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Tech, tools, & tips for homeschooling the digital generation.

Tech, tools, & tips for homeschooling the digital generation.




Tech, tools, & tips for homeschooling the digital generation.






Special Announcement

If you’re new to the podcast, you might be wondering why I haven’t released an episode. If you’ve been around here for a long time you may want to know what’s going on. If you want to keep up with me on social media (not the blog/podcast) you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram.


4 Important Things To Do Before Giving Your Child A Smartphone

Are you planning to give your child a smartphone, tablet or console this holiday season? Before you wrap it (if you haven't already) consider doing a few things first.


MySchool: A Tech Tool for Homeschoolers with Justin Shell

My Homeschool is a community-driven resource that connects parents to homeschool spots (like museums, co-ops, and nature centers). It's like an Airbnb for home education.


Not All Online Schooling is Homeschooling

Doing school online isn't homeschooling despite what some parents and teachers think.


Homeschooling After a Pandemic

If you were forced into homeschooling because of the pandemic this year, you may be considering continuing to homeschool your children. Maybe you’re not comfortable with how your school district is planning to reopen or you’ve decided that this is something you think is a good fit for your family. In this episode of The […]


Kirk Martin (Encore)

This month’s encore episode is an interview with Kirk Martin from October 2017. Kirk helps parents restore calm in their homes with practical advice for parents of strong-willed children. Find out more about his courses and seminars.


Tony Ceraso (Encore)

This interview from 2012 highlights the importance of including astronomy in your homeschool curriculum.


Todd Wilson (Encore)

In this encore episode, we revisit an interview I did with Todd Wilson from Familyman Ministries. This interview was conducted in June of 2012 at the Northeast Great Homeschool Convention.


Andrew Pudewa (Encore)

In this encore episode, we revisit an interview I did with Andrew Pudewa from the Institute for Excellence in Writing.


Emergency Homeschooling and COVID-19

COVID-19 has led a number of school districts across the United States and the world to close and parents are looking to homeschooling during this critical time.


The Final Episode

This is the final episode of The Wired Homeschool. Thank you to everyone who has supported the podcast by listening, advertising, or donating. Your support has been greatly appreciated over the past 9 years! Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on […]


Noah Tetzner - Homeschooler to Full-Time Podcaster

About Noah Tetzner Noah Tetzner is a homeschool graduate who enjoys sharing his passion for history with the world! He is the host of multiple historical podcasts that feature interviews with some of the world’s brightest scholars. Recently, he has launched a new podcast called Lessons from a Homeschooler where you can join him in […]


5 Traits Your Child Can't Learn from Textbooks or Online Curriculum

Our children can learn a lot of things from textbooks and online curriculum but there are some intangible things that cannot be learned through typical schooling. Often, it’s intangible traits or characteristics in our children that determine whether or not the will succeed. This list is by no means exhaustive but it’s a good start […]


How to Homeschool Like Ursula Burns

Ursula M. Burns became the first black woman to head a Fortune 500 company when she was appointed CEO of Xerox. She also became the first woman to succeed another as head of a Fortune 500 company. Burns led the STEM program of the White House from 2009 to 2016 and is the current chairman […]


What Homeschoolers Need to Know About Stadia

Google recently announced a gaming service that requires no console. They’ve made some big promises about this new product and it looks to be the future of gaming. Michael Prince from BecauseFamily joins me today to discuss what parents and homeschoolers need to know about Stadia. For more information about Stadia and cloud gaming, check […]


Rob Jensen and Art for Kids Hub

Rob Jensen graduated from BYU with a BFA in Industrial Design. After graduating, he moved to Michigan to work for Ford Motor Company where he designed future cars for 7 years. After moving back to Utah and starting a business, Rob began drawing with my kids and realized it would be fun to share their […]


Scratch That Coding Itch with Ryan Swanstrom

Scratch 3.0 was released in January 2019 and includes a number of great new features including the ability to create and play projects on a tablet. Ryan Swanstrom joins me today to discuss Scratch 3.0 and how homeschoolers can use it to teach their kids how to code, for free! Ryan is a homeschool dad, […]


Homeschooling With Hulu? 10 Documentaries You Can Watch Now

Educational content is available all over the Internet. As streaming services become more popular, more educational documentaries become available to homeschoolers. Previously, I’ve shared YouTube channels and documentaries on Netflix that are educational. In this episode of The Wired Homeschool, I share 10 documentaries you can find on Hulu right now that you can use […]


CES 2019 Round-Up

This year at CES, there were a number of themes amid all the tech that was on display. This is the third year in a row I’ve covered CES from afar and each year things get more and more interesting. Last year, I had reports from people at CES but I was unable to coordinate […]


Top 5 Blog Posts & Podcasts of 2018

Throughout 2018, there were a number of blog posts and podcasts that readers and listeners found helpful. Some of them were published this year, and some are more popular now than they have been in the past. Here are the top five blog posts and podcasts for 2018. Top 5 Blog Posts of 2018 7 […]