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We are a zany married couple that loves watching and talking about romantic movies - from rom coms to independent art house gems, we'll discuss them all with a pinch of seriousness and a dash of odd humor. New reviews are released weekly. Send all feedback and movie suggestions to acouplesguide2romance@gmail.com. Like us and leave us a review on Soundcloud, Itunes, and Facebook.


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We are a zany married couple that loves watching and talking about romantic movies - from rom coms to independent art house gems, we'll discuss them all with a pinch of seriousness and a dash of odd humor. New reviews are released weekly. Send all feedback and movie suggestions to acouplesguide2romance@gmail.com. Like us and leave us a review on Soundcloud, Itunes, and Facebook.






Summer Movie Speed Date....(Destination Always Be My Fatal Keanu Con)

And we're back! Justin and Paula return to the glorious world of recounting romance with a summer speed date featuring hits such as Destination Wedding and Always Be My Maybe. With Godzilla presiding as timekeeper, the movies of our summer fly by and, honestly, we are ok with that. While upon initial watch these movies hold our attention, we think we are probably going to ghost all of them on date two--well, all except for Keanu Reeves.


The Boy Next Door...(First Edition!)

How many doors must a boy live down before you can call him a man? Based on this title, more than one! Not to be confused with all those other books and films based around young males living in close proximity, Justin and Paula explore Jennifer Lopez's finest (only?..) erotic thriller "The Boy Next Door". Newly separated J.Lo can't keep herself from lusting after the seemingly well-rounded neighbor hunk, but does he have a dark past? Who cares!? Seriously Jenny he's a 20 year old full-time...


Basic Instinct...(Everybody's Doing It)

Paula and Justin watch Basic Instinct, which is basically a film noir version of a softcore porn or is it the other way around? Michael Douglas is back as a cop who falls for the wrong women and Sharon Stone steals all the scenes in her breakthrough role as a sexualized psychopathic author. This movie is full of cliche, but you know you are watching it for the interrogation scene, so just deal with it.


Fatal Attraction...(New York Bunny Boil)

Paula and Justin watch Fatal Attraction, the film that made adultery seem way less fun than before. Glenn Close embodies Alex, an associate publisher who has an obvious undiagnosed mental health issue that causes her to obsess over Michael Douglas --Michael Douglas! The 80's were a weird time. Unfortunately the end of this film takes a hard turn toward psychopath, eroding our sympathy for the female antagonist while creating a happily ever after for the philanderer male protagonist. Go...


Cold Mountain...(Stick it in the Corn Pone)

Paula and Justin watch Cold Mountain, the Odyssean light epic love story set in the hills of western North Cackalacky. Jude Law and Nicole Kidman become hardened, resilient bad asses over the course of 2.5 hours. So much so that when they meet, they immediately take the bone train to pound town. If ten minutes of shared screen time doesn't scream romance, what does?


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...(Some People Age Backward)

Paula and Justin watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a story about a man born old who ages backward while experiencing all life has to offer, including romance! Benjamin Button is dark and somber at times and while the plot is meant to convey deep meaning, the dialogue can feel a bit shallow. And if we are talking about shallow, we can't forget the relationship featured in the film. It's truly removed - some would say, emotionless. But hey, we learned something from this, right?


Dr Zhivago...(Ice, Ice...Baby)

Paula and Justin watch Dr. Zhivago, an EPIC romance set in Russia between WW1 and the Russian Revolution. This film shows us things can get hot in even the most desolate tundras and that all good poets need their muse. At the time this film was released, no one thought anyone would sit through a three and a half hour love story that spends an hour focused on boiling potatoes in a train car. They were so wrong.


While You Were Sleeping...(Coma Guy)

Paula and Justin watch While You Were Sleeping, a charming mid 1990's rom-com about love and comas. Sandra Bullock is at her most adorable here as Lucy, a lonely CTA employee looking for love and family. A fun cast of quirky supporting characters, quippy dialogue, and the super duo of Bullock and Bill Pullman make this a rom-com well worth renting. It's a cure for your January blues and a good way to start your new year's resolution of watching better movies.


White Christmas...(A Salute to All Things White)

Paula and Justin watch White Christmas, Irving Berlin's classic holiday song and dance fest featuring Bing Crosby and his iconic titular song. This film is pure 1950's schmaltz and tells the story of the post war showmanship of its two leading men, a duo who ultimately becomes a quartet when they meet the sister act of their dreams. But can they save their former general, now failing innkeeper? Of course they f*cking can.


A Christmas Prince...(Royally Humdrum)

Paula and Justin watch the acclaimed Netflix hit, A Christmas Prince. Christmas Prince tells the charming story of how one reporter scored the story of the lifetime by impersonating a tutor and recording interactions with, and ultimately uncovering the shady birth-backstory of Prince Richard of Blandania - also known as Prince Richard of Caucasia. But in all seriousness, 53 Netflix subscribers watched this film every day for 18 days, suggesting that we are probably nearing the end of human...


