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9 - 5 OTP Episode 26 "About that Spicy Gear Bike Life"

What's good y'all this week we chop it up with lay from @spicygearbikelife(on instagram). The young god is on the come up in the bike life world he's starting a movement more like a wave & like ourselves is building his brand from the ground up. We talk about his humble beginnings the troubled past & his new found passion for that "bike life"& how it inspires the youth to be more active within the bike life culture. Don't mind the elements there was alot going on at the juice bar that night....


9 - 5 OTP Episode 25 "I Just Wanna Flyyyy"

What up this week we re-cap from last weeks sit down with our brothers. Chris talks about his family excursion to sesame place. dris talks serious about whats been bothering him lately. The gods also get into the shits about all the ratchetness from the weeks end. enjoy!


9 - 5 OTP Episode 24 "The Wisemen"

What's good ya'll were back on the scene with another episode. This is a special one because we chop it up with our brothers Skrapp @greenbackskrapp & Calvin @trinicali from college & our young bull cedric @ko_litty sat in for a lil bit. We catch up with them about whats going on with them, their family, work & all the ratchetness we missed on our 2 week hiatus. There's alot to digest so take your time rock with us peep the jewels & enjoy.


9 - 5 OTP Episode 23 "TWENTY THREE"

what up this week we sit down with cuss. Cuss is a recording engineer with deep roots in the music industry he's worked with the likes of puff daddy, large professor ,EPMD, nas, KRS 1, Slick Rick, chrisette michele, vivian green the list goes on. We talk with cuss on his humble beginnings how he got started from being in a rap group 47:30 (rough luxury crew) interning then working at the legendary powerhouse studios in queens. 57:40 the podcast gods were working against us that night...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 22 "Friday Nights"

what's good people this week we sit outside the juice bar on the first night of the heat wave and hold court. Don't mind the sounds those are fire crackers not gun shots be respectful lol...trying to be more professional on this unprofessional plattform peep the chronological order of events enjoy! 2:33 Dris talks about results from doctors 8:30 Chris talks about the test he took and the politics of the job and transferring to another department 27:37 Dris gets into telling his story about...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 21 "Watch Out For The Spreaders"

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right B, A, Select, Start. No need for an explanation for this "if you know you know". We sit down chop it up about this weeks current events & rachetness. We break down the releases of Nasir & the carters the hate and the love it received. we also talk about the untimely death of the young boy xxxtentation & all the unfortunate deaths happening it seems like these young dudes is playing contra for real & they think they have the code for 30 lives...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 21 "Watch Out For The Spreaders"

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right B, A, Select, Start. No need for an explanation for this "if you know you know". We sit down chop it up about this weeks current events & rachetness. We break down the releases of Nasir & the carters the hate and the love it received. we also talk about the untimely death of the young boy xxxtentation & all the unfortunate deaths happening it seems like these young dudes is playing contra for real & they think they have the code for 30 lives...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 20 "The Father's Day Episode"

what's up. This episode we sit down with some OG's & soak up game on fatherhood, family & how to balance the two. Don't mind the planes passing through it's a queens thing "If You Know You Know" lol...enjoy


9 - 5 OTP Episode 19 "How's Your Mental"

whats up this week we talk about mental health. its crazy this past week we had two unfortunate untimely deaths. we also talk about the importance of checking on your people making sure there good. You never know what one person is going through thats why we always start off with "how's your mental". we chop it up about the new nonsense that president biff & his flunkies are up to. we also talk about the advancement in technology today as it was back in the day and how this generation is...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 17 "We live @ the BBQ"

This week we take the show on the road well actually we take it outside to the backyard. This memorial day weekend was about honoring the fallen soldiers that served and sacrificed for there country for our freedoms. one of our guests was a veteren who served he speaks about his experience as being a blackman in the military his humble beginings & the comrades he's konwn & lost. Our other guest is a O.G. and our first sponsor of G.S. Beer inc. Mr. Gorden Stewart. We chop it up with him...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 16 Pay attention "BIFF IS IN OFFICE"

