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DE4Live Episode 37: Welcoming in 2019 DE4Live Style

On the first DE4Live broadcast of 2019, Dirty Fabien and Executive Producer Joe aka Just Ed kick off the year just right. They go over all the fun they had in 2018, and start the celebration for the 20th Anniversary of ACID. Dirty Fabien spills the secrets on some upcoming releases so you will need to tune in today to find out. Also, find out who is the big winner of the Liga Privada 10-Year Aniversario Cigar Mold! Welcome to ACID 20 and 2019 DE4Live Listeners!


DE4Live Episode 36: The DE4Live Holiday Giveaway!

This week on DE4Live, Dirty Fabien sits down with some of his favorite BUM's to talk about their experience in the cigar industry. We also have a very special giveaway in the form of a Liga Privada 10-Year Aniversario Cigar Mold hand painted at Subculture Studios to giveaway to one lucky listener. Tune in to find out how to enter for this one of a kind prize. Happy Holidays from the DE4Live team!


DE4Live Episode 35: Smoking Herrera Esteli Cigars in Hawaii

Today loyal DE4Live listeners, Dirty Fabien is doing what many of us have dreamed of, lighting up a fine cigar in tropical Hawaii. However, it's a little different than what everyone things so tune in to find out what it's really like living there and find out what our special guests think of the recently released Herrera Esteli Brazilian Maduro. We have some epic rants on #ThatsPuckedUp so you better listen close!


DE4Live Episode 34: Dirty Fabien Talks Louisiana Barn Smoker and Worst Cigar You Ever Had Challenge

Today on DE4Live, join Dirty Fabien live at the DE4Live studios as he and Executive Producer Joe recap the 2018 Louisiana Barn Smoker and the fun had down on the Bayou. All the while, Executive Producer Joe smokes an entry in the Worst Cigar You Ever Smoked and this finely aged cigar in a drawer is a whooper. Finally tune in and see who won on this weeks edition of #ThatsPuckedUp.


DE4Live Episode 33: Sharing our Pairings with CigarFederation

On the latest episode of DE4Live, Tripp and Denis from CigarFederation join Dirty Fabien live in the DE4Live studios for a very special twist on their SharingOurPairings segment. See how a Herrera Esteli Norteno Edicion Limitada pairs with some very strange things Fabien has pulled out of the bag. This hilarious episode will excite the palate and may make you a little hungry. Tune in!


DE4Live Episode 32: Celebrating 20 Years of ACID with Jonathan Drew

A special episode this week on DE4Live, we have Jonathan Drew, President and Founder of Drew Estate as a special guest celebrating 20 Years of ACID. Learn about the early days of Drew Estate, and what makes ACID so special. This is a huge episode with a dramatic conclusion on #ThatsPuckedUp between 2 really challenging questions. Tune in NOW!


DE4Live Episode 31: Dirty Fabien Becomes Podcast Amigos with TheCigarAuthority

Today on DE4Live, Dirty Fabien is changing homes filming live at Studio21 Podcast Cafe, home of 2Guys Smokeshop and TheCigarAuthority Podcast. Host Dave Garofalo talks about his 33 years in the Cigar Business, starting his own Podcast empire and having his own ACID subculture cigar. That's right, Dirty Fabien, Drew Estate Nasty Nick and Dave are all smoking the ACID Amigos with a very special technique. Learn more by tuning in and find out who won a puck on this weeks episode of...


DE4Live Episode 30: Live at the Kentucky Barn Smoker with Michael Giannini of Ventura Cigars

Welcome to the latest edition of DE4Live from the Kentucky Barn Smoker with a special guest, General Manager of Ventura Cigar Co. Drew Estate makes a couple highly rated cigars for Ventura including the Cigar Aficionado Top 25 rated Archetype Axis Mundi. Learn about Michael's 37-year history in the cigar business, his fancy clothes and what his impressions were of his first Kentucky Barn Smoker. Finally, hear an epic rant on #ThatsPuckedUp and find out who is going home with a hand-painted...


DE4Live Episode 29: Pairing Cigars and Kentucky Fire Cured Sweets

On the latest DE4Live, Dirty Fabien returns to Tobaccology with Drew Estate Will, for a special pairing of competitive wing eating and Kentucky Fire Cured Sweets. Find out who is declared the true champion and learn about this special cigar pairing. Finally, on #ThatsPuckedUp we have some interesting questions about chicken wings and Sisters of the Leaf! Tune in now and be sure to submit a question to


DE4Live Episode 28: Dirty Fabien Parties with Cigar Dojo Launching the Undercrown Dojo Dogma

This week on DE4Live, Dirty Fabien is live at the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival with Cigar Dojo kicking off the nationwide launch of the Undercrown Dojo Dogma. Find out more about what makes the Undercrown Dojo Dogma special and the history behind it. Learn about the Cigar Dojo team and why it is such an amazing community to hang out with. Finally on #ThatsPuckedUp get ready for some tough questions and find out who is going home with a hand painted puck from Subculture Studios.


