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Episode 24 - Jennie From The Block

Welcome to Episode 7 THOUSAND j/k (you’ll get it when you listen). We kick this episode off shooting the shit with Jennie. Actually, it’s our 1st guest of the year but hey, who’s counting. Anyway, Madi updates us on “The Coworker” and where things stand. C Mill explains how he’s in a different space and we’re proud of em. Fame tells C Mill how he feels about his dating app suggestions. Moving forward, we cover some current events from Fab & Erica to Takashi 69 to OBJ and the Giants. Just...


Episode 23 - Breakin Bad

Unreleased episode from Jan 2018. Enjoy!


Episode 22 - Let Me Swallow This First

And we're backkkkkk.


Episode 20 - Ain't No Honor Amongst Thieves

Episode 20 - Ain't no Honor amongst Thieves! So after a lil wait, we give you the twentieth installment. Somehow in Burt Burt fashion, we go against the whole plan of what the show was supposed to be about and jump right into Madi's passionate disdain for ppl taking advantage of welfare. Fame & C Mill recap the B2M vs Dru Hill debate quickly and also, what's been going on since making our Instagram Page public. If you're bored, this episode will get you through... And if you're busy, this...


Episode 19 - I Don't Do Bottom Shelf Liquor

Happy Wednesday to you all! Here we are at Episode 19 with a classic clash between Fame & C Mill with Madi officiating. This controversial debate is about who's the better R&B group of the 90's, Boyz 2 Men or Dru Hill. Somehow, the convo steers in the direction of what Madi thinks, so she breaks down "Buying Drinks" etiquette. Somewhere down the line, we discuss Public vs. Private social media accts and Fame officially makes his IG page public! Listen out for C Mill's podcast At End Of The...


Episode 18 - If You're Stalking Me...That's Fine

Here we are for the 18th episode discussing current events. First, we need to figure out what artist had a poppin record at some point and fell off. C Mill schools us on the activism angle of Playboy Magazine's early beginnings. We discuss if society is wrong for making excuses for the bad things celebrities do just because they make good music. We also wanna know why the world is so mad at celebs doing the For The "D" & For The "P" challenge. And Fame and Madi tell C Mill about their...


Episode 17 - The Flesh Is Weak

It was a heavy week in Sports, Entertainment & Politics and we tried to cover it all. We all agree that trump is foolish (his name is lowercased on purpose) and we seem to be complacent about the way the NFL banded together and if it was conducive. Madi tries to tell us what strip club etiquette is or what she thinks it is. We discuss Rell's Cheating Challenge and Fame has valid questions about Kevin Hart's alleged cheating allegations and flips the coin on who's at fault. At some point,...


Episode 15 - The Village Is Burning!

Of course we have to briefly discuss 9/11 on its anniversary as well as Hurricane Irma and the conspiracy of a FB Live video resulting in a mysterious ending. C Mill explains to Fame what the Daddy Up Program in Lil Motown is all about. Madi informs us of the importance of having a SS Card but somehow, doesn't give a F*ck if we have one or not! Thanks for tuning in and if you have any inquiries, please reach us @ Burt Burt Podcast on Facebook & @BurtBurtPodcast on Instagram.


Episode 14 - It Was Somewhere But It Was Nowhere

Well, this episode was supposed to be a serious topic but that'll just have to wait since it was Labor Day and we all had celebrations to partake in. None the less, we still discussed current events and the Usher/Chris Brown debate comes up (yet again). Fame randomly phones a friend, which leads to C Mill speaking on a "friend" and what Modern Day Prostitution consists of. After all that, Madi encounters her very own Christian Grey and somehow finds humor in it. Once again, we hope you...


Episode 13 - Broke Dick Dog

Welcome to episode 13. Where Fame, C Mill & Madi discuss everything current from The great flood in Houston to Mayweather Weekend to Insecure's "controversially confusing scene" & more (except Game Of Thrones). Madi discloses her hidden career, C Mill explains why going out to meet women is different than it used to be & Fame breaks down "Relationship Goals". It's so much good conversation in this episode, we couldn't detail it all in this description. We hope you enjoy & Thanks for Tuning...


Episode 11 - Butt Naked Timbs?