Mary Shelley's Frankenstein...(Bride of Blacula)

Paula and Justin watch Mary Shelley's Frankenstein after entering into marital discord over Blacula. This overwrought melodrama starring and directed by Kenneth Branagh glosses over the real story and motivation of Frankenstein's monster in order to spotlight its lead and director. This movie is a classic case of when bad films happen to good people. Were it not for Robert De Niro, Frankenstein would be an absolute waste of space.


Only Lovers Left Alive...(Spooky Action at a Distance)

Paula and Justin continue their bloodsucking madness with Only Lovers Left Alive, a melodic, artful film that provides an intimate look at a relationship of two people who also happen to be vampires. Vampirism, through the eyes of Director Jim Jarmusch, is more a way of being and less a character flaw for Adam and Eve, our two leads who, over centuries, have tamed their baser impulses in favor of more rarefied pursuits. Their one constant and raison d'etre is their love for each other which...


Bram Stoker's Dracula...(Love Bites)

Happy Halloween! For this spook-tacular day, Paula and Justin watch Bram Stoker's Dracula, the 1992 gothic classic that took Dracula out of the cape and into the kimono. There's a lot to be creeped out by in a sexy way here, and that's the point. Through its high powered cast and rich, artfully crafted imagery, Dracula avoids camp and pulls off a love story where we actively root for the dude with a harem of undead concubines to get the girl of his dreams.


Bridget Jones's Diary...(SWF Seeks BHM in Reindeer Jumper)

Paula and Justin watch Bridget Jones's Diary, an early 2000's rom com based on the highly successful book of the same name. Inspired by Pride and Prejudice, Bridget Jones chronicles the hot mess that is the dating life of an unmarried British early 30 something. This film is effortlessly endearing, from Bridget's logging her weight fluctuations and units of alcohol to the unchoreographed, snow-drenched fight scene between Bridget's two suitors. It's charm is as strong today as it was in...


A Star is Born...(This Way)

SPOILER ALERT - Paula and Justin interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to watch A Star is Born, the fourth remake of the classic Hollywood tale of the fading icon and rising star. Like Barbara Streisand before him, Bradley Cooper co-wrote, stars, and directs this intimate look at the beginning and end of an ill-fated relationship. This heart-wrenching movie is a credit to its strong leads who prove that, under the right circumstances, casting an actor to sing and a singer to act can...


As Good as It Gets...(And They Called It Puppy Love)

It's 1990's time and Justin and Paula sit down to watch one of the decade's romantic comedy gems, As Good as It Gets. Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt and Jill the dog star in a film about an obsessive compulsive misanthrope opening his heart to love and to people for the first time. If you go agog over adorable dogs, long to hear old school slurs, and can stomach the idea of an attractive, good hearted, thirty-something waitress falling for Jack Nicholson (but worse), then this is the film for...


When Harry Met Sally...(Friends with Benefits)

Paula and Justin review When Harry Met Sally, regarded by many to be the quintessential American romantic comedy. The film is beloved for a reason. Its two main characters, drawn from the real-life personalities of director Rob Reiner and screenwriter Norah Ephron, are well-developed and get nearly equal screen time. We route for them because we know that, ultimately, the basis of every good, long-lasting relationship is friendship. Even if the ending is predictable, the journey of these two...


Annie Hall...(You Cannot Separate Man from Art)

Paula and Justin watch 1977's Annie Hall on their way to rom com bliss (or misery). Annie Hall tells the story of one man's neuroses through his on again, off again relationship with a girl who was loveably off type. Understandably this review turns into a broader discussion about whether we, the viewers, can enjoy this film in light of Woody Allen's history. The answer is probably no, but maybe time will be a gentler critic?


Sweet November...(How to Lose a Guy in 30 Days)

Paula and Justin celebrate the demise of the production code by watching 1968's Sweet November. This strange, heartfelt rom com chronicles the month-long romance of Charlie, the box company exec, and Sara, a self proclaimed therapist. After Sara meets Charlie at the DMV, she is intent on fixing his hurry, hurry ding, ding problem and insists he move in with her to be cured. The plot of this film is hard to believe, but a perfect fit for the shifting culture of the late 1960s. This film makes...


The Apartment...(Knock Before Entering)

Paula and Justin move along the rom com timeline to 1960's The Apartment, an Oscar award winning film whose themes of adultery and suicide were a direct rebuke to the Hollywood Production Code. In what could be the first dark rom com, Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon find themselves driven together(and apart) by their morally questionable decision making. In the end, they must choose between their ill gotten rewards and dignity. Through the genius of good writing, these dark themes somehow...