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What's good people this week we sat down with Renisha Conaway. She is a city attorney practicing compliance law for the department of housing preservation & development. Renisha tells us about how she got into practicing law her day to day and everything else she's dealing with on her corporate plantation. Surprisingly talking to her, she reveals that her passion is training for the Olympics. It was a pretty dope conversation. The conversation got a little deep into love & relationships...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 37 "YOUR OG'S AIN'T REALLY YOUR OG'S..."

What's good people were back with another installment of 95 otp. Fresh off turkey day & black Friday we had to get this episode in last time it was a real one Chris is home, he's doing well, everything is everything no drama on the compound lmao...3:30.00 how's your physical & mental, 10:50.00 we chop it up about or thanksgiving. 21:50.00 we breakdown meeks album. 33:02.00 is the joker done? 41:58.00 is 50 still beefing with his son & baby mom? 54:56.00 we holding court on "who's too cool...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 36 "Always be prepared..."

What's up people this week was a tough episode to do, but it had to get done. We start things off with Dris mental being cloudy 6:00.00. Then he gets into a delivery story 25:38.00 smh...Chris gets into his mental by un-packing some serious shit that lands him in the doghouse 28:45.00. Dris gives him a solution to help with his problem by getting into the story of the "bottle of Jamision" 52:35.00 followed with the apology 1:19.48. We get into current events 1:26.00. Things start to go left...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 35 "WE LOST THE HOUSE"

What's up people we are back with another one. This episode we tried to get on our grown men biz & talk grown man talk with our guests, but it didn't go so well we did what we do best go left. Alcohol & politics do not mix because we went so left "we lost the house" now I know how trump felt after the midterm elections complete melt down smh... We start off with election talk (19:38.00) the start of the ending. Then the meltdown about local unions & possible political candidates in the...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 34 "KEEPING IT THORO"

What's good people were back with another installment. We start off by paying tribute to the god prodigy (title & pic of the episode) we recorded this episode Friday night it was the gods born day so we opened the show with one of his joints & we ended the show with one of our favorite Mobb deep tracks so check out for it. We chopped it up about the upcoming elections this Tuesday & how we seemed confused about who or what to vote for & like always we went left like we always do smh... We...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 33 "LOVE DAY"

What's shaking this weeks episode we got it in on a Saturday in the afternoon. The energy was right where it needed to be lol...We talked about this past weeks shenanagins like the shop with lebron & drake and also pusha t being on the joe buddens podcast. We broke it down 95 OTP style of course we went left thats what we do smh... very entertaining enjoy.


9 - 5 OTP Episode 32 "The Show Must Go On"

Whats up people were back with another installment of 95 OTP. We were suppose to have a couple of guests but they couldn't make it so like the title says the show must go on. Please excuse our energy it sounded a little off it was a long week on the plantation for both of us. We pushed through & we made it work. We got into the shits first with Mr. West & his field trip to the white house to chop it up with Biff. We break down the visit why he went why jim brown was there looking like he was...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 31 "DONE OFF"

what's shaking beloved!. Back on the scene with another one. We had alot to cover since we were not recording for two weeks. We got into the cosby sentencing and how it changes everything for everyone thats playing "dirty pool" the message has been sent who's next Be safe tho...We also touch on Suge Knight, Kevin Hart vs Kat Williams & everything else rachet enjoy & rock with us.


9 - 5 OTP Episode 30 "Night Nurse"

What's good people this episode we chop it up with taci @taci_baby (on instagram), Chrissy @_theway_iseeit, Janine @_jay_nine_ & Mekeda she doesn't have social media shes off the grid smart girl lol...These women are in the field of nursing from pediatrics, Labor & delivery to GYN/Oncology correct me if I left anything out smh... They give us the inside shits about their day to day on the plantation of the medical field. Everything from dealing with patients & co-workers, even the over...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 29 "ON A Different Type Of Energy"

whats good people. This week we recorded this episode earlier in the day than the usual god hour & the energy felt great. Both of us were on our dean sharp & on point ready for the shits. We get into celebrating the legend Mr. Bobby Brown being the true bad boy sniper put some respeck on his name. We talk about all the ratchet activities that took place this week & so much more rock with us enjoy.


