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Restorative Writing Follow-Along Activity (Episode 61 Bonus)

This bonus episode contains just the follow-along activity from episode #61, "Restorative Writing." We recommend listening to the "Restorative Writing" episode first to learn what restorative writing is, how to practice restorative writing, and how to use it as a vehicle to understand and process individual and/or community trauma. Then, follow along with this bonus episode for just the activity. You can participate in the activity as many times and as often as you'd...


Restorative Writing (Episode 61)

Writing instructors Ellen and Miranda join Kacy and Claire for this month's special episode and bonus episode on restorative writing. Restorative writing is when writing becomes a vehicle for transforming pain into engagement. Learn more about what restorative writing is, how to practice restorative writing, and how to use it as a vehicle to understand and process individual and/or community trauma. Ultimately, restorative writing can help writers discover ways to heal and overcome those...


Lessons From Creative Writing Workshops (Episode 60)

In this episode, Claire and Kacy talk about their experiences in formal creative writing workshops. Claire contributes her insights from her MFA in creative writing program and Kacy describes participating as a “non-creative” writer. The two consider ways that creative workshop techniques can help students create productive writing groups of their own. NOTE: At one point in the episode, Kacy makes reference to a “chair member” but is actually referring to one of her committee...


How to Set and Stick to a Writing Goal (Episode 59)

Creating an academic writing goal or goals for yourself can be a great tool for motivation, organization, and writing development. Writing instructor Miranda joins co-hosts Kacy and Claire to talk about setting writing goals that are achievable and manageable, sticking to goals, and using specific strategies and resources to help you do both. Resources mentioned: Writing a Paper: Goal Setting Walden University Writing Center website


Steps for Revising, Part II: The Small Stuff (Episode 58)

Kacy and Claire share tips and inspiration for making smaller revisions and working the steps into your writing process. Recommended resources: Grammar resourcesInteractive grammar modulesGrammarlyRevision journals"When/How to Conduct Revision and Proofreading""Top 10 Preproposal and Proposal Fixes for Capstone Writers"Walden University Writing Center Blog posts on grammar and mechanicsInteractive modules on APA stylePaper reviewsMicrosoft Word help for Walden students through the Academic...


Steps for Revising, Part I: The Big Stuff (Episode 57)

Revision is a major part of the writing process, and different types of revising warrant different strategies. Claire and Kacy give tips and resources for how to revise your writing for bigger patterns and issues in your current drafts as well as your future coursework. Recommended resources: WriteCast episode 14: "The 5 Rs of Revision"Walden University Writing Center website resources on revisionImproving Your Writing: Strategies for Revising, Proofing, and Using Feedback"Walden...


Writing for Social Change: Letters to Legislators (Episode 56)

Melissa and Meghan, two of the Walden Writing Center's instructors, work toward positive social change in their communities by writing to their local representatives. Kacy and Claire talk with Melissa and Meghan about how this writing is similar and different to academic writing, tools they use, and what they have experienced as a result. Resources: Scholarly VoiceAudienceUsing EvidenceWriteCast episode #51: Using Evidence in Academic WritingWriting for Social Change webinar seriesWalden...


Struggling With Spelling (Episode 55)

If you struggle with spelling, you're not alone! Claire and Kacy give some quick tips for how to improve and check your spelling. Resources: Making Word Work For YouMerriam-Webster’s Collegiate DictionaryAPA Dictionary of PsychologyWriting a Paper: ProofreadingMicrosoft Word tutoring from the Walden University Academic Skills Center


Meet Your Reviewer: Tasha Sookochoff (Episode 54)

Get to know Tasha, one of the Writing Center's newest writing instructors, in this brief interview with Claire and Kacy. Tasha shares her approach to a paper review appointment, her favorite types of papers to review, some recommended writing resources, and the best writing advice she received in school. Resources mentioned: 5 Flow Part 3: Transition with Words, Sentences, and ParagraphsBreaking Down the MEAL Plan: A Four-Part Series on Writing Strong ParagraphsWalden Writing Center Blog


Imposter Syndrome and the Student Writer (Episode 53)

If you've ever felt like the worst writer in the room, an academic fake, or an outsider in your degree program, you might have been experiencing imposter syndrome. In today's episode, writing instructor Kacy shares her research on and experience with imposter syndrome as a graduate student, along with tips for how to combat it and gain confidence. Max also makes a special announcement. Resources: American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 82The savvy student podcast...


