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DE4Live Episode 22: IPCPR Pre-Grame with Willy Herrera and Drew Estate JennyLynn

On the latest episode of DE4Live, Dirty Fabien and crew are in Utah after weeks of being on the road. Listen to his road stories with Master Blender Willy Herrera and our newest Territory Manager JennyLynn! Also, the take some time to recount their favorite IPCPR Memories, it's the Superbowl of Cigars so there is plenty to talk about and maybe hint at what's coming this year. Finally, on #ThatsPuckedUp find out who is going home with the stunning puck from Subculture Studios!


DE4Live Episode 21: Learn what it takes to be a Florida tobacco farmer with Jeff Borysiewicz

On this episode of DE4Live, we are live on location at the Florida Sun Grown Farm with owner Jeff Borysiewicz. He details the challenges and perseverance required to be a farmer in modern-day America. Learn how Florida tobacco is grown and all the unique attributes that go into making the Florida tobacco and Florida Sun Grown cigar by Drew Estate unlike any other cigar on the market. On the #ThatsPuckedUp segment we have some challenging questions for Jeff and see who is taking the puck home!


DE4Live Episode 20: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Joya de Nicaragua with Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca

This week on DE4Live, Dirty Fabien is live from Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic with a very special guest, Chairman of Joya de Nicaragua, Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca. Together they celebrate the release of the TAA Exclusive Antano Gran Reserva Presidente and 50 years of Joya de Nicaragua. He also just doesn't want to celebrate our 50th anniversary, rather put all share all acquired his life experiences and cigar knowledge to set the groundwork for the next 50 years to come. This...


DE4Live Episode 19: Dirty Fabien Presents the First Drew Estate Cigar Draft

This week on DE4Live, Dirty Fabien travels to Texas home of the 2018 NFL Draft to start the first ever Drew Estate Cigar Draft. He is joined by Ryan Poehler and the guys at Good Karma Cigar Bar a week before they open their doors. Find out which cigar is going to be the first cigar off the board and learn a little bit of draft history as well. Finally, we have some great questions on #ThatsPuckedUp so tune in today!


DE4Live Episode 18: Dirty Fabien Finds his Non-Traditional Mojo

On this edition of DE4Live, Dirty Fabien needed to kickstart his Non-Traditional mojo so he travels to Cigar Mojo in Pennsylvania. He gathers together a group of Drew Estate fans, lights up a Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty and talks non-traditional cigars and their importance to the cigar industry. He regains his mojo and works to convert a few traditional cigar smokers to see how delicious a Fat Bottom Betty really is. There is also lots of talk about dominos and the importance of wearing a...


DE4Live Episode 17: How to Develop a Cigar Brand with Dirty Fabien

On this episode of DE4Live, join Dirty Fabien and the Creative Director of Drew Estate as they discuss the history of Sweet Jane and how a cigar brand is developed. From the early beginnings at Deadwood Tobacco Co, through Sturgis and now into a renowned national brand. This behind the scenes look gives you insight into some of the creativity and thought that goes in to creating a brand. Afterwords, listen to Dirty answer your questions on #ThatsPuckedUp and see who is taking home this...


DE4Live Episode 16: Pairing Drew Estate Cigars and Donuts!

Today on this episode of DE4Live, Dirty Fabien and Executive Producer Joe get innovative with cigar pairings, DONUTS! In a moment of March Madness the 2 pair their favorite morning Drew Estate tin cigars with a variety of boutique pastries from Mojo Donuts. What cigars pair best? Find out and chime in with your own creative cigar and food pairings. A great way to discuss how to pair cigars and our favorite food.


DE4Live Episode 15: Learn What It's Like Running a Cigar Store

How many of you have dreamed of opening a cigar shop or working in the cigar industry? Join Dirty Fabien this week live on location at Come Smoke With Us in Miami as he discusses the successes and challenges of running your own cigar shop. This is one of the premiere cigar stores in Miami, so get to know the entire team firsthand. We have some interesting questions on the #ThatsPuckedUp segment, and all the while we are enjoying some flavorful Drew Estate tins.


DE4Live Episode 14: Willy Herrera Returns Home to El Titan de Bronze

On this episode of DE4Live, Willy Herrera returns to where it all began at El Titan de Bronze. Joined by Sandy Cobas, owner of El Titan and Willy's Mother-in-Law, listen to how this beautiful factory in the heart of Little Havana came to be and how Willy Herrera got into the tobacco business. Finally, Willy Herrera discusses why it was important to return to his roots and create the Herrera Estelí Miami out of El Titan de Bronze.


