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Bum Ba Dee Da Bum – Episode 66

Today’s episode is bittersweet as we become 2 Employed guys..


I Say F*ck You Jobu – Episode 65

Today the guys discuss sports, China landing on the far side of the moon, phone problems prevent conspiracy talk going further, Ellen’s new Netflix special, and being depressed after watching movies


I’m Not Wearing Pants and You’re Still Masturbating – Episode 64

Back for 2019 the guys talk holidays, masturbation, Shinedown, the weather, seeing into the future, fake tattoos, the Titan Games and more..


Dear Santa Claus Go F*ck Yourself – Episode 63

In Episode 63 the guys talk about the Christmas Season, their favorite Christmas songs, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Roadie’s annual Christmas cards, and the guys experience some technical difficulty and you’ll know exactly when it happens.


George Michael Nails Freddie Mercury – Episode 62

Today Roadie is sick and hates it, plus the guys talk holidays, Freddie Mercury and Queen.


Macon It – Episode 61

Today Roadie bitches about his latest airline experience, his travels to Macon, GA, and the guys discuss Thanksgiving and even what they are thankful for.


Lets Put a Bow On It – Episode 60

Episode 60 is here and it sounds like Shmonty traded studios with Roadie as his audio sounds terrible. Not to worry Trashbag Suitcase has been notified. In today’s episode the guys talk about child labor, plane crash stories, Shmonty’s visit to St. Louis, and they...


Do They Have an Allotted Amount of Time at the Glory Hole – Episode 59

In our latest episode we talk movies, including Shmonty being creeped out by Gorillas in Congo, Roadie’s love of documentaries, plus TV shows, the World Series, NFL, NHL, golf and whatever else comes to mind. Sign up for podcast hosting on Blubrry


We Don’t Want to Torch Cricket Manor – Episode 58

Today the guys talk about their sponsor GoTeamTees.com and the possibility of losing them, the laziness of Trashbag Suitcase, our voice guy, voice guys of our past, their loss in the Powerball drawing and Shmonty’s possibility of torching cricket manor. Sign up for podcast hosting...


Rambo with Dog Shit Bags – Episode 57

Today Shmonty and Roadie talk NHL, sports conspiracies, people not picking up their dog’s shit, and Shmonty is a hero! Sign up for podcast hosting on Blubrry


Heinous Anus – Episode 56

In today’s episode, Roadie talks about the Kid Rock / Brantley Gilbert concert in Tampa on October 13, his crazy dream involving Slash, Shmonty discusses his trip out of town seeing Tracy Morgan, and a little crop dusting. Sign up for podcast hosting on Blubrry


Roadie’s Spunk in the Trunk – Episode 55

The title might mean exactly what you think. Maybe not. Today Roadie talks about his latest phone call with Sallie Mae, we also discuss the question why do we turn the radio when we are lost, diabetes, and suuuuuuuuuuuugar! Sign up for podcast hosting on...


Does This Podcast Make Me Look Fat – Episode 54

In episode 54 Shmonty wonders where his 50th episode tshirt is from GoTeamTees.com, they revisit the dark web and how close Roadie is to becoming Juan Gonzalez, the missed dropkick attempt on Fred Durst, Vince Neil and his potential new business and more.. Sign up...


We Are Andy Dufresne-ing It – Episode 53

Today the guys talk free work from their voice guy, they ask the question what does your version of the dark web look like, becoming Juan Gonzalez, the YouTube rabbit hole, and we find out Roadie is a horrible story teller in comparison to Shmonty…...


Shmonty Official AKA Tool News Monthly – Episode 52

Today Shmonty and Roadie announce winners of the t-shirt contest. Plus they talk about memories from KDKB. Shmonty talks morning show and listener comments, and Roadie talks about shitty freelance clients. Sign up for podcast hosting on Blubrry


We Have No Idea What to Call This Episode – Episode 51

We made it over the hump to Episode 51. Today Shmonty is trying to fool Mrs Shmonty with paint colors, murders in D.C. Roadie has a problem with crab legs, a Florida man thrown off a bridge, and finally the guys talk new music from...


Shakin’ Hands with Dick Fingers – Episode 50

Episode 50 is here! Today the guys do a little reminiscing on their previous episodes, plus Shmonty talks James Robert Vagina, and Roadie hates on everything Pumpkin Spice, and people who don’t wash their hands. Sign up for podcast hosting on Blubrry


Killer Neighbors – Episode 49

One step closer to our 50th episode. Today the guys talk the 50th episode t-shirt, Roadie issues kind of an apology, Shmonty hates on Roadie’s friends, he also talks about the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, and his neighbor who might or might not have allegedly,...


The Shakedown for 17 Five – Episode 48

Episode 48 has the guys discussing the Rob Zombie Facebook meme, their letter from YouTube, Shmonty has an idea to create new jobs, Roadie talks about screaming kids while he is eating, burlap sacks, and finally the potential lawsuit and shakedown attempt on him and...


He Lived His Life One Bumper Sticker at a Time – Episode 47

Today, more discussions of the 50th episode t-shirt, Roadie loses his bootleg TV app, but not before he watches the Lynyrd Skynryd movie, and he gets pissed at people who can’t grow a fucking beard. Meanwhile, Shmonty tells us how he doesn’t want to be...