Back like we never left! we had business to take care of its only a 2 man crew sorry not sorry! lol.....this weeks episode we catch up with current events politricks & rachetness. The title & cover pic is a classic but there both the same kind of people. you most def know the orange cheetoe but the other guy well do your googles to figure who that colonizer is "This Is America"!...enjoy


9 - 5 OTP Episode 15 "S.O.S"

whats up ya'll this week we get back to the same old same old. if you played football you understand the title when you ask coach what play we running next he's gonna say S.O.S (same old shit. Thats the go to play when you know defense cant stop it lol....there's no guests this week so we catch up on work shenanagins with the kanye meltdown we try to break it down but like always we go left. we talk home ownership and the bullshit that comes along with it. aight go ahead enjoy!


9 - 5 OTP Episode 14 "GOT EEM!!!"

whats up this weeks episode we sit down and chop it up with one the wise men C Gutta aka @reality_speaks .We cover all the bases with current events, sports, the wack ass music industry we even get deep about family. I'm dropping a day early b/c umm why not i got some free time and "i don't edit" so here u go your welcome lmao.....seriously i'm trying to cut these podcasts down but we be building chopping it up on so much game. But as always we can't help that we always go left...



whats good ya'll. This week we catch up on the past weeks same old same old on 9-5 on the plantation. We also sit down with one of dris's fam he talks about his slaveship/plantation situation but he's "different he's the captain of his own boat you can call him the skipper" he brakes down the ins and outs of uber & lyft & how he manages both to work for him. This was a very interesting & informative convo but as always we tend to make it go left "That's what we do hold ya melon & keep it...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 12 "YOU GOTTA FEED THE WOLVES!!'

Whats good. This week we catch up on all the fu!@#kery & ratchetness from the past couple of weeks. We chop it up about everything from cardi b's album & petty minaj trying to disrupt her wave tristan thompson outchea living his best life and much more. Proud to let y'all know that we have officially been added to the apple itunes podcasts family so please subscribe comment & let us know how you feel about what were doing. indulge respectfully!


9 - 5 OTP Episode 11 "Ignorance Is Bliss"

This week the crew has a special guest sitting in to give the female perspective on the 9-5 OTP experience. Queen held it down and dropped alot of jewels. We talked about race, racism ignorance of people that don't know how ignorant they sound when they speak lol...kwame the photographer stopped by to chop it up and give us some gems on health is wealth. so pour up or get situated b/c like we always do is go left but keep it respectable buckle up its kind of a long ride enjoy.


9 - 5 OTP Episode 8"The Real MVP"

This week we talk about a lil bit of everything it was a busy week. chris dodges a bullet with his job having storm duty in westchester after the nor easter. dris taking a trip to philly to vist his fam. We also get into poitricks current events and the fact that the orange cheetoe of the united states needs to leave the hard working latin community alone and let them be great. This weeks cover demonstrates the hard work & dedication it takes to provide for your family by any means enjoy!


9 - 5 OTP Episode 7 "family business"

This week we sit down & pour up a respectable mans drink with dris's cousin Qwame. We chop it up about the many jobs that he has & the one that is the most important & passionate to him photography. We also talk about the importance of family. Things were going good until we got into that left lane & started dipping seems like we made a u-turn somewhere & went back a couple of episodes smh.........enjoy!


9 - 5 Otp Episode 6 "know yourself sista carol"

yoooooo! what's good my people. This week it seems that we haven't had closure from episode 2 on the whole boycott netflix situation. We chop it up about that & current events & most importantly knowing yourself & knowing your health. Sit back relax & listen to the GODS build. please make sure you subcribe to 9-5 OTP drop a comment a like whatever rock with us. enjoy!



Greetings this was a big week/weekend for the gods.We talk about what went on from the all-snore star game & Recycled Dunk contest. We also take a trip down memory lane. We were blessed with the opportunity to bare witness to the greatness which is called The Black Panther. No we didn't see it together we went at different times & different places with our better halves lol......"warning" if you didn't see the movie yet and you listen to this episode that's on you. Shame on you for not...