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Annie Hall...(You Cannot Separate Man from Art)

Paula and Justin watch 1977's Annie Hall on their way to rom com bliss (or misery). Annie Hall tells the story of one man's neuroses through his on again, off again relationship with a girl who was loveably off type. Understandably this review turns into a broader discussion about whether we, the viewers, can enjoy this film in light of Woody Allen's history. The answer is probably no, but maybe time will be a gentler critic?


Sweet November...(How to Lose a Guy in 30 Days)

Paula and Justin celebrate the demise of the production code by watching 1968's Sweet November. This strange, heartfelt rom com chronicles the month-long romance of Charlie, the box company exec, and Sara, a self proclaimed therapist. After Sara meets Charlie at the DMV, she is intent on fixing his hurry, hurry ding, ding problem and insists he move in with her to be cured. The plot of this film is hard to believe, but a perfect fit for the shifting culture of the late 1960s. This film makes...