Transitioning from Master's-Level to Doctoral-Level Writing (Episode 52)

Writing instructors Max and Veronica discuss transitioning from graduate to doctoral writing from their own experiences in their programs. They chat about advice for currently transitioning writers as well as surprises along the way and the evolution of their writing, research, and expectations through each stage of their scholarly work. Resources mentioned in this episode: Writing Process for Longer Research Projects WebinarPaper Reviews Walden Writing Center BlogForm & Style...


Using Evidence in Academic Writing (Episode 51)

Claire and Max discuss how to incorporate evidence into your academic writing, as well as how to use citations effectively to support your evidence. Resources mentioned: Writing Refresh: In-text versus Parenthetical CitationsCreswell Did Not Write About You: Common Mistakes in Citing 'I' Statementsposts on APA styleUsing Evidence: Overview


Why The Third Time's The Charm for Writing Center Appointments (Episode 50)

Research indicates that there may be a connection between visiting the Writing Center three times and students' growth in confidence, skill, and motivation. Max and Claire discuss these findings, their own experiences working with students in the Writing Center, and strategies for scheduling and making the most of a Writing Center paper review appointment. Resources: Third Time's the Charm: The Magic of Multiple Paper Review Appointments Third Time's the Charm: Strategies for Your 1st,...


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Resources mentioned: Walden University Writing Center Blog Walden University Writing Center webpage WriteCast episode archive


Meet Your Reviewer: A Conversation with Cheryl Read, Writing Instructor and PhD Student (Episode 49)

Meet Cheryl Read, one of the Writing Center's newest writing instructors. Cheryl, who is also pursuing her PhD, shares her writing tips and advice for other students who are working on writing projects.


Top 10 Tips for Group Papers (Rebroadcast; Episode 48)

Many people will have to work collaboratively at some point in their education or careers, and writing a group paper or working on a group assignment can be challenging. In this rebroadcasted episode, Nik and Brittany share their top 10 tips for successfully writing a group paper. Resources: Collaborative Assignments Common Assignments: Collaborative Writing in Business and Management


Resolutions to Reflect and Revise (Episode 47)

Resolutions to Reflect and Revise (Episode 47) by Walden University Writing Center


Inclusive Language: Gender-Neutral Pronouns and Identity-First Language (Episode 46)

This month, Max and Claire talk with Walden University Writing Center Director Brian Timmerman and Associate Director of Faculty Outreach and Support Amber Cook about Walden's new Gender-Neutral Pronouns Policy and Identity-First Language Policy. Brian and Amber discuss the policies, why they were created, and what they mean for student writers. Resources: Walden University's Gender-Neutral Pronouns Policy and People-First and Identity-First Language Policy Inclusive Language Policy...


Meet Your Reviewer: Katherine McKinney, Writing Instructor and PhD Student (Episode 45)

Meet Katherine, one of the Walden Writing Center's newest writing instructors! Max and Claire talk with Katherine, who is also a Walden PhD student, about her writing background, review approach, and advice for student writers. Resources mentioned in this episode: Developing a Paper: Creating a Paper From a Discussion Transitioning to Master’s-Level Writing


Jeannie's First Residency (Jeannie Croichy, EdD Student; Episode 44)

Beth makes a special announcement, and Max and Claire talk with Jeannie Croichy, Walden University EdD student and Writing Center writing instructor, about her first Walden student residency experience.