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Fat Trel Talks "On The Run", Wale, Applauds the D.C. Cannabis Scene & More

Fat Trel was recently in Atlanta on a press run for his new album and stopped by the CashColorCannabis Podcast to speak about his new album and what we can expect from the project, how he found his way to MMG and what role Wale played in it, his admiration for the D.C. cannabis scene and more.


Clay James Discusses New Music, Snoop Dogg, Smoke Cartel Glass and More

Savannah Georgia native Clay James came by the show recently to discuss his relationship with Snoop Dogg, new music and his partnership with Savannah Georgia brand Smoke Cartel Glass.


O.D. O'Dell Talks How He Got Into Comedy, The Katt Williams Drama & Brings Us a Gift from L.A.

Over here at the CashColorCannabis, we love when guests bring gifts! Comedian O.D. O'Dell came to the show fresh off a trip from Los Angeles. Thanks to the new rules at LAX, O'Dell brought us two blunts to share while we discussed how he got started in comedy, Katt William's controversy, difference between a comedic actor and a stand-up comic and more.


Dexter Ferguson Updates Us on "Virginity Stories," What He's Learned From Ronnie Jordan & More

A few weeks back, our good friend comedian Dexter Ferguson came by the studio to give us an update on hilarious, "Virginity Stories" web series, working with comic vet and Bossip TV host Ronnie Jordan and more.


Mr. Hanky Breaks down His Hit Single "Smile Bitch", Lil Duval & Why He Puts Work Before Smoke

SMILE BITCH" To the surprise of everyone except the artist and the producer, Lil Duvals "Smile Bitch" is the #1 song on urban radio and is climbing up the top 40 charts. The producer behind the track, Mr. Hanky stopped by the podcast to discuss his hit single with Lil Duval, the art of sampling, his "record first, smoke last" motto and more.


Issac Dietrich With MassRoots Discusses Their Rewards Program "WeedPass"

MassRoots recently launched the WeedPass rewards program, which distributes concert, movie, or sports tickets to participating dispensaries to reward customers for spending a particular amount of money. Dozens of dispensaries are currently participating in the program in CA and CO and the company plans to expand their offerings in the future. We had the pleasure to speak with MassRoots founder Issac Dietrich about the new rewards program, the roll-out and how dispensaries could become part...


Producer Marzeratti, Talks MikeWillMadeIt, RaeSremmurd, Solo Projects & More

Recently, producer Marzerrati came by the studio for our #musictosmoketo series to speak about how he met MikeWillMadeIt, discovering Rae Sremmurd, what producing for Future did for his career, his own solo album and more. Our conversation was so good, he forgot to light the joint he brought.


Atlanta Creative Lurch Talks Chilly-O, The Importance Of O.PE. Gallery

Barber, artist, art gallery curator, activist, consumer of fine cannabis products. Atlanta creative Lurch is as close to the Dos Equis man in real life as possible. In all seriousness, he's really helping preserve and cultivate the Atlanta art scene. He rolled up and told us about how he met the legend Chilly-O, the O.P.E. Gallery, nurturing a new group of Atlanta creatives and more.


Caleb Brown Talks Sonny Digital, His Friendship with Jarren Benton, How Weed Helps Him & More

Baton Rouge native Caleb Brown grew up in a city know for music. It's no shock that he would use music as a way to get his feelings out. Years later, he's living in Atlanta, signed to Rostrum Records and ready to take his music career to another level. Caleb came by for our #musictosmoketo series. Brown rolled up a fat one and broke down his new project "Brown" working with Sonny Digital his friendship with Jarren Benton, how a hurricane brought him to weed and what the plant does for him...


Joe Salome Talks The End Of Halcyon, The Beginning Of Georgia Hemp Co & What He Learned In the End

Starting over is hard to do. What about when you don't know that you're starting over? How hard is that to regroup from? Joe Salome can tell you all about it. Joe had to start over from scratch when he learned that his business partner and childhood friend dissolved their business one day without telling him. Instead of crying over spilled milk, Joe put his corporate hat back on and got to work. Joe came by the show to with to discuss how Halcyon Organics collapsed, how Georgia Hemp Co. and...


