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123: Understanding Happiness & Objectivism with Tal Tsfany, President of Ayn Rand Institute

Jason Hartman talks with Tal Tsfany, President & CEO of the Ayn Rand Institute, about free speech on college campuses, how we should be defining things like happiness and selfishness, and why we should be focusing on the self. They also examine the philosophies of those who want to tax the rich in order to redistribute wealth. Key Takeaways: [2:50] What's happening with speech on college campuses is a result of progressive philosophies [4:38] What would Ayn Rand's political views be in...


YW 122: Real Estate Investing at 25 with Lisa Tomita

Jason Hartman welcomes Lisa Tomita, a client with 4 properties who has recently decided to self-manage two of her properties. Jason and Lisa discuss the ups and downs of investing and how self-managing has turned Lisa into a more empowered investor ready to deal with all the bumps along the way as she moves closer to her financial independence. Key Takeaways: [2:57] Lisa's tenant saved her $200 because of the relationship they've developed [7:46] Lisa recently quit her job so she could...


YW 121: Campus Censorship by Greg Lukianoff

Jason Hartman and Greg Lukianoff, President and CEO at FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, about the state of free speech in America and, specifically, on college campuses. Campuses these days have a higher level of intolerance than ever, and Greg points to one specific thing that's helped lead the way more than anything else. Listen in as Greg and Jason discuss first amendment issues and how they can be solved in today's climate. Key Takeaways: [5:57] How bad has our...


YW 120 - The 7 Success Rules with Jeffrey Gitomer

In this off topic 10th show, Jason Hartman talks with Jeffrey Gitomer, New York Times Best Selling Author of The Little Red Book of Selling and Truthful Living: The First Writings of Napoleon Hill, about some of the great mentors that the two have had in their lives which include Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale. They look at what history can teach us, the right way to approach sales, and the challenges we have to face to do the right thing in today's world. Key Takeaways: [6:17] The...


YW 119 - How to Solve a $220 Trillion Problem

Jason Hartman plays some of his segment from the latest Cash Flow Wealth Summit where he talks about the 6 ways the US government can solve their $220 trillion obligation and which one we can take the most advantage of as investors. Key Takeaways: [2:57] The difference between money and currency [5:50] The 3 basic economic maladies [8:01] The entitlement society isn't going to change, so align your interests [9:45] We must understand the motivations of governments and central...


YW 118 - The Four Pillars of Business Success with Alan Yong

Jason Hartman talks with Alan Yong, CEO of DNotes Global and author of The Four Pillars of Business Success, about his new venture with DNotes and what problem he's hoping to solve with the company. Alan also discusses his past businesses and how he managed to acquire government contracts and a massive deal from IBM. Then the two discuss Alan's new book and how business owners can set themselves up for success by using the four pillars Alan has identified. Key Takeaways: [1:48] How Alan...


YW 117 - The Lifestyle Business Owner, How to Buy a Business, Grow Profits & Get Out of the Way with Aaron Muller

Jason Hartman talks with Aaron Muller, founder of Lifestyle Business Owner Academy and owner of 8 multi-million dollar companies, about how to go about properly buying a business and what you can do to set that company up to where you don't have to work in it. Everyone dreams of making money while not being involved in their business, but the process of actually getting to that point can be intimidating. Aaron, however, has figured out a way to get out of that rut and will happily tell...


YW 116 - Owning Apartments at 24 with Ben Mizes

Jason Hartman talks with 24 year old real estate investor Ben Mizes, co-founder of Clever Real Estate, about how he got started in the business, what lessons he's learned over his time in the industry, and what technologies he's using to keep up with all his properties. Ben also gives a few best practice tips to those who want to get involved in real estate like he is. Key Takeaways: [1:26] How Ben became interested in real estate [5:26] Ben's deal experience as he started growing his...


YW 115 - The Great American Rip-Off with The Libertarian Chick Kristin Tate

Jason Hartman talks to The Libertarian Chick, Kristin Tate, about the hidden taxes we all pay in our life, and how to do something about that. Kristin explains that often the taxes that we're paying are not being used for the purpose that you would assume they would be. Key Takeaways: [1:49] Are millenials just not paying attention to fiscal policies? [3:48] We are being taxed EVERYWHERE, even when we don't see it [6:57] Where some of your tax money is going probably isn't where you...


YW 114 - The Need for Financial Literacy with A Christmas Story's Zack Ward

Gambling has destroyed many lives, and it's something that actor Zack Ward thinks needs to be dealt with in our society. That's one of the reasons he's CEO of Global Sports Financial Exchange, the first investing platform for sports leagues, as well as determined to teach financial literacy. Jason Hartman and Zack discuss how All Sports Market can help curb gambling by giving a new outlet more akin to the stock market, why they're trying to get more regulation, how they're using...