DE4Live Episode 13: Dirty Fabien Joins the Distinguished Ruffians

On the latest episode of DE4Live, join Dirty Fabien in Ft. Pierce Florida as he shares cigars, beer and bacon with the Distinguished Ruffians. Learn who the Distinguished Ruffians are, and what their organization is about! Dirty Fabien and Executive Producer Joe are even patched in as members of the group! It's a lot of fun and a real honor to join these Distinguished gentlemen! Plus BACON!


DE4Live Episode 12: Celebrating 50 Years of Nicaraguan Tobacco with Juan Martinez President of Joya de Nicaragua

Join Dirty Fabien and special guest Juan Martinez, President of Joya de Nicaragua, as they celebrate 50 years and highlight 50 years of Nicaraguan Tobacco. Joya de Nicaragua is the oldest factory in Nicaragua, and they have been through it all. Listen to their story and be sure to keep your ears tuned in for some hints at their upcoming 2018 releases. This episode is true tobacco education.


DE4Live Episode 8: Talking Debonaire Daybreak with Phil Zanghi III live in Texas

Welcome to Texas for the launch of the Debonaire Daybreak, the lush Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapped cigar for Drew Diplomat Retailers. Dirty Fabien, Debonaire Phil and Indian Motorcycle Jared gather around at Michael's Tobacco in Keller, TX discussing life, classic cars and what is the Debonaire Ideal! Be sure to tune in to see who won this weeks hand painted puck by Jessi Flores and Subculture Studios on the #ThatsPuckedUp Segment. Finally keep your ears tuned in for a special contest only...


DE4Live Episode 7: Live from the Louisiana Barn Smoker

Join Dirty Fabien live on location at L.A. Poche, home of the Louisiana Barn Smoker and Perique tobacco. Learn the history of Louisiana Tobacco and how Drew Estate uses their process to give the Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented its unique flavor. Then join Louise and Carrie Van Winkle as they talk about how the cigar came to exist and about Pappy and Co, the exclusive retailer of the Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Cigar. For our pairing this week, we are joined by MBRoland Distillery...


DE4Live Episode 6: Live from Tobaccology

Join Dirty Fabien Live at Tobaccology in Virginia sharing stories on this Spooky Halloween Episode! We have Brett and Bubba talking their Miami Mice motorcycle and their massive event for charity. We also have Matty Rock and the Italian Gentlemen Pete Totaro sharing Drew Estate stories and about Cigars for Warriors. We had trouble keeping a straight face during this episode!


DE4Live Episode 5: Learn Tobacco Secrets with Willy Herrera

This week we are live with Master Blender at Drew Estate, Willy Herrera. He is discussing the process of blending tobacco, the new Pappy Van Winkle Tradition and more! Join us as we learn from him and he answers some questions from our listeners. Find out who wins this weeks hand painted puck from Subculture Studios on our #ThatsPuckedUp segment!


DE4Live Episode 4: Live at the Kentucky Barn Smoker

Live in Hopkinsville, Kentucky at the Drew Estate Kentucky Barn Smoker! Dirty Fabien sits down with a few attendees to hear their experiences and shoot the leaf with them. We pair some Kentucky Fire Cured cigars with some of Kentucky Ale's finest beers. Finally, our guests put Fabien on the spot in a live #ThatsPuckedUp segment with some tough questions.


DE4Live Episode 3: Talking Undercrown Sun Grown with Pedro Gomez!

This week we are live at DE4Live Studios in Miami! We have special guest Pedro Gomez in and we are talking about the newly released Undercrown Sun Grown! It's hitting your humidors now so go out and pick some up! Keep sending your emails in to for a chance to win some amazing prizes by Subculture Studios!


DE4Live Episode 2: Live from La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate with Jessi Flores

We are live this week in Esteli, Nicaragua at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate! This week Dirty Fabien is interviewing the man behind Subculture Studios, Jessi Flores! Listen to his story and what inspired him to make all the beautiful artwork at Drew Estate. Keep the questions coming to to win a custom painted puck from Jessi and Subculture Studios!


DE4Live Kickoff at the Connecticut Barn Smoker

Welcome to the first episode of DE4Live, a bi-weekly podcast on all things Drew Estate hosted by the one and only Dirty Fabien. This week we are live from the Connecticut Barn Smoker covering the event with friends from around the globe. So light up your favorite Drew Estate cigar and tune in, we will be giving away hand painted items from Subculture Studios every episode!