Dr. Uma Dhanabalan MD MPH FAAFP MROD Talks The Endocannabinoid System & More

Thanks to cannabis, Dr Uma Dhanabalan MD MPH FAAFP MRO can say proudly that she has not written a prescription in 10-years! After finding out about the endocannabinoid system and the role THC can play in our overall wellness, she couldn't go back to issuing out pills. Since leaving traditional medicine, Dr. Uma has become one of the most prominent voices for MMJ. We had the pleasure to speak with Dr. Uma about the moment she found out about endocannabanoids, how that changed the course of...


David Calloway Explains Charged Up Performance Training And How Cannabis Helps Your Workout

Sweat out the bad, inhale the good. Trainer David Calloway has mastered working out while using CBD products and he's on a mission to teach it to others. Calloway came by to discuss how his departure from football led him to launch Charged Up Performance Training. working out with cannabis and more.


Jarren Benton Talks Yuck Fu, Roc Nation, His Craziest High Moments & More

Jarren Benton came by the show recently to discuss his new album "Yuck Fu", how he inked his deal with Roc Nation, what happened when he tried PCP, funny weed moments, the day Funk Volume shut down, why he's taking a hiatus from smoking and more. This is really one of my favorite interviews since kicking off the show. Enjoy.


DJ Burn One Explains HowHis Mistake Turned To A Blessing, Smoking On Tour & More

For our #musictosmoketo segment producer Dj Burn One came by and broke down the origin of his name, what led him into production, developing his sound, how problems with A$AP Rocky turned into a teachable moment for others, first time consuming and more.


Ashley Asatu Talks Yogasm , A Joint She Wished She Never Smoked, HiO Collective & More

After bringing her Yogasm event to Atlanta, Ashley Asatu came by the studio to discuss how her event came to life, The HiO Collective, importance of pxxxy wellness, how she found cannabis, weed and sexuality and more. One of our favorite episodes to date!


Mia X Discusses Her Cookbook/Memoir, Female Rap and How CMB Records CEO Slim Helped Her Fight Cancer

How many people can say they survived decades in the rap game and cancer? No Limit records Mia X can make that claim. She burst through the doors of the music game riding on the No Limit tank. Her albums Good Girl Gone Bad, Unlady Like and Mama Drama made Mia X a favorite amongst Southern rap fans and a model for what many female emcees would try to become. After a few year on the low rehabbing from cancer she got to work on her second love, cooking. Her new cookbook/memoir Things My Grandma...


Lil James Talks 21 Years Later, Don Cannon & Dj Drama, Hatred Of Strain Names And More

Generation Now artist Lil James came by to discuss catching the eye of Don Cannon and Dj Drama his new album "21 Years Later", and why he doesn't like strain names.


J. Wise Explains The Playlist Academy Came To Be, And Introduced Us To The New Sound Of Atlanta

When it comes to music, especially Hip-Hop. Atlanta has given a lot. The city has gifted the culture with some of the biggest rappers, Djs and producers. Everything from snap to trap can find its roots in Atlanta. But what's next for the city? Recently we spoke with Playlist Party co-ceator and Playlist Academy founder J. Wise about curating the new Atlanta sound. He also brought along Playlist Academy alumni E Chapo, Johnny Apollo and Merci along as well. Light one up and listen to our...


#MusicToSmokeTo Philly Redface Explains Philly's Influence on His Music, Big Bank Black & More

Our first offical #Musictosmoketo profile took place last night with Philly Redface. Philly came by to explain Philly's influence on his career, Working with Big Bank Black and why family is important


Building A Brand & Flying High. Aubrey-Logan Holland Discuss His Life In Cannabis And More

Aubrey R Logan-Holland is an American Businessman, Inventor of the Vape Funnel, Producer and Creator of the Bud Billionaires reality show and Public Speaker. He came by the show to speak about his life in cannabis, business tips for future entrepreneurs and more.