YW 113 - Who The Real Estate Customer Is & Mason's 5 Year Plan

Jason Hartman takes this episode to delve into some important happenings in the real estate world today. Some of Trump's recent moves have been bringing jobs back to the states, and companies are expected to bring money back, and it's creating good times for a lot of people. With that good time comes something every real estate investor can enjoy, rent inflation. BUT, when times are good it's important to be vigilant with your providers and make sure they're not getting lazy. Finally the...


YW 112 - The Importance of Starting Young with Brandon Cook

Jason Hartman talks with client Brandon Cook, a young member of the Venture Alliance Mastermind, about his journey investing in real estate. Brandon is currently the owner of 6 properties and is looking forward to more, and talks about breaking through the initial hurdle of investing. Key Takeaways: [4:23] Brandon discovered Creating Wealth and started listening at Episode 48 [9:43] The first one is always the hardest [18:18] What has Brandon learned on his investment journey [20:58]...


YW 111 - Crack the Code to Wealth, Live Rich with MJ DeMarco

Most people in today's world are selling their time for money and going through the grind of life assuming that is the way it is. But it doesn't have to be. Jason Hartman talks with MJ DeMarco, author of The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich, about the hyperrealities that are abundant in our world, and what we can do to overcome them and live the life we truly desire. Key Takeaways: [1:51] MJ's world view and how they impact his philosophies [5:52] We need to...


YW 110 - How to Be a First Responder in Business with Marine Sniper Jake Wood

In this 10th episode show, Jason goes off topic with former Marine sniper Jake Wood, now co-founder of Team Rubicon and author of Take Command: Lessons in Leadership: How to be a First Responder in Business. Team Rubicon takes military veterans and utilitizes their unique training for disaster response more effective and efficient. The two discuss the important elements of leadership, some tips on succeeding in high stakes environments, and making sure you're knocking out the important...


Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Advisor Ken McElroy to Headline 2018 Meet the Masters of Income Property

Jason Hartman is proud to announce the latest addition to the 2018 Meet the Masters of Income Property event, Ken McElroy. Ken is a Rich Dad Advisor and entrepreneur who is an expert in investment analysis, property management, and property development. He's responsible for over $700 million investment dollars in real estate. Ken is the author of the best-selling books The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing, The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing, The ABC’s of Property Management, and...


YW 109 - New & Changed Deductions Under the New GOP Tax Reform with Ryan Schellhous

Jason Hartman talks with Ryan Schellhous, founder at IndigoSpire CPAs & Advisors, about the new tax plan. The two start off with a 30,000 foot overview of the plan, then drill down into specific components of the plan as they figure out who is going to be helped and who may not see as much of a benefit under the plan. Ryan explains the biggest revenue raisers and "losers" under the new bill, and some of the most important pieces that will impact individual filers. Key Takeaways: [3:32]...


Speaker Announcement: Ron Paul

2018's Meet the Masters event was already packed with great speakers like Jason Hartman, Garrett Sutton, Brian Smith, Danielle DiMartino-Booth, John Burns, and more. Today, Jason Hartman is proud to announce that former Congressman (and America's foremost advocate for liberty) Ron Paul will be joining the fold to headline the event. Ron Paul was most recently a Republican candidate for President in 2008 and 2012, and served in the US House of Representatives for Texas for more than 25 years...


YW 108 - Getting Educated and Hired for Free with Robert Dickie III

Jason Hartman talks with Robert Dickie III, President of Crown Financial Ministries, and author of The LEAP, and Love Your Work. The two discuss the impact technology has had on industries already, and what's to come. They also discuss how a large section of people in their 30s are transitioning careers by going back to college online for free, and getting hired by some of the best companies on the planet while doing so. Key Takeaways: [3:04] How Robert defines "stewardship" [4:55] We are...


YW 107 - Investment Opportunities in the Commercial Sector with Andrew Wright

Jason Hartman and Andrew Wright, CEO and Managing Partner at the commercial real estate firm Franklin Street, discuss the US commercial real estate market that is currently available. From manufacturing to office to industrial to multi-family, no stone is left unturned. Andrew has a personal involvement in more than $1 billion in real estate and finance transactions, and has resolved more than $800 million in distressed real estate debt since 2009. Key Takeaways: [1:40] Trump's potential...


YW 106 - Why Knowing Things Still Matters When Facts Are So Easy to Look Up with William Poundstone

William Poundstone is the author of fourteen books, including Big Secrets, Prisoner's Dilemma, Fortune's Formula, and Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google? He has written for The New York Times, Harper’s, Harvard Business Review, and the Village Voice, among other publications, and has adapted several of his books for ABC television. He is on the board of advisors of the Center for Election Science. Poundstone was born in Morgantown, West Virginia, and studied physics at MIT. His writing...