DE4Live Episode 27: Dirty Fabien Gets Nasty

On this episode of DE4Live, Dirty Fabien gets nasty with Drew Estate Will and Bob the Cigar Guy. These three get together from The Porchador in South Carolina to review the soon to be released Liga Privada Unico Nasty Fritas. Find out how each got their start in the cigar industry and discover who won our 1 Year Mega Giveaway and the winner of the hand painted puck from Subculture Studios on #ThatsPuckedUp.


DE4Live Episode 26: One Year Anniversary and Mega Giveaway!

On this very special episode of DE4Live, Dirty Fabien and Executive Producer Joe sit down to recap the crazy first year of DE4Live. Hear their favorite moments and their recap of the Connecticut Barn Smoker, while they enjoy the soon to be released Liga Privada Corona Viva's! Finally, on #ThatsPuckedUp, there is a huge giveaway with a very special item you can't miss so tune in and find out how to win!


DE4Live Episode 25: Live from #DEIPCPR with Tuesday Night Cigar Club

On this episode of DE4Live, Dirty Fabien is live from the IPCPR trade show with the Tuesday Night Cigar Club crew! Listen as they discuss all the latest IPCPR releases from Drew Estate and find out what the TNCC team thinks of the Liga Privada Aniversario and H99! Get the teams thoughts on their first IPCPR trade show, and what it's like at the Superbowl of Cigars! Finally on #ThatsPuckedUp be ready as the team fires some hard hitting questions at Dirty Fabien and Executive Producer Joe.


DE4Live Episode 24: Dirty Fabien Talks World Cup and IPCPR Release Drew Estate Cigars

On this episode of DE4Live, Dirty Fabien is in the office and smoking the most recent Drew Estate national release, the Kentucky Fire Cured Sweets. What better to pair with a good cigar than some excellent coverage of World Cup soccer, and let's throw in some baseball and basketball talk too with resident Drew Estate sports experts, Carlos and Welby. Finally, find out who is going home with a beautiful hand painted puck from Jessi Flores at Subculture Studios!


DE4Live Episode 23: Dirty Fabien is Live from the Lounge

On this episode of DE4Live, join Dirty Fabien as he joins the Live from the Lounge crew at Harrisburg Beer and Cigar. These guys are the inspiration behind DE4Live and listen to their stories while enjoying an Undercrown Flying Pig. In this hilarious episode listen to what it's like pairing a cigar with a Durian fruit and other odd tales in cigar podcasting! Don't forget your green M&M's!


DE4Live Episode 22: IPCPR Pre-Grame with Willy Herrera and Drew Estate JennyLynn

On the latest episode of DE4Live, Dirty Fabien and crew are in Utah after weeks of being on the road. Listen to his road stories with Master Blender Willy Herrera and our newest Territory Manager JennyLynn! Also, the take some time to recount their favorite IPCPR Memories, it's the Superbowl of Cigars so there is plenty to talk about and maybe hint at what's coming this year. Finally, on #ThatsPuckedUp find out who is going home with the stunning puck from Subculture Studios!


DE4Live Episode 21: Learn what it takes to be a Florida tobacco farmer with Jeff Borysiewicz

On this episode of DE4Live, we are live on location at the Florida Sun Grown Farm with owner Jeff Borysiewicz. He details the challenges and perseverance required to be a farmer in modern-day America. Learn how Florida tobacco is grown and all the unique attributes that go into making the Florida tobacco and Florida Sun Grown cigar by Drew Estate unlike any other cigar on the market. On the #ThatsPuckedUp segment we have some challenging questions for Jeff and see who is taking the puck home!


DE4Live Episode 20: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Joya de Nicaragua with Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca

This week on DE4Live, Dirty Fabien is live from Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic with a very special guest, Chairman of Joya de Nicaragua, Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca. Together they celebrate the release of the TAA Exclusive Antano Gran Reserva Presidente and 50 years of Joya de Nicaragua. He also just doesn't want to celebrate our 50th anniversary, rather put all share all acquired his life experiences and cigar knowledge to set the groundwork for the next 50 years to come. This is...


DE4Live Episode 19: Dirty Fabien Presents the First Drew Estate Cigar Draft

This week on DE4Live, Dirty Fabien travels to Texas home of the 2018 NFL Draft to start the first ever Drew Estate Cigar Draft. He is joined by Ryan Poehler and the guys at Good Karma Cigar Bar a week before they open their doors. Find out which cigar is going to be the first cigar off the board and learn a little bit of draft history as well. Finally, we have some great questions on #ThatsPuckedUp so tune in today!


DE4Live Episode 18: Dirty Fabien Finds his Non-Traditional Mojo

On this edition of DE4Live, Dirty Fabien needed to kickstart his Non-Traditional mojo so he travels to Cigar Mojo in Pennsylvania. He gathers together a group of Drew Estate fans, lights up a Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty and talks non-traditional cigars and their importance to the cigar industry. He regains his mojo and works to convert a few traditional cigar smokers to see how delicious a Fat Bottom Betty really is. There is also lots of talk about dominos and the importance of wearing a...