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A weekly exploration of big ideas for living free.

A weekly exploration of big ideas for living free.
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A weekly exploration of big ideas for living free.






139 - Bryan Caplan Interview Follow Up

If you haven't listened to the full interview yet, check it out first. After interviewing Bryan Caplan about his book, The Case Against Education, I had so many thoughts rolling around that I wanted to record a separate follow up episode. In this episode, I cover where I think Bryan is right and where I don't think he goes far enough. Topics Covered: - Economic thinking and rational choice theory to explain the choice to go to college. - The role of parents in their kid's choices to go to...


138 - Bryan Caplan on The Case Against Education

Bryan Caplan's new book The Case Against Education, argues against the common arguments the value of school and college. Most people would consider his view pretty radical. He recommends massive cuts to education spending and that many people should not go to college. In this episode, I argue that he doesn't go far enough. If you miss the regular episodes, make sure to check out Forward Tilt and Office Hours: - -...


137 - How Cryptocurrency Can Improve Content, with Ryan X. Charles

Ryan X Charles is the founder of, a social media platform that uses cryptocurrency micropayments to incentive creators and support better content. Topics Discussed: - What the X means - What got Ryan interested - Deciding to go full-time into Bitcoin in 2013 - The idea for - The problems with micro-payments - Working on payment channels for Yours - Changing the infrastructure from Bitcoin, to Litecoin, to Bitcoin Cash - How the payments work on - The different...


135 - Robin Hanson on 'The Elephant in the Brain'

Robin Hanson is a professor of economics at George Mason University. He is the author of The Age of Em and co-author of the new book The Elephant in the Brain: Hidden Motives in Everyday Life which is a facilitating look into the real reasons that motivate people and society. Topics Discussed: - Robin’s new book, The Elephant in the Brain - Split brain patients - The reasons for vague language - The lack of correlation between medicine and health - Using gifts to show how much we care -...


134 - Thaddeus Russell on World War Two

Thaddeus Russell is the author of Renegade History of the United States, founder of Renegade University, host of the Unregistered podcast, and an intellectual entrepreneur. In this episode, Isaac and Thaddeus dive into World War Two. The reasons why the US joined the war, why Franklin Roosevelt wanted war with Japan and Nazi Germany, what stopped Jewish immigrants from leaving Europe, and more. Topics Discussed: - Renegade University - The reasons people believe the US entered WW2 - FDR...


133 - Dia De Muertos, Creating Structure as an Unschooler, and More with NL Morehouse

The most popular guest in show history is back! NL and Isaac dive into a wide range of topics on this weeks episode. Topics Discussed: - Why did NL decide to celebrate Dia de Muertos (Day of The Dead) - Celebrations from other cultures - Why has Marvel been so successful with taking superheroes to movies, when DC hasn’t - Pop culture trends - Professionals trying to be unprofessional - NL’s book - Dire perfume names - Starting to use Facebook - Unschooling & Creating your own structure -...


132 - Misfit Entrepreneurs with Dave Lukas

Dave Lukas is the Vice President and CSO of Grasp Technologies and the host of the Misfit Entrepreneur podcast. Dave grew up in an entrepreneurial family, and from a young age he was creating small businesses and finding opportunities to create businesses. That entrepreneurial spark has stuck with him as he built a great career and now a thriving company. On the Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast, Dave interviews top entrepreneurs and explores their non-traditional methods for achieving success....


130 - Roger Ver on Bitcoin

Roger Ver is the CEO of, an early investor in bitcoin, and many Bitcoin startups. He is a passionate advocate for bitcoin and has been in the space from the very early days. In this conversation, we start with the basics, cover the most common objections and criticism about bitcoin and then discuss the future of bitcoin. In this episode: - What was the philosophy that made you find bitcoin interesting? - How did Roger come to start studying economics? - Being prosecuted for...


129 - Everyday Accounting for Life and Business with Levi Morehouse

On this episode, I’m joined by my brother Levi Morehouse, the CEO of Ceterus. Levi is fantastic at cutting down to the crucial aspects of accounting and in this episode, we dive into the most important numbers and concepts you need to know as an entrepreneur, freelancer, or small business owner. One of the resources Levi recommends is Quickbooks. Because he feels passionately about small business entrepreneurship, Levi is offering to help entrepreneurs set up their QuickBooks Online...


