they have for you. (Note: Voices listed below are not in order of appearance.) Listen now for inspiration! Tips are from the following faculty: Carrie Espasandin, Olympic Community CollegeLeslie Hendon, University of Alabama BirminghamNahel Awadallah, Nash Community CollegeSteve Sullivan, Bucks County Community CollegeMatt Garcia,...


Teaching Tips from HAPS, Day 1. LIVE from McGraw-Hill Education Booth!

Join us for Pro-Tip Thursday at HAPS! Join Valerie Kramer, Jim Connely and Matt Garcia (McGraw Hill) as they interview HAPS attendees and hear what tips they have for you! Faculty share their favorite tips! (Note: Voices listed below are not in order of appearance.) Listen in for more! Tips are from the following faculty: Paul Emerick, Monroe Community CollegeCinnamon VanPutte, Southwest Illinois CollegeJenifer Regan, University of Southern Mississippi Chad Wayne, University of...


HAPS 2019 Preview

It's officially the month of the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society Conference! Join Valerie Kramer, Jim Connely and Matt Garcia (McGraw Hill) to hear what we have in store for you and ways to make the most of your time at HAPS. Feel the energy of the event and win a plethora of prizes!


The Importance of Answering the 'Why' in A&P

Be inspired by Jeffrey Kingsbury, MD (Arizona State University) as he talks with Valerie Kramer (McGraw Hill) about how creating a clear roadmap and providing relevancy and digital tools for career readiness result in student success!


7 Things to Do When Teaching Online

Join Valerie Kramer (McGraw Hill) and Lynn Preston, PhD (Tarrant County College NW) as they talk about teaching online successfully. You'll be motivated to try Lynn's great advice —from communication and useful tools to trying new things—in your own online A&P course!


Making a Difference for All Students

Hear how an Instructor's need turned into a real educational solution in this inspiring episode. We'll uncover where the idea came from and how it's making a difference for students both in the classroom and in the real-world clinical setting!


Improvement with YOU at the Forefront

Hear from McGraw-Hill's product team on how continuous improvement starts with you, the instructor, in this energetic podcast about student-centric updates to Anatomy & Physiology Revealed! Updated interface and animations make APR an even more powerful tool with more digital capability and student understanding in the A&P classroom.


Get Creative and See Engagement Soar

Listen and be inspired to implement creative, engaging ideas using Anatomy & Physiology Revealed (APR) from Michael Koot, PhD, former Anatomy Professor and current Director of Digital Content at McGraw-Hill. From a simple mobile-friendly resource to active learning and social media activities, APR brings a fun element to lab and lecture!