9 - 5 OTP Episode 28 "The Labor Day Episode"

Good night people. This is the labor day weekend episode. We celebrate all things labor day lmao... nah we enjoying the long weekend we too grown to be out on that parkway, juvet or anything parade worthy tonight we chop it up and re-cap on the week ending. We have our recurring guest Mrs. Spicy the Queen of the compound to sit in with us to provide the female perspective on our converstions, current events topics & all our rachet commentary. Things get a little heated when discussing Mars...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 27 "We Studying 120 Right Now Hit Us Back At The God Hour"

9 - 5 OTP Episode 27 "We Studying 120 Right Now Hit Us Back At The God Hour" by african black


9 - 5 OTP Episode 26 "About that Spicy Gear Bike Life"

What's good y'all this week we chop it up with lay from @spicygearbikelife(on instagram). The young god is on the come up in the bike life world he's starting a movement more like a wave & like ourselves is building his brand from the ground up. We talk about his humble beginnings the troubled past & his new found passion for that "bike life"& how it inspires the youth to be more active within the bike life culture. Don't mind the elements there was alot going on at the juice bar that night....


9 - 5 OTP Episode 25 "I Just Wanna Flyyyy"

What up this week we re-cap from last weeks sit down with our brothers. Chris talks about his family excursion to sesame place. dris talks serious about whats been bothering him lately. The gods also get into the shits about all the ratchetness from the weeks end. enjoy!


9 - 5 OTP Episode 24 "The Wisemen"

What's good ya'll were back on the scene with another episode. This is a special one because we chop it up with our brothers Skrapp @greenbackskrapp & Calvin @trinicali from college & our young bull cedric @ko_litty sat in for a lil bit. We catch up with them about whats going on with them, their family, work & all the ratchetness we missed on our 2 week hiatus. There's alot to digest so take your time rock with us peep the jewels & enjoy.


9 - 5 OTP Episode 23 "TWENTY THREE"

what up this week we sit down with cuss. Cuss is a recording engineer with deep roots in the music industry he's worked with the likes of puff daddy, large professor ,EPMD, nas, KRS 1, Slick Rick, chrisette michele, vivian green the list goes on. We talk with cuss on his humble beginnings how he got started from being in a rap group 47:30 (rough luxury crew) interning then working at the legendary powerhouse studios in queens. 57:40 the podcast gods were working against us that night...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 22 "Friday Nights"

what's good people this week we sit outside the juice bar on the first night of the heat wave and hold court. Don't mind the sounds those are fire crackers not gun shots be respectful lol...trying to be more professional on this unprofessional plattform peep the chronological order of events enjoy! 2:33 Dris talks about results from doctors 8:30 Chris talks about the test he took and the politics of the job and transferring to another department 27:37 Dris gets into telling his story about...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 21 "Watch Out For The Spreaders"

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right B, A, Select, Start. No need for an explanation for this "if you know you know". We sit down chop it up about this weeks current events & rachetness. We break down the releases of Nasir & the carters the hate and the love it received. we also talk about the untimely death of the young boy xxxtentation & all the unfortunate deaths happening it seems like these young dudes is playing contra for real & they think they have the code for 30 lives only...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 20 "The Father's Day Episode"

what's up. This episode we sit down with some OG's & soak up game on fatherhood, family & how to balance the two. Don't mind the planes passing through it's a queens thing "If You Know You Know" lol...enjoy


9 - 5 OTP Episode 19 "How's Your Mental"

whats up this week we talk about mental health. its crazy this past week we had two unfortunate untimely deaths. we also talk about the importance of checking on your people making sure there good. You never know what one person is going through thats why we always start off with "how's your mental". we chop it up about the new nonsense that president biff & his flunkies are up to. we also talk about the advancement in technology today as it was back in the day and how this generation is not...