128 - Robert Murphy on Austrian Business Cycle Theory

Robert Murphy is a professor of economics at the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University, co-host of Contra-Krugman with Tom Woods, and author of many great books on economics including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism. This is a wide-ranging conversation that goes from what sparked Bob’s intellectual in free-market economics, to starting the Contra-Krugman Podcast, to a deep dive into Economics and specifically Austrian Business Cycle Theory. In This Episode: - What...


126 - Part One: TK Coleman's Career Journey: From American Express, to American Idol, to Praxis

TK has been on the show many times, but in all of our conversations, we have never taken a deep dive into his career path. TK's taken a fascinating path and worked as a bartender, server, financial planner, seminar leader, startup founder, philosophy assistant professor and many other roles before becoming Education Director for Praxis. In today's episode, we start with the first part of his career journey from childhood career aspirations, to college, and then making the move to LA. In...


125 - Steve Patterson on Life as an Independent Intellectual

Steve Patterson is a rationalist philosopher and intellectual entrepreneur working outside of academia. He is the host of Patterson in Pursuit, a podcast featuring deep conversations with top thinkers in philosophy, mathematics, and many other disciplines. He is also the author of What’s The Big Deal About Bitcoin and Square One: The Foundations of Knowledge. This episode is a behind the scenes dive into life as an intellectual entrepreneur. From approaches to interviews, to handling...


123 - Using Philosophy to Build Better Communities with Vince Graham

Vince Graham is President of I’on Group, a South Carolina-based property developer. He is a deep thinker, who puts philosophy to work by creating communities instead of writing books and papers. The communities he builds take inspiration from historical areas of cities like the old city of Charleston and combine the emergent wisdom of these century old communities with the best of modern advances when building homes and neighborhoods. Vince has an incredible depth of knowledge on the...


122 - Creating an Exceptional Career, with David Veksler

David Veksler is the Director of Marketing at the Foundation for Economic Education, a futurist, software developer, free market radical, and father. He has a fascinating life story that spans three continents and is an instructive example of how to build a great career. David has built a successful career in technology and marketing by consistently solving problems, pursuing new opportunities, and creating value in and outside of his job responsibilities. He shares some great stories that...


121 - The Podcast is Back

Welcome back! After a hiatus, the show is back. Every other Monday going forward there will be a new episode of the Isaac Morehouse Podcast. These conversations will cover everything from cryptocurrency, education, finances, anarchism, and more. In this episode: - Why the show is back - What to expect going forward - A new project from TK & Isaac - With a growing startup, two or three podcasts, daily blogging, and a new baby, how does this all work? Links: - - Forward...


120 - Back for a Quick Update on Something New!

Hey hey hey! Did you miss me? Quick pop-in to tell you what's going on and about a new project you should check out. It's a podcast of a different kind, plus a new book.


119 - Goodbye (for Now), 2016 Reflections, and Looking Ahead to 2017

Weirdness and Success, fake news, Facebook warriors, and reflections on 2016. The first half of the show starts with a new rule of thumb: the weirder you are at the start of your career the less likely you are to succeed and the weirder you are later in your career, the more likely you are to be successful. In the second half, since it’s the end of the year, TK and Isaac are looking back and looking ahead. From big growth at Praxis, to family developments, and TK growing his hair out, a...


115 - Abbey Lovett on The Praxis Experience

Abbey Lovett joins the show to discuss her experience so far with Praxis. Abbey is an entrepreneur, podcast host, and current Praxis participant currently in the third month of the program. She shares her highlights so far, from the support of the Praxis community to the challenges she’s faced in the curriculum. In the second half, TK and Isaac talk about greatness, concretely defining goals, and putting truth above comfort in relationships. Covered this episode: - Abby’s experience since...


114 - Stop Arguing For Your Limitations

TK has transcended Fridays. This is the first edition of the new format of the podcast. Monday discussions with TK, featuring deep dives into all things philosophy, education, tech, and personal development. This week is all about reframing limitations and selling your strengths. Why do so many people argue for their limitations? In the face of opportunities, people start talking about their weakness or why they aren't the person for the job. They don't even get started before they tell...


110 - Isaac Talks C.S. Lewis And Liberty On The Free Cities Podcast

C.S. Lewis is most well known as the author of the Chronicles of Narnia, but with 74 books and numerous essays, he has covered a massive spectrum of topics. His influence extends through a number of disciplines including political philosophy. Isaac recently joined Anthony Caprio on the Free Cities Podcast to discuss Lewis and how his ideas fit with classical liberalism. The conversation covers C.S. Lewis’ background, his major intellectual influences, how his ideas fit well into classical...