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S2E01 - Paddy Ashdown and Bernard Cornwell (If you don't love poetry, you should give up on life!)

Former Lib Dem Leader, Paddy Ashdown, takes on international bestselling author Bernard Cornwell in the Book Off! This episode sees John Donne take on William Shakespeare, but who will win??? Hosted by Joe Haddow, the two historians discuss secret spies in the Second World War, the unravelling of English history, how politics of the 1930s are mirroring our society today, and lots of poetry.


S1E11 - Matt Haig and Bryony Gordon (From mental health to running to Police Academy!)

Bestselling author Matt Haig and Telegraph journalist Bryony Gordon join Joe Haddow for a very interesting Book Off! In possibly the most diverse war of the words this series, Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" is put up against the Alcoholics Anonymous "Big Book" by Bill W. As well as discussing their own books, Matt and Bryony talk about their mental health, facing demons, how running really helps them and the Police Academy films!


S1E10 - Erin Kelly and Sabine Durrant (Taking time off of social media? You must be mad!)

Thriller writers Erin Kelly and Sabine Durrant go head to head in the Book Off! Barbara Vine's "No Night Is Too Long" goes up against "Hanover Square" by Patrick Hamilton - but which will have the glory? As well as a fierce competition, the authors talk about taking time off social media and how some subjects are just too horrific to write about.


S1E09 - Louise Doherty and Araminta Hall (Women are still portrayed badly in fiction!)

The bestselling author of Apple Tree Yard, Louise Doherty, joins Joe Haddow for a chat about her writing foundation and goes head to head with author Araminta Hall who discusses her latest novel, Our Kind Of Cruelty. Daphne Du Maurier's "Rebecca" goes up against 'Ghosts Of The Tsunami" by Richard Lloyd Parry in this episode, but which will win? The authors also discuss the portrayal of women in fiction, how hard it is to hit deadlines and the best places to write.


S1E08 - Kate Mossed and SJ Parris (Literary prizes and jet-lag, now there's a combo!)

Bestselling author and co-founder of the Women's Prize For Fiction, Kate Mosse goes head to head with critic, journalist and author SJ Parris in the Book Off! Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" goes up against "The Name Of The Rose" by Umberto Eco in this episode, but which one will Joe take home? They also discuss the importance of literary prizes, their latest novels, how to plan your writing routine and jet-lag.


S1E07 - Mark Billingham and David Hepworth (It's about to get very geeky!)

Bestselling crime writer Mark Billingham goes head to head with music journalist extraordinaire David Hepworth. As well as a hotly contested Book Off between Lyndon B Johnson and The Maltese Falcon (yep, seriously!) Joe Haddow gets geeky with both writers about music. They talk Steely Dan, Elvis Costello and The Beatles and why music genre trends only occur every forty years.


S1E06 - Donal Ryan and Imogen Hermes Gower (What's the point of no carb diets?)

Irish writer and Man Booker Prize longlistee Donal Ryan and debut author Imogen Hermes Gower go head to head in the Book Off! John Steinbeck is pitted against Beryl Bainbridge in this episode - but who do you think should win? Imogen discusses the pressures of writing after a huge bidding war and financial deal and Donal explains how he has only really been a full-time author for 3 months of his life. All this plus no carb diets and how docks can be romantic.


S1E05 - Jess Kidd and Simon Wore (I'm funny how? I mean funny like I'm a clown?)

Jess Kidd (Himself/The Hoarder) and Simon Wroe (Chop Chop/Here Comes Trouble) join Joe Haddow to talk books, writing styles and literary parties. "True Grit" by Charles Portis goes up against "Sal" by Mick Kitson...but which one will Joe take home? They also discuss what it means to be described as "humorous authors", writing on a hangover, hoarding and the art of writing young narrators.


S1E04 - Kit de Waal and Ned Beauman (The golden age of cinema)

Authors Kit de Waal (My Name Is Leon/The Trick To Time) and Ned Beauman (Boxer, Beetle/Glow) join Joe Haddow for another Book Off! Kazuo Ishiguro's classic "The Remains Of The Day" is put up against "The Conspiracy Against The Human Race; A Contrivance Of Horror" by Thomas Ligotti. As well as going head to head in a literary fight for glory, they discuss growing up around books, previous careers...and the golden age of cinema.


S1E03 - John Niven and Viv Groskop (Is a school reunion ever a good idea?)

Bestselling author John Niven and writer, broadcaster and comedian Viv Groskop go head to head in a very competitive Book Off! "Heartburn" by Nora Ephron goes up against "Rabbit Is Rich" by John Updike in the war of the words...but which should win? As well as talking about their latest books, John and Viv also discuss school reunions and great Russian novels! Naturally.


S1E02 - Lionel Shriver and Tracy Chevalier (Jazz drummers can often ruin dinner!)

The bestselling authors of We Need To Talk About Kevin and Girl With The Pearl Earring, Lionel Shriver and Tracy Chevalier, bring two contemporary novels to the Book Off! to pitch against each other; 'Beautiful Animals' by Lawrence Osborne and "Preparations For The Next Life" by Atticus Lish. As well as a heated book fight, Lionel and Tracy talk "covering" Shakespeare, cycling and how jazz drummers can sometimes ruin dinner.


S1E01 - Paula Hawkins and John Boyne (How do you follow Girl On The Train?)

Bestselling authors Paula Hawkins (The Girl On The Train) and John Boyne (The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas) go head to head in the first ever Book Off! LP Hartley's "The Go Between" goes up against "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood - but which will win!? And they also discuss the pressure of a second novel after the success of a debut.


You've never seen Home Alone?????

Actors David Tennant and Christian Brassington go head to head in the Book Off, pitching George Orwell against Batman. They talk to Joe Haddow about festive films, a love of comics, new projects and finding time to read.


An archive? That's just a load of tat...

Bestselling authors Barbara Taylor Bradford and Sophie Hannah go head to head in the Book Off! They talk to Joe Haddow about Agatha Christie, their writing routines, what constitutes an archive and the joy of typewriters.


Winman, Winton, Winter

Australian author Tim Winton goes head to head with British actress and author Sarah Winman. In this episode of Book Off, they chat to Joe Haddow about how books come to them, the importance of place and how writing gets harder as you get older.


People love being scared, it's very close to sex!

Bestselling authors Sarah Perry and Patrick Gale go Head to Head in the Book Off, with two very different novels. Plus, they talk to Joe Haddow about ghosts, witches, reading bad reviews and their love of short stories.


Are we on another planet!?

International bestselling author Cecelia Ahern goes head to head in the Book Off with poet and broadcaster Murray Lachlan Young. In this episode, hosted by Joe Haddow, they discuss the bending of time, whether a different version of ourselves are living on another Earth, their favourite rap and hip-hop music and the popularity of poetry in the UK.


This Is Going To Hurt...

Comedian and author Adam Kay goes head to head in the Book Off with punk poet John Cooper Clarke. They discuss milkmen, Italian cinema and how punk it is to not have a mobile phone.