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Black Nationalist podcast strategizing Black Empowerment for the global African community. Click website for more. #BitterMedicine #bittermedz #podcast #blog​

Black Nationalist podcast strategizing Black Empowerment for the global African community. Click website for more. #BitterMedicine #bittermedz #podcast #blog​
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Black Nationalist podcast strategizing Black Empowerment for the global African community. Click website for more. #BitterMedicine #bittermedz #podcast #blog​






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Ebony Payne - English, Author Of “Secrets Of Ma'at” Joins Us To Discuss Her Book And Ma'at

More – On today’s show we are joined by a young, Black woman, mother and poetess, Ebony Payne-English. Ebony is a literary artist, performer, and educator from Jacksonville, FL. We discuss her book of poems, “Secrets of Ma'at”, s well as the inspiration behind the book: The 42 Divine Principles of Ma'at; the codes of conduct in Kemet. Listen to learn more! About Ebony Payne-English: She is the first woman to establish her own chapter of the international...


Young Black Co-Creators of "Black Wall Street The Board Game", Joined Us on Today's Show

More – On today’s show we are joined by a young, Black business power couple: Mr. De’Von Walker and his Queen, Sinclair; founders of True Health 4ever and creators of Black Wall Street The Board Game. Gather the entire family to listen to the gems that this duo drops on visions, business, and being builders/ producers. Listen to learn more! About the couple: In America the African Diaspora is plagued with health disparities. Diabetes, high blood pressure,...


It's Imperative We Take A Business Approach To Organizing. Here's Why!

More – On today’s show we discuss using business approaches to organizing the Black community. We begin the discussion identifying reasons why people commit treason because there are a lot of traitors within the Black community. Next, using business concepts, we discuss enemies and traitors: Businesses identify their enemies so their teams know who to focus their efforts on; otherwise teams fall apart by finding villains within their own ranks. We see this...


We Need More Scientific Approaches To Our Problems Heres Why And How

More – On today’s show we discuss the Black community’s need for more scientific approaches to our problems in light of the fact that NO ONE inquired about the open invitation to the Bitter Medicine Think Tank! Listen to learn more. #panafricanism #blacknationalism #blackempowerment Interested in the #ThinkTank? Email Us at Book Club: Join the September Book Club! We will be reading “Fighting for Honor:...


Starbucks: Heralds of Gentrification/ Ethnic Cleansing/ Genocide in the Black Community

More – On today’s show we discuss Gentrification. Gentrification is a white way of saying Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide. We begin the conversation with a discussion of recent events where 2 Philadelphia Black men were arrested in a Starbucks for being black. In case you don’t know: Places like Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes stores are heralds for gentrification. By the time you see one of these stores pop-up in your neighborhood, it’s no longer yours....


EGO: The Black Man's Enemy From Within And Without

More – On today’s show we discuss EGO. Ego is a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. It is where one pursues their dreams and ambition, often leaving suffering and destruction in its wake. Historically we Africans come from the collective consciousness of the tribe; no individual self. Our identity was a group identity; part of nature and the universe. Technology changed this: as we created new tools and technology it allowed individuals to change...


Race And Economic Disparities [Pt1] (The Bitter Medicine X The Pro - Black Perspective) Podcast

More – On today’s show we discuss a NYT article on "Race and Economic Disparities.". The article can be found here: We begin the show with a reading of a 2013 article in The Guardian, called “Why I hate being a black man” by Orville Lloyd Douglas. This article highlights black self-hatred and illustrates how Black people view themselves through the prism of white supremacists thinking. The article can be found here:


Discussing The Little White Lie Of Race & I.Q. Correlation

More – On today’s show we discuss the White people lie that Black people have a lower average I.Q., versus every other race. It’s a lie and they know it! They don’t discuss I.Q. scores with each other. The goal of I.Q. tests is to measure intelligence and thus academic potential and likelihood for success. It’s a known fact that intelligence is affected by environmental factors; something that the I.Q. test does not account for. See the issue? Furthermore, the...


The Importance Of Think Tanks In The Black Community

More – On today’s show we discuss the importance of Think Tanks in the Black community. Think Tanks can be viewed as research universities filled with social engineers and idea brokers working to further the cause of the Black community. Essentially, Think Tanks function to mobilize the expertise of its participants in a way that influences political policy making. Not only is it important to make policies for the here and now, but it is very important to be...


Discussing African-centered Education, Love, and Activism with Natacha X

More – On today’s show we discuss African-centered Education, Black Love, and Political Prisoner Activism with Natcha X. Listen to learn more. About Natacha X: Natacha X is an educator, activist and artists who is a warrior for her people. She works tirelessly within the community helping children learn about their history and preparing them for the future. She is the Co-founder of Melanin Mavens, a life style company that helps empower African people in the...


Mo’Nique Speaks On Netflix, Gender & Racial Equality And Our Alternative To Boycotting

More – On today’s show we discuss the recent revelation by comedienne Mo’Nique of receiving a low-ball offer from Netflix to do a stand-up special on their platform. The Academy Award winner is calling out Netflix for allegedly offering her $500K for a stand-up comedy special while offering millions to Amy Schumer, Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock. Mo’Nique is asking the community to boycott Netflix. Amy Schumer was initially offered $11 million from Netflix and...


The Real SH!TH0LE Country And Why N0RWAY Was Mentioned

More – On today’s show we discuss the recent alleged comments by U.S. President Donald Trump, that Haiti and Africa are “shithole” countries and that the U.S. should seek to bring in more people from Norway. There is much historical relevance as to why Trump would suggest importing Nordic or Norwegian peoples. Listen to learn more. DONATE 2 THE SHOW: Follow Us on: Twitter: Facebook:...


Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) X Black Society

More – On today’s show we discuss how Blacks globally need to put more effort into STEM field representation. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics. The STEM field is responsible for over half of the growth of the U.S. economy since WW2. By becoming more STEM centered, we can boost the economics of the Black community in similar ways by creating jobs with higher than average salaries; lower black unemployment rates by creating quality...


Conscious Snake Oil Salesmen/ Con Artists/ Hustlers In The Black Community

More – On today’s show we briefly discuss the history of snake oil salesmen; con artist; hustlers in the conscious community of Black society. Generally, the hustler is the worst of Black society and can be even more devastating in the conscious community. Malcolm X, a former hustler, had the following to say about hustlers: “And because I had been a hustler, I knew better than all whites knew, and better than nearly all of the black 'leaders' knew, that...


Umar Johnson vs Tariq Nasheed: Conscious Beefs and the Black LEADERSHIP Deficit

More – On today’s show we have a simulcast (The Bitter Medicine Podcast x The Pro-Black Perspective) discussing the lack of true Black Leadership. This is a very timely topic as Tariq Nasheed and Dr. Umar Johnson recently had a public falling out. This hurts the Black community, but the Black community is at fault: we never vetted these individuals. We never demanded that these people rise up through the ranks of an organization like the late elders, Martin Luther King...


Discussing COINTELPRO 2: (The FBI Vs. BIE) With Onitaset Kumat

More – In a recently leaked document, it has been revealed that the FBI has once again declared war on the conscious Black community. The FBI has been running a secret domestic surveillance program under the name COINTELPRO (counterintelligence program) for over 70 years. Its aim has been to monitor and "neutralize" domestic groups deemed to be a danger to national security. However, it seems the only group they really monitor is the Black Nationalist/ Black conscious...


Fvck Christopher Columbus And Gentrifying Ancestors

More – On this day, Columbus Day, we discuss President Donald J. Trump’s Columbus Day address. The President stated: “Five hundred and twenty-five years ago, Christopher Columbus completed an ambitious and daring voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. The voyage was a remarkable and then-unparalleled feat that helped launch the age of exploration and discovery. The permanent arrival of Europeans to the Americas was a transformative event that undeniably and...


The Hollywood Brush Off And Staying On Code Regardless

More – In this episode, we discuss the super Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein has been accused of having sexually inappropriate behavior towards women in a recent scathing New York Times article. Weinstein's alleged sexually inappropriate behavior with women in the last 30 years was detailed in the Times report published Thursday. Since the initial report, other women have come forward with similar accusations, but Hollywood has been silent for the most...


The Pro Black Compendium: A Discussion with Onitaset Kumat

More – On today’s show we have a Pro-Black discussion with Onitaset Kumat (Oni), the author of the book, “The Pro-Black Compendium”. In this discussion, we talk about African Self-Knowledge and Self-Empowerment through Politics, Economics and Culture. "The Pro-Black Compendium" is a resource guide written by a longtime Organizer for the purpose of its reader gaining clarity and insights into how to Seek and Develop African Consciousness for themselves and their...


Jim Brown: A Heroes Journey To Villainhood

More -- Our once beloved Jim Brown has ascended to being a true villain and protagonist in the Black community. Much like Anikan Skywalker who started out one with the force and slowly went over to the "Dark Side" , Jim Brown has gone from unapologetic civil rights activist to pansy for white supremacy. In fact, we call him Jim Clown now. Remember Harvey Dent's, a.k.a Two-Face, quote from the Dark Knight? "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see...