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5 Skills You Need To Master To Get 26+ On TOEFL Speaking

In a new episode of The TOEFL Podcast, Paul Austin, head instructor at TOEFL Speaking Teacher speaks about the five skills you need to master to get 26+ on the TOEFL Speaking section. First, Paul tells us about his work and how he created his website Toefl Speaking Teacher. He noticed that many students struggled with the TOEFL Speaking section, and there were very few good resources. Also as he started to work with the students on the Speaking section, he noticed that a lot of students...


How Should You Prepare for TOEFL

Summary In Episode 5 of The TOEFL Podcast, Paul Austin of TOEFL Speaking Teacher talks about how you should prepare for the TOEFL and what resources you should use. He explains when you should just study on your own, when you should use premium resources, when you should register for group lessons or take private lessons. The first option is self-studying on your own using free resources online. For many students, it's not enough. The second option that you have is to purchase premium...


Interview with ex-TOEFL evaluator Roman Libov

In Episode 4 of The TOEFL Podcast, Paul Austin of TOEFL Speaking Teacher and Roman Libov, a former TOEFL Speaking evaluator for ETS discuss the TOEFL evaluation process so you can get kind of inside look what is required to get a high score on the TOEFL Speaking section and how you can perform better on the TOEFL speaking section.


Interview with Marina Mogilko of LinguaTrip

In Episode 3 of The TOEFL Podcast, Paul Austin of TOEFL Speaking Teacher and Marina Mogilko of LinguaTrip discuss their experiences with the TOEFL, and in teaching students to ace the popular and difficult exam.


Interview with Hiren Patel - the journey to 26 on TOEFL Speaking.mp3

The #1 Podcast for high-achieving TOEFL students, who want to master the TOEFL test. Hosted by Paul Austin, head tutor of TOEFL Speaking Teacher. In this episode, Paul Austin and Hiren Patel discuss Hiren's experience and journey on earning 26 on TOEFL Speaking, in order to earn the right to practice a career as a Pharmacist.


Interview with ex-TOEFL evaluator Daniel Bissett

In this first episode of "The TOEFL Podcast", ex-TOEFL evaluator Daniel Bissett shares his experience as a TOEFL test evaluator on the way the TOEFL Speaking test is graded and on the most important aspects of the test that students should keep in mind.