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10 The Power of a Support System

This episode marks a new direction for the Fit Funnel Guys. Now we are going to share the struggles we’ve gone through as entrepreneurs so you can learn from our experiences. We are always going to be talking about how to improve your online business through tech, funnels, and all that. But those things are just a few parts of the entrepreneurial world and it would be a disservice to you if we didn’t share the whole package with you. Our support systems have made all the difference for...


09 Funnel Infrastructure - Creating a Winning Funnel

This episode is all about the infrastructure of your sales funnel. You may not have even thought about hosting, security, domains, or branding. We want to give you some awareness to all of those important structural pieces surrounding your funnel. This environment vital to building your brand and your image. Not only do we give you a checklist of must-haves for your funnel, we also go over good practices for creating and managing your funnels effectively and securely. This is the...


08 Prerequisites for Funnel Work

In this episode, we go over everything you need to have 100% ready before working with a tech team to create an opt-in page or sales funnel. Use this as a quick reference checklist. Use it to help organize all your materials before delivery. It’s easy to come to the tech team and expect them to hold your hand through the entire process. What we’re asking you to prepare here is not technical. If you're not familiar with everything on the list, you should invest the time to understand...


07 Post Sale Client Experience - Creating a Winning Sales Funnel

Entrepreneurs are often so concerned with getting customers and making that sale. It can be easy to forget about existing clients, some of their warmest leads. Don’t make that mistake! Cultivate your relationship with your clients. Stand out with a unique, exceptional post-sale experience. Become a role model. build a following. Grow a community that you can sell to again and again. In this episode, we brainstorm tons of ideas to inspire you to show your clients that you care about...


06 Thank You Pages - Creating a Winning Sales Funnel

Thank you pages are short and simple but don’t make the mistake of underestimating their importance and potential. Just because your prospect has made a purchase doesn’t mean you can pack up and go home. The purpose of thank you pages is to deliver a fantastic post-sale experience so the customer knows exactly what to do next. This your opportunity to make a great first impression on what it’s like to buy from you so they want to do it over and over again. If you do this right, you might...


05 Upsells, Downsells and Order Bump - Creating a Winning Funnel

Upsells are your chance to capitalize on buyer’s high and strike while the iron is hot. If you don’t have a fully-fledged funnel with upsells, downsells, and order bumps, you’re going to be leaving a lot of money on the table. Every upsell needs to be treated a little bit differently. We discuss how to structure your offers on the levels of your entire funnel and each step of the upsell flow, going into psychology and page design as always. (For the first time ever, we didn’t mention...


04 Checkout Pages - Creating a Winning Sales Funnel Series

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: the opportunity for people to buy your product. Don’t blow it! All it takes to lose a customer is any tiny little thing that gives them a moment’s hesitation. In this episode, we talk about ways to eliminate friction and your customer's feeling of uncertainty. We go into specific conversion boosters and ways to increase average cart value. We discuss payment gateways, their uses, and fees. There are a ton of split test ideas we throw around in this...


03 Opt In Pages - Creating a Winning Funnel Series

Do you know how to build an ‘Opt-in’ funnel that converts? Do you know how to create a lead magnet that turns first-time visitors into loyal superfans? In this episode, we’re going to tell exactly how to give you the best chance to gather your prospects. A lot of times what gets in the way is yourself. We try to get too clever. Let’s make it simple, offer people something they want, and we’ll give you some examples of opt-ins that are converting best. Not to mention what the best in the game...


02 Sales Pages - Creating a Winning Funnel Series

Your sales page is your first impression. What are you saying with yours? In the second episode of “Creating a Winning Funnel,” we tell you some of the most important, yet subtle parts of the sales page. Build that feeling of authority, trust, and legitimacy through sales page design. Nothing will scare your customers away faster than the fear of being hacked. The Cheat Sheet: Polish and the feeling of trustBorder radius and bordersColors and color selectionSpacing and consistencyMobile...


01 Funnel Architecture Overview - Creating a Winning Funnel

Creating a Winning Funnel - Overview Want to learn what it takes to make a winning sales funnel to improve your business? Join us in our first episode of the series on the 7 components of a winning funnel. This isn’t the basic “funnel hacker” stuff. We go deep on the subtle and often subconscious cues that will make your funnel convert. We challenge you to take one idea from each episode and implement it right away to see how it improves your funnel performance... As a split test of...


The Fit Funnel Guys Podcast Preview Episode

Tech should never be a bottleneck in your online fitness business. And yet… it too often is. Our goal is make tech work for you and demystify everything that is required to build an impactful online fitness business that transforms lives… whether you’re fluent in tech or you have no idea what HTML is, we’re going to make sure everything is easy to understand. With this podcast, we teach you to build funnels that convert...And this isn’t the typical “funnel hacker” stuff… we are going to get...