After taking a week off, we kick back off right where we left it... In random fashion! We go from discussing top controversial topics such as North Korea and Charlottesville White Supremacy Protest allllll the way to Butt Naked Timbs and Chris Brown vs. Usher. Sorry for the delay and thank you for tuning in. Do enjoy! P.s For any inquiries or input you may have or want to discuss to make your listening pleasure a little better, please feel free to direct those concerns to the Burt Burt...


Episode 10 - From The Book Of Henny

On this 10th Episode Anniversary, the convo is just a roller coaster ride of topics and current events. It goes from funny, to serious, to funny again (somehow). Two friends of the show (Book & Ricky) randomly stop by to chop it up with C Mil & Madi. Fame introduces a random line of questioning when it's Henny in the System. Whether you're on your way to, from or in the middle of work, we hope you enjoy #10!


Episode 9 - "Its 1am at Wawa... Think Outside The Box"

Episode... Nine - Nueve - Nove - Neuf This week we have 2 special guest. Music Producers, Dilemma (Hello World) and Yountie (The Noize). Both being from Lil Motown, we invited them in to discuss the Music Industry and their 1st movie placements and 1st Industry check. They also give some advice for anybody looking to get in to the Music Business. But wait.... This wouldn't be a Burt Burt episode w/o Madi telling us about a 1am Wawa encounter. C Mill tells us how he feels about OJ, Kyrie &...


Episode OCHO - Unpolitically PoLITical

So Episode 8 is exactly what the title says... You know The Burt Burt Cast already...and this week we bring in a special guest, Lovelene, to discuss everything from Trump to R Kelly. Fame leads the way with his Fame humor, Madi addresses the ongoing Man vs Woman "Toilet Seat" dilemma in America, and as usual, "Everybody Hates Chris"....


Episode 7 - Super Gonorrhea

Week Seven is all about current events wit a splash of shit talk. Fame just steers the convo Ship and wants to know if Hoes are winning. Madi Love is concerned about her own anger. She also wanted to bring some Awareness about Super Gonorrhea to Beer Can Plastic (listen and you'll understand). C Mill tells us how he randomly got cool with Ryan Leslie. All in all, we just talkin to get you through your day.. Enjoy!


Episode 6 - Shooting The Breeze

Well this weeks episode is just straight talk, conversations and opinions between none other than... US! Fame, C Mil & Madi discuss Hov's album a lil bit and somehow agree to disagree w/o ever actually agreeing to disagree (I know, you're confused haha). Listen to the episode and you'll understand. Also, Madi tells us about another date that seemed to be.... Awkward! We hope you enjoy and had a great 4th of July (if you celebrate) #BurtBurt


Episode 4 - The Public Trial of Harry Walker

*SPECIAL DELIVERY* This weeks episode drops a day early for you with special guests Sha Bright (Chimera Nation) & Harry Walker (Boro Pride) in attendance to discuss their agenda for the future of our popular lil town! Along the way, C Mil goes head to head with Harry in a stand off debate as Madi Love interjects in classic fashion to make her point... Immediately followed by Sha Bright confronting the elephant in the room, getting to the bottom of the issue and deading it to move forward....


Episode 3 - To Me....You're A Creep

Welcome to Episode 3.. This week we introduced Madi Love, our 3rd Mic! Accompanied by a few guest, Cherrelle Dominique & Jasmin, this episode was supposed to be about a whoooole different subject but the convo got so good... And it was all about who's A Creep and what's the definition of It? Aside from some audio issues (sorry about that), this episode has its humor and humility... Do enjoy!


Episode 2 - The Magnus Episode

This episode kicks off with Fame, C Mill & DJ Royal T discussing Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Crowd surfing gone wrong & Bill Maher freely using the N Word to punchline a joke. After, they welcome their 1st guest, South Jersey Bred Youtube celebrity Tyrone Magnus to the podcast to discuss how he generated such a heavy following on YouTube, being ambitious and never giving up your passion project no matter what the negative minds think or say! Do Enjoy, 2 down... Maaaaany more to go!


Episode 1 - Boro Pride to the Side

On the first episode of Burt Burt Podcast, Fame & C Mill chop it up with DJ Royal T (and friends) after a Memorial Day Cook Out just to cover random crash course topics from "Boro Pride" to squashing beef that ain't beef. Stay tuned... This is